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Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) - Animals, usually dogs, and their owners are trained to provide psychological comfort to people in hospitals and nursing homes. Often this is by scheduled visits. Animal Assisted Activity (AAA) - Patients receive physical therapy by interacting with animals. This category does not include Service Animals for the handicapped.
  • Therapy Dogs International A national registrar. Provides qualified handlers and their therapy dogs for visits. Training and testing programs.
  • Delta Society Therapy Animals A national registrar. Training and screening for people who want to visit hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities with their animals.
  • AATProfessionals Listserve Practice Animal Assisted Therapy, or for persons who intend to use AAT after completing their degree programs, exams, licensures.
  • Alternative Solutions in Long Term Care Long term care. Information on how to set up a pet therapy clubs with children Also government regulations, nursing home information, links and resources to get started in pet therapy.
  • Angel on a Leash Pet therapy program of Westminster Kennel Club in New York City. Involvement of dogs in treatment makes physical therapy fun for young patients.
  • Animal-Assisted Therapy & Activities A guide to resources about pet therapy, courses, and the links between animal abuse, domestic violence and child abuse.
  • animaLINK Michigan non-profit that works to improve lives through beneficial human-animal interactions. Program areas include therapeutic, companion, and working animal services.
  • Bark Avenue on Parade Provides certification and training to dog and handler teams as well as continuing education regarding animal assisted therapy. A non-profit charitable organization in St Paul - Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Caring Canines Visiting Therapy Dogs, Inc. Typical visit to nursing home is four to six dogs in a community room. Other programs include a crises response team. Pictures of the animals and friends. Based in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Caring Critters People and their animals participate in Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) activities. Over 200 volunteers visit over 20 facilities in the greater Houston area. A non-profit organization.
  • Central Ohio Good Shepherds Therapy dogs visit institutions, facilities, and other locations in the Columbus metropolitan area. A TDI chapter. Photo gallery and a list of facilities.
  • Comfort Caring Canines Therapy Dogs, Inc. Caring volunteers share the love of their canine campanions with others. Visits seniors, children, and hospitals in southeastern PA, NJ, DE, and MD area. How to socialize a puppy for later therapy dog work.
  • Companion Animal Association of Arizona Their social pet therapy program includes training and qualification for volunteers and their animals. Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Denver Pet Partners Training and evaluations for people and their pets interested in animal-assisted activities and therapy. Affiliated of Delta Society.
  • Dog B.O.N.E.S. A network of Massachusetts therapy dog volunteers. How to get involved. Getting your dog certified. Links to sites in Massachusetts seeking therapy dog visits.
  • Dog Play Taking pets, especially dogs, visiting people in health care facilities; therapy ranges from mental and physical stimulation; petting the dogs, formal supervised therapy addressing a particular situation.
  • Dog-Play: Joining a Therapy Dog Group Finding someone to certify your dog is often a frustrating experience. The evaluations offered by the national organizations aren't always as frequent and convenient as you might like.
  • DOGTORS Animal-Assisted Therapy Training and certification of Animal-Assisted Therapy teams in the Miami Valley area of Ohio. Home of DOGTORS University and DOGTORS On-Call Emergency Services.
  • Dr. Paws - Michigan How to get your dog certified for pet therapy. Testing and activities in several Michigan cities.
  • Dreamworkers, Inc. Helps dog and cat owners in the Atlanta area to volunteer their pets for animal assisted therapy and activity. Also helps find service dog volunteers.
  • Fairfax Pets On Wheels Volunteers and their pets provide pet therapy to improve the quality of life of area nursing home residents. Fairfax, Virginia.
  • Fidos for Freedom, Inc. Fidos for Freedom is a volunteer assistance dog training organization in Baltimore. Includes information about volunteering, and service, hearing and therapy dogs.
  • Furry Friends Pet Assisted Therapy Services Delivering the love and affection of volunteers and their pets to enhance lives and reopen closed emotional doors of people with special needs. Where they go. How to help. San Jose, CA.
  • Good Dog Foundation Pet therapy group in metro New York area. Facilities covered. Training and participation opportunities. How to contribute.
  • Green Chimneys Children's Services A pioneer in the field of animal-assisted therapy. Residential and day programs to create futures for children with emotional, behavioral, social, and learning challenges. Includes farm, animal, plant, and wildlife activities. Farm is in Patterson, New York.
  • Hand-In-Paw Provides registered Delta Society Pet Partner teams as therapeutic tools in medical, social service, and educational settings. An Alabama non-profit.
  • Happy Tails What they do and how to volunteer. Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Healing Dogs Describes the psychological healing and support provided by service dogs, especially companion golden retrievers. Included are true stories and a psychology contest named "You vs Your Dog".
  • Heart of Texas Therapy Dogs Animal Assisted Therapy dog organization in Dallas metro area. Membership information and where they visit. Affiliated with Therapy Dogs, Inc.
  • Helping Hounds Ltd. These greyhound owners share their hounds with the community through health care facility visits, research, education, and art. Animals can improve the quality of life at all levels of society. Memphis, TN.
  • High Desert Obedience Club "Pet Pals" Pictures of their therapy dogs in action. Training and testing available. In Antelope Valley and Lancaster, California.
  • Intermountain Therapy Animals Non-profit organization bringing animal resources to human needs. Specializing in animal-assisted therapy in the areas of physical, occupational, speech and psychotherapies.
  • National Capital Therapy Dogs, Inc. The Caring Canines: offers Animal-Assisted Activities (AAA) and Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) services, primarily to health care facilities in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and surrounding areas. How to volunteer. How to have them visit a facility.
  • Nationwide Therapy Dog Listings and More Articles about training visiting dogs and the benefits of pet therapy. Links to many groups in the U.S. and Canada and other resources.
  • North Star Foundation A nonprofit that breeds, trains, and places golden retrievers with children who have developmental disabilities, autism, physical challenges, or emotional problems.
  • Oklahoma Dog Programs Combines three sites. American Dog Obedience: school for therapy dogs and handlers. Reaching People Through Dogs: for educators, health care professionals, and volunteers around the US. Petworks in Progress: non-profit group of therapy dog volunteers in central Oklahoma.
  • Paws & Hearts Enrich the lives of seniors and children with one-on-one attention that only a four-legged healer can provide." In Palm Desert, CA.
  • Paws With A Purpose Non-profit pet therapy organization in Asheville North Carolina provides dogs to schools, hospitals, and retirement homes.
  • People and Animal Learning Services PALS, Inc. is a therapeutic riding program for children and adults with disabilities.
  • Personal Ponies Ltd. This non-profit provides miniature Shetland ponies to terminally ill or disabled children. Active in most U.S. states.
  • Pet Express - Pet Therapy Club Kids, pets, and seniors. Pet Therapy Express is a complete instruction manual on how to set up an intergenerational and pet therapy program in a seniors facility. Purchase training guide and video.
  • Pet Therapy, Pets and Stress Relief Therapeutic use of pets for a wide variety of patients. Animals provide comfort and bring out our nurturing instinct. They make us feel safe and unconditionally accepted. We can just be ourselves.
  • Pets Helping People Non-profit organization prepares people to use their pets in visits to nursing homes, schools, and half-way houses. Certifies animals in Canine Good Citizen, Feline Good Citizen, and Therapy Dog International. Serves Southeastern Wisconsin. Based in New Berlin which is just west of Milwaukee.
  • Pets on Wheels A pet visitation therapy program serving some 16 health care centers in Scottsdale, AZ. The benefits of visits. How to start a similar program. Some members teach pet care to second graders.
  • Pets on Wheels, Charles County Arranges for volunteers and their pets to visit residents of nursing homes and provide pet facility therapy. Emphasis on patients with impaired cognitive abilities. Charles County, Maryland.
  • Pets on Wheels of Prince George's County, Maryland A non-profit organization dedicated to providing friendly pet visitation for residents and senior citizens of nursing care facilities. Events, volunteers, and donations.
  • Pets On Wheels, Delmarva Volunteer teams of pet and handler visit nursing homes, assisted living homes, homes for the handicapped, and other facilities. On some days, a visit may be the only contact from the outside world for a resident.
  • Potential Benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy for Children with Special Needs For children with special needs, the ability to interact with a dog, cat, or other furry friend can have a very positive impact upon their quality of life.
  • Prescription Pet Program RxPets dog assisted therapy started in 1984 by Children's Hospital and Denver Area Veterinary Medical Society. Almost half the inpatients at The Children's Hospital are offered a dog visit every day.
  • Prison Pet Partnership Program Inmates at a correctional facility for women learn how to train, groom, and board dogs within the prison walls. A feeling of satisfaction directly contributes to the mental and physical wellness of all who are involved.
  • Project Pooch at MacLaren Correctional Facility When incarcerated youth offenders train homeless dogs, both get a new leash on life. In Woodburn, Oregon.
  • Service Dogs for Victims of Assault Non-profit organization which uses dogs as therapeutic aids for victims of assault. Includes information about the dogs used and their training.
  • Sirius Healing of Seattle An animal assisted therapy and animal assisted activity program in Seattle, Washington. Therapy dog training to Delta Society Pet Partners standards.
  • Tails of Joy Provides therapeutic benefit to challenged people through the use of animals. Support and training in pet therapy. Connecticut. Volunteers certified by Delta Society Pet Partners or Therapy Dogs International.
  • Teton County PAL People Animal Love is a pet partner program in Jackson, Wyoming. Volunteers visit others to provide them with the benefits of contact with an animal.
  • The Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs Non-profit organization evaluates, tests, trains, qualifies, and supports therapy dogs for the purpose of giving loving and empathic support in a variety of facilities where emotional service dogs are indispensable. Qualified members receive benefits including primary accident and liability insurance within the U.S. and Canada, therapy dog equipment, post card mailings, and quarterly newsletters.
  • Thera-Paws El Paso Chapter of Therapy Dogs International. Volunteers with their TDI Certified dogs provide emotional support, education, and other aid to various groups.
  • Therapaws of Michigan, Inc. Canine-assisted therapy dog visits. Promotes the human-animal bond in therapeutic and educational settings.
  • Therapet Foundation Non-profit to facilitate use of animals in healing and rehabilitation of acute and chronically ill individuals. Education of volunteers, animals, and health care professionals.
  • Therapy Dogs Links to therapy dogs, animal-assisted therapy, and animal-assisted services, from Dog-Play.
  • Therapy Dogs Inc. A national registrar. Helps dog owners use their pets for therapy work. Qualifications of therapy dogs. How to have a safe visit.
  • Therapy Dogs, Singapore Provides pet-assisted therapy (PAT) to meet the physical and emotional needs of the underprivileged. Find mission statement, links, articles, and information on recent visits.
  • TherapyPets Non-profit promotes animal assisted therapy. Benefits both the volunteer and those visited. Oakland, California.
  • Visiting Dogs An article by the owner of Jake on doing therapy dog visits.
  • Visiting Pet Program A New Orleans non-profit. Hospital and nursing home visits by a variety of mix-breed and pedigreed dogs and cats, guinea pigs, and rabbits. All animals have been temperament tested during Pet and Handler Evaluation Days.
  • Visits to the Elderly from Active Therapy Visiting Dogs The loneliness of the terminally ill and elderly is relieved by visits from approved dogs. The health benefits of pets. Over 4500 volunteers in the United Kingdom.
  • What is Animal Assisted Therapy? Crossroads Group Home uses an Animal Assisted Therapy program stressing the benefits of animals and birds of many varieties to its residents.

Media publications

  • Blind Students Love These Dog Days Garnet, a 75 pound shepherd, helps students at Perkins School for the Blind. She adjusts her level of play to a child's ability. The dog has protected some students by sensing an oncoming seizure. [The Boston Globe] (Published 2004-03-06 00:00:00)
  • Inmates Get Therapy from Pets Program at Autry State Prison, Georgia. Visits by dogs relieve depression and teach responsibility. Almost 400 of the 1500 inmates participate. [WALB-TV] (Published 2004-06-17 00:00:00)
  • Mastiffs Offer Therapeutic Companionship The story of four giant mastiffs and their new-found roles as therapy dogs. [Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, TX] (Published 1997-02-25 00:00:00)
  • Rottweilers Can Be Friends, Therapy Dogs, Too An entertaining article about a rescued Rottweiler with a new and rewarding job. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette] (Published 1999-02-17 00:00:00)
  • Study Links Animal Abuse to Home Violence Domestic abuse and animal abuse go together. Therapy dogs teach empathy to women and children in a shelter. [Columbus Online Community, Nebraska] (Published 2003-10-21 00:00:00)

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