• 17d Miniatures Rolling stock, Signals and parts for 5" gauge & 7.25" gauge Railways
  • 4QD United Kingdom based manufacturer of electronic speed controllers for battery electric miniature railway locomotives.
  • A J Reeves Drawings, castings and many other items including the Don Young designs.
  • Aristocraft Manufacturer of 5 and 7.25 inch gauge scale wagons, coaches, bogies and industrial models.
  • Arizona Railroad Depot LLC Manufacturer and supplier of rail and trackless trains.
  • Australian Railcraft Railcraft manufacture and supply detail parts for live steam rolling stock using polyurethane.
  • Blackgates Engineering Suppliers of miniature railway drawings, locos kits etc.
  • Branchline Products U.S manufacturers of 1½ inch scale D and RGW narrow gauge, but many of the parts can be also used on standard gauge rolling stock.
  • Bryte Rails Miniature caboose and locomotive markers.
  • Cannonball Ltd Cannonball Ltd is a 1½" scale, 7¼" and 7½" gauge manufacturer and supplier of model railroad locomotives, rolling stock, power trucks, freight trucks, rail and misc accessories.
  • Carr's Locomotives Canadian based manufacturer of 7½" gauge, electric locomotives for the serious large scale railroad enthusiast.
  • Cheddar Valley Steam Copper boiler manufacturers for model steam locomotives, traction engines, model marine engines and full size marine steam launches.
  • Compass House Supplying engineering tools and small machines together with live steam models and electric powered diesel electric model locomotives in 5in and 7¼in gauge.
  • Crenshaw Locomotive Works Locomotives and rail supplied for 7.25 and 7.5 inch gauges.
  • Cromar White Railways Manufacturer and supplier of rail, trackwork, bogies, rolling stock and locomotives.
  • D.Hewson (Models) UK manufacturer of 5in gauge scale products.
  • Denver Light Railway Engineering, build and restoration services for all types of light railway.
  • Don Sweger Ready-To-Run PRR B-60 Baggage, cars including PRR Keisel trucks and couplers, are now in production and available.
  • E. & J. Winter Servicing the requirements of fellow model engineers in Australia, New Zealand and other countries since 1978.
  • Hobby Mechanics Australia Based on the Queensland Railways ASF A-3 Ride Control bogies, the units are offered in various forms to suit the builder.
  • Ikon Engineering Development Ltd. Designers and manufacturers of a large variety of small-scale locomotives and rolling stock, up to 750mm gauge.
  • Jim Vass Miniature Locomotives JVML specialises in supplying castings and fittings for a wide range of 7¼" and 5" gauge locomotives. Also supplies a useful range of hydraulic lifting loco build tables.
  • Ken Schroeder Supply of castings and drawings for the 2 and 3 truck Shay 1.5 inch scale live steam locomotives.
  • Knightley Light Railway Specialist supplier of miniature railway locomotives, rolling stock, and associated equipment.
  • KTA Services Inc. Electric traction components, kits, publications, and design.
  • Large Trains On-Line Products Alloy Steel Wheels and axles in a variety of sizes.
  • Lawntracks Manufacture of miniature rail systems, locos, wagons etc.
  • Little Locomotives Miniature locomotive dealer.
  • Live Steam Locomotives Live Steam Locomotives offers precision 7.25" and 7.5" gauge locomotives and a collection of railroad locomotive and tender drawings from the live steam era.
  • Live Steam Supply Manufacturer of 7.5 inch gauge railroad cars and detail parts.
  • LocoGear Live steam castings,7¼ and 7½in gauge.
  • Lynx Model Works Model and miniature steam engines, locomotives and traction engines built, repaired, renovated and painted. Model paints, model engineering machinery and tool sales.
  • Mammoth Locomotive Works Involved in the engineering, construction, and manufacture of large and full-scale locomotives, most for amusement park or other commercial operations.
  • Mardyke Miniature Railways Mardyke Miniature Railways Ltd is a long established English company, producing garden and commercial railway equipment.
  • Maxitrak Limited United Kingdom based manufacturer of kit build and ready built passenger carrying miniature railway locomotives and rolling stock.
  • MDM Locomotive Works Supplies 1½ inch scale diesel locomotive models, power trucks, and accessories. Models are built to the scale of 1½ or 1.6 inches to the foot and to a gauge of either 7¼ or 7½ inch.
  • Merrick Light Railway Equipment Works Builds and repairs light railway equipment from 15 inch to 36 inch gauge.
  • Midwest Train Works Manufacturer of 1 inch scale rolling stock and accessories for large scale model railroading.
  • Miniature Railway Supply Co Ltd Supplier of miniature railway equipment, rail, fittings, sleepering - steel or wood, plus other track materials.
  • Model Engineering Supplies Model Engineering Supplies are manufacturers of miniature passenger hauling locos and rolling stock for 5in and 7.25in gauge.
  • ModelWorks International Ltd. Manufacturers of a range of live steam railway locomotives in 5in and 7¼in gauge, supplied in kit form.
  • Moes Locomotive Works Builds large scale steam locomotives, rolling stock and steam driven rotary snowplows.
  • Mountain Car Company Mountain Car Company manufactures 1½ins scale and 1/8th scale train products.
  • Narrow Gauge RR Leos team specialize in plans and engineering for 15" and 24" narrow gauge railroads.
  • OS Live Steam Locomotives Manufacturer of 3.5 and 5 inch gauge steam locomotives.
  • Phoenix Locomotives Ltd Suppliers of highly detailed, modern image locomotives and rolling stock. Available in 5" and 7.25" gauge as kits or ready to roll.
  • Phoenix Sound Manufacturer of digital sound systems for model and large scale miniature locomotives.
  • PJS Engineering Manufacturer of 7.25 inch gauge toads, bogies and passenger coaches. Repairs, rebuilds and produces boiler fittings.
  • Plum Cove Studios Manufacturers of the unique Phinneas T. Phlatt car and other items for 7¼ and 7.5 inch gauge.
  • PNP Railways The main purpose is to supply ready-made parts to the model engineering fraternity specializing in 7¼ inch and 5 inch gauge model railways. Based in Gloucestershire, UK.
  • Polly Model Engineering Live steam locomotive kits for 5 inch gauge requiring no machining.
  • Precision Steel Car Company Dedicated to producing high quality rolling stock kits and detail parts for the 1.5" scale live steamer at affordable prices.
  • RA Barker Engineering Manufacturer of fittings for steam models.
  • Rail Rider Supply Manufacturer of speeders, trains, components, parts and accessories for 7¼ and 7½ inch gauges.
  • Rail Systems Company Inc Manufacturer of outline diesel locomotives in 1.6" and 1.7" scale, available in 7¼" and 7½" gauge.
  • Railroad Supply Corporation Specializes in producing large scale steam and diesel locomotives, track and accessories.
  • Railroad Warehouse Supplier of products and services for 7½" gauge miniature railroads.
  • Realtrains Information and a catalogue of products for the hobby of large scale model railroading.
  • Ride On Railways Suppliers of 5 and 7¼ in gauge products based around freelance narrow gauge railways. Also signs, seats and other items.
  • Riding Railkits Manufacturer of 1in scale locomotives, rolling stock, and track components suitable for 4.75in gauge.
  • Rio Grande Associates Builders of 1/8th size 1.5" scale outdoor railroad equipment.
  • Roanoke Precision Engineering United Kingdom based manufacturer of passenger hauling miniature railway petrol hydrostatic and steam locomotives.
  • Roll Models Inc Offering steam, electric, and gas hydraulic locomotives, rolling stock, specialty rail cars, castings, parts, track, structures, and controls.
  • Scale Products Company Working signals for all eras, types and scales of riding railroads from 7¼in to 24ft gauge.
  • Scaleway Signals Specialist manufacture of miniature railway signals, rolling stock and lineside equipment.
  • Severn Lamb UK UK manufacture of park trains.
  • Station Road Steam Dealer in second hand model/miniature steam locomotives.
  • Steamdays Live Steam Locomotives Buys and sells live steam models.
  • Superscale Locomotive Company Manufacturer of injectors, valves, air brake systems and fittings for steam locomotives.
  • The 1:6 scale Passenger Car Co U.S manufacturer of scale 1.6 miniature railroad cars.
  • The Engineers Emporium Second hand and new miniature railway equipment up to 10¼in gauge for sale.
  • The Great American Train Company Manufacturer of backyard riding trains and accessories, including locomotives, riding cars, rolling stock, signals, signs and lights and pre-assembled track sections.
  • The Locomotive Works - Little Engines Long established supplier of scale steam locomotives in the United States.
  • The One Inch Scale Railroad Supply US manufacturers and marketers of kits and component parts for 1in scale model railroading for gauges 4.75in and 5in.
  • Tom Bee 1.5" Scale Products Couplers, trucks, freight Cars, and parts for the 1.5" scale railroader.

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