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  • Alana Sugar, CN Certified Nutritionist with healthy recipes, health articles, and seminar schedule.
  • Basic Fore Dietetic and food management consulting. Team of experienced registered and licensed dietitians in Northwest Ohio striving to achieve optimal client wellness.
  • Bell, Marian Nutritionist with tips on healthy eating, nutrition counseling, and self wellness. Cooking services and calendar provided.
  • Bitzer, Rebecca MS, RD Provides individualized, realistic approaches to nutrition, health and well-being. Specializes in one-on-one counseling.
  • Caplan, Judy Services include individual counseling, corporate wellness programs, seminars/workshops, and childhood obesity prevention programs.
  • Carl Pomey, CN- Nutrition Healthcare Services Provides iridology, hair and saliva analysis, and nutrition tips for sports and exercise.
  • Castle, Jill Pediatric dietitan and nutritionist dedicated to healthy feeding dynamics in infants, children and adolescents, specifically food allergies, diabetes, obesity and eating disorders. Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  • CC Health Counseling Carol Chuang provides details of her program and qualifications, with testimonials and weblog.
  • Debora Robinett, Registered Dietitian Services include pre and post natal nutrition, chronic fatigue, food allergies, cholesterol, diabetes, and sports nutrition. Has health evaluation form and research articles.
  • Deepak, Sue RD Provides nutrition consulting for kidney, heart, weight loss, diabetes and other medical conditions. Corporate programs and online help.
  • Dietary Solutions A consulting firm specializing in the areas of medical nutrition therapy and food service operations. Columbus, Ohio.
  • Dyer, Diana A nutritionist shares her breast cancer recovery with information on recipes, resources on cancer, nutrition, and alternative complementary strategies.
  • Elgar, Karin PhD Specializes in therapy and consulting, also corporate services and research.
  • Ellyn Satter Associates, MS, RD Dietetic services in the areas of feeding and eating training for children and adults. List of useful health articles and links.
  • Franco, Reyna MS, RD, CDN Specializing in sports nutrition, women's wellness and medical nutrition therapy.
  • Fuel for Fitness Provides an approach to healthy living. Offers services and pricing, recipes and resources with tips on nutrition and exercise. Based in Houston, Texas.
  • Gay Riley, MS, RD Provides goals and services, articles, online tools, questions and answers board, and recipes.
  • Geiser, Marjorie Offers nutrition coaching and wellness resources. Newsletter.
  • Gretchen Scalpi, RD, CDE Provides nutritional advice, diet counseling, and personalized nutritional health assessment. Specializes in diabetes education and modified diets.
  • Haddad, Pamela Offers nutrition and diet solutions and plans for healthy weight Loss, crohn's and colitis, food allergies and type 2 diabetes.
  • Harding, Lars Offers personalized services to help individuals and groups attain a healthy and fit lifestyle through coaching and seminars throughout Los Angeles, USA.
  • Health Pro Plus Offers nutritional consults, recipe analysis, diet analysis and nutrition newsletter.
  • Holly Heartz, R.D. Specializing in healthy eating, weight control, fitness and sports nutrition. List of services, fee structure and contacts.
  • Houri, Debra MS Specializing in gastrointestinal disorders, weight management, allergies, and chronic fatigue. Located in Alexandria, Virginia, USA.
  • Insight Nutrition Consultant Dietitians Experts in providing sensible practical advice for healthy living for life. Remote consultations available. Based in Geelong, Australia.
  • Integrated Nutrition, LLC Located in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Provides nutrition counseling and therapy by licensed and registered dietitians and nutritionists.
  • Itz-Thompson, Karrie Offering personalized nutritional plans for the following areas: diabetes, food allergies, high cholesterol, pregnancy and child feeding, and eating disorders. Also vegetarian diets and sports nutrition.
  • Jeske Wellmann RD (SA) Jeske Wellmann provides professional nutritional advice in Bryanston and Randpark Ridge, South Africa.
  • Julia Curtman, CN- Nutritional Advantage Provides list of services, fees, and questionnaire form for nutritional analysis.
  • Julie Burns, MS, RD- SportFuel, Inc. Sports and nutrition consulting company that provides fitness tips, newsletters, and book information.
  • Karle Konsultants Provides nutrition, physical activity and related advice to help people lose weight, and prevent or treat disease. Located in Lexington, Kentucky. Includes questions and answers on activities, stress and the environment.
  • Kathrynne Holden, MS, RD Information about nutrition and Parkinson's Disease from a Registered Dietitian who specializes in the field of gerontology and Parkinson's.
  • Katzin, Carolyn - The DNA Diet Nutritional genetic testing to identify common variations and to recommend diets to reduce risk of chronic conditions and optimize health.
  • Leslie Beck, RD on Health and Nutrition Provides diet and nutrition information. Leslie discusses managing menopause using herbs and vitamins.
  • Liz Lipski, MS, CCN Health information on nutrition and digestive wellness from author and practitioner.
  • Lorraine Love, Registered Dietitian Non-diet approach to helping people with obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Telephone or in-person consultations in Concord, MA.
  • LTS Consulting Lorraine Stanford, M.Sc. Nutritionist and computer specialist performs diet analysis, determines nutrient values for Canadian food labels and menus, guides selection and implementation of foodservice computer systems.
  • MacSharry, Gabriel Nutritionist and medical herbalist. Offers articles and recommendations.
  • Marla Heller, RD- Transitions Nutrition Consulting Information about nutrition, book reviews, childhood nutrition information, and solutions towards choosing a nutrition counselor.
  • Mary C. Friesz, PhD, RD Wellness resource that provides services that include blood sugar control for diabetes, heart health, weight loss, and sports nutrition.
  • Maura Emery- Integrated Diabetes Services Clinician and nutrition staff with expertise in diabetes self management, carbohydrate counting, weight loss, and exercise. Lists of services, history, and consultation appointment forms.
  • Maye Musk, MS, RD Private practice dietitian who offers consulting in nutritional research and provides speaking engagements.
  • Melbourne Dietetic Centre A group of private practice dietitians. Provides one-on-one consultations in several locations around Melbourne, and clinical consulting to aged care facilities and hospitals. Australia.
  • Mitchell, Pippa Provides nutritional therapy and consultations. Case studies.
  • Mitzi Dulan, Registered Dietitian Specialist in nutritional counseling, sports nutrition, exercise, and wellness. Online services offered.
  • Modugno, Bonnie, MS, RD Specializing in weight management, eating disorders and sports nutrition with a special interest in conditions related to insulin resistance. A registered dietitian, speaker and writer for both professional and lay audiences.
  • Newman, Kristi Registered dietitian providing nutrition consultations on-line.
  • Nutrition Focus Kimberly A. Tessmer, RD LD provides nutritional and diet consulting.
  • Nutritional Concepts Nutritionist Bonnie Minsky offers free online personal health evaluations.
  • NutritionalAdvisor.com Nutritionists specializing in nutrition genetics, traditional diets, metabolic functions, degenerative diseases, and evolutionary nutrition. Customized programs.
  • Peak Performance Offering sports nutrition for teams and individuals, as well as corporate wellness programs. Ottawa, Canada.
  • Pinero, Sherri Registered dietitian and consultant offers recipe analysis, menu ideas, nutrition facts labels, health and nutrition claim review and development.
  • Practical Nutrition Find out about counseling services available by phone, online or in-person; also offers details on wellness programs, cooking classes and health writing.
  • Roche Dietitians L.L.C. A consulting group consisting of registered dietitians committed to assisting individuals, from infants to elderly, in meeting their personal nutrition needs.
  • Sarah Ley Diet, nutrition and lifestyle advice for individuals, groups, and organizations. Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Saxelby, Catherine Offers a guide to healthy eating. Profile, books and consulting services. Foodwatch club and a free newsletter.
  • Sensible Nutrition Connection, Inc. Nutrition and fitness consultants offering individual nutrition counseling, classes, seminars, and media consulting.
  • Stein, Chedwah Consultant dietitians who provide nutritional analysis for individual diets, recipes, and menus for cookbooks and restaurants. List of nutrition resources and price sheet for various services.
  • Susan Dopart, RD, MS Private practice fitness and nutrition consultant with information about services, fitness tips, recipes, and suggested nutrition books.
  • The National Nutrition Clinic A group of private nutrition clinics in the UK helping our patients with weight loss, nutrition consultations, food intolerance screenings and specialist clinics addressing IBS and under active thyroid.
  • Vesanto Melina, RD, MS Registered Dietitian who offers consultation in vegetarian and vegan nutrition and foods. Holds nutrition seminars and presentations. Provides links to vegan organizations, food guides, and nutrients in foods.
  • Villacorta, Manuel MS, RD Providing customized nutrition plans and counseling on an individual basis. Specializes in weight management, sports nutrition, and disease prevention. Located in San Francisco, California.
  • Whitman, Sally Offers nutritional therapy and consultations. Also clinical tests and seminars for corporate clients.
  • Wilbur, Michele Offers nutrition counseling, metabolic testing, and private meal service. Specializes in meal planning.
  • Zonya Health International Professional speaker and nutrition expert, with recipes and speaking schedule.

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