This category houses the sites of families whose surname begins with the letter "B." It includes family sites as well as sites made by parents or grandparents about kids.

Other languages: Spanish.

  • B Wolfgang, Yasmine, Maximilian and Nicholas - Vienna, Austria. Includes pictures and family news.
  • Bacon Follow the Bacon family as they hike through the Tararua ranges. Links to daughters Annie Bourne-S'ua, Darlene Fiveash, Fiona Wong See and their families.
  • Baggs Stephen and Janet from Brent Knoll, Somerset, England. Photography, painting and needlework.
  • Bakle Family Christopher Bakle and Stephanie Chumley married July 19, 2003 in Kingwood Texas. Site contains a weblog and wedding photos.
  • Ballard Russ and family from Vancouver, Washington. Photos and links to other family member's sites.
  • Balmforth Terry Glynis from Wellingore, UK. Family history, news and photos.
  • Baltus Information and interesting facts about the family, who have three boys. Includes photos and genealogy.
  • Banner Brad and Barbara Jean from Merkel,Texas. Includes personal interests and information, links, and a memorial tribute to Kathryn Banner.
  • Bannon William, Mary, Dennis, Ann, Tess, Nicky, Elezabeth from Brooklyn, New York. Photos of the family, e-mail directory, and family history.
  • Barber Josh and Victoria includes pictures, poems, links, and guestbook.
  • Bard Joyce and Ian's family history, biographies with photographs, and holidays with photographs.
  • Bardunias Jim, John, Paul, and Robert. Personal pages, and family tree.
  • Barelli John, Dorothy and Jason from Gig Harbor, Washington. Contact page for friends and family, featuring photos and brief biographies.
  • Barker Larry, Lisa, Megan and Michele Barker photos. Contains thoughts on interests, travels, and photos.
  • Barneski Photo album of the family in an online. Also available are a movie poster archive and wallpaper.
  • Barriball Edwin, June, Stephen and Clare of England. Photos and information.
  • Basinas Bill, Karen, Christie and Maggie. Contains pictures and family data.
  • Basinger Pictures and information on family and friends.
  • Batka Andy and family of Illinois. News, photos, genealogy, and guestbook.
  • Batress Includes pictures of baby Danica, family and friends and a fantasy football league section.
  • Battles Sam and Trisha from Northern California, United States, and their five children and ten grandchildren. Favourite links and short essays on pet peeves.
  • Baumrind Family pictures, newsletter, and reunion page.
  • Bayless David and Marilyn of Southern Missouri. Stories and links.
  • Beasley, Texas Jay Beasley of Dallas, Texas, United States. Personal information and photographs of friends and family.
  • Beaumont Contains pictures of family, house and organic garden.
  • Becker-Harris Website of Linda and Jefferson contains family photos, a weblog, wellness and spiritual information, and creative projects.
  • Beckwith Offers personal pages of this family from Stockton, California.
  • Beech Wayne, Lisa, Thomas, Patrick and Amanda Sturgill. Contains photos, information on the house and family. Also some genealogy.
  • Beggs Dave, Linda and Samantha from Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland. Includes interests and photos.
  • Beijerbacht. Mike, Patricia, and Mitchel. Various topics, mainly computer related. Also family tree and pictures.
  • Beindorf [Java needed] Photos, thoughts, genealogy and the Red Zone Football Pool.
  • Belongia Family in Charlotte, North Carolina with roots in Oconto, Wisconsin. Family pictures and information.
  • Benac Offers news, personal information, and photos of this large family.
  • Bencivenga Bencivenga family and relatives website. News, pictures, links, and related items.
  • Bennet Jamie, Lesley, Charlie, Emma and Tommy Bennet. Offers news and reports.
  • Benscoter Keri, Jim, Aaron and Will. Pictures, videos and pumpkin pages.
  • Benshoff Dan, Kristen, Emma Jane, Olivia, Liam and Luke from Washington and Connecticut, United States. Photo journals.
  • Bently Jason and Annie Bentley, Krista, Nicolas, Michael Zuniga and soon the new Bentley baby of Austin, Texas.
  • Bernales Jojo and Bambi, and son Finn, from New Jersey, United States. Photos, diary and family background.
  • Bernat Offers pictures and brief biographies.
  • Bernstein Andrew, Julie and Allison of Illinois. Photos, personal pages, message board, links, and guestbook.
  • Bertotti Diane, Edwin, Edison, and Clayton. Offers pictures and family news.
  • Bhandari Ashish and Jyoti of Houston, Texas. Photos, personal pages, genealogy, and links.
  • Biancaniello Mike and Shelby includes wedding and baby pictures.
  • Biddle Mike, Misty, Lauren, Matthew, Warren, Marie and Lisa. Streaming videos, real audio clips, and pictures.
  • Bigelbach Patrick and Lisa and children Aaron, Amber, Elliot, Caleb, Hannah, and Zach of Southern California. Pictures and pages done by the kids, and Patrick's resume.
  • Birch Dan, Kelly and Landen Birch of Utah. Events and information.
  • Biswas Tanya and Neel from Calcutta, India. Tanya's sculptures, Neel's sketches, and their photographs.
  • Blom Bob and Lorraine from St. Paul, Minnesota, United States, and their grownup children Greg, Stan, Jeff and Gary. Family history, photos and individual pages.
  • Blomstrom Carl, Eric, Amanda, Mark, and Glen from Waterbury, Connecticut . Includes a family member listing, email form, newsletter, and photo gallery.
  • Bloom Mike, Brenda and family. Offers news, art, and poetry.
  • Bloor David, Arleine, Thomas and Ruth from Cheshire, England, United Kingdom. Photographs, news and ancestors.
  • Bly Cameron, Charlotte, Justin and Sophie from Galveston, Texas, United States. Books and memories.
  • Bobuck Phil and Rhonda includes photos, links, and information.
  • Bodycomb Dan, Katy, Bailey, and the dog Skye. Family information, with photos of kids, cars, pets, friends, and vacations.
  • Bohrer Jason, Heidi, Whitney, and Mason from Boise, Idaho. Offers short biography and pictures.
  • Bolm Pictures of Cozy Cove in the Hiawatha National Forest, family news and photos of grandchildren.
  • Booth Cory and Linette. Contains photographs, contact information, and family history.
  • Borjal Includes pictures of the entire clan, announcements of the latest events and activities.
  • Borle Shelley, Randy, Nicholas and Matthew of Alberta, Canada. Photos, personal pages, recipes, and links.
  • Bormann Photos, message board, and a daily log.
  • Boudinet Contains family photos, hobbies, fantasy novel, art, and information about children and activities.
  • Boustani Offers pictures, information, news and chat.
  • Bower Bower Family from Washington State USA. Outlines the background of the Bower family from the settlement of the Caldwell family in 1884.
  • Bowers jerry and Darlene of Pennsylvania. Photos, links, and information.
  • Boyack Offers family reunion information and old family recipes.
  • Boyd/Shalev Zahavit Shalev, David and Rosa Boyd from London, England. Wedding, birthday and baby photos.
  • Bracken Offers news, journal, photos, video, and guestbook.
  • Bragg Ed and family, originally from Pensacola, Florida. Family news, photographs and information about lost friends.
  • Brandal House Includes photos, recipes, and personal news from this family from the Seattle, WA area.
  • Brannon Ron and Tina. Interests include TaiChi, nutrition, pets, community, vegetarians, Max Stalling, Ole Miss, baby boomers, and cold fusion.
  • Brasel Troy, Candice, Hunter, and Trenton from Lebanon, Missouri, United States.
  • Brassett Offers origins, history, family tree, profiles, and photo album.
  • Braukers Walters and Angie from Michigan, United States, and elsewhere. Photos of the children and friends.
  • Breitmann A community for persons with the surname Breitmann, offering e-mail, genealogical tidbits, and member forum.
  • Breslin Canadian Breslins residing primarily in and around Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Family information, photos and email addresses. Links to Breslin's in Ireland.
  • Bretts Offers family history and information.
  • Breur Offers information on the children and grandchildren.
  • Briginshaw Personal homepages of many family members.
  • Brock Gavin, Yuka and Maya from Tokyo, Japan. Interests, resources, and photo galleries.
  • Broekhuis Rob, Amy, and children Max, Ben and Lily, of Allentown, Pennsylvania. Birth announcements, photo galleries.
  • Brotherson Lindsay and Matt, and daughter Molly. Photos of pets, trans am, jetta, weblog, guestbook, Molly's online photo album.
  • Brownlow Renate, Mark, Michael and Patrick from Vienna. Contains the latest news and pictures.
  • Bruchhauser Southern California family. Includes links, photos, and genealogy.
  • Bruessel Pictures, links, and video.
  • Bryski Ken, Cheryl, and Jordan from Vancouver. Offers information and news.
  • Buan Includes photos, information and events.
  • Buberel Young, Jason and Taylor. Offers pictures and information.
  • Buchsbaum Includes photos, news, and resumes.
  • Budzik Marcin, Agata, and Natalia. Contains personal info, photo gallery, and resume.
  • Bugay Bernard, Wheng, Wenber, and Brian Jason. General information and photo galleries.
  • Buhain Butch, Jane, Brian and Byron. Photos of family reunions, birthday and holiday celebrations.
  • Buker Olivia, Josh, James, Jan, Amanda, Gauge, Vince, Maura, and Cleora. Offers a collections of pictures and family information.
  • Bullions Dave and Lizzie of London, England. Personal pages, photos, links, guestbook, and Betty Boop page.
  • Burger Chris and Staci of Alpena, Michigan.
  • Burley Jo, Jim and Anna from Norwalk, Connecticut. Contains family photos, and information on their animals.
  • Bush Extended family from an unknown location. Family newsletter, student pages, comics and a weblog.
  • Butler and Macini Mike and Cindy from the United States. Cindy's research, and their house.
  • Byrne Includes family information, photos, artwork and interesting links from San Marcos, California.
  • Bzdok Ray, Shane, and extended family. History, message board, photos, links, and events.

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