Though everyone has their own definition of "satire," all the sites in this section should fit this one: Keeness and severity of remark; caustic exposure to reprobation; trenchant wit; sarcasm

Other languages: Dutch, German, Hebrew, Swedish.

  • A Few Leftover Shorties Features articles of humor, parodies, and satire.
  • A Hopeless World Murphy's laws, quotes, taglines, last words, sayings of losers, and funny definitions.
  • Al Qaeda News Terrorist sleeper cell activation page.
  • Bastard Powered Ridicule and political commentary. Offers rants and discontent.
  • Biting Satire Comment on popular culture, society and news.
  • Black People Love Us A fictional white couple and their flubbed attempts to relate to black people.
  • Bob's Fridge Door Features include Skewpoint, Stuff, Not for Dummies, Parody Section and About Bob. Since 1999.
  • Built for Power A spoof celebrity.
  • Business Park Observer Keeping an eye on a business park across the street. Offers observations from May through September 2003. Then the author had to move.
  • Making fun of the stuff that makes up daily life. Features fake news, reviews, and Crudpants links.
  • Departments include the Bush Dictionary, Korean emoticons, Great Moments, Up Close and archives.
  • Comedy Avenue Offers a feature story, archives, and the Horny Men's Club Novel.
  • Crazylanka Culture, politics, history and railways with a Sri Lankan theme.
  • Cyberpunk News Network Features audiovisual burlesque.
  • DeadBrain UK Spoofs British politicians and other global issues.
  • DeadBrain US Spoofs current US events and politics.
  • Denounce Newswire Parodies of company press releases.
  • Contains short stories, including wildebeests, cornbread stealing ghosts and an alcoholic teddy bear named Fromage Boudreaux that hires hookers, steals cars/planes, and eats rice. The content is updated daily.
  • Duncan Expose Sections include news, opinions, and columnists.
  • End Evil Satirical news, political articles and quotes. Also features movie and game reviews.
  • Commentary on celebrities, events and current affairs.
  • Features misfortune cookies, 101 least lists, and the giant angry weblog.
  • Fat Dancer UK-based publication that features politics, sex, television and the cult of celebrity.
  • Frankly Unfriendly Catholics Religious attitudes examined and revealed, plus a quiz.
  • Franko's Trailer Park Features bottom-feeder family and other freaks of this Texas community.
  • Fraudutek Industries Spoof corporation presents goals and products.
  • Get Odd Bogus news featuring fun and games, pranks and tricks, and stories.
  • Offers user articles, daily thoughts, polls and commentary,
  • Home Of The Right Wing Conspiracy Farcical monthly rant to members.
  • Humor Is Dead Features social and political critique. Departments include an archive, movies, gallery and tech review.
  • Humor Me Online Interactive commentary on current affairs, news, media and other topics. Visitors can submit material or take part in a contest.
  • Hutchinson and Manning Studios Commentary on people as well as random stories.
  • iBob Entertainment Provides satire, parody, and commentary on events and celebrities.
  • Idleworm Features commentary and Flash animations about celebrities, current event, politics and war.
  • In A Perfect World Offers a monthly article and a history of the author.
  • International Jewish Conspiracy. A satirical newsletter mocking white supremacists and other idiots - all from a particular perspective.
  • It Sucks to be Joe Features a so called real life soap opera. Offers a cast of characters and the stories.
  • Original articles, essays, fiction, urban legends and art.
  • Jiggs Casey Targets include politics, movies, music, relationships, college life, and booty.
  • Sections include essays, views, journal, movies and music.
  • Junk Brothers News Features movie reviews, weather for the year, news stories and trivia tests.
  • Lance and Eskimo Features columns on movies and the media, reviews, Flash movies and games.
  • Laughsend Fake horoscopes and political satire.
  • Les Pages aux Folles Weekly topical rantings about politics, entertainment and the everyday.
  • Lethal Death Commentary, reviews, essays, comics and advice.
  • Mockery of real situations. Sections include front page, comics, editorials, horoscope and advice.
  • Rants, weblog supermarket mag rip-offs. Features quick links and traveller's tale.
  • Modern Mess A collection of stories about this day and age. Includes an archive.
  • Movie Juice Sarcastic reviews. Features a diary and archives.
  • Muskrat News Features research reports and line of the day. Lampooning foreign affairs and ranting.
  • Netboredom Facetious, but realistic shops. Also features Store and Neurad Technologies.
  • Reviews and observations. Updated sporadically.
  • Nuacht.Pro.IE Offers stories, parodies of the news, polls and quotes. From Ireland about Europe.
  • Oddtidings Specializes in commentary, essays, freakshows, village idiots, and the curious.
  • Off-Kilter Syndicated newspaper column featuring offbeat articles.
  • Only in America Offers droll reports on human activities.
  • Outside the Asylum Features include worldviews, stray thoughts, women, sex and about the author.
  • Pitabrunch, Satura Lanx Satirical commentary about Israeli society.
  • PlunderMaxx A collection of corporate attitudes, press releases, and a mission statement. Includes a user liability statement.
  • Sarcastic takes on pop culture, tv, movies, radio, celebs.
  • Popkult Categories include archive, celebrity news, and rough planet guides.
  • Postcards from the Pug Bus Commentary on news and current events.
  • Procrastinate Now Offers the rantings of a legal clerk. Features include solicitors, the list, and general articles.
  • Progressive Boink Articles and reviews on popular culture, society and the media.
  • Comment on life, media and popular culture.
  • Red Tractor USA Left-leaning news and political comment.
  • Rob Bloom Humorous comment on news and current events plus original cartoons.
  • Sake-Drenched Postcards Delivers a weekly column that features Japanese culture.
  • Saucers Offers interplanetary, extraterrestrial paranoia.
  • Scum Online Features business, bizarre, media and shite award.
  • Severe Tire Damage Features articles from different authors on a wide variety of topics.
  • A collection of articles, comics and forums commenting on the ordinary and the every day.
  • Siberia Gym A look at a Russian club. Features pictures, history and testimonials.
  • Sister Randy Sister Randy is a smoking nun who shoots from the lip and wears a sexy Freudian slip beneath her conservative black habit.
  • Smirknet A directory of unintended web humor. Features religious, the arts, the office, and the news.
  • So You've Decided to be Evil Primer detailing the eight essential steps to becoming a successful member of the forces of darkness.
  • Sportalicious A look at sports reporting. Features stories, radio, the wire, about us and archives.
  • Fake current events with a sports theme.
  • Studio 8 Entertainment Features articles, TV show, characters, campus dirt, music, comics, reviews and special reports.
  • Subpoena Power Features a tongue-in-cheek civic action game. The objective is to save the republic by finding the trustworthy congressmen and vanquishing the corrupt ones.
  • Tales From The Sea Side A collection of stories from the pages of The Tramore Strand, an Irish local magazine.
  • That Be Bristle Monthly tongue in cheek publication from and about Bristol UK.
  • The Asheville Disclaimer Asheville, NC parody publication spoofs local and national stories.
  • The Beige Site Everything that you want to know about old people including how much does one cost.
  • The BilgeBucket Gazette Headline, archives and a disclaimer that promises to shovel it in the name of free speech. Features humor at the expense of deities, political parties, religion and humans in general.
  • The Brushback Online news magazine covering the USA sports scene.
  • The Bug Featuring Australian politics, review columns, sports and archives.
  • The Bureau of Missing Socks Devoted to solving the mystery. Features explanations, literature and questionnaire.
  • The Cool Guy Files Explores cool male archetypes, sayings and lifestyles.
  • The Culture Department Categories include high school correspondent, the guys, Dante's pit of advice, web cam and the Hollywood geek machine.
  • The Cynic's Sanctuary Features an explanation, dictionary, hall of fame and message board. Includes things to be cynical about.
  • The Cynical Web Site A source quotes and Murphyisms. Features a dictionary.
  • The Devil's Digital Dictionary Modern phrases and buzzwords explained and defined.
  • The Dumbing Down of America Essays and ramblings by Val Peterson.
  • The Enduring Vision Featuring satirical news stories, and humorous pictures. Updated weekly.
  • The Eschalot Family-friendly news satire on popular topics.
  • The Fake News A collection of stories and an archive.
  • The Last Laugh Political commentary on current events. Features articles, archives and Dr. Bill.
  • The Nose On Your Face Conservative political and cultural satire.
  • The Onion A farcical newspaper featuring world, national and community news.
  • The Prague Stepchild Collection of fictitious news stories from around the world.
  • The Reader's Doglist Sections include articles, recipes, and activities.
  • The Satirical World of Colin Cohen Offers video, animation, audio, and prose. Features Modest Proposal, The House of Kidz, and a biography.
  • The Satirist Cultural journal. Features trends in arts, literature and politics.
  • The Shrubbery Rants, raves, and comedy. Features columns, movie and music reviews, and archives.
  • The Simon Weekly articles, stories and features. Includes an archive.
  • The Squirrel Nest Offers articles and commentary. Features the song Baghdad Bob.
  • The Stray Lake Signal-Gazette A fictional weekly newspaper about a small town and its citizens.
  • The Theme Farm Observer Animated mockery of current events and opinions. Features top stories, forum and sneak previews.
  • The Toilet Paper A collection of rants and stories from 1997-2000. Includes an award review.
  • The Valley Online Offers a rant, fiction and archives. Includes contact info.
  • The Van Gogh-Goghs Essays, parodies, and sketch comedy. Features include Dr. Sodas, career slumps, and VGGTV.
  • The Wolf and Saddam A modern fable featuring United States policy toward Iraq.
  • The World According to Pete Politics, pop culture, society-at-large, relationships according to the weblog author.
  • The Yam Offbeat articles about world issues and personal stories.
  • The-Satirist Features social and political commentary, and humorous fiction. Also accepts reader contributions.
  • Thorax Corporation Faux corporate lampooning bad web pages, ebusiness, and internet scams.
  • Toad a la Mode Features a waiting and whine list, and a menu of articles, commentary and news.
  • TomDotCom Features the online ranting forum for the Wakendaw Bunch. From Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.
  • Truth Be Known Features stories, random quotes and rants from Rabbit and Weasel.
  • Truth or Derrick An archive of articles includes rants, film reviews and dear Santa letters.
  • Uncle Deercamp An experiment in artificial stupidity. Features eye garbage and ear wax downloads.
  • Worthless guides, how-tos, photo galleries, meaningless stories, semi-coherent reviews, haphazard video features, and other irreverent materials.
  • Weasel No More Rants and social comment, plus a guide to identifying those people who are really weasels.
  • Wreckered Monthly features with a Scottish theme. Offers sports, lifestyle and news.

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