Dogs can be trained to find lost or injured people, or human remains (cadavers). They may be used for individual cases or as part of a large rescue operation, for example after a natural disaster.
  • 9/11 Search and Rescue Dog Health Surveillance Papers and publications on a 3-year study of the health and behavioral effects of the 9/11 disasters on the deployed SAR dogs.
  • 911BC K9 Search and Recovery Offers recovery, forensic evidence, consultation, training and educational services. General SAR information and techniques, and related links. Located in Dousman, Wisconsin.
  • Absaroka Search Dogs ASD provides search and rescue dog teams in Montana and surrounding areas in the event of a lost or missing person. Includes also news and information about becoming a SAR dog handler.
  • Alaska Search and Rescue Dogs A nonprofit, volunteer, search and rescue organization. Teams are trained in wilderness, avalanche, water, cadaver, tracking/trailing, urban and disaster search activities. Based in Anchorage , Alaska.
  • American Rescue Dog Association Airscent search and rescue dog organization. Includes brief information about affiliated teams and resources.
  • American Search Dogs A non-paid certified search dog organisation, with professionally trained volunteers dedicated to finding lost persons national or international. Based in Utah.
  • Argus Canine Search and Rescue Not-for-profit team based in Bloomington, Indiana. Photograph gallery, handler details, and contact information.
  • Arizona Search Track and Rescue Acquire, train, certify, and develop canine Search and Rescue specialist teams - dog and handler. Information about the teams and training locations, and emergency contacts.
  • Avalanche Dogs Search and Rescue dog training for avalanche and wilderness. Photos, training tips and articles. Located in Seattle.
  • Bay Area Recovery Canines Maryland-based canine search and recovery team specializing in human remains detection and water search.
  • Bay Area Recovery K-9s Team based in the State of Florida. Assists law enforcement in finding missing persons, both alive and deceased. Includes a meet the team, emergency contacts, photos, news and events.
  • Berkshire Mountain Search and Rescue An all volunteer, non-profit organization. It has an experienced cadre of field team leaders, man trackers, search dog handlers and trained searchers. Pittsfield, Massachusetts.
  • Brazos Valley Texas Search and Rescue Team A canine search, rescue, and recovery organization providing free services for the public. Information, mission history and links. Based in Bryan, Texas.
  • California Rescue Dog Association A group of volunteers with specially trained dogs dedicated to assisting in the search for missing persons throw out California.
  • Canine Aided Emergency Search & Rescue Provides trained personnel to municipal agencies throughout western Pennsylvania for wilderness sar, water recovery, urban sar, evidence recovery, disaster sar, and cadaver search.
  • Canine Search and Recovery Inc. A non-profit international organization devoted to training of search canines and their handlers, man trailing, cadaver recovery, evidence recovery, arson, narcotic and explosives.
  • Central Montana Search Dogs and CMSD Provide search dogs and handlers to aid law enforcement with finding lost or mission people and human remains, serving Montana, Northern Wyoming, New York and the Eastern U.S.
  • Centre County Sheriff's Office SAR Non-profit volunteer organization, that operates under the direction of the Centre County Sheriff Office. Conduction canine and wilderness search and rescue. Pennsylvania.
  • Chesapeake Search Dogs Team information, pictures and descriptions about this volunteer organization based in Baltimore, MD. Educational programs and events are also included.
  • Clarkfork-Bitterroot Search Dogs Provides general information on Search and Rescue dogs, their handlers and activities. Located in Western Montana.
  • Connecticut Canine Search & Rescue Nonprofit organization dedicated to providing response to all emergency service agency requests for lost, missing or drowned persons. Info and member area. Kensington, Connecticut.
  • Contra Costa County Sheriff's Search and Rescue Search and rescue team made up of volunteers. The team conducts canine and equestrian searches for missing persons throughout the county and assists other search teams during mutual aid call outs. California.
  • Disaster and Wilderness Ground Searchers (DAWGS) Team in Connecticut that uses air scenting dogs to locate lost people. FAQs, donation information, and a calendar of events.
  • Disaster Search Dog Information Home Page Informal source of information related to the training, testing and deployment of disaster dog teams.
  • Dogs- East Canine Search and Rescue Information about the professional volunteer wilderness SAR organization serving primarily the Mid-Atlantic Region and on-call for natural disasters in the continental United States.
  • Front Range Rescue Dogs A non-profit canine search team located in Boulder, Colorado. Information, contact details and history.
  • Gateway Search Dogs, Inc. A not for profit corporation providing certified canine teams and field personnel to help locate lost, missing or deceased persons. Information, mission reports and news. Located in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • German Shepherd Search Dogs of Washington State Volunteers who use dogs of various breeds to search for lost or missing persons. Washington area.
  • Greater Atlantic Rescue Dogs An all-volunteer search and rescue organization, that uses specially trained dogs to search for and find lost or missing people in wilderness, rural or disaster environments. Answers calls in Virginia or adjacent states.
  • Greater Houston Search Dogs Uses highly trained volunteer teams of dogs and dog handlers for search and rescue work. Includes calendar of events, procedure to follow for a missing person, training philosophy, and a list of ways to help.
  • Idaho Search and Rescue Dogs, Inc. Dedicated to providing well trained competent canine teams for Search and Rescue missions. Contacts and brief information.
  • Illinois Search Dogs Provides certified search and rescue canine teams to assist authorized agencies in locating lost or missing persons in emergencies. Information, history and member area. Based in Springfield, Illinois.
  • Jefferson County Search Dog Association Volunteer team in Louisville, Kentucky. Includes membership details, donation form, FAQ, and training information.
  • K-9 alert search and rescue dogs Canine search and rescue organization that operates in central Virginia. News, member details and contact information
  • K-9 Emergency Response Teams A volunteer search unit with nationally certified air-scent, cadaver, disaster and water search teams across Wisconsin and Minnesota. Based in Fox Valley.
  • K-9 One Search and Rescue A volunteer organization of specially trained canine handlers dedicated to search and rescue work. Information, history and contact details. Flint, Michigan.
  • K-9 Response Search & Rescue A non-profit Ohio corporation. The canine search and rescue teams are trained to locate missing persons or human remains in urban, suburban, and wilderness environments.
  • K-9 Search and Rescue of Texas A volunteer non-profit Search and Rescue organization specialized in locating and recovering missing persons. Based in Houston. Contacts and general information.
  • K-9 Search And Rescue Team A non-profit, volunteer organization in Dolores, Colorado responding to wilderness, water, snow, urban, evidence, homicide, aircraft and disaster type searches.
  • Kansas Search and Rescue Dog Association Volunteer Search and Rescue K9 Teams. Includes team history and bios, capabilities, related links and contacts.
  • Little Egypt Search And Rescue A organization of unpaid professionals dedicated to serving those in their time of need in search and rescue operations using canines, horses and latest training techniques. Located in Little Egypt, southern Illinois.
  • Los Angeles Search Dogs A non-profit, volunteer organization, providing canine search and rescue service for the Los Angeles police department. History, information and photos.
  • Louisiana Search And Rescue Dog Team Search and rescue dog team, based in Slidell, Louisiana. Information, member area and contact details.
  • Maine Search & Rescue Dogs Non-profit volunteer organization training and deploying personnel and dogs to search and rescue missions. Operates from Hancock, Maine.
  • Maricopa K9 SAR A volunteer, non-profit canine search and rescue team located in Phoenix, Arizona. Info, history and news.
  • Michigan Search and Rescue An all volunteer canine search and rescue missing persons response team, serving Michigan and the Great Lakes Region. History, information and contact details.
  • Mid America Search and Rescue Search and emergency managers and search dog handlers serving Central and Southern Illinois, Eastern Missouri, Western Indiana and Kentucky, USA.
  • Mid-Atlantic D.O.G.S. Search and Rescue Team Search and rescue dog teams at no charge for official agencies. Serving the Mid-Atlantic USA. Information, mission history and contact details. Based in Rockville, Maryland.
  • Middle Creek Search and Rescue Team of trained volunteers specializing in the location and rescue of lost and missing persons using canines. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
  • Midwest Canine Emergency Response Team Listed resource for many emergency management systems and law enforcement agencies. Provides trained canine handler teams for search and rescue operations. Located in Lee, Illinois.
  • Midwest Search Dogs Non, profit team based in central Indiana. Response resource for law enforcement, emergency services, fire rescue, and FBI.
  • Minnesota Search and Rescue Dog Association Information about MinnSARDA, their activities, dogs, training standards and contacts.
  • Missouri K-9 Search and Rescue, Inc. A non-profit, volunteer statewide canine Search and Rescue organization for Missouri. Services include air scenting, cadaver, water search, and trailing canines.
  • Monterey Bay Search Dogs Organization that prepares handlers and their canine partners to canine searches for missing people. Participates in wilderness, suburban and disaster searches throughout California and the nation. Based in Santa Cruz, California.
  • Mountain Canine Corps A nonprofit volunteer search and rescue organization whose goal is the training and fielding of search dogs and personnel to help locate missing persons. Located in New Mexico.
  • National Bloodhound Training Institute Non profit organisation whose goal is to promote the use of mantrailing bloodhounds and other qualified canines by providing instruction to law enforcement agencies and volunteer search and rescue personnel. Works nation wide.
  • New England Canine Search and Rescue An airscent canine search and rescue unit organisation consisting of volunteers. Working in Vermont and New Hampshire. Information and member area.
  • North American Search Dog Network Provides search dog resources for communities, and aids in networking these resources. Features membership forms, seminars, evaluation standards, and a member's newsletter.
  • North Carolina Canine Emergency Response Team Includes mission, membership requirements, contact information, donors, training calendar, photos and video.
  • North Carolina Search and Rescue Dog Association Provides K9 search teams, ground search and search management assistance in North Carolina.
  • North Central Search and Rescue Dogs of Illinois A fully volunteer organization which is dedicated to providing professionally trained canine search and rescue teams. History, information and contact detail. Based in Yorkville, Illinois.
  • Northern Ohio Valley Area Search and Rescue Specializes in searching for lost persons in need of rescue, using canines. It is a multi-county, multi-state, volunteer organization with members throughout the northern Ohio Valley, including Ohio and West Virginia. Based in Wheeling, West Virginia.
  • Northern States Search Dog Network Search Dog Network is composed of independent K9 search and rescue units who agree to a set of standards and canine team evaluation criteria. The evaluation criteria is used to certify and re-certify canine Teams as mission ready in their specialty.
  • Northwest Bloodhounds Search and Rescue Volunteer bloodhound unit used for search and rescue. Includes a history, and information about their services, meetings and training. Based in Pierce, Washington.
  • Northwest Disaster Search Dogs Provide certified search dog teams for use in detection, search and rescue operations in Oregon and southern Washington.
  • NYS Federation of SAR Teams A nationally recognized, non profit organization consisting of independent search and rescue teams available to any official agency to assist in searches for lost or missing persons in New York state or the northeast.
  • Ohio Valley Search and Rescue A civilian wilderness non-profit organization who provide search for and rescue to lost or missing persons within a hundred-mile radius of Evansville, Indiana.
  • Palisades Search and Rescue Dog Association A nonprofit, charitable corporation dedicated to k9 search and recovery. Primary response areas include New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New York.
  • Paws of Life Foundation A non-profit foundation dedicated to the education of K9 search and rescue dogs and their handlers, based in Iowa. Training resources, news and shop with equipment.
  • People and Paws Search and Rescue Volunteer organization based in Milwaukee, serving Wisconsin and the Mid-West. Includes team and member information, photos, contacts, donation and educational information.
  • Ramapo Rescue Dog Association A volunteer search and rescue organization that utilizes air-scenting German Shepherd Dogs to help locate missing individuals in wilderness and disaster situations. Based in Ramsey, New Jersey.
  • Sacramento County Sheriff's Mounted Search & Rescue A non-profit organization of volunteers, serving local and regional professionals in emergency response, using canines. Dedicated to locating and rescuing missing people and providing safety education in the Sacramento Valley Region.
  • Santa Clara County Sheriff Search and Rescue A non-profit volunteer team, whose mission is to provide highly trained search and rescue resources to local, County, State and Federal government agencies in times of emergencies. Based in San Jose, California.
  • SAR Unit Inc Organization that provide canine search and rescue resources to community agencies in the four state area of Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas. Background, pictures and links.
  • Sarasota K-9, Inc. Provides personnel and their search dogs that are available at any time through the Sarasota County 911 System. Information, mission and member area. Florida.
  • Search and Rescue Dogs of Colorado Organisation consisting of volunteers from around the state, dedicated to training dogs and handlers to assist in searches for missing persons. Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • Search and Rescue Dogs of Georgia Non-profit group whose dogs and handlers assist agencies with wilderness, urban and water searches.
  • Search and Rescue Dogs of Maryland An all-volunteer, non-profit search and rescue unit utilizing air scenting dogs. Information, link and resources. Based in White Plains, Maryland.
  • Search and Rescue dogs of Pennsylvania Volunteer search and rescue team serving Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. History, information and member area.
  • Search Dog Alliance of Arkansas Responds to requests to assist in the location of lost persons using trained dogs and volunteer personnel. Information, news, history and mission records. Based in Lonoke, Arkansas.
  • Search Dog Foundation Nonprofit organization who train and pair search and rescue dogs with firefighters and other first responders. Based in California.
  • Search Dog Network K9 SAR Non profit organisation, who provide professionally trained volunteers and search dogs, working for their community, to bring home lost individuals. Information, mission history and contact details. Based in Bryan, Texas.
  • Search Dogs Northeast Search Dogs Northeast, an all volunteer, non-profit canine Search and Rescue organization. Members are located in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Vermont.
  • Search One K9 Detection Wilderness and urban canine search and rescue operations. Serves the greater Portland area and wilderness regions of the state of Oregon and SW Washington. Info and member area.
  • Search One Rescue A non-profit volunteer organization assisting governmental agencies in locating lost or missing persons. Based in Lewisville, Texas, but works country wide.
  • Sedgwick County Canine Search Team Search and rescue dog teams who respond at the request of law enforcement or fire departments to help locate lost or missing individuals in the Wichita, Kansas area.
  • Sonoran Search and Rescue A not-for-profit, volunteer search and rescue organization based in Pinal County, Arizona. Team information and news.
  • South Carolina Search and Rescue Dog Association Non-profit team who dedicate their time to search for lost and missing persons using trained search canines. History, information and contact detail. Based in Spartanburg, South Carolina.
  • Special K-9s Provide agencies with search and recovery of human remains and evidence material. Based in Woodlands, Texas.
  • Specialty Dog Unit a volunteer dog handler / canine service unit, serving Southeastern Pennsylvania by providing trained search and rescue dogs for use by law enforcement and public safety agencies. Based in Pennsylvania.
  • Strike k-9 Search and Rescue Training and emergency response team, that provides search services in Central and Eastern Pennsylvania.
  • Task K9 Inc. Volunteer organization specializing in the use of both scent trailing and generic air-scenting dogs to search for missing persons. Located in New England.
  • Texas Bloodhound Search and Rescue Serves the citizens of Texas and surrounding states as needed by providing a canine search and rescue team in cooperation with local, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. Port Arthur, Texas.
  • The Bear Search and Rescue Foundation A non profit volunteer organization who provide instruction in emergency management to canine search and rescue teams and respond to emergencies. Based in New York.
  • The Chinook Blodhounds Non profit organization devoted to search and rescue of lost hunters and children, lost in the wilderness. Based in Northern Pennsylvania.
  • The Ohio Federation of K9 Search Teams Association of member teams that develops search K-9 standards, provides certification and promotes usage within the State of Ohio.
  • Tracking and Cadaver Recovery, Inc. Dog search team specialized in cadaver recovery using blood hounds. Based in Florida.
  • Travis County Search and Rescue First responder organization based in Austin, Texas comprised of volunteers dedicated to providing search and rescue services to law enforcement agencies.
  • Tri-State Search & Rescue A nonprofit volunteer search and rescue organization based in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Van Zandt County Bloodhound Team Nonprofit volunteer organization specialized in finding lost people and fugitives. Based in Vans Zandt County, Texas.
  • Virginia Search and Rescue Dog Association Canine search and rescue unit that utilizes specially trained dogs to locate missing persons. Operates mainly in the Southeast. Includes membership, information and links.
  • Wilderness Finders Search Dog teams A non-profit volunteer service unit, whose primary objective is using trained dog teams to find people. Respond to calls in the Sierra Nevada and surrounding region.
  • Wilderness Search and Rescue Team Assist conservation and law enforcement agencies in searches for lost persons in the forest and wilderness areas of New York State using canines. This non-profit organization is made up of volunteers from Onondaga County.
  • Wisconsin Interstate Search and Recovery K9 Team A volunteer organization dedicated to assisting law enforcement in searching for missing or deceased people. servicing Southeastern Wisconsin and Northeastern Illinois communities. News, member area and contact details.

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