Individual radio operators are the foundation of the amateur service. Whether veteran or novice, the vast majority are not only eager to become proficient in the operation of their own station, but are often willing to share their knowledge and experience with others. It is with under this premise that the sub-category of Radio Amateur Personal Pages exists. Visitors to this section will find links to sites containing a wealth of information on a variety of subjects related to the design and operation of amateur radio stations. There is also a healthy contribution of anecdotes to add bring levity and poignancy to the experience. Above all please consider this section not only a supplemental resource, but an interesting means of meeting other fellow hams that would not otherwise exist. If you have a favorite site or know of something which would be of use to other radio operators, please feel free to submit a link for consideration. The utility of this resource is limited only by its comprehensive nature. Everyone has a voice and some choose to share that expression in the form of web publication. Help us to enhance the catalogue by contributing your suggestions.
  • 5Z4FT Kenyan amateur shares station and QSL information, photos, and links.
  • 9A5BDD Personal webpage of Ivan Palcic, dedicated to the world of ham radio. Includes biography, news and events from Zagreb Radio Club as well as a photo gallery. (Novalja, Pag Island, Croatia)
  • 9M6MU Alfons Undan from Keningau Sabah, Malaysia with FAQ, photographs, and links.
  • AA2UZ Features photographs of Tadeusz Koch in Poland.
  • CT1EKD Dx bulletins in English and Portuguese by Pedro Namora. DX-peditions locations and operating times.
  • CT1ETE A Portuguese amateur and his HAM radio resource. Includes photographs, propagation information, and QSL data.
  • CT1ETT Roger Gonzaga of Portugal with QRP information, his profession as a surgery professor and club affiliations.
  • CX2AQ Describes author's station, activities, and operating schedule.
  • DE0BRF QSL collection of DE0BRF short wave listener with many photos of cards received. Information concerning the AGDX, EDXC, ARRL, ISWL, and RAC.
  • DW1VEU Philippines-based amateur shares station and amateur radio information, downloadable technical manuals, photos and a chat room.
  • EA3TC Barcelona amateur, John Aymerich Bergay, offers station photographs, history and logs. A resource page offers listings and external links for a variety of subjects. Content translations available in English, Spanish and French.
  • EC1AME Fernando Cassanova brings XYL links in English and Spanish also pictures of his home in Ourense,Spain.
  • F4AZF VHF operator shares photos and station information.
  • F5RDH Homebrew enthusiast presents technical information, photos and lots of links. [German - English]
  • HB9CIP Swiss amateur shares HAM radio and station information, photos and links.
  • HB9DOW A modest description of the radio equipment used by a fellow named Mark. Short descriptions and links to images. (Basel, CH)
  • HB9DUR VHF activity and contest information from Turkey and Switzerland.
  • HB9TPL Swiss amateur shares description of home made antennas for 160, 80 and 40 m bands, plus a discussion of digital mode performance.
  • I0QM Italian operator, Bob, offers station, propagation and QSO information, as well as photos, homebrew instructions and links. (Milan, IT)
  • I1WQR This amateur presents over 4000 HAM radio links.
  • IK1PMR Italian amateur radio presents his biography, station information, photos and DX links. [English]
  • IK4AUY Italy amateur presents station information, contest, and homebrew gallery.
  • IK5ZTT Introduction to ham radio, folklore of Pisa, and links.
  • IW5EDI The virtual station log of Simone Mannini. Entries include DX, designs and contact information. (Florence, IT)
  • JF9EXF Japanese amateur presents a web atlas for HAM and DXCC. Includes WAC continents, CQ zones, ITU zones, grid locator, and beam map.
  • JO1PCT Japanese amateur shares his equipment list and station information, personal philosophies, photos and links.
  • JP1LRT Japanese operator presents station information, photos and links. [English]
  • JY4NE JY4NE, E44A, and ZC6A are all Ali Yashruti of Beirut with Middle East repeater listings, log book entries, and QSL manager information.
  • K2LEO Claudia shares station and personal information, photos, and a section dedicated to her worldwide DXpeditions.
  • KC2NDA Amateur radio information, circuit diagrams, antenna construction tips, repairs and links.
  • LA6RHA .YL Chronicle of the radio DX-expeditions from all over the world of Unni, a female operator from Norway. Includes logs and photos.
  • LA6YEA Norway amateur presents station and QSL information, photos and links.
  • LU1YNE Argentina amateur presents personal and station information, photos and links. [Spanish - English]
  • LW3HAZ Information about antennas, propagation, chirping, balloons, and weather satellites. Located in Argentina.
  • LZ1BJ Boytcho Hadshiyski shares his DX log and station photos.
  • N0FOL: Amateur radio devotionals Inspirational and devotional thoughts using illustrations from amateur radio by amateur radio operators.
  • OE1CWJ Christian Wieser describes station, 50 MHz regulations in Austria, sporadic-E, troposcatter, meteor scatter, and aurora propagation.
  • OE1RIB Richard Prinz talks about several of his equipment development and favorite amateur projects.
  • OE8YDQ Malta amateur presents station information, a library of photos and links.
  • OK1SHF Czech amateur presents station and QSL information, propagation data, links and photos.
  • OK1VAW Czech amateur presents station information and photos.
  • ON3JT The cyber homestead of Joost Luyten of Belgium. In addition to station facts, the site contains information about VLF and magnetic loop antennas. (Antwerp, BE)
  • OZ1HMN Danish operator shares personal and station information, photos and links.
  • OZ2BC Danish amateur shares station and QSL information, local weather and links.
  • OZ2KNL Danish amateur shares his favorite links, his repeater list for European countries, and a guestbook.
  • OZ5KG Particulars of the homemade equipment and antenna comprising the amateur radio station of Tommy Bay. Includes a collection of vintage radio information and digital photography with a special album of photos of the Middle Ages castle of Spottrup. (Holstebro, DK)
  • OZ9AAR's moonbounce website Danish amateur offers station and moonbounce information, photos and links.
  • QRZ Israel Israel amateur community features club and membership information, stories, a photo gallery, news and links.
  • Radiomar I6YOT and IW6MKI UBA personal HAM radio stories. [English]
  • RW3AG Russian amateur presents station and QSL information, photos, local links and weather.
  • SM6FHZ Swedish amateur presents station and personal information, photos and regional links.
  • SV1ENS Enthusiast Demetre Koumanakos in Drosia, Greece, describes his club involvement, activities and base station equipment.
  • SV1JSB Grecian amateur,Andreas Porevopoulos, shares information on his station, CW and QRP radio. Also includes photos, a virtual logbook and homebrew projects.
  • SV3EAO - SV3EAP Grecian amateurs present station and QSL information, photos and local links.
  • SV3FUO Greece-based operator offers complete station and QSL information.
  • UA3ZTZ Young, Russian amateur describes his station, shares photos and links.
  • UR3IJC Biography of Andy Nechaevsky of Donetsk, Ukraine, with QSL artwork and links.
  • US1RCH Russian DX'er presents his QRP DX-pedition. [English-Russian]
  • VK2RF as 3D2RS Chronicle of a DX-pedition from Fiji. Photos, equipment list, and log.
  • XE2WCG Tampico, Mexico amateur offers station photos and information, plus links.
  • XE3D Mexican amateur shares his station information, SWL contacts, and regional links and photos. [English-Spanish]
  • YO5CRQ Zoltan Bordas provides information about his amateur radio activity, and other hobbies; includes contesting with PSK31. (Baia Mare, Romania)
  • YO5OFH Csaba Gajdos with links to his hometown in Transylvania including pictures of his home and family.
  • YO7KAJ - Radio Club Craiova Amateur activity in Craiova, Romania.

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