Personal Homepages of Amateur Radio Operators licensed by the United States of America
  • AA0NI Daniel Reynolds provides a self-penned curriculum to help those interested in becoming an amateur radio operator. Somewhat out-of-date, but a good reference. (Oklahoma City, OK)
  • AA0XB Donald Lester with links to skywarn and
  • AA1LL Paul Gili with USAF MARS information, antenna construction information, and links to may ham radio sites. (Mason, NH)
  • AA2GF David Borkowski provides an overview of his interest in VHF and weak signal transmissions. links to VHF, 6 meter, and 2 meter sites are also available. (East Aurora, NY)
  • AA3PX Lawrence Thomas, Jr. with antenna construction hints and beverage antenna information. Tributes to Nikola Telsa and Harold Beverage with photos and inverted L information.
  • AA3QB Jason Thompson with information about himself, VHF, UHF, Cw and encouraging words about the hobby.
  • AA3RL Michael Banz with discussion of dipole antenna heights (including plots), transmission line calculations (downloadable format), and field test and evaluation of GAP Titan antenna.
  • AA5PH A very basic introduction to James Pogue with personal pictures and links to other radio sites. (Cleburne, TX)
  • AA5PK An introductory look at operator Glenn Miller. Includes background on the author and station description. (San Angelo, TX)
  • AA5SH Charles (Michael) Morgan with basic information on his radio shack.
  • AA5UC Dallas/Fort Worth And North Central Texas Police, Fire Frequencies And Trunk Tracker Codes. Plus Scanner and Amateur Radio Links.
  • AA5V Steve Miller in Sapulpa, Oklahoma with some nice pictures from the TRO repeater site. Links to many different radio clubs in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.
  • AA6E Martin Ewing features a QSL archive and Ten-Tec ORION web log on his website. Links to personal and family content is also available. (Branford, CT)
  • AA6J William Jeffrey with information on boy and girl scouting radio merit badges and repeaters along the Pacific Crest Trail. (San Marcos, CA)
  • AA6WK Skip La Fetra with bicycling information as related to ham radio and links to San Francisco Bay area sites and repeators.
  • AAV5TH James "Jay" Craswell with information on U.S. Army Mars including membership requirements, history of Army Mars, and other Mars topics.
  • AB0NR Jeff Pautz with family pictures,personal information and work information.
  • AB0X Mike Crabtree with information on the low band antennas, DXCC, QRP, and links to other amateur sites.
  • AB2AP Gennady Moshkov with a photo album, his resume, contest awards, all Russian speaking radio club, contest activities,and other links many with photos.
  • AB2DX Dennis Sabato and his email and QSL card.
  • AB2FW Charles Barkowski with links to EME discussion page.
  • AB4JG Bobby Brown with information concerning the Franklin County (Alabama) Amateur Radio Club including pictures of his statio.
  • AB4KN George Daniel with countdown to next space shuttle launch, repeater directory for Peachtree City, GA. Pictures of home QTH and antennas.
  • AB4OD Claudio Leiva with station and QSL information, pictures of wife and family and favorite links.
  • AB4VA Paul Anderson with personal history, family, and hobbies.
  • AB5MU Gregory (Scott) King in Nettleton, Mississippi, a disabled ham who monitors 146.92.
  • AB6BR Tony Flusche with links to radio, water skiing, snow skiing, and racketball.
  • AB6XI BO SUK SUH in Rowland Heights, CA with information about his family home, family pictures, his station, and retirement activities.
  • AC2G Bob Lisnak gives his license history, with photos of his home and shack, and links to local and national radio clubs and organizations, 10-10 International, AM International.
  • AC4FD Amateur Radio station in New Jersey with an online logbook and battery information.
  • AC4V V Kenneth Bickel presents repeater frequencies for the Louisville, Kentucky area including 2 meter and 70 centimeter.
  • AC4WW Doug Glass with information from the Aiken Contest Club, IOTA, and DX-peditions. Links to other sites of interest.
  • AC6DD Nikola Cimburn with pictures of Slovenia and his job. Information and pictures of WRTC 2000.
  • AC6GD Stuart Dake with information concerning Navato CA, and other sites around the bay area.
  • AC6LC Clarence Clement with a nice photograph of the sun with many sunspots.
  • AC6NN Craig Young with links to Linux, and other amateur sites.
  • AC6VV John Minger with information about the danger of driving while using the radio, what is ham radio and the Pasadena Radio Club.
  • AD0K Features a weblog on ham radio issues, software downloads, and links related to DXing and contesting.
  • AD4C Hector Padron QSL manager for CO7EH, with information on his Cuban homeland, his amateur radio station, and links to his favorite websites.
  • AD4DX Willis Asher shares information himself and his Kentucky-based amateur radio station.
  • AD6IW Goran Popovic offers a slideshow featuring his 23 CM synthesized transverter, LNA and other microwave topics. (San Jose, CA)
  • AE0Q / V31RY Glenn W. Pladsen with lots of pictures of ham radio operators and links to tattoos, information, software and related subjects
  • AI7R Arizona amateur shares station and antenna information and free screensavers.
  • AK1P Paul Maciel with links to ARRL and QRP radio clubs.
  • AK2F Woody Peitzer with pictures of his family, repeater information for Morristown, NJ and information on his 10 meter beacon.
  • Amateur Radio Station KG4IGC William Baranek from Summerville, South Carolina provides information and photographs of his family, ham shack, and antenna farm. Links to other sites of interest.
  • Atwood Family Amateurs The Atwood family in California shares e-mail, photos and links to local emergency services.
  • K0KN Detailed information about the AO-40 satellite station of Kyle Yoksh. Includes articles and hardware data related to various amateur radio topics. (Olathe, KS)
  • K0KP Minnesota amateur offers inside information for beginners, plus local links.
  • K0PIR Operates daily from Pierre, South Dakota. Offers a webcam feed , online logbook and eQSL listing.
  • K0RJ Licensed ham operator provides his biography and activities in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.
  • K1BYD Stephen A. Warner with links to weather in Roebling N.J. Information on solar flare index, and personal pictures.
  • K2FW Amateur Radio Station Pictures of the author's vintage radios.
  • K2VY Dan Holben shares his photos, plus personal and station information.
  • K3ASI A page on SSTV (Slow Scan TV) including where to get the software, hardware, and tips by David L. Woolstrum.
  • K3BS Robert Ray with information about Pennsylvania Volunteers and other civil war units, and pictures of family and friends. Vietnam veteran information and reflections.
  • K3FP Robin Staebler with information about Medical Amateur Radio Council and many pictures.
  • K3FSS Franklin Speicher with public service frequencies near Pittsburg, Pennsylvania including fire, police, business and aviation.
  • K3ROJ Includes pages on old test equipment, 10 GHz microwave, ATV, and PSK31.
  • K4BB Bob Beeman shares his station and personal information, plus field day photos.
  • K4IBC Weather ATV Repeater project with pictures, schematic block diagrams, and parts supplier listings by Bill Bennett
  • K4KAL Amateur in Marietta, Georgia shares station and QSL information, and photos.
  • K4TX Virginia amateur offers tips on beam antenna design and construction.
  • K5CXO James Murph shares his hobbies of amateur radio and flying.
  • K5JWM Includes small biography, live camera feed, and photo gallery.
  • K5KJ Storm Chase information as compiled and presented by Sam Barricklow. Includes Storm Chase reports, Storm News and Archives with photographs of tornadoes, floods, lightning, hail, and storm chasers. (Garland, TX)
  • K5LAD Station information, photos, and links.
  • K5MBX: Charlie's CQ Room Details the life of the author and includes an online product manual store.
  • K5MQ Ham Radio Dave Teague shares information about his station and operating habits. Other information includes audio recordings from around the world. (Jena, LA)
  • K5STA Radio club of Stewart J. Braud atomic clock, voice chat,qsl bureau,
  • K7USJ - 7J1AIL AP reporter, Steven Herman (K7USJ, 7J1AIL) of Henderson, Nevada and Tokyo, Japan, presents his favorite news links.
  • K8CX Photos of ham radio operators, ham shacks, antenna farms, contest stations, ham collectibles, and dx recordings in real audio format.
  • K8IVC Featuring information and links on amateur radio, scanning, technology, and nostalgia in the metro Detroit area.
  • K8SN The Nabkey family from Michigan shares amateur radio information, photos and links.
  • K9STH The virtual radio station of Glen E. Zook. Includes a number of articles covering various topics with a special emphasis on lightning protection and grounding.(Richardson, TX)
  • KA2R Alexander Poliakova with information on the Russian speaking amateur radio club and links to the Bellingham Radio Museum.
  • KA3UTS Pennsylvania-based amateur offers AMSAT, and DX information, QSL and contact frequencies.
  • KA4CPO Tennessee amateur shares his station information and tips about visiting the region.
  • KA5ROW Shack and antenna pictures from Doug Cain, with the Hazer Tram System. Polyphaser Grounding System. Links to various online resources. (Poteau, OK)
  • KA7DRE Seattle, Washington amateur shares station information, photos, and local links.
  • KB0H Gary Ross Hoffman's with general information, help for beginners, Morse code hints and tips, ham jargon and information and listing of St. Louis area ham radio clubs.
  • KB0ZUU Weather and storm spotter in Lincoln, Nebraska. Includes local and regional radars and links.
  • KB3FGL Pennsylvania amateur presents station information and severe data.
  • KB3JXQ Includes photo gallery and tuning and repair information for the Yaesu FT-101 series transceiver.
  • KB3KAI Maryland amateur, David Stansbury, offers an automated Maryland weather station feed and data display, plus some local links.
  • KB5HPL Peter Nystrom offers an overview of his station and operating activities; includes a short, personal biography. (League City, Texas)
  • KB5XG Digital modes PSK31 and SSTV with software and manufacturer links from Len Freise.
  • KB6NU's Ham Radio Blog Personal journal of an average ham's adventures in amateur radio.
  • KB9LJE Ronald Handke with information for hams in the Manito, IL area. Links to many weather sites and information for Tazewell county. GPS links are included with setup information for radio operators.
  • KB9SFF Butler, Wisconsin amateur shares his links and local repeater information.
  • KB9TMP A Christian amateur from Indiana shares his station information, photos, personal thoughts and links.
  • KB9TYC Wisconsin amateur and his equipment list, repeater frequencies, and local weather information.
  • KC1YR Sharon Gartenberg (also T99YR) featuring photos, contest information, links, and a little about the ham radio activities.
  • KC2CPF Kevin Stickelman with call sign lookups, database manipulation. Custom Access Programming for Field Day.
  • KC2HWB New York amateur shares a library of links to traffic and weather information, regional repeater maps, APRS data, and satellite links.
  • KC3OL This amateur shares a forum of open discussion on amateur radio projects.
  • KC4LZN John Wilson discusses when and why I became a ham and some other interesting information about me.
  • KC6UUT California amateur presents station information, photos, links and free online Great Circle Bearing/Distance calculator.
  • KC7NYR Mark shares some amateur radio information and links to HAM resources.
  • KC8AMH Steven Babcock includes links to U.S. Naval Observatory clock and information on amateur radio communications.
  • KC8ILP Bill Smead with links to Dayton, OH, his hobbies and interests.
  • KC8NAH and N8MR Details travels/DXPeditions various lighthouses and includes photo gallery.
  • KC9AXZ Jon Rohde presents his equipment gallery, reviews, and favorite links.
  • KC9GEZ Indiana amateur shares station and personal information, photos, links and editorial.
  • KC9HEQ Personal site containing station information, photos, sale items and related information.
  • KD4SAI Roland Bousquet and this site enables visitors to share ham radio knowledge and experiences, fcc rules, mods, and news. Includes a ham radio swap and sell area.
  • KD4TT Charles Moss with links to information about the International Space Station and other sites of interest to amateur radio operators.
  • KD8CDL Mark Henry shares station information, his hobbies, photos and links.
  • KF4HOU Digi-mode information, frequencies, and files.
  • KF4RAV Kentucky amateur presents station and regional ARES information and links.
  • KF4WIE Tom McNeil provides his profile, an swl corner, a gallery of QSL cards, ham radio links, a scanner frequency list and a webcam.
  • KG2IC Mr. Howes has information about the T368 transmitter and his Collins and Johnson radios.
  • KG4FXG - Georgia Training Net Operating information and schedule of daily HF traffic net. Also includes technical and CW-related articles.
  • KG5VK Home page of Louisiana amateur radio operator Steve Smith. Antenna stacking units, and antenna pictures
  • KG9AE David Norris brings station information including APRS weather reporting, propagation beacon, VHF/UHF simplex, HF/shortwave, and a few old radios.
  • KI6ETL A 'bLog style site maintained by Dave Breiland. Features include information sharing his experiences with the Kenwood TH-D7A as well as other radios and technologies.
  • KI7F Denver amateur, Bill Wolverton, shares his DX logs on shortwave, 10-meters, and AM.
  • KK3Q Virtual shack of Floyd Larck who operates out of Florida; former callsigns: KD4KU and WD4HSA. Information about contesting, 10-X and CW is available. (Orlando, FL)
  • KK5DR Texas amateur presents ICOM product reviews, home-brew amplifiers and equipment tips.
  • KK5UFO Ham radio satellite tracking and antennas.
  • KL7J Les Buchholz's resources for DX, SSTV graphics, and Alaskan humor.
  • KL7R The virtual shack of Mike Caughran; one of the hosts of the SolderSmoke podCast. Includes information on homebrew projects. (Juneau, AK)
  • KM6CQ Daniel Baker, HF, VHF, mobile, in semi-trailer truck. Pictures of his station mobile, and family pets.
  • KN5L Station information, photos, contest logs and links.
  • KT5C/R THE ATHENS REPEATER Athens, Texas Amateur Radio Club with pictures of recent field day and information on 2 meter and 80 meter nets.
  • KØBG A "How To" place for mobile amateur radio operators. Features alternator and noise suppression techniques, photo gallery and helpful links.
  • N0FYT Information on becoming a ham and other ham radio links from Ed Ferguson. ICQ, battery power, and disaster preparedness are also covered.
  • N0KWA Ham radio, astronomy,and Talisheek from James Dillon
  • N1EH Eugene Harriman offers links to computers, aviation, electronics, astronomy, photography, and other interests. Some basic station information is provided. (Plymouth, MA)
  • N1IB David Schornack details equipment used and has links to APRS reports for his stations.
  • N2CQR (also M0HBR and CU2JL) Currently stationed in London, Bill Meara presents Gadgeteer, a site for electronic homebrewers, and is one of the hosts of the SolderSmoke podCast. Covers a variety of topics related to amateur radio and amateur astronomy. (US Diplomatic Corps)
  • N2FFL Station pictures, links, and New Jersey repeater information.
  • N4NCK Wiley Ayscue Jr. amateur radio homestead of FLARC Swapfest Hamfest, Butner NC, Granville ARES, and Irving Strobing N4FLW Corregidor final message.
  • N4ZO Gus in Pawleys Island, SC.
  • N5BSD The virtual shack of John von Gonten, where he shares information about his hardware and antennas. Visitors are invited to sign a guest book.
  • N5FYI Terry Huckleberry with links to many personal ham homepages and computer information.
  • N5IW CW, boat anchors, resonant speakers, QRP, and plenty of pictures from David Hassell Sr.
  • N5LXI Dallas, TX, frequency list and net schedule, printable QSL card dividers, HF operation guide, and biography.
  • N5TIM A collection of links and information assembled by John Galvin for the Radio Amateur interested in public service communications. (Garland, TX)
  • N6HB Focuses on contesting. Many related links.
  • N6RT Includes station Info, DXpedition info, and contest scores.
  • N8GND A Christian amateur shares his personal and station information, photos and links.
  • N9ABF Amateur, Shortwave, and Scanner resources. Free registration required.
  • N9BOR Michael Dinelli is located in Skokie, Illinois, 13 miles north of Chicago's loop. R. L. Drake web resource information. There is also information about learning and using Morse code.
  • N9TOK Dealers listing, callsign database, chat room, equipment for sale and trade, and links.
  • NL7Z 160 meters band, top band with links by Kevin Forster
  • NOYII Station and Linux/packet information, plus links.
  • TF2WIY A US serviceman in Iceland shares his station photos, QSL information and his personal thoughts.
  • W1FVB Offers articles, resources, a forum and additional station details.
  • W1GMQ Les in Concord, California shares his photos, his story, QSL card and links.
  • W1HUE Larry East provides online access to his articles on amateur radio equipment modification for QRP use. (Tucson, AZ)
  • W1WC David Bauchiero's pages with related links and content for beginners and seasoned ham operators.
  • W2AGN John Sielke with boatanchors, QRP, and glowbugs.
  • W2BLC New England amateur offers a large collection of amateur and reference links.
  • W2WDX Contains station photos and information.
  • W2YR New Jersey amateur presents an on-line log search, complete description of his station and favorite links.
  • W4CGP Callsign history, satellite guide, and photo gallery.
  • W4RNL Original articles, antenna modeling notes and antenna design information from L. B. Cebik.
  • W5WWW Ronald Fields in Katy, Texas with law enforcement information, live police scanner feeds and requirements for Texas State Troopers.
  • W6DEK This amateur offers repeater information for the Los Angeles. California area.
  • W8DRO John Harmon and amateur satellites, space, ISS, shuttle, Mir, Nasa.
  • W8MHB Michael Burkhardt's Ham Radio Shacketeria has station information, photographs, and interactive morse code practice exams. Includes ham radio flash cards.
  • W8VBV Minnesota HAM presents his station history, photos and links to many regional clubs.
  • W8ZR Jim Garland Amateur Radio Homebrew, boatanchor collections, and personal ham radio history.
  • W9AMR Larry Yaw presents photos of his radio shack and equipment, and information on radio repairs and modifications.
  • W9SRK Brian Sokol describes his ham shack and offers blogs about getting back into ham radio after more than twenty years.
  • WA0SXV Technical information about equipment, software, projects, and antennas.
  • WA2NTK - W2NTK Ralph and Kristi Ferrara offer information about their station as well as operating modes and practices. Additional information includes QRP designs and theory. (Horseheads, NY)
  • WA4AW Jeff Beals presents his biography and photographs of ARRL activities.
  • WA4DNS Located Lake Panasoffkee Florida, find history on Panasoffkee, Dominican Republic, facts on the State of Florida, and Caribbean weather.
  • WA4TLI Bert Carter, with links to dx radio clubs, station equipment, and family email addresses.
  • WA6BOB John Orton with digital, satellite and other links.
  • WA6NOL California amateur provides personal and equipment information, photos, events and links to construction projects.
  • WA8PHD Louis Albert became a ham radio member in 1991. I always wanted to be a ham but I really could not learn the code. Pictures of antenna farm, gear, and family. Dyslexic and Attention Deficiet Disorder and amateur radio.
  • WA9USY Ham radio information, freeware and shareware, SSTV, and PSK31.
  • WB1S Includes photos and descriptions of antenna projects, radio errata and also some links to similar sites.
  • WB4FAY Information on VoIP and internet linking and APRS in the Birmingham, Alabama area.
  • WB5GMK Personal and station information, plus DX tips.
  • WB6VUB Michael Yaworski with links to amateur radio clubs in southern California, manufactures, dealers, organizations, exams, and other informational sources.
  • WB8ERJ Mike in Mansfield, Ohio, presents station information, a photo or two, and plenty of links.
  • WB8NUT Cincinnati-based resource for local APRS activities. Includes repeater directory and links.
  • WC3X Amateur Radio and regional information, with focus on the U.S. and Caribbean area. Great DXing locations and spicy recreational havens.
  • WC6W Marv shares station photos, classifieds, vintage electronics for sale, and equipment links.
  • WC8J Projects The virtual ham shack of Rich Burgan with special emphasis on solar power, weather and satellite technologies. (Hilliard, OH)
  • WD5GNR Al Williams serves up amateur radio information, projects, downloads, and a library of resource links.
  • WD9EWK The personal web site of Patrick Stoddard (WD9EWK/VA7EWK). Little technical information, but plenty about the operator. (Phoenix, AZ)
  • WE4B Florida amateur offers local testing information, RACES/ARES information, SKYWARN data and links.
  • WE6R Six meter repeater list for California by Keith Beard.
  • WE9V Station description, personal information, photos and links.
  • WJ50 Texas amateur lists propagation beacons, and offers 10-Meter information for beginners.
  • WM8C Christian amateur shares his hobbies, interests, and faith.
  • WM8C Christian amateur shares his hobbies and inspirations, free downloads, web and HAM radio tools, software tutorials, photos and links.
  • WO9LF Mir and RS-13 information, live web camera for the ham radio shack, also personal information for Brian Opalka
  • WP3C Information about the author's station and QSL gallery.
  • WY3A Bill Patton shares amateur radio information with unique content on the RockMite QRP Transceiver and the Heathkit GR-81 Regenerative receiver.

Media publications

  • N4C Photos of DX special session commemorating 60th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. (Published 2001-12-07 00:00:00)

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