A weblog—or, more often, blog—is a user-generated website where entries are made in journal style and displayed in a reverse chronological order.

The weblogs listed here provide commentary and/or news primarily about beer. A typical beer blog will combine text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to beer.

  • 52 Brews Offers an in-depth review of a beer and style each week. Also offers education on tasting, serving, and appreciating beer.
  • A Beer A Day For A Year Documents effort to drink 365 different beers in one calendar year.
  • A Beer Sort of Blog Kansas City woman gives her perspectives on life and beer.
  • A Blog About Beer News and commentary on the commercial beer industry, homebrewing and beer community.
  • A Girl's Guide to Beer Freelance food and drink writer Melissa Cole offers a female perspective on beer and beer culture.
  • A Good Beer Blog Offers reviews, news, and commentary.
  • A Pint of Knowledge Dedicated to craft beer education and enjoyment.
  • A Planet Full of Beer Blogs Aggregated articles from some of the more popular beer blogs.
  • Appellation Beer: Beer from a Good Home Based on the premise that where a beer is brewed and where its ingredients are from is important. Offers news and commentary by beer author Stan Hieronymus.
  • Asheville Beer Blog Focused on beer fans in the Western North Carolina area.
  • AzianBrewer Personal beer weblog of a New York City resident. Also covers food and restaurants, sake, and related topics.
  • Beer Haiku Daily Daily poetry inspired by news and events related to beer.
  • Beer is for Winners Weblog with beer and other news and humor. Includes discussion forum.
  • Beer, Beats & Bites Canadian blogs about craft beer, as well as electronic music, and food.
  • Beer Activist Weblog from Chris O'Brien, author of "Fermenting Revolution: How to Drink Beer and Save the World".
  • Beer and Food Writer Peter LaFrance writes about beer.
  • Beer Blah Los Angelino offers news and beer reviews.
  • Beer Bulletin The personal beer explorations of Christian Lavender, based in Austin, Texas.
  • Beer By BART Two San Francisco residents explore good beer spots in the San Francisco Bay area that are available by public transportation.
  • Beer Me Blog News and notes.
  • Beer Me Blog News and notes.
  • Beercraft From a former brewer and beer judge.
  • beerinator.com North Carolina beer community focused on education. Offers news and forums.
  • Beers, beers, beers. Three friends, two in Washington, DC, one in San Francisco, review beers and offer insights into tasting, homebrewing, and beer culture.
  • BeerScribe.com Author Andy Crouch offers writings and thoughts on beer, brewing, and American craft beer culture.
  • Beervana Beer, brewery, and festival news and reviews in Oregon.
  • Belgian Beer Weblog on Belgian beer, beer bars, and breweries.
  • Bibendum Weblog with news items related to beer, brewing and real ale. Also includes calendar of beer festivals in the United Kingdom.
  • Bierbreizh.info The current events of the breweries or Breton and their beers. Articles, forum, and user reviews. [French/English]
  • BigFoamyHead.com Podcast focused on beer, barbecue, grilling, and music.
  • boakandbailey.com Blogger, based in the UK, discusses beer history, science, culture, and related products.
  • Bostonbeerman Weblog from self-described beer geek and "The Beer Necessities", a beer appreciation course at Wellesley College and the Cambridge Center for Adult Education.
  • Brew Like A Monk Weblog focused on Belgian styles with information about books written by Stan Hieronymus.
  • BrewCast.NET Podcast covering beer and brewery news and history.
  • Brewerman.com Offers beer tastings and reviews as well as information on craft beer culture.
  • Brewing in Singapore Adventures in brewing in Singapore.
  • Brewvana Focused on educating people about good beer.
  • Brookston Beer Bulletin Weblog coverage of the beer industry from the San Francisco Bay area to the world by beer writer Jay R. Brooks. Includes news, opinion, reviews, articles, and other beer information.
  • BW Beer Blog Two friends in the Pacific Northwest review and discuss beer.
  • Canada's Capital Chapter Weblog about beer, breweriana, and beer news from Ottawa's Capital Chapter beer club.
  • Confessions of a Beer Geek Personal observations and news.
  • Craft Beer Radio Weekly podcast focused on craft beer and the craft brewing industry.
  • Dowd's Brews Notebook News and commentary from drinks writer William Dowd.
  • Dr. J's Beer Blog Describes trips to find gourmet and hard-to-find beer.
  • Dr. Wort's Buzz-erk Beer Blog Beer news and events from the Pacific Northwest and around the world.
  • Drink-A-Pint: The Blog About Beer & Brewing Features beer news and reviews for the craft brew enthusiast.
  • Four Eyed Beer Geek Pennsylvania beer fan offers commentary and describes new homebrewing experiences.
  • Great Canadian Pubs and Beer Blog on craft beer news and commentary, with a focus on pubs and beer from Canada.
  • Grove's Beer Log Beer news and commentary with a Norwegian focus.
  • Grumpy Beer Geek Beer enthusiast offers thoughts and commentary on beer and other topics of interest.
  • Hail the Ale! Beer news, humor, and commentary.
  • Hedonist Beer Jive Blogger based in San Francisco offers news, commentary, and observations.
  • Hop Talk Two long-time friends weblog about beer, including reviews, marketing, brewpubs, and news.
  • How to Start a Brewery Father and son team in Ontario, Canada detail their adventures in starting and running a brewery.
  • I Love Beer Observations on beer and brewing by a beer enthusiast in Texas.
  • Ionia Ales Weblog on beer news, tasting notes, and homebrewing.
  • Kev Brews News, commentary, and tasting notes.
  • Legends Of Beer Dedicated to honest beer tasting reviews, beer news, and feature articles.
  • Liquid Diet Online Beer commentary by writer Jack Curtin.
  • Mattias Beer Experience Blogs about the beer scene in and around Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Michigan Beer Buzz Covers beer news, homebrewing, craft beer, events, drinking, and Michigan brewers.
  • Microbrews: A Ten Year Retrospective Examines how many of the microbreweries profiled in the book "Microbrews: A Guide to America's Best New Beers and Breweries" from 1996 are still around. Each post profiles an individual brewery.
  • Mississippi Brew Blog Weblog covering homebrewing for Mississippians and neighbors.
  • MNBeer Weblog for and about Minnesota beer.
  • Monday Night Brewery Four friends document their quest to open their own microbrewery in the Atlanta area. They also discuss other beer related topics and reviews.
  • My Beer Pix Weblog from a beer enthusiast and homebrewer with a focus on pictures.
  • NanoBryg Craft beer enthusiast in Denmark.
  • Nate's Beer and Brewing Blog Discusses the beer scene in Western Pennsylvania, homebrewing, and related topics.
  • One Brew Over The Cuckoo's Nest A beer blog featuring reviews, news and commentary on craft brewed beers from around the world.
  • Pacific Brew News Beer enthusiasts in Northern California offer news, information, and podcasts focused on beer of the Pacific Northwest.
  • Pete Brown's Blog Beer author from the United Kingdom discusses news and makes observations.
  • Pfiff! Weblog by a beer enthusiast about beer, regular and otherwise.
  • Planet Beer Podcast of Australian beer enthusiasts.
  • Portland Beer Blog Beer news from the Portland area.
  • Postcards from a barstool A look at craft brewing throughout the world.
  • Pubcrawlin' Weblog of the author's travels to brewpubs and craft breweries.
  • Real Beer Blog News and commentary on beer in the United Kingdom.
  • Rooftop Brew Weblog covering homebrewing and beer culture.
  • Ruth's beer sampling record Notes on pubs and the beers they serve.
  • Seen Through a Glass Drinks writer and managing editor of Malt Advocate magazine Lew Bryson blogs on beer and whiskey news, covers Philadelphia events, and offers commentary.
  • Speaking of Beer Podcast and weblog with Charlie the Beer Guy.
  • Stonch's Beer Blog London beer fan offers news and reviews of beer and pubs.
  • Suds Pundit Commentary, tasting notes, and homebrewing adventures.
  • Texas Beer News and commentary on beer and brewers in the Lone Star State.
  • That's the Spirit: Beer Blog Weblog from beer journalist Stephen Beaumont.
  • The Barley Blog Commentary on advertising, culture, home brewing, and related topics.
  • The Beer Hall One author's observations, including a podcast, guide to the Long Island, New York beer scene, beer cocktails, and pub and drinking culture.
  • The Beer Jockey Weblog by Jim Quinn, who has 20 years experience in the brewing industry and is currently a beer educator and historian based in Kansas City, Missouri.
  • The Beer Nut Beer enthusiast in Dublin, Ireland blogs about beer, with a focus on Europe.
  • The Beer Philosopher Dedicated to the appreciation of craft and imported beer.
  • The Beer Report with Groucho & CHUD Podcast featuring beer reviews.
  • The Beer Tourist Norwegian blogger writes about beer throughout Europe and the world.
  • The Bitten Bullet An Irishman living in Germany discusses beer and life.
  • The Brew Lounge Weblog for beginning homebrewers and beer lovers.
  • The Brew Site Weblog of beer news and personal observations.
  • The Disgruntled Chemist Blogs about beer as well as some forays into politics.
  • The Drinking Buddies Weblog dedicated to craft beer and beer culture.
  • The Drunken Polack Beer fan offers his observations on craft beer as well as news and beer reviews.
  • The Good Beer Show Weblog and weekly podcast. Archives, photos, and schedule.
  • The Potable Curmudgeon Owner of microbrewery in Indiana discusses the state of the craft brewing industry and offers comments on media coverage.
  • Trouble Brewing Weblog from the online editor of the Evening Sun in Hanover, Pennsylvania. Covers brewing news, homebrewing, history, and liquor law.
  • Vermont Beer Blog Weblog discussing beer from Vermont as well as homebrewing.
  • Weekly Beer Blog of Asia Offers commentary on beers produced in Asia.
  • Your Helping of Liquid Bread Weblog from a student at the Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago.
  • Yours for Good Fermentables News and commentary from Tom Cizauskas.

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