For individual commentaries on news and issues from serious perspectives. Can include sites with commentaries by various individuals. Sites that are about other personal interests should not be submitted in categories about those topics or in Society/People/Personal Homepages.

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  • A Long View Andrew Long's running commentary on current events, politics, religion, and media.
  • Adam Seitchik's Home Page Draws on author's background as an economist and investment strategist. Offers writings on economics, politics and public affairs, some personal reflections and biography.
  • Age of Iconoclasts Collection of articles with unconventional views of political and social issues. Contains past articles, submitted articles, and letters to the editor.
  • ak13 Commentary and analysis on political, cultural and current affairs.
  • Aleph Radical politics, civil liberties, privacy, UNIX, security, bizzare and surreal links.
  • Anonymous News and Views A newsletter of current events, political views, and opinions. Also includes a message board and soap box for members.
  • Back Seat Drivers Commentary on the news and the way it is reported. By Jon Ihle and Dick O'Brien
  • Ben Tanosborn, writer Political opinion site; Articles included.
  • Blogulator Comment on the news from an Australian-English-American perspective.
  • Boswarlos Review Toronto lawyer with an current and archived menu of commentaries, primarily political and economic with an emphasis on Newfoundland and Canadian federal issues.
  • Brandon Staggs dot com Mordant commentary on politics, social issues, and other stuff!
  • BrookesNews.Com Daily comments on societal issues and the Australia media.
  • Carl Jensen's Deja Vu 2000 A daily caustic and cryptic update and review of the news headlines of the first year of the Millennium by Carl Jensen founder of Project Censored.
  • Cassandra's View Understanding society and politics, and the growth of the American Empire, in an historical context.
  • Christopher Lydon's Official Site The official site of Chris Lydon and Mary McGrath's new production company, L and M Productions. Updates on the next Radio project and open Forums on many issues.
  • Day, Gerald Notes on politics, law, and the news.
  • Dean Hartwell's Perspective on Current Events Analysis of current events from a generally liberal perspective.
  • Dean's World Author describes himself as a "news and history junkie". Adopts a traditional Liberal point of view when blogging about history, philosophy, science and cultural trends.
  • Deutscher Michel Deutscher Michel explains the foolish things that German people endure from businesses, media, authorities and other Germans.
  • Djurdjevic, Bob - Truth in media Commentary and news from anti-"New World Order" perspective
  • Fight The Bias Commentary alleging liberal bias in the news media.
  • Flavin, Rick - Flavin's Corner Thoughts and commentary updated each Friday.
  • FlyingFish A site to expose the truth and overcome influence of mass media on information.
  • Francis On The Soapbox A web page where I get to rant on subjects of my choosing with as much or as little intelligence as I like, and without anyone else interrupting.
  • futdempotus The opinions of Charles Burton, an 18 year old, new voter who believes in bring about a new liberal ideology for America.
  • Gigl, Steve: No. He'll be an engineer. Weblog of Steve Gigl, commenting on local and national news, with the occasional off-topic rant.
  • Features alternative perspectives on global issues that are closely related including human rights, trade and environment.
  • Greg's Opinion For all who care what Greg thinks about things.
  • Hutch Report Personal comments about the news of the day. Mark Hutcherson offers insights about events in Waco, Texas, nationally and abroad.
  • Inside the Mind of Madness Daily commentary on the news and current events (mixed with personal events) of the day as seen through the eyes of Abhi Tripathi
  • Analysis of current events and issues.
  • Jusiper Political opinion weblog.
  • Kenneth E. Lamb's Site Includes articles on world events, and religious and secular issues.
  • Krank Call Joe Krank tells you what Drudge and Rush won't -- what the news really means, not what their corporate masters want you to believe.
  • Kushands Discussion and the expression of opinions on topics of social relevance.
  • Limited Inc Links and commentary to media and political sites of interes
  • Commentary and discussion on broad range of news/politics/current events topics. A pragmatic view of our world.
  • Lunch At The Labs Former researcher at Bell and AT&T Labs details stuff talked about over lunch.
  • Media Underground A take on sub-culture, counter-culture, the occult and suppressed media.
  • Mr.Wonderful Explains Current Events The enigmatic M.W. delves into current events "from an angle not seen since geometry was discovered." Opinionated and not politically correct.
  • My Opinion, for what it's worth.... A website that is dedicated to my opinion on the current topics of the day.
  • Nathan Lott Features multiple, newspaper-article-length posts on politics and culture. Primarily international relations and contemporary Western arts and religion.
  • NewsMakingNews Features Mae Brussell and Virginia McCullough writing about politics, investigations and other topics.
  • Positive Propaganda Weekly web serial reviewing sites on culture, art and information warfare.
  • An eclectic mix of law, business and economics, politics and current events, and wine
  • Quarterly Report Quarterly Report -- Political Commentary by writer James R. Audet
  • Rehearsal Studio, The Stephen Smoliar's take on economic, cultural and political news and issues.
  • Review of the Week by Bao Dai of Hollywood Commentary on contemporary life in America.
  • Riddel.Com Personal perspective on news and opinion.
  • Satish and his thoughts Highlights India's progress as a super-economic power and its achievements in industry.
  • Seeing the Forest Political Commentary - Looking at the bigger picture; seeing the forest for the trees.
  • sophoristically speaking observations from an ozarks attorney on life, law, and liberty
  • The Bias Against Guns Information on John Lott's latest book, downloadable data sets and comments on recent controversies.
  • The Big Eye News not generally found in other media. Conspiracies, controversy, scandals.
  • The Buck Stops Here Commentary on law, politics and culture from a recent Harvard Law graduate.
  • The Cackling Grackle Collection of articles on media and politics by Patrick Crumhorn.
  • The Cynic Journalist Weblog maintained by a journalist who spends his days being ''objective''
  • The Dr Is In Current events weblog with a focus on politics, medical breakthroughs, syndicated columnists, Cagle cartoons and jokes. Author is a retired physician living in southern Oregon.
  • The Happy Medium News and commentary on science, technology, computers, current events, and identity theft.
  • The Hutchinson Political Report Features weekly commentary on hot button national issues by political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson.
  • The Policy Think Site A veteranpublic defender writes about crime and justice, terrorism, religion, and morality.
  • The Source Diverse Looks at mainstream media sources and tries to portray the different perspectives each outlet brings to the public. Looks at a single story to see how different sources cover it.
  • The Stopped Clock Personal perspectives on the news, current events, and the world.
  • The Truth As I See It Weekly columns by A.D. Freudenheim.
  • The Weekly Rant Weekly (well, sort of) commentary on sundry and random events as well as guest commentaries on a wide range of subjects. Also includes photos, reviews, interviews.
  • Forum on the Information Age. Seeks visitor submissions.
  • To The Center Allows members to state opinions and receive feedback on general, world, local, and business news postings.
  • Truth And Views Publishes articles and commentary about contemporary politics and culture.
  • Valdas Anelauskas Commentary on life in the US by a Lithuanian journalist,a political exile who has settled in the USA and become a dissident in America.
  • Versen: This is the Center Center-left political web log, primarily concerned with foreign affairs.
  • World offers in-depth, well-researched analysis of threats from terrorism, WMD, Iran, Russia, Iraq, Latin America and throughout the world.
  • Your World Now Unique commentary covering politics, society and life in general.

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