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Inclusion to this category requires a site to offer reliable medical information, presented in an easy-to-understand format. The emphasis is placed on "Education"--sites which offer timely information to enhance the relationship between a patient and their healthcare professional.
  • A Healthy Me Providing health and wellness information, and produced by Blue Cross BlueShield of Massachusetts.
  • AboutGastro Provides news, articles and information about conditions and diseases related to the digestive system.
  • Advanced Prostate Cancer A conglomeration of articles and posts to support and advise men with advanced and recurrent prostate cancer.
  • Anesthesia Preoperative Preparation Useful information on the preoperative preparation of patients for anesthesia and surgery.
  • Appropriate Utilization of Antibiotics Brochure developed by the Heartland Health Education Center in it community-wide health education campaign entitled "Refuse To Misuse".
  • Ask Dr. Stoll Offering information about combining conventional and alternative medicine. Bulletin board, articles, and related links.
  • Dr. Gabe Mirkin Reports on health, fitness, and nutrition news from talk show host Gabe Mirkin, M.D., in text and audio form.
  • E-health Fitness Advice, information, research and links concerning alcoholism, debt, drug addiction, marriage problems, sexual abuse and weight issues.
  • eHealthMD Provides information on a wide range of health and medical topics. Articles are reviewed by physicians.
  • Emedicinezone Provides information about symptoms, tests and treatment of common disease conditions and diseases.
  • eMedTV Health Information A library of medical information including conditions and diseases, tests and procedures and drugs and supplements.
  • Empowered Doctor Provides health related articles, news, videos and services.
  • Encyclopedia of Children's Health Cover various medical conditions and pediatric disorders arranged in a logical hierarchy.
  • Family Health Guide Offers expert advice on a wide range of health and disease conditions.
  • FamilyDoctor A database of over 600 articles and guides, covering 37 common medical topics. All articles are reviewed and edited by family doctors and specialists.
  • From Your Doctor Website providing information about common disease conditions written by eminent doctors.
  • Halls MD Clinical calculators of body surface area, breast cancer risk and body mass.
  • Health A to Z Includes a directory of professionally-reviewed resources, supportive online communities, and a calendar.
  • Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Developed by leading medical experts, these tests and actions, both medical and self-examinations, are the focal point of the Healthful Life Program.
  • Health A not for profit organization providing information on health and fitness including sexual health for men and women, plus advice for children's health. Offers an overview, monthly e-mail newsletter and contact address.
  • Health Talk Online Offering information about common disease conditions through articles and discussion forum.
  • Health Videos Contains videos submitted by doctors and other health professionals.
  • Consumer health information designed to enable informed decisions about health-related products and services.
  • Healthfinder US government directory of online publications, clearinghouses, databases, web sites, and support and self-help groups, as well as the government agencies and not-for-profit organizations.
  • HealthInsite Independent information on diseases, fitness, aging, and health services. Includes a newsletter and events calendar. Sponsored by the Australian Government.
  • Healtho Pedia Blog on cardiac diseases and hematological disorder.
  • HELP - Health Education Library for People Features online full-text books and magazines on health and illness.
  • Helpful Health Comprehensive resource for health and disease related information.
  • How to Review Your Blood Test Results Explains glucose, electrolytes, minerals, thyroid and others.
  • icyou - Health Videos Online Health videos covering wellness,diseases, treatments & procedures.
  • JAMA's Patient Education Pages The full text of patient education pages from the Journal of the American Medical Association.
  • Karri Family Clinic Blog Blog provides information on public health, common health related problems and diseases.
  • Lab Tests Online Explains common laboratory tests and what the results might mean.
  • Clinical experts provide current medical information and news on health topics.
  • Provides health and medical information, health tips, resources, experts, news, chats, and community support.
  • Nurses trained to answer questions on a variety of health topics.
  • Medicine OnLine Fee-based information on cancer for health care professionals and patients.
  • MedicineNet Describes conditions, diseases, tests, and procedures, with a medical dictionary.
  • MUSC Health Complete health and disease information along with the latest health care news. Presented by the experts at the Medical University of South Carolina.
  • MyHealthAlberta Connecting Albertans with trusted health information and services. Government of Alberta initiative to provide health and wellness information through various articles.
  • National Association of Boards of Pharmacy An international association which assists state licensing boards in developing, implementing, and enforcing uniform standards relating to pharmacies.
  • National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE) Designed to help consumers make sound decisions about the use of medicines, and to stimulate and improve communication between consumers and health care professionals by developing programs, providing educational kits, and offering guidelines, tips, and resources.
  • NetHealth Online Guide A comprehensive guide to health on the Internet, with reviews and links to hundreds of online resources.
  • Find symptoms, diagnostic tests and treatment of conditions and diseases. The content is categories and a newsletter is offered.
  • Health and wellness information from the faculty of the Universities of Cincinnati, Ohio State and Case Western Reserve. Question answering for non-emergencies.
  • New England Baptist Hospital - Patient Education Offers pre-operative tips for hip, knee or spinal surgery.
  • NHS Choices Information on conditions, treatments, local services and healthy living.
  • PatientUK Evidence-based articles on many health and disease topics. Written by doctors for patients.
  • PLGA Foundation Provides answers to common questions about the disease and the foundation supports the affected patients.
  • Offers patients animated videos, graphics, and medical illustrations as explanations for the most common surgical and diagnostic procedures performed in the US.
  • Pri-Med Patient Education Center Free resource served by professionals from Harvard Medical School for the patients regarding common disease conditions. Link for further reading, free brochures are also provided.
  • Seek Wellness Health professionals provide articles on common conditions and their treatment.
  • Sports Medicine Resource Site provides discussion for patients to learn from each other to make the most out of their recoveries.
  • Stem Cell Blog Provides news and information on human stem cell research and tissue engineering.
  • Current medical news, articles, and research.
  • Surgery Door A guide to medical conditions, illnesses and ailments, their treatment and possible cure.
  • The Doctor Will See You Now Comprehensive resource of knowledge related to the common disease conditions through various articles.
  • The Doctor's Doctor Explains how to interpret laboratory, surgical pathology, and cytology reports and provides information about various conditions and diseases. Maintained by a group of pathologists.
  • The Health Resource, Inc. Specialized medical research reports on mainstream, experimental, and alternative treatments, specialists, and support organizations.
  • The Merck Manual - Home Edition Transforms the language of the professionals' version into commonly used English while retaining the vital information about diseases, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment.
  • The Virtual Clinic Provides free opinion by established doctors on health in question answer format to the patients.
  • Think Like A Doctor An online community seminar for healthcare consumers to become even better patients by improving the relationship with their doctor.
  • Total Health Information on a variety of medical conditions written for patients by UK medical professionals.
  • Total Health Information on a variety of medical conditions and treatments written for patients by UK medical professionals.
  • Urine Colors Provides useful information on the causes of various pathological and physiological conditions imparting abnormal colors of urine.
  • Yahoo! Health Medical dictionary, disease symptoms and treatments, resources for healthy living, and information on drugs and medicines.

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