This category contains links to informational sites about baby names, name meanings, name origins, naming trends, and tips for baby naming. Subcategories are also available for baby names originating from specific regions and religions.

Other languages: Dutch, Kurdish, Russian.

  • 20,000 Names Includes names from around the world for use with babies and pets.
  • Alfabette Zoope A collection of multi-cultural and unusual names.
  • All Girl Baby Names Girl names with name meanings and origins.
  • Alternative Baby Names Boy and girl baby names listed by categories. Search for alternative and unique names.
  • Baby Name Addicts Meanings, origins, popularity graphs, and polls.
  • Baby Name Brainstorm An animated, interactive graph of baby names and name associations. The site helps expectant parent explore connections between thousands of names through spellings, meanings and thematic characteristics.
  • Baby Name Clusters Use charts and famous people's names to explore clusters of related baby names.
  • Baby Name Facts Meanings, origins, and tons of fun facts on over 70,000 baby names.
  • Baby Name Guide Baby names listed by categories, lists of popular names, a phonetics search and baby naming tips.
  • Baby Name Intervention Send an anonymous email telling expectant parents to rethink a bad baby name.
  • Baby Name Origins Lists of names categorised by geographic or topical origin, with meanings.
  • Baby Name Rant A blog with hints and advice on names and reviews on celebrity baby names.
  • Baby Name Stats Provides lists of naming ideas from television and literature. Also has lists of common twin names and naming trends from years ago.
  • Baby Name Wizard Interactive visual exploration of baby name popularity. Search naming maps and graphs. Explore detailed statistics and info about names.
  • Baby Name World Names, meanings and gender. Searchable by letter and origin.
  • Baby Names and Meanings Offers advice and search options by baby's gender, name, or a name's first letter, meaning, or origin. Numerology and ratings are available.
  • Baby Names and Products Searchable database with tips and suggestions on how to find a name or make one up.
  • Baby Names Box Database of names including categories such as Disney, literary classics, and biblical.
  • Baby Names Country Offers lists of names categorized alphabetically or by origin, gender, and popularity. The site also provides an online tool for baby name selection.
  • Baby Names Diary Search more than 28,000 baby names from around the world with their meaning and origins.
  • Baby Names Directory Girl and boy names categorized alphabetically, by meaning, popularity, origin, gender and uniqueness.
  • Baby Names Garden Provides extensive name lists, original articles, guest interviews, research, book reviews and a daily blog.
  • Baby Names Nation Browse through lists of names sorted by different regions. Offers meanings, origins, ratings, reviews and favorites.
  • Baby Names Online Provides alphabetical lists of baby names for both genders. Included are free product giveaways and baby articles.
  • Baby Names Pedia Find the meaning and origin of baby names. Search for trendy, unique or popular names. View popularity graphs and name comparison charts.
  • Baby Names Plus Names for boys and girls, including meanings and origin.
  • Baby Names Radio Engage your sense of hearing to discover the perfect baby names. Listen for free as names are spoken in a concise and relaxing audio format.
  • Baby Namey Provides an interactive search method to help select a baby name. Included are alphabetical lists with name origins and meanings.
  • BabyNamer Database of names with a variety of categories to choose from. Includes government database information about popularity.
  • Search names and meanings. Includes naming tips and lists, with origins.
  • Search for popular American baby names and their meanings.
  • BabyNamesWorld A large collection of boy and girl names, as well as the origin and meaning.
  • Babynology Database of male and female baby names from different origins and languages with meaning and baby resources.
  • Babyz Names Provides a simple search to find the origin and meaning of a name.
  • Birthcare Offers baby names, meanings, and their origins. Also includes the numerology meanings for each name.
  • Geoff's Gender Guesser Given a first name, it calculates the likeliness that the name is for a boy or a girl based on popular usage on the Internet.
  • Instant Name Book Searchable database of popular names from many countries.
  • Jive Baby Names Search for baby names by origin, meaning, or popularity. Forum and favorite name list.
  • Just Baby Names A detailed baby name site with a pregnancy calculator, favorites manager, baby naming tips, origins and meanings.
  • Justmommies Baby Names Contains a database of over 8000 member-submitted baby names with origins and meanings. Visitors can vote for names and save a list of their favorite names.
  • Kids' Names This site offers alphabetical lists of baby names and their meanings for both genders.
  • Masculine and Feminine Names Large dictionary of masculine, feminine, and unisex names with origins, meanings, usages, variant forms, and famous bearers.
  • Mer de Noms A database arranged alphabetically with pronunciations, origins, meanings, and common nicknames, and a variety of name related resources.
  • Name Crunch Provides tools for searching the SSA's top 1000 list according to spelling variations, percentages, and trends.
  • Name Nerds Information about Irish and Scottish names, as well as both English and ethnic spelling.
  • Name Statistics Find out what first and last names are ranked in popularity and statistics of how many other people in the US share the same name.
  • Name Yo Baby Searchable database of baby names. Gender, origin, meaning, and popularity are included with each name.
  • Nameisms A blog featuring a new baby name each week. Includes meaning, history, personal stories and celebrity status for each name.
  • Search for baby names, nicknames, name meanings and alternate name spellings. Also naming ideas for pets, grandparents, automobiles and significant others.
  • Namepedia Encyclopedia of 40,000 names. Includes meanings, origins, pronunciation, relation charts and frequency information. Available in English, German, French and Romanian languages.
  • Baby names with meanings and origins. Find celebrity namesakes and related names for boys and girls.
  • NomNom Helps prospective parents to choose a name for their baby. Create a list and invite others to participate and score the names on the list.
  • Nymbler This site offers an online tool to provide personalized naming suggestions based on styles, trends, popularity and a variety of naming influences and patterns.
  • Open Baby Names Contains a collection of boy and girl names with origins, meanings, ratings and favorites. Also has names for twins.
  • - Baby Names Boy names and girl names with information about meanings and origins. Also polls, category lists, popularity lists, and naming tips.
  • Popular Baby Names Ranking of baby name popularity based on Social Security applications. Lists of the most popular names in the United States, going back to 1880.
  • Random Baby Name Displays a random baby name.
  • Select a Lucky Name For Your Baby Using Chinese numerology, determine if a name is lucky or not, or use the rules to choose a lucky name.
  • StorkNet's Baby Names Cubby Includes a baby names database, featured names of the month, name suggestions, and tips on how to decide on the perfect baby name.
  • The Baby Name Wizard Official Blog Name trends, news and insights.
  • The Baby Names Network Allows user to browse suggestions by alphabetical letter or origin, as well a search for the meaning of the name.
  • The Internet Name Database Site includes origins, meanings and statistics for common names. Also contains historical popularity for names in the US, and user contributed ratings, tags and nicknames.
  • Think Baby Names Baby names with pronunciation, meaning, and statistic charts for each name.
  • Valley Of Names Offers a searchable database of baby names. Each name is accompanied by a list of similar names and a place to leave comments.
  • Yeah Baby A database of names with informative articles.
  • Includes suggestions for twins, sports, and Indian names. Meanings are included.

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