• ETH Zurich Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ). Information about ETHZ's history, education, research, and libraries. Links to department sites.
  • Automatic Control Laboratory A laboratory of the Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland, the laboratory does research and teaching in the field of control engineering. The site contains detailed description of activities, projects, publications and lectures. All the web pages are in English except for those related to teaching and education, which are in German.
  • Biomedical Engineering and Medical Informatics Laboratory Contains sectinos devoted to biomechanics and bioelecetronics, medical physics, biophysics, biomedical and tissue engineering. Contains news, activities, research projects and a staff list. Pages are in both English and German.
  • Communication Technology Laboratory Research on advanced communications systems for wireless and wireline applications..
  • Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory Performs research in embedded computer systems, communications networks, and their theoretical basis.
  • Department Agricultural and Food Science Provides resources related to the organization, departments, and external relations.
  • Department of Architecture Focuses on the communication of the basic knowledge and the development of the fundamental skills which are necessary in the growing scope of architectural practice.
  • Department of Biology Overview, departmental subdivisions, groups and laboratories, research projects, courses and lectures, and services.
  • Department of Chemistry One of the largest with an international faculty of 37 research professors and 600 doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows, it consists of five institutes and laboratories and offers four different teaching curricula. Site contains information on news and events, staff, research, education, services, a museum and contact details. Pages are in both English and German.
  • Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering Consistes of 10 Institutes with research in the following interdisciplinary subjects: Structural Engineering, Infrastructure Systems, Management of natural and man-made resources, Management of geomatical, environmental and construction related data, Refined-Measurement and Evaluation Algorithms. Site offers information on news, staffing, research, education, services, Institutes and Groups, study courses, infrastructure, and intranet as well as contact details. Available in English and German.
  • Department of Computer Science Provides information for current and prospective students, research interests, news, staff members, services, Institutes and Groups, the IT Support Group, intranet information and contact details.
  • Department of Earth Sciences Delves into the various fields of fossils, rocks, minerals and geological processes. Both collections and exhibitions are subdivided into Geology - Paleontology and Mineralogy - Petrography sections. Contains information on these as well as staff, news, education opporunitities, research areas and projects, a library and intranet.
  • Department of Electrical Engineering Carry out education and research in areas from Information Technology to Power Electronics.
  • Department of Environmental Sciences Research areas are: agro-ecosystems and world food system, atmosphere and climate, biogeochemistry and pollutant dynamics, ecology, evolution and health, human and environment, soil and landuse. Includes links to appropriate groups and facilities within the department.
  • Department of Mathematics Provides department information including faculty and lecturers, post-doctoral fellows and assistants, the IT Support Group, a weekly bulletin, research, seminars, course programmes, admission, and colloquia.
  • Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering Contains marketing information for high school graduates, research areas, course specializations, information for companies, student associations and related news.
  • Department of Physics Contains links to the various departments and an organization chart. Contains limited English.
  • Electromagnetic Fields and Microwave Electronics Laboratory Studies microwave electronics and the electromagnetic field theory.
  • Electronics Laboratory Sections: digital systems, highspeed and analog electronics.
  • ETH Transfer Technology transfer office of ETH Zurich, serving as a liaison between researchers and private industries. Information about services, tools, and projects.
  • ETH-Bibliothek Zurich Central library of the ETH.
  • Image Science Division - Computer Vision Group The showroom and archives include numerous aerial and satellite views of Switzerland and her regions, partially for sale. As National Point of Contact (NPOC), the group maintains the national information and archive center for satellite images.
  • Institute - Division of Geotechnics Responsible for teaching, research and provision of services about soil and rock mechanics.
  • Institute for Astronomy The main research areas of the organization include physics of the Sun and stars, radio astronomy, and astrophysical plasma physics.
  • Institute for Particle Physics Focused on the studies of the fundamental constituents of matter and their interactions.
  • Institute for Quantum Electronics Provides information about their laboratories, staff, science related links, and external services.
  • Institute for Theoretical Physics Sections about the seminars, lectures, proseminar, staff, and links.
  • Institute of Agricultural Economics Deals with the problems arising in agriculture and human food supply. Presents news, events, researches, and publications.
  • Institute of Animal Sciences An interdisciplinary research strategy that uses technics in the field of genetics, animal breeding, nutrition, physiology, animal husbandry, environmental sciences, microbiology, feed production, and agroeconomics. Includes history, research areas, programme information and contact details.
  • Institute of Applied Physics Research, people, publications, lectures, facilities, annual reports, open positions and contact details.
  • Institute of Cartography Offers information on staffing, agenda, research areas, publications, teaching and curriculum, services and related links. Much is in German only.
  • Institute of Food Science Information on staffing and detailed sections on topical areas such as food biotechnology, chemistry, technology, process engineering, microbiology, and human nutrition.
  • Institute of Geodesy and Photogrammetry (IGP) Included events and announcements, a list of publications, curriculum, links to the Institute of Cartography and Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering as well as the following departments: Geodesy and Geodynamics, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems, Theory of Errors, Geodetic Metrology, and GeoInformation Technologies.
  • Institute of Geology Delves into the various fields of fossils, rocks, minerals and geological processes. Both collections and exhibitions are subdivided into Geology - Paleontology and Mineralogy - Petrography sections. Contains information on these as well as staff, news, education opporunitities, research areas and projects, a library and intranet.
  • Institute of Geophysics Encompassing seismology and geodynamics, rock and paleomagnetism, geothermics and radiometrics, the site provides facilities for search, publicatio information, employment and location details. [Search] [General] [Secretary] [Colloquia] [Location] [Jobs] [Publications] [People]
  • Institute of Metallurgy Part of the Department of Materials, offers news and event information, contact details, staffing, research and education details, publications and information on employment openings.
  • Institute of Neuroinformatics Established in 1995, the mission of the Institute is to discover the key principles by which brains work and to implement these in artificial systems that interact intelligently with the real world. Contains directions to the institute, staff information, publications, research projects, lectures and colloquia, tutorials and exercises and available projects.
  • Institute of Plant Sciences The main objective is to promote environmentally sound, sustainable and economically viable plant production. The spectrum of the methods used ranges from ecology to gene technology. The Institute is organised into sections for Plant Biology, Crop Science and Phytomedicine. Links to departments, research, staffing and curriculum.
  • Institute of Scientific Computing Specialized in theoretical computer science, algorithm design, software engineering, information system, database, graphic interface, and security development.
  • Integrated Systems Laboratory Specialized in electrical engineering and physics. Presents sections about events, education, and publications.
  • Laboratory for Solid State Physics Provides information related to research, staff, activities, and contact.
  • Logistics and Information Management Unit of the ETH center for enterprise science
  • Power Electronics and Electrometrology Laboratory Engaged in different areas of modern power electronics with emphases on research related to the needs of industry, research includes new circuit topologies and new technologies like SiC to realize prototypes of converter systems. In power electronics education the PES is adapting IT-related technologies like the Internet, web-based video delivery, inter-active Java applets and fast numerical circuit simulation to improve conventional university courses. Includes information on research, publications, education and job postings.
  • Signal and Information Processing Laboratory Part of the Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, focuses are on research and education in Information theory, error correcting codes, and their application in communication systems; Modelling and processing of signals in communications, acoustics, and other application areas; Signal processing with robust nonlinear analog networks. Includes student, staff and contact details.

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