Applications that do not work alone, but add power or functionality to the standard Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. These are often VBA scripts.

Other languages: German.

  • A3 Solutions Solutions for forecasting, budgeting and management reporting. Located in San Franciscon, CA, USA.
  • AbleBits Provides Pivot Table AutoFormat XL, allowing the creation of collection of autoformats.
  • Proposes collections of add-ins and visual basic macros.
  • ARMON Technologies, LLC Developer of XLActuary, an Excel add-in designed to handle all actuarial factor calculations via new worksheet functions. Website includes details about their consultancy, a help file and support information.
  • ASAP Free Utilities Excel add-in contains over 300 utilities to fill the gaps in Excel, and automate frequently used tasks.
  • BeGraphic Provide interactive maps and graphics for both Excel and PowerPoint. Website includes free and professional versions, business cases and a forum.
  • Boardwalktech Software to allow several users to work on the same spreadsheet data using server-side change management.
  • Bobenco Solutions Provide StatScorer decision support software adding in-depth stochastic modeling and Monte Carlo simulation capabilities to Excel spreadsheets. Shows possible outcomes from models related to various areas (finance, risk management, engineering etc.). Site includes examples and a forum.
  • BugdetMedia: Xlquotes Allows users to download stock prices from Yahoo Finance into Microsoft Excel. The site has English and German language versions and a manual.
  • Business Functions Excel functions for projecting costs and revenues, coping with time periods and growth.
  • Business Spreadsheets Sells templates designed for project management, business analysis, investment and option valuation, multiple regression forecasting, portfolio monitoring and optimization.
  • BYG Software The Excel Auditor, tool to control, audit, and document workbooks. BYG utilities lite, shareware, Goldmine, free technique demonstration files, bugs. (BYG stands for Big Yellow Gorilla.)
  • CDX Technologies: CDXZipStream Provides zip code analysis tools including distance calculations, codes within a given radius, reverse look-ups, address verification and geo-coding. Website includes product features, FAQs, pricing, and a 30 day trial.
  • Daniel's XL Toolbox Free, open-source add-in for Excel providing data analysis and presentation functions. Site includes the developer's blog and a German language version of the whole site.
  • Data Manager Transforms Excel into a fully functional database. Allows you to convert worksheets into tables and conduct queries within the Excel environment.
  • Provides data conversion tools allowing the extraction of data from text reports in Excel.
  • DataSafeXL Ltd Provides software to obfuscate Excel VBA code. Website includes the software download, demonstration video and details of their consultancy and training business.
  • DealMaven Provides tools to gather, analyze, check and present quantitative data. Presentation of the company and its products and FAQs.
  • Decision Models' FastExcel Professional spreadsheet consultant has developed FastExcel to help run Spreadsheets quicker. FastExcel provides analysis and helpful solutions to potential spreadsheet problems.
  • Decision Toolworks San Francisco based software company providing several different add-ins in the areas of decision tree diagrams, sensitivity analysis and Monte Carlo simulations. Website also includes sample chapters from a book about decision analysis with Excel.
  • DiffEngineX Software to compare Excel spreadsheets, csv files, and VBA macros, highlighting the differences with color. Site includes news, screenshots, full features list, and trial version download.
  • DigDB Proposes a tool for difficult data manipulations.
  • DJI Computer Solutions Proposes applications for personal finances, golf, scheduling, tax calculations and task management.
  • DPlot Offers graphing software for scientists and engineers, with the facility to import data from Excel.
  • Dutchcode Timeslider adds the third dimension of time to your spreadsheets
  • Edgeseeker Free software that downloads stock and company data from the popular Internet sources such as Yahoo and Google Finance. Website includes screen-shots and a manual.
  • Enventra Produces MoboCalc which supports pen input for Excel on tablet PCs through a custom Excel tablet input panel. Features natural maths notation and function shortcuts in formulas.
  • Excel Business Solutions Provides several VBA add-ins in the areas of finance and statistics. The source code is unprotected for educational purposes.
  • Excel Magic Provides custom solutions and assets and inventory control programs. Presentation of the company, demonstrations of the programs and contact information.
  • Excel Password Remover Add-in that removes passwords, with certain limits. Postcard-ware.
  • Excel Planet Multiple utilities such as a graphical calendar and a tool to spot duplicates in lists.
  • Excel Quick Search Tool which extends Excel's search facilities.
  • ExcelCalcs Displays Excel formulae as mathematical equations.
  • Excelential Changes And Trends Software offers a product which allows you to see the important parts of your spreadsheets on a dashboard.
  • ExcelEverywhere Converts a spreadsheet to an HTML page with formulas translated to javascript. Provides a FAQ, online ordering and company information.
  • ExcelSavvy Software to discover spreadsheet errors, help with auditing and understand complex models.
  • ExcelSentry Encrypts spreadsheets allowing normal operations only for authorized users.
  • EzForecaster A business forecasting add-in for Microsoft Excel.
  • Fas Formulas Proposes spreadsheets configured with interactive formulas in many different subject areas.
  • FlowBreeze Provides an add-in that converts text into flowcharts. Website includes templates, demonstration videos and a help file.
  • Frontline Systems The company that developed the basic solver offers the Premium Solver. Provides download, online ordering, company information and a tutorial.
  • GamesExcel Collection of games for Excel.
  • Gartle Technology Produce the product SaveToDB which allows Excel to view and edit SQL Server and SQL Azure data. Website includes the software and examples.
  • IPredict Time-series predictions using Bayesian algorithms and Wavelet analysis.
  • Jabsoft Proposes formatting and financial tools. Presentation of the company and the products, online support. In Peru.
  • Knowledge Dynamics Turns Excel workbooks into interactive web applications.
  • LikeOffice Provides several Excel utilities such as comparing spreadsheets, counting unique entries, password recovery and online stock prices. Also offers a consultancy service.
  • Lindo Systems What's Best allows the creation of optimization models in Excel. It solves linear, nonlinear and integer programming problems.
  • Lumenaut Monte Carlo, Decision Tree and Statistics add-in for risk analysis
  • Macabacus Provides keyboard shortcuts designed for use by members of the financial community.
  • MacroRunner Automates the process of running Excel macros.
  • Mapland Spreadsheet mapping software that allows you to chart Excel data on a map.
  • Moverve UK company providing Isolist for data matching and reconciliation.
  • MSDN: Isolating Microsoft Office Extensions with the COM Shim Wizard Version 2.3 Software developers can isolate managed add-ins using this free COM Shim Wizard.
  • Navigator Utilities Eases navigating through complex spreadsheets. Provides company and purchasing information, free demo and a presentation of the product.
  • NEKO to Excel Proposes free games for Excel, developed with VBA.
  • NodeXL Provides an Excel 2007 template allowing the display and analysis of network graphs. Can import graphs from a variety of formats.
  • O2Olap Offers data analysis and reporting tools for budgeting and forecasting. Proposes consulting services. In London, UK.
  • Oak Focus Software QueryCell allows you to query Excel data using SQL. Website includes screenshots, tutorials and articles.
  • Palo Open Source OLAP software ideal for budgeting and forecasting
  • PATools Data Toolkit Add-in for manipulating and analysing data.
  • Phraseswapper A utility that aids with translation and cleanup of Excel spreadsheets. It captures and lists all words in the spreadsheet, allowing the user to globally substitute alternate words.
  • PrecisionCalc Allows mathematical formulae to provide much more precise results, use of larger and smaller numbers and eliminates binary conversion errors.
  • Quick Excel This add-in provides a simple, ergonomic way to enter data.
  • SBS Development XL-DBQuery is an alternative to Microsoft Query and allows you to query and analyse your data.
  • ScanXLS This tool by Systems Modelling finds the spreadsheets on your network and their links/dependencies. Addresses Sarbanes-Oxley concerns.
  • SimulAr Provides Monte Carlo simulation software for the risk analysis of decisions. Their license states users must email SimulAr with models developed using their tool.
  • SolveXL Single and multiple-objective genetic algorithms optimization add-in for Microsoft Excel.
  • Sovereign NewZealand Provide an improved GoalSeek algorithm. Site includes a download link and a comparison between the capabilities of their algorithm with the ones developed by Microsoft and Lotus.
  • Spheresoft Proposes the Modeler and the Highlighter tools.
  • Spinnaker Software Solutions Add-ins for Microsoft Excel. Downloadable shareware and freeware: Spinnaker Screens, Alerts, Strings, Functions, Merges, Columns, Extracts, Passwords, Fuel Tax Program, Image Wizard, Statistics and Prints.
  • Spreadsheet Advantage Provides utilities including those to compare, analyse, map and track down the sources of circularities in spreadsheets.
  • Spreadsheet Detective Provide reporting and error auditing tools, including ones to show how formulae have been copied, follow precedent/dependent relationships, compare workbooks and manipulate named ranges.
  • Spreadsheet Innovations Ltd Provides development tools for building, testing, documenting and using spreadsheets. Presentation of the company and its product, contact and purchasing information. In the UK.
  • Spreadsheet Tools LockXLS protects VBA and spreadsheet formulae from reverse engineering and provides trial period functionality.
  • SQL*XL Links Excel to Oracle Adds a menu item to Excel through which SQL can be submitted to Oracle. Full featured and allows bulk inserts/updates, PL/SQL, VBA.
  • SQL Drill Freeware which can be used to connect to and import from ODBC compliant databases.
  • Techronology New York based software company with offerings that include some Excel based tools such as a wedding floor planner and a task scheduler.
  • The Spreadsheet Store Free help, a forum and templates for a wide variety of purposes including stock market, real estate and financial statement evaluation, invoicing and personal finance.
  • Trace Draws dependency graphs/diagrams to depict relationships between cells in Excel. Use this tool for spreadsheet auditing, mathematical modeling, and other calculations. Trace is freeware.
  • User Solutions Solutions for scheduling, material control, graphing and time sheets.
  • Virtual Cube Solutions Allows direct access to relational databases in a manner that is identical to an OLAP add-in. Website includes free trial and documentation.
  • Visual Data Group Trellis Charts adds eight new chart types to Excel including Parallel Plots, Box Plots, Dot Plots and others. Website includes documentation and the definition of a Trellis Chart.
  • World Clock File shows the local times in the USA, the UK and Japan relative to GMT and 4 different time zones, including Los Angeles, Ohio and Europe (GMT+1).
  • xl-IQ Interactive Excel Training Add-in that teaches you how to use Excel through its user-interface.
  • XLCubed Provides access to SQL Server Analysis Services to manipulate business data directly in a spreadsheet. Presentation of the company and its technology. In the UK.
  • XLStatistics Set of workbooks for statistical analysis of data. All working and code is visible. Freeware version available.
  • Zementis ADAPA Predictive analytics add-in allows scoring of data and the execution of complex statistical models. Links exist to the same software as a service and running outside of Excel.

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