This listing is for services or individuals which paint miniature figures - also called wargame figures - for games players and/or figure collectors.
  • Adeptus Britannicus UK service that specialises in painting all Games Workshop products.
  • Alan Hughes Wargame Miniatures UK-based painting and custom terrain building service.
  • American Miniatures Painting service with long experience, finest paints by Andrea and Vallejo. Girls, Fantasy, Warlord Saga, Pirates and Soldiers.
  • Ancient Wyrm Studios Miniature painting, conversions and terrain design for all types of tabletop war-games.
  • Artmaster Studio Professional, contemporary and reliable painting service for Scales from 15mm to 40mm. 3 Qualities offered. All historical or Fantasy. UK based service, accepts worldwide orders.
  • Battle Order Paint and Model We provide affordable miniature painting services and custom scale models to like minded hobbyists.
  • Berzerk Monkey Studios Bezerk Monkey Studios offers finely painted miniatures for Warhammer, Warhammer 40K, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, and other figure based game systems.
  • Black Mountain Minis Painting service offered for 15mm and 25mm miniatures from various manufacturers.
  • Blue Dragon Painting Provides custom models for war and strategy gamers in sizes ranging from 6mm to 28mm. Shows galleries of models.
  • Blue Table Painting Paints all kinds of figures, but specializes in 25-30mm fantasy and sci-fi. Also offers conversion work and video tour. Located in California, United States.
  • Brush List - Specialist Figure Painters Painting service for all types of miniatures.
  • Change of Command Committed to offering the highest quality painting services for collectors of military miniatures and wargamers alike.
  • Chaos Bunny Studios Painting service for Games Workshop and Forgeworld miniatures. Gallery shows previous commission work.
  • Chris Yaro Miniatures Painting Specializes in painting Warhammer models by commission. Example gallery of banners and figures.
  • Colour Guard Miniatures Provides a service for the customization and creation of colourful historical miniatures.
  • Corvus Miniatures News, articles, and links. Offers painted miniatures on eBay and takes commissions.
  • Da Redpaintjobgrotz Relatively New site, Eager painters at (Hopefully) Low prices. Very Dedicated to customer service.
  • Distant Light Miniatures Detailed miniature painting service for Warhammer, Warmachine and other games. In business since 2003.
  • DJD Miniatures Accepts custom painting orders and offers pre-painted figures for sale. Includes galleries, game convention schedules, opponent locator, painting tips and instructions, and contact details.
  • Dolan Miniatures Cheap, high-quality painting and conversions.
  • Evil Bob's Miniature Painting Offers pre-painted and paint-on-request miniatures and terrain for sale. Includes galleries of previous commissions of both miniatures and terrain.
  • Fernando Enterprises Caters for metal and plastic miniature figures for wargamers, collectors and wholesalers.
  • Official painter of miniatures for AEG and has a large gallery of past works.
  • Genesis Miniatures Painting service specializing in historical miniatures. Painting of all scales, prefers Fantasy, Sci-fi and Dragons.
  • Inquisitor Maker Offers painting services for Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, and Inquisitor models. Site contains example images. Located in the United kingdom.
  • IronHalo Painting Full-time miniature painting service from Golden Demon winner Rachel Borthwick. Single figures to armies, scale 25mm and larger. Includes galleries.
  • J&L Miniatures - Painting Service for Gaming Miniatures Offers painting services on Warhammer, Fantasy and Reaper. The shop also trades in miniatures and related items.
  • Joe Porter's Cosmic Bovine Studios Professional artist specialising in models, figures, armour and fantasy for the scale miniature community; graphic design and editorial services also available
  • Jon's Painting Service Provides a service for historical and fantasy wargamers or collectors in all standard scales.
  • Mandrake Studio UK based, professional miniature painting service for gamers.
  • Mercenary Miniatures Contains examples of painted models from fantasy, Lord of the Rings, sci-fi, Warhammer, and historical periods at 15mm, 25 mm, and 28mm scales.
  • Mount and Blade Specializes in painting 15mm historical miniatures for table top war-gaming. Commissions accepted worldwide.
  • Mr. Miniature Pre-painted miniatures for sale in many scales and periods.
  • Nikstudio Miniatures Painting Service Fantasy and historical 25/28mm professional miniatures painting service.
  • Old Guard Painters Provides a professional paint-job on their specialist miniature sizes of 15mm and 25mm for wargamers and collectors.
  • Painted Fantasy Miniatures A professional source for custom painted fantasy miniatures including Warhammer and D&D, as well as galleries and tips.
  • - An Asian Miniature Painting Studio A Sri Lankan specialist painting service for Games Workshop and Privateer Press figures. Includes galleries of previous commissions.
  • Painting Dude Painting service with galleries of painted miniatures
  • PaintingPRO Offers professional services for 25-28mm models. Site contains examples and tutorials. Located in Argentina.
  • Parvus Machina Online miniatures gallery and painting service.
  • Philgreg Painters Custom miniature painting service located in Sri Lanka.
  • Pictors Studio Custom painting and modelling. Pre-painted work for sale.
  • Pigments of Your Imagination Painting service catering for fantasy, historical and science fiction. Customization and alterations a speciality.
  • PrimEvil Studios Home | Painting Miniatures PrimEvil Studios is devoted to the design, construction, and painting of professional quality fantasy and military miniatures.
  • Red Line Painting Service Painting service for 25-28mm historical figures. Includes image gallery of examples.
  • RedPlume Offers a painting service for miniatures. Provides a price list, image gallery, and FAQ.
  • Reinforcements By Post Custom wargame figure commissions and ready painted armies. Includes galleries of previous work.
  • Rogpaint Ebay veteran and professional painter provides a painting service for collectors and wargamers alike.
  • RollJordan Expert quality service from several Golden Daemon winners, specialising in 25-28mm figures and whole armies.
  • Ronin Craftworks A miniature painting and project production service for collectors, gamers or just for use as gifts. Will paint pre-purchased models that are sent in.
  • sascha herm Renowned figure painter within the painting community. Sascha Herm has won numerous awards for his exceptional brushwork.
  • Seamus Paints Pictures of painted Warhammer figures and painting service.
  • Steve Dean Figure Painting Steve has worked in the hobby since the dawn of Dungeons and Dragons way back in the 70's, visit his online presence and view his creations in vibrant colour, possibly even stopping long enough to buy a few online.
  • The Generals Paintbrush The superior painting service for the wargamer and collector. All miniatures assembled and painted to museum standard.15mm and 25mm specialist with over 20 years experience painting for the media and collector.
  • The Magic Brush Offers miniatures, terrain and buildings for games, dioramas, vignettes or just collecting conisseurs.
  • The Miniature Painting Guild An online community for fantasy figure painters and modellers covering a range of games and genres including galleries and tips. Also features the popular Crappy Mini or Not spoof and the art of Erol Otus.
  • The Oni's Lair - An Evolution in Pewter Contains galleries, hints and tips and a commission service for painting miniatures for collectors or wargamers.
  • The Painting Studio Miniature painting at Golden Demon quality specializing in Blood Bowl miniatures. Contains a gallery, pricing and links.
  • The Quartermaster General 25mm/28mm figure painting service.
  • Tin soldiers needing paint Miniature painting service from ballistas to bolters.
  • Tralana Painting Service Painting service with a gallery of pictures of competed miniatures.
  • Troop of Shewe Specializes in military miniatures, Particularly the English Civil War era. Includes galleries.
  • Verzani Productions Miniature painting service for Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Necromunda, historical, and Advanced Dungeons and Dragons miniatures and terrain.
  • Wanderer's Painting Service Able to provide a high level of customer satisfaction with a service that covers a wide range of miniatures and detail levels.
  • Warlocke's Lair Specialists in painting tabletop wargame miniatures from 15mm-30mm. Stop by and check out the large galleries of past works.
  • Warpaint Painting Service UK custom painting on all your figures, along with many personal touches that will make your army stand out among the crowds.
  • WarPaint Studio Full-time professional artist with experience in all genre's and scales. Galleries of previous work.

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Dragan 065/884-8890
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