Sites in this category include tutorials, helpful tips on painting miniatures, and personal galleries. Any site that offers a painting service should be submitted to the "Services" subcategory. Any site that offers information, advice or tutorials on sculpting and converting miniatures should be submitted to the "Conversion and Construction" subcategory.
  • Guide to miniature painting for beginner modellers.
  • Artwho9 figure painting Galleries of painted war game figures, historical, fantasy and sci-fi.
  • Bart's Miniature Painting Contains galleries of miniatures and terrain. Also the home of the Yahoo! Miniature Painter Group archive.
  • Battle Order Paint and Model Offering miniature painting services and custom scale models to historical miniatures war-gamers.
  • Blackmoor Galleries of painted and converted miniatures from a selection of genres and games including a variety of out of production pieces.
  • Blaze's Corner of the Web Offers help for those new to painting wargame miniatures. Experienced gamers may also find helpful information for painting their figures from the photographs and tutorials.
  • Caution - Wet Paint Galleries and information on how to paint 28mm figures.
  • Celtos Contains galleries and background information on the Celtos range of miniatures from I-Kore.
  • Cento Industries Painted figure gallery and workshop. Features tutorials and how-to's as well as convention coverage.
  • Chest of Colors Miniature artist Mahon's new 'official' website featuring galleries of miniatures, tutorials and tips on painting, information on his painting services and a great collection of links.
  • Color Match 1.0 Compare popular hobby paint lines and find suitable replacements for hard to find or out of production paints. Generate paint conversion charts based on two separate paint lines. Searches over 3,000 different paints.
  • Cool Mini or Not The largest publicly-submitted miniature picture gallery on the Internet. Also has a range of user contributed articles on painting and an active forum.
  • Curdled Milk Features galleries of both painted, and work in progress pieces, as well as a selection of links.
  • Dark Art Miniatures Hand painted science fiction and fantasy miniatures from the Warhammer range.
  • Discworld in Miniature Information and pictures for 25/30mm scale figure collectors, but particularly those who collect figures of Discworld characters or use such figures in wargames.
  • Doctor Faust's Painting Clinic Offers product reviews, articles, pictures, collections and step by step conversion and painting articles.
  • Electric Ocean Painting news, updates and events, with art galleries and game information.
  • Elf's Corner Felix Fernandez website with pictures and information on many races of miniature including trolls, minotaurs, elves, and orcs.
  • Evelyn's dragons Gallery that will specifically appeal to the collectors and painters of dragons.
  • Fantasy Miniatures A miniature gallery that focuses on Ral Partha and AD and D miniatures.
  • Hot Lead Miniature Painting Devoted to miniatures with basic and advanced painting topics and a gallery of award-winning miniatures.
  • How To Paint Miniatures Beginners learn how to turn a lifeless piece of metal into something you'll be proud of. Painting veterans will find tips and tricks not found anywhere else on the web.
  • Jenova Project Has to offer a selection of galleries of previously painted pieces, as well as tips and tutorials on miniature painting and a painting service.
  • Jubilant Creations Website of miniature painter Alison Sherman.
  • Kaple Miniatures The artwork of Rune Kappel. Offers a gallery of painted miniatures and tutorials.
  • Kevin Dallimore Online Personal site of Foundry's head painter and developer of the painting style now adopted by Foundry, Kevin Dallimore. Features galleries from Ancient to science-fiction, through interests such as Renaissance and Victorian-era to Dr Who and LoTR.
  • Mad McGobbo's Brushworks Online web portfolio of painted wargame miniatures.
  • Miniature-Art Gallery and hobby resource of multiple award winning modeller Bobby Wong.
  • Minipainter Miniature painting gallery of Lawrence Widdicombe, site includes a forum.
  • Necrotales Miniatures An image gallery of Fantasy and Sci-Fi miniatures together with painting and conversion tutorial by Golden Demon winner Kep Pump. Commissions accepted.
  • Neral's Site of Wonders Evolution of one gamers miniature painting skill (or lack thereof) from the Warhammer range explaining some of the techniques and challenges.
  • OrdoHydra Warhammer and WH 40k painter showcase. Offers details of ebay auctions.
  • Painted Miniatures Galleries of part and completed figures by German painter Michael Holzapfel.
  • Painting 101: Miniature Soldiers Tips on how to paint military miniatures from a painter and wargamer, Jeff Jonas.
  • Painting by Tinweasel Gallery of finished miniatures, works-in-progress, miniature painting hints, tips, tricks, and tutorials.
  • Painting FAQ An extremely detailed FAQ for painting miniatures in any scale.
  • Pantrix Miniatures Renowned miniature painter Jennifer Haley, provides information and photographs of her showcase miniatures.
  • Paul's Painting Emporium Custom painting of Warhammer and Warhammer 40k miniatures, news and gallery.
  • Phillips, Brian 28mm and 15mm wargaming figures and models. Painting, converting and sculpting historical miniatures for wargames.
  • Piles of Old Lead Personal blog and gallery for painting and wargaming with miniatures. Ancients, napoleonics, and WW2 periods.
  • Pro Painted Miniatures Website showcasing the work of Adam Smith. Adam has been working for Games Workshop for over 10 years.
  • Rick's Miniature Painting Welcome to a display of painted miniatures by Rick. Each entry has an explanation to the figure and the "step by step" instructions. Enjoy!
  • Shiftlinglands Details the painting and collection efforts of miniature artist, Gerrard Boom for both his terrain and figure collections.
  • SintriCat's Worlds in Miniature Features a selection of exquisity painted miniatures in a variety of genres and periods alongside links and purchasing information for collectors and gamers.
  • Slapping Paint Official site of respected miniature artist Craig Stocks. Has a selection of galleries and tips and tricks on painting 25-28mm scale figures.
  • Small Obsessions Respected miniature artist Mike McCuen's personal website, that showcases a wide variety of his work, his favorite tips and an insight into where he works his magic.
  • StarFleet Games Miniatures Reference Reference material for painting miniatures, although some of the scans may be a bit hard to read.
  • Steve Dean Painting Forum Steve Dean is a respected professional within the miniatures painting world. His forum is a focal point for painters, gamers, and collectors to trade techniques, peer-review, and discuss the hobby and industry of miniature painting.
  • Sylvain Quirion Showcase of the work of miniature sculptor and artist Sylvain Quirion, including a gallery of past award winning miniatures and 'greens'.
  • Tcvanbuuren Armorcast titans, forgeworld and other painted models.
  • The Fortified City of Karoath Has a gallery of painted miniatures, some artwork, and several painting tips.
  • The Miniature Codex A visual database of historical and fantasy figures to assist others in purchasing miniatures.
  • The Miniature Gallery Features miniatures in the genres of horror, science fiction and fantasy.
  • The Miniature Gallery - AD&D Galleries of a selection of painted miniatures from the Dungeons and Dragon's range.
  • Thomas Pope's Miniatures Page Thomas Pope's collection with information on collecting and painting miniatures.
  • Trevy's Painting Table Painting service provides cheap and easy commission work for any miniature wargames.
  • TW Figurines Several galleries of miniatures in historical, fantasy and science fiction genres, painted in the Foundry style; suitable for collectors or wargamers alike.
  • WaMP Provider of miniature painting contests. Miniature painting forum.
  • Warmaster Painting Guide A guide to painting Games Workshop's Warmaster armies.
  • Galleries of single miniatures and armies in many scales and periods, along with information and tips on the hobby.
  • Yahoo! Masterclass Miniature Painter Group Contains many hints, tips, files and pictures about the world of miniature painting. Frequented by many of the top names in the hobby.
  • Yahoo! Miniature Painter Group Group concerned with painting miniatures, offers hints and advice or you can post a question for help.

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