For professional organizations located in the United States.
  • Alabama Dietetic Association (ALDA) State body offering information, membership, jobs and licensure.
  • American Dietetic Association Nutrition information, resources, and access to Registered Dietitians provided by ADA and the National Center for Nutrition and Dietetics.
  • American Dietetic Association Foundation Charity promoting good nutrition, events (either fund raisers or educational), nutritional resources, research, scholarships and opportunities to donate.
  • Arizona Dietetic Association (AzDA) State body offering resources, locate a dietitian, events, districts with newsletters, membership and members only pages.
  • Arkansas Dietetic Association Includes list of nutrition resources, continuing education materials, state licensure requirements, board members, and employment opportunities.
  • Broward County Dietetic Association Affiliated to American Dietetics Association offering events, meetings, resources, legislation updates, membership and members only pages.
  • California Dietetic Association Provides updates on current state laws and measures regarding nutrition, education materials, links to state dietetic professionals, and history.
  • Clinical Nutrition Week Offering information about the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition annual conference. Abstract submissions, location information, hotel and travel information, and marketing opportunities are available.
  • Colorado Dietetic Association Provides list or resources for health and nutrition professionals, calendar of events, book materials, monthly recipes, and mission statement.
  • Commission on Dietetic Registration Protects the nutritional health and welfare of the public through certification of registered dietitians (RD) and dietetic technicians, registered, (DTR). Products, services and resources.
  • Connecticut, Indiana and Kansas Dietetics Association Hosting site of three states affiliated with the American Dietetic Association. Connecticut offering meetings, legislature information, membership and members only pages. Indiana offering districts, meetings, diet manual, certification, scholarships, and membership. Kansas offering information, education, membership and members only pages.
  • Delaware Dietetic Association State registration of Dietitians offering membership and member only pages.
  • Florida Dietetic Association (FDA) State body of the American Dietetics Association offering information, Florida diet manual online, events, education, jobs, scholarships, membership and members only pages.
  • Georgia Dietetic Association Provides information on education programs for dietetic professionals, dietetic conference schedules, state employment openings, locating a dietitian, and other nutrition links.
  • Hawaii Dietetic Association Has reference library for articles on nutrition, food pyramid guides, information on locating a dietitian, scholarship grants, meeting calendar, and employment listings.
  • Idaho Dietetic Association State body offering licensure, locate a dietitian, awards, membership, conference and members only pages.
  • Illinois Dietetic Association Resource for nutrition information, legislative laws concerning the dietetic industry, news events, district links, employment opportunities, and membership benefits.
  • Iowa Dietetic Association Information on membership, newsletters, state legislative events, board members, and includes helpful books on nutrition.
  • Kentucky Dietetic Association State body offering news, events, speakers, membership, and members only pages.
  • Louisiana Dietetic Association State body offering information, calendar of events, district associations, jobs, membership and members only pages.
  • Maine Dietetic Association State body offering events, education, newsletter, jobs, licensure, locate a dietitian, and current issues.
  • Maryland Dietetic Association Resources for dietetic professionals including featured articles, employment openings, area dietitians, education training programs, and conference calendar.
  • Massachusetts Dietetic Association Offering membership, training, jobs, news and events for the professional and others can locate local dietitians, request a speaker.
  • Michigan Dietetic Association Nutrition resources for dietetic professionals and consumers. Information on continuing education programs, nutrition-related legislation, and dietetic training programs.
  • Mississippi Dietetic Association State body of the ADA offering information, jobs, education, events and newsletters.
  • Missouri Dietetic Association Serves the Missouri dietetic industry by advocating good nutrition, eating habits, and well being. Offers event calendar, workshops, education scholarships, employment positions, and committee board.
  • Montana Dietetic Association Home Page State body of the American Dietetic Association offering resources, education, relevant legislation information, jobs, newsletters, membership and members only pages.
  • National Association of Nutrition Professionals Professional Body for holistic nutritionists in America. Offering a locate a professional service, education, registration and a members newsletter.
  • National Association of Sports Nutrition Association of professionals licensed by this organization, offering information on training, courses, jobs and membership.
  • Nebraska Dietetic Association Locate and complain about local dietitians, otherwise member resources include meetings, employment, scholarships, legislation.
  • Nevada Dietetic Association Offers links to local nutrition experts, ADA affiliated members get continuing education, district information, and jobs. Includes contact details for board members.
  • New Jersey Dietetic Association List of nutrition related articles and journals, index for locating dietitians, nutrition resources, and state legislative affairs regarding nutrition and food.
  • New Mexico Dietetic Association State body of the American Dietitians Association, offering resources, education, events, news, awards, membership and members only pages.
  • New York State Dietetic Association Includes nutrition resources, employment openings for dietetic professionals, annual meeting calendar, board of directors, and links.
  • North Carolina Dietetic Association Information about careers in dietetics, legislative laws and regulations concerning nutrition, and articles by nutrition professionals.
  • North Dakota Dietetic Association Offers limited general nutrition resources but member resources include: members news and information, continuing education programs, employment, and district affiliations.
  • Nutrition Council of Greater Cincinnati Provides services and programs that promote the health of tri-state residents through better nutrition. Includes staff and funding details, fact sheets, event calendar, and member information.
  • Ohio Dietetic Association General nutrition resources, State nutrition resources, American Dietetics Association member services, links to local nutrition professionals. Offers continuing education programs to members.
  • Oklahoma Dietetic Association Provides resources for nutrition education, links to state dietitians, news events, elected officers, and membership requirements.
  • Oregon Dietetic Association State body offering events, interest groups and members only pages.
  • Pennsylvania Dietetic Association Chapter of the American Dietetic Association advocating of the profession. Information about members, services, meetings, and resources.
  • Rhode Island Dietetic Association (RIDA) Local body offering events, jobs, membership and members only pages.
  • Seventh-day Adventist Dietetic Association Has current list of board members, newsletter, nutrition links, membership information, vegan resources, and SDA facts.
  • South Carolina Dietetic Association Links to dietetic professionals, employment openings, nutrition resources, and meetings.
  • Tennessee Dietetic Association (TDA) State body offering locate a dietitian, information, jobs, scholarships, education, events, membership and annual meeting. Has member only pages.
  • Texas Dietetic Association (TDA) State body affiliated to the American Dietetics Association offering a conference, district news, events, jobs, education, scholarships, locate a dietitian, membership and members only pages.
  • The Allen Foundation Awards grants for research and education in the field of nutrition.
  • The American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Professional organization whose members are involved in the provision of clinical nutrition therapies, including parenteral and enteral nutrition.
  • The New Hampshire Dietetic Association State body offering news, licensure, jobs, education, scholarships and information.
  • Utah Dietetic Association State body offering information, awards and scholarships, jobs and membership with members only pages.
  • Vermont Dietetic Association State body offering events, jobs, locate a dietitian, scholarships, awards, and newsletters.
  • Virginia Dietetic Association Local and state area nutrition resources, member services, current legislative laws, links to locating dietitians, and list of education programs in dietetics.
  • Washington State Dietetic Association Nutrition and dietetic activities for the state of Washington. Employment opportunities, membership, news events, and list of nutrition programs available.
  • Washington State Food and Nutrition Council State wide organization offering newsletters, legislative updates, resources, annual conference and membership.
  • West Virginia Dietetic Association Has calendar of events, conference schedules, nutrition articles, membership information, and links to other dietetic associations.
  • Wisconsin Dietetic Association Resource for state dietetic professionals with information about employment openings, government nutrition news, continuing education programs, consumer tips, and membership enrollment.

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