Sites about substance abuse centers and counseling services located in Ontario.
  • Addiction Alternatives: Counselling and Treatment Services Located in London. A complete overview of the professional services available on an outpatient basis for those who are concerned about substance abuse and their families.
  • Addiction Services for York Region The programs offered are designed for any individuals over the age of 12. Individual and group counselling sessions are available. Information on the various programs available is shown.
  • Addiction Services of Thames Valley Located in London. Outpatient counselling is available for youth and adults struggling with any substance abuse and gambling addiction. Details on the program and community speaking engagements are available.
  • Alpha House Located in Toronto. This recovery house is open to males over the age of 25 who are recovering from alcohol and drug addictions. Admission information, program information and a history of this facility is available on this site.
  • Alternatives for Youth Located in Hamilton. Counselling services for youth with addictions is offered. Various locations and services are provided.
  • Amethyst Women's Addiction Centre Located in Ottawa. A residential treatment program for problem gambling, day treatment program for alcohol and drugs, and a children's (ages 8 - 12) program for the families of clients, are offered at this facility. Information on all programs offered is available.
  • ARID Group Homes Two half way houses (Thorold and Fort Erie) for men who are in recovery from alcohol and drug addictions. One on One counselling and group therapy sessions are available.
  • Billy Buffet's House of Welcome Located in Vanier. A residential treatment facility for those suffering from alcohol or drug dependency. The program emphasis is one on one counselling.
  • Breakaway Located in Toronto. Counselling and day treatment programs for individuals and families of those suffering from alcohol and drug addictions is available. Information on the programs and admission criteria is available.
  • Breaking the Cycle Located in Toronto. Support for mothers with small children (six years and under)who are using alcohol or drugs. Information on the recovery group, individual counselling, relapse prevention and life skills group is available.
  • Brentwood Recovery Home Located in Windsor. Residential and non residential recovery programs and services are offered to individuals and their families suffering from the effects of alcohol and drug abuse. Program and contact information is available.
  • Caritas Project Community Against Drugs Located in Toronto. A complete overview on this centre which offers a 25 month community living program for men and women with addiction, mental health, behavioral or family issues.
  • Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Education, assessment, treatment, and family support are all available throughout Ontario for those suffering from alcohol, drug and gambling addictions or mental health issues.
  • Chinese Family Services of Ontario Located in Scarborough. Counselling for those with addictions and their families is available. The programs are developed for those with a Chinese Culture in mind. Services available in English and Chinese.
  • Choices for Change Located in Stratford area. Counselling services for alcohol, drugs or problem gambling are provided for individuals who are concerned about themselves or someone else. Youth counselling is available and services are also provided to area high schools.
  • Community Counselling Centre of Nipissing Located in North Bay. Counselling services are available for those with an addiction to alcohol, drugs or gambling. Family and support counselling is also available.
  • Community Outreach Programs in Addictions Located in Toronto. COPA provides support to older adults (age 55 and over) with alcohol, drugs or problem gambling concerns. Information on available programs, resources and volunteer opportunities are available here.
  • Credit Valley Hospital Located in Mississiaga. The addictions and concurrent disorders centre provides day programs for individuals and their families who suffer from alcohol and drug dependency.
  • Crossroads Centre Inc. Located in Thunder Bay. Four residential homes are available for individuals in the early stages of recovery from alcohol and drugs. Individual program plans are developed. Information on the services offered is available.
  • Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre Located in Ottawa. The alcohol and drug abuse programs offered are designed for youth, with support available for families of youths with addictions. Day programs, with academic components are available. Services are available in both English and French.
  • Homewood Health Centre Inc. Noted Royal City mental health facility and provider, with information on health services and facilities, as well as, corporate details for investors.
  • Kairos Counselling Services Located in Kingston. Provides free outpatient, one on one counselling, family and group counselling. Educational presentations are also available.
  • Ken Brown Recovery Home Located in Sault Ste. Marie. A residential treatment program for men with alcohol and drug dependencies. A transition home is available for men requiring an additional period of time before re-integrating into the community.
  • Maison Renaissance Located in Hearst. This facility assists francophones with a substance use or gambling problems. Information the program and admission criteria is available. This site is available in both English and French.
  • Mental Health and Addiction Services in Grey Bruce Located in Grey Bruce Counties. The services provided include day treatment and residential programs. Information on the various programs is available.
  • Mental Health and Addictions - St. Joseph’s Care Group Located in Thunder Bay. Programs for alcohol, drugs, gambling and mental health issues are offered in both a residential treatment and day treatment format. A detox program is also offered. Program information and admission requirements are available.
  • Mission Services Located in Hamilton. Residential homes are available for individuals who are dealing with addictions, mental health issues or other crisis. Individual counselling is also available.
  • New Life Counselling Located in Toronto. A centre in Toronto helping adolescents, teens and adults to overcome substance abuse, chemical dependency and addiction to alcohol. Information on counselling, coaching, in patient care and relapse prevention is available. Also provided is information on safety in the workplace, school seminars and other types of specialized services.
  • Newgate 180 Located in Merrickville. Group sessions, individual counselling and written assignments are all part of the alcohol, drug or problem gambling program. A detailed program plan, welcome kit and testimonials are available here.
  • Nimkee NupiGawagan Healing Centre Located in Muncey. This residential treatment program is designed for First Nations Youth between the ages of 12 and 17 who are challenged with solvent addiction. History, program, and admission information is available.
  • Norfolk and Haldimand Health and Social Services Located in Norfolk and Haldimand Area. An overview of the services offered for alcohol, drugs and gambling is offered. Contact information is available.
  • Pinewood Centre of Lakeridge Health Located in Oshawa and Ajax. Alcohol, drug and gambling treatment services are provided through outreach programs. Programs are available for youth, adults and families.
  • Prometheum Institute Located in Toronto. A private, education-based treatment centre caters to those seeking counselling for substance abuse, problem gambling, and other addictions through an outpatient method of delivery. Information on assessments, treatment plans, and acupuncture, for those with addictions is available.
  • Recovery Counselling Services Located in Toronto. Provides outpatient treatment for alcohol and drug abuse to adolescents, young adults, adults and families. Information on counselling, intervention, staff and tips to watch for are all available here.
  • Renascent Located in Toronto. Residential and day treatment programs are provided for individuals with alcohol and drug addictions. Program and contact information is available.
  • Rideauwood Addiction and Family Services Located in Ottawa. Day treatment programs are offered to assist individuals with alcohol and drug addictions. Program and contact information is available.
  • Royal Victoria Hospital Located in Barrie. A residential treatment program for individuals over the age of 16 who are struggling with alcohol and drug dependency. Program and admission information is available.
  • Rural Aftercare Program Located in South Simcoe and York Region. Programs are designed for men and women and may be through individual or group therapy or workshops. You will find details on the programs offered, as well as information on school or employer consultations.
  • Samuel Waldner Counselling and Addiction Services Located in Toronto. Individual and group counselling services are available for those struggling with problem gambling, weight preoccupation, chemical dependencies, alcohol, drugs, and nicotine. Details on available programs and services can be found here.
  • Serenity Renewal for Families Located in Ottawa. This facility offers evening, weekday and weekend programs for individuals and families suffering from alcohol, drug or gambling addictions. Program information and registration requirements are included.
  • Society of St. Vincent de Paul - Toronto Central Council Located in the Greater Toronto Area. A variety of residential homes are available for men and women who are awaiting placement in a treatment facility for addictions, those who have completed an addictions treatment program, individuals with Mental Health issues as well as other programs. Details on each residential home is available.
  • Stonehenge Therapeutic Community Located in Guelph. A non-profit addiction agency providing long-term residential care to men and women with a history of chronic drug abuse.
  • Street Haven at the Crossroads Located in Toronto. A variety of residential homes are available for women who require assistance. Addiction treatment and support is available in some of the houses. Contact information is available.
  • Teen Challenge North Located near Sault Ste. Marie. Christian-based rehabilitation program offers young men and women freedom from drug and alcohol dependence. Complete information on their program is available here.
  • The Jean Tweed Centre Located in Toronto. Treatment for alcohol, drug and gambling addictions are available at this women's treatment facility. Information about the residential treatment program, day treatment program, substance abuse and more are all available online.
  • Toronto East General Hospital This Withdrawal Management Centre offers a 22 bed crisis intervention facility and will provide referral information to individuals who are suffering from the misuse of alcohol and drugs.
  • Transition House Located in Toronto. This residential transition home assists men who wish to make positive changes in their lives and live a life free from alcohol, drugs or other addictive behaviours. Information on the program, admission and costs are included.
  • TriCounty Addiction Services Provides gambling and other addiction support in Lanark, Leeds and Grenville counties. Services include counselling, public education, and referrals.
  • Westover Treatment Centre Located in Thamesville. This residential treatment centre is available to individuals over the age of 16 who have an alcohol or drug dependency. Services are also available to those who are affected by family or friends with a substance abuse problem. Information on programs, funding and FAQs.
  • Windsor Regional Hospital Located in Windsor. This hospital offers an in patient crisis unit for individuals under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Day programs and referrals are available for those with addictions. There is a special concurrent disorders medical unit. Information on the services provided is available.

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