Features the activity of collecting Paper Money, for example bank notes, stock certificates, and notgeld. Included in this category is information about the acquisition, display, identification, and conservation of paper money and paper money related items.
  • Ron Wise's World Paper Money Homepage Official I.B.N.S. Image Gallery Site with images of 10,000+ world bank notes, past and present.
  • A World of Polymer Banknotes History, chronology, Biography, and myths/legends of polymer and other non paper banknotes. English & Italian versions.
  • African Banknote Collector Specialized collector of banknotes from Africa. Paper money articles and banknote pictures, showing different dates and signatures.
  • African Paper Money Specialized collector of West African States and Central African States Banknotes, provides information and scans.
  • American currency DVD-geography American historic currency exhibit on dvd.
  • Australian Banknotes Valuations and history of Australian banknotes
  • Austrian papermoney Information page for the collector of Austrian banknotes. Including big picture gallery with more than 1000 pictures of Gulden, Kronen and Schilling currency.
  • Bank Notes Collection Includes pictures of each note from the collection, covering Great Britain, WW I, WW II, and Prisoner of War and Concentration Camp Money.
  • Bank of Japan Currency Museum Includes site with a history of Japanese currency including images.
  • Banknote Gallery Scans of banknotes from all countries of the world for the collector.
  • Banknote News Breaking news about international paper money. Categorized geographically by continent and time information released by month. Many images of the latest issues.
  • Banknote.dk Information and images of bank notes from Austria, Belgium, England, and Germany.
  • BankNotes and Papermoney A collection of some of the world banknotes and papermoney, including The Netherlands, Italy, Zambia, Yemen, USA and German NotGeld
  • Banknotes by Jorge Silva Find images from banknotes around the world and the link to central banks.
  • Banknotes from Around the World A collection of many of the world's finest specimen and proof banknotes.
  • Banknotes of Mali, Guinea and the French Antilles Images of Mali, Guinea, and the French Antilles. English/French versions.
  • Banknotes of the Modern World Modern world note images, trades, links, and security features.
  • Billets du Liban - Banknotes of Lebanon Images of regular issues and emergency issues of Lebanon.
  • Birds on Banknotes Information about and images of world banknotes depicting birds.
  • BrokenBankNotes.Com Forums for discussions about broken banknotes and obsolete currency.
  • Bruno's Paper Money Collection A collection of images of world paper money with thumbnails. Users can add information about the banknotes.
  • Canada - Bank of Canada - Bank Notes Includes information on Canadian bank notes, counterfeiting prevention, collecting and accessibility features.
  • Canadian Paper Money News, links, and indepth coverage of all Canadian currency.
  • Canadian Paper Money Errors Explains what errors there are and how they occurred.
  • Canadian Replacement Notes Thumbnail images and information on replacement notes or sheets are used to replace errors discovered on Canadian notes.
  • Capital Currency, Inc. U.S. currency information and images.
  • China Banknotes Basic information about five banknote series issued by the People's Bank of China.
  • Chinese Banknotes Images of current Chinese banknotes,including RMB100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 2, 1 and the 5,2,1 Jiao notes
  • Collectpapermoney.com Currency identifiers, bookstore, grading, and tips for collectors.
  • Counterfeit Detection Learn about all banknotes, how they are printed and security features built into them.
  • CSA Collectors Page Describes currency, coins, stamps, bonds, and flags issued by the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War.
  • Currate.com Google World Map Currency Images Google based world map based currency tools with currency images, where the currencies will allow travelers swift access to regularly updated conversion rates, and to see images of over 200 world currencies.
  • Currency Den Wartime Propaganda and Counterfeits, Printer's Test Notes, Hidden Images, Security Devices, and over 800 World Bank Note doubles for trade or sale.
  • East Coast Currency Information and images of South Carolina National Bank currency.
  • Ecuador coins, paper money and phonecards Ecuadorian old coins, paper money and phonecards - English version.
  • Encycloindia Collectibles Collecting of Paper Money. Offers themes such as flowers, animal, building, rain forest, kings and queens, leaders, and ships.
  • ePaperMoney A Virtual Gallery of World Paper Money Collection featuring Rare Banknotes from the Straits Settlements, British North Borneo, Sarawak, and Malaya.
  • European & British Commonwealth Banknotes More than 1000 high resolution scans of banknotes from all European countries, with thumbnails of each. Maps and country information included.
  • Foreign Currency Randy Johnson's on line collection of World banknotes. Lots of colorful graphics.
  • FRBSF American Currency Exhibit Explore the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco's American Currency Exhibit online and watch history come alive as you step back in time to our nation's beginning. Learn how our country's rich history is closely tied with our currency.
  • French and French-Printed Banknotes, their Artists and Issuing Authorities French-printed banknote images, details of the artists who designed them and the central banks that issued them.
  • Gallery of Bulgarian paper money History of the monetary affairs and forgers in Bulgaria. Banknotes, cash and treasury bonds, extraordinary paper money. Pictures of all emissions of Bulgarian paper money from 1885 to nowadays.
  • German historical Banknotes and Old Paper Money from Germany Old German paper money and its history. Many Historic banknotes from Germany are shown as quality scans. Historical information provide an essential background for the collector.
  • Greek Currency Directory Includes over 250 photographs of Greek coins and banknotes from 1828 to present. Full descriptions, brief history, links, and trading option.
  • Guernsey Banknote List Banknotes issued in The Bailiwick of Guernsey 1810 - present.
  • HHN Paper Money Banknote Archive Images of old and new paper money from around the world with thumbnails.
  • History of Greek Banknotes A collection of images of Greek paper money with thumbnails. Many facts and stories about them. Grouped chronologically.
  • Hungarian Banknote Catalog A collector site, nearing completion of catalog pictures of all Hungarian papermoney. In English and Hungarian.
  • India Banknotes India Banknotes History. Learning about banknotes from India.
  • INDIAN BANKNOTES, COINS, STAMPS Indian banknotes,modern & ancient
  • Indian Banknotes Blog Banknotes from 1819 onwards. Details of all presidency banks, princely states banknotes, Portuguese India, French India, Danish India, Holland India, and yes they too ruled India.
  • Irish Paper Money Images of Banknotes of Ireland for collectors: Ploughman notes, Lady Lavery bank notes, rare and collectible old Irish money.
  • Israel's banknotes 1948 to Present The study of a country's banknotes provides a lesson in what it treasures most!
  • janeriks Norwegian Banknote Pages Information on the banknotes of Norway and other Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Greenland, The Faeroes, Danish West Indies)
  • Japanese Modern Notes Notes issued in 1940's in the Pacific War, provides information and images. You will understand a unique Japanese aspect to the war and peace.
  • Know the world through stamps and banknotes Discover and know the world through banknotes and stamps, make numismatic and philatelic into hobbies of fun and joy
  • Luciano Lazardi Exchange and trade of international currency and world paper money and banknotes with collectors all over the world.
  • lunaticg banknote & coin Blog about antique coins, auction selling, banknotes, coin, coin collection, numismatic, selling coins,rare coins and coin dealer in Malaysia.
  • Mac's Old Paper Money A History of Colonial and Continental Currency with Images. Buy and sell lists maintained as well.
  • Malaysia Banknotes This site provide and update information on Malaysia Banknotes.
  • Mexico Banknotes Images and information of Mexican currency from the First Emission through the Seventh Emission. History of the Mexican banknotes from 1821 forward.
  • Mikescollection Collector of coins and banknotes with images and a forum.
  • Military Payment Certificate Conversion Page Issued in an effort to prevent and combat black market activities.
  • Million Dollar Babies - The Banknotes of Hyperinflation A compilation of Banknote illustrations from all countries that have issued notes with a denomination of 1 Million or greater.
  • Money Depot Detailed graphics and information on world paper money, with emphasis on Asian countries China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, etc. Contain translations on Chinese characters on paper money, and variations like watermarks, etc.
  • Monnaies du Monde Pictures of Money and Currency - Photos of Banknotes - Images of World Bank Notes from 183 countries.
  • Mutcher Dollars Collection of Canadian Currency.
  • New Zealand Banknotes Images and information on the currency of New Zealand including error and polymer notes.
  • Norske Pengesedler Collection of Norwegian bank notes in Norwegian language only.
  • Norwegian Banknote Pages of janerik Images and information of notes from Norway from pre-1878 forward.
  • Notafilia.com.br Notafilia, banknotes collecting, images, catalog and other information.
  • Numismondo A non-commercial online world paper money picture catalog with thousands of banknotes displayed from more than 140 countries. Includes original articles, national leader pictures, special links and free collector/dealer ads.
  • Old English Bank Notes Images of the one pound, five pound and ten pound English bank notes, no longer in circulation.
  • One Dollar Bill Collector Promotes collecting United States one dollar bills with an emphasis on fun, education and entertainment. Lots of information for the US paper money collector.
  • Online World Bank Note Catalog Notapedia - World paper money catalog with valuations in three grades.
  • Paper Money Collecting Follow a new collectors journey about the fascinating hobby of collecting paper money. Learn how to store collection properly. The weblog also features world-wide paper money news and events from around the globe.
  • Paper Money Post Providing links to paper money and banknotes collectors and dealers around the world.
  • Paper-Money of the World German-English site provides information and scans about different world-banknotes and a brief description of the history of the issuing country.
  • PaperMoneyWorld.net A web source for paper money enthusiasts, with emphasis on MPC and other war related currency. NEW! ATM test notes pages, with gallery, forum, and collector list added.
  • Philippine Banknotes Current banknote images, translations, and background of events and people depicted.
  • Philippine Banknotes 1949 - Date A listing of all Philippine banknotes 1949-Date by serial numbers.
  • Physicists on the Money A page about Physicists honored by having their picture on currency in many countries around the world.
  • Polymer Bank Notes by Trevor Wilkins Full details of polymer bank note issues world wide.
  • Polymer Bank Notes of the World A complete review of all polymer (plastic) bank notes of the world, complete with scans, descriptions, and numbering system.
  • Polymer Currency Club, Yahoo Groups Club devoted to the study and promotion of the field of Polymer and Tyvek currency, as well as a forum for discussion, trading, and swapping.
  • Rare Indian bank notes Rare Indian bank notes list, cardboard cash coupons issued during coin shortage period of World War II, India stock note as USA banknote issued in India, Palm leaf documents of 1600AD.
  • Rebel States Currency Currency issued by the States of the Confederacy during the American Civil War.
  • Roberto's Polymer Banknotes Web Page History and images of currency made with polymer. English and Italian versions.
  • Russia Banknotes Official page by the Bank of Russia, with images and descriptions of all legal tender banknotes.
  • Russian Banknotes of Wad Nenberg Images and information on Russian notes from 1767 forward, including local issues.
  • Russian money Russian paper money from the first banknotes printed to the currently circulating ones.
  • Salem banknotes,india Collector blog specializing in notes of India
  • San Miguel's World Banknotes Private collection featuring detailed descriptions of the people and places featured on modern world paper money. Over 1500 images spanning world currency, private issues, and promotional testnotes.
  • Scottish Bank Notes In Scotland, there is a proud tradition of producing bank notes since 1695. These pages have been created to tell some of that history.
  • Secrets of Making Money NOVA Online takes a look at the new U.S. currency, with interactive exploration of both new and old features.
  • Siambanknote Thai banknote catalog online, the place all banknote collectors can find the information and value of all series of Thai banknotes since 1900's to now.
  • Sinobanknote Banknotes from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao. Images description, dimensions, watermarks, and value included.
  • Six Kinds of United States Paper Currency An interesting look at the various types of notes (paper currency) produced in 1929.
  • Spanish Coins on American Notes A discussion of Spanish coin images on American Banknotes and banknotes in general. Includes images of the notes.
  • The Banknotes of Syria Images of regular and special issues from Syria.
  • The Currency Collector Articles on: Chinese bank notes , Russia , Portugal Seige notes ,Railroads , Stamps on notes , Sea salvage , Japan ,Propaganda , Inflation , Emergency money , Broken bank notes , Germany ,Brazil , India Scrip notes , Greece , Communist , Africa , France
  • The Reference Site for Islamic Banknotes A reference site for Islamic banknotes. Designed for collectors of banknotes.
  • The Royal Numismatic Bank of Justin Online catalog of a young banknote collector since 1997. Collectors and traders are very much welcome!
  • The Ultimate World Banknote Collecting Site You can view the banknote image gallery, find out the history of banknotes and how to collect for new collectors or if you want to start collecting.
  • Tom Chao's Paper Money Gallery Personal collection of world banknotes from 310 countries. Includes the world's largest/oldest surviving bank note, the China 1 Kuan.
  • Tongan Notes Details of research of Tongan notes in my collection and notes I have seen.
  • Turkish Money Turkish Lira Turkish Liras (TL), New Turkish Lira Turkey money Turkey Banks & Money currency exchange rates
  • United States Web Press Notes Web notes, or web press notes, are $1.00 Federal Reserve Notes printed on a web press (1992-1995). Images, info on rare blocks, plate combos, and online sales catalog.
  • Various Paper Money Collector site with paper money from around the world from trips plus images and information about notes of Japan.
  • Vietnam and French Indochina Coins and Banknotes High quality scans of coins and paper money from Vietnam and French Indochina.
  • World banknotes / Billetes del Mundo / Weltbanknoten Thousands of scans of world paper money. The web site for all banknote collectors. Online banknote shop, paper money forum, black list.
  • World Paper Money Add free messages in Collector's board, order banknotes for exchange, meet new collectors, talk in chat, play the quiz and win banknotes. [Russian, English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch and Italian]
  • World Paper Money and Banknotes World Paper Money and Banknotes Collection
  • WSCE Collecting Confederate Paper Money History of the Confederate States of America paper money.
  • WWII Philippine Numismatics Guerrilla, Republic, JIM, Victory, and U.S. military issues of World War II displayed.
  • www.cgacurrency.com Information on Confederate States of America currency, including: The Panic of 1857, Lucy H. Pickens, and Major General Henry Ware Lawton.
  • Yugoslavian Paper Money Issues from 1919-2002 shown by historical time period, including banknotes not issued.
  • ZenTech_trip. Currency of the world with the images of coin/banknotes I collected during a trip.

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