This category is for parody sites - sites that poke fun at actual businesses, products etc by pretending to be them. If you're unsure which sub category to submit your site to, please send it to Recreation: Humor: Parodies .

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  • A HorrorScope Parody of late Jeane Dixon's "Your Horroscope".
  • A Wasted Education A distraction for all of us that are wasting our educations.
  • An Office Memo We Will Never See Spoof of inter-office memo at Stuart Silk Architects regarding administrative, business, human resources, and ethical changes.
  • Company offers many things that make life worth living. Includes news, research, employment opportunities, employee lounge, FAQ and a virtual tour.
  • BetterDogFood Firm gives you the dog, and then sells you the food.
  • Buy My Stupid eBook Fictional eBook author seeks customers.
  • Claim to protect diamond buyers by supplying gems with all the carbon removed.
  • Cats For Gold Exchanges old jewelry and unwanted bullion for felines.
  • College is Easy Parodies of ad campaigns plus original humor short films.
  • Confucius Say Pseudo-quotes attributed to the Chinese sage.
  • Crazy Horoscopes Twisted and warped personal predictions.
  • Dumb Website Created In Conformity A satire of poorly thought out and badly created personal web sites, typically hosted on
  • Endeneu Offers spoofs of cultural poetry.
  • GreatInventions.TV Fantastic and unbelievable gadgets and accessories for the home.
  • Guten Morgen Deutschland Morning show pokes fun at Nazi Germany. Includes archives, a dictionary, map, forum and chat room.
  • Holyland Theme Park Spoof of the Orlando, Florida amusement park. Includes attractions.
  • Huh? This e-business marketing agency knows how to market itself. Explaining the importance of an expensive table and knowing when to roll up your shirt sleeves.
  • Hummer H8 Making fun of the gas guzzling, high polluting, dangerous Hummer SUV.
  • Humorscope A humorous horoscope by Ron Lunde. Available daily or weekly.
  • iCyberserve No matter what system your business runs, no matter what your databand needs, iCyberserve will be there.
  • Laze's Diet Plan Never has there been such a fast way to lose weight...
  • Lip Balm Anonymous Save yourself from lip balm addiction. Find out if you have a problem, learn from others in recovery, and find out more about the Industry of Addiction.
  • Lunacy Toons Animated Lunacy Toons cartoons feature outlandish humor. Original artwork in Flash 5 with political, environmental, religious, toilet and other warped humor.
  • Claiming to be the market leader in mail order male spouses.
  • A parody of the site with Martha Stewart's proclamation of innocence.
  • Men In Kilts Poems and jokes related to and celebrities wearing kilts.
  • Mexicans in Black Investigates the appearance of illegal aliens in the New Mexico desert. Includes agent profiles and weapon information.
  • Mockery Spoof pages on a variety of topics.
  • Mothers Against Peeing Standing Up Concerned individuals who want to stop peeing standing up, support the victims (those who have to clean up), and prevent unnecessary urine stream fragmentation.
  • National Lawn Care Now A grassroots movement for social justice offering equal lawns for all.
  • National Organization to Outlaw Cellphones Movement to rid the world of cellphones and save people from phone dependency.
  • NOPAL Popular culture spoofs including NOPAL, Mexicans in Black, the M-Files, and The Studio.
  • Official Site of the Goliath Corporation Humorous site of a vast literary multinational as found in Jasper Fforde's books "The Eyre Affair" and "Lost in a Good Book."
  • Pea City News & Events Pea City, Landsfill County's guide to real estate, careers, finance, and opportunities.
  • Peoples Democratic Republic of Birmingham The official website of the Chairman. Includes contributions by the Minister for Re-education.
  • PermaThong Just because the world changes, doesn't mean underwear has to be changed.
  • Phatboy's House of Phat This site is so phat that it should go on a diet.
  • Planet of the Apes - funkified! A parody of the classic sci-fi film.
  • Postcard Madness A lampoon of the practice of sending travel postcards while on vacation as a not-so-subtle means of bragging, using real life examples.
  • Preparing for Emergencies By the HM Department of Vague Paranoia. Advice nobody should really follow.
  • PsychotiCorp A parody on Corporate America, its business practices and products.
  • Reuben Kinkade - Painter of Stuff Parodies of Thomas Kinkade paintings, featuring the work of his long-lost brother, Reuben (formerly manager of The Partridge Family).
  • Skitfaced Fake pornography, television shows and assorted video clips.
  • Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Insects Promotes insect welfare primarily in the United Kingdom but also throughout the world.
  • Technical Virgin Site exploring alternative means for teenagers to keep their virginity while still having fun. Includes bogus TV ads.
  • Terror-o-matic Homeland Alert System parody.
  • The Big Box Fictional large retailer, operating mega-malls that close all other local businesses down.
  • The Brothers Grinn Parodies, spoofs and interviews with people like Scott Kurtz, creator of the web comic PvP, and Robert Darden of The Door Magazine.
  • The International University of Nescience The leader in apathetic and agnostic education since the second Millennium.
  • The Jokery Offers jokes, photos, articles, news, and cartoons.
  • The Lair of the Vermicious Kanid Professional wrestling spoof site.
  • The Mantis Society Member Homepage Site of group that revolves around an insect, the Preying Mantis.
  • The Many Faces of Chris Chris lends his face to parody famous people. Includes a poll.
  • The Official Musical Sciences Web Page Comedy, fake movie news and video clips.
  • The People's Republic of Crumm Mountain NY Offers a mecca for freaks, intellectuals, punk rockers, anarchists and those disaffected with society in some way. Offers news, history, government information and articles.
  • The Slingshot Parody of British Victorian and Edwardian juvenile periodicals, featuring thrilling and unlikely adventure stories and articles.
  • The Source A parody of personal websites and the horrors that lurk within them.
  • The Temple of the Gods of Coffee For coffee fanatics, the temple for the worshippers of the Holy Elixir. May the Holy Bean guide you.
  • The University of Lucastan A parody of a full-featured institution of higher learning.
  • The VanderHawk Pages Offers self-hypnosis and dream analysis. Includes a crossword puzzle.
  • These Weapons of Mass Destruction Cannot Be Displayed Spoof of Microsoft's error message page. Includes remedies for George Bush, the United Nations and Western European countries.
  • Thinking About Stupidity In Our Scholars Parody of "Thinking About Violence in Our Schools" by Barry Kort PhD and Nancy Williams MS.
  • Twisted Humor - The Parody Pages Original humor and satire including the Psychic Blackmail Network, Subliminal Apathy, The Application to be God. Plus movie parodies such as Feed Willy and You've Got Spam.
  • WiFi-SM Spoof product enabling you to empathise with the suffering of people portrayed in the media.
  • Wow - Whatta Dorcus! Offers a collection of men's fashion photography from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Includes company history.
  • YD Industries Features a pseudo-company that skewers the heart of consumer culture. Offers a catalog of products, advertisements, and company bulletins.
  • You're Probably Lost Parody articles and items. Home of "Insensitivity E-Cards," "Snag-a-Dolphin Kits," "Perpetually Young Lion Cubs" and much more chewy fun stuff.
  • Zombie Squad A community and forum for enthusiasts to share ideas for preparing for zombie outbreaks.

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