• 8051 Integrated Development Environment Program combines a text editor, assembler, and software simulator into a single program. All components needed to develop 8051 programs are available and controllable from this single IDE running on Windows 95/98.
  • AAA-Soft Inc. AAA EasyGrid ActiveX has exceedingly powerful functions, can do form control such as edit, input, print, print preview, and connect to multi-databases.
  • Affiliate Creator Affiliate Creator is a shareware tool that enables software vendors to quickly build customized installers for their affiliates.
  • AutoMate by Unisyn Software Allows users to build automated solutions quickly and easily without writing any code. Say goodbye to macros, batch files, and scripting languages.
  • AWinstall Professional installation development system for creating small setups. Provides built-in support for user interaction elements: license screens, logos, required and optional setup tasks. Product specifications, screenshots, and downloads.
  • Chilkat SDK C++ library for DirectX game and multimedia developers.
  • CloneFinder A source code analysis program that uses advanced compiler and pattern matching technology to quickly find similar, redundant or duplicated code within C and C++ programs.
  • cmWare ThunderSetup is a Win32 installation tool that supports traditional actions of registering COM servers and type libraries, handles shared files and in-use files, comparing versions and time stamps. Product features automatic uninstaller, redistributable web-updating utilities, and multilingual setups.
  • Code Counter Software to count source code lines in many different languages. Sortable and exportable to CSV or other spreadsheets such as MS Excel. [Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4.x/XP/2000]
  • DLL to Lib Convert DLL file into equivalent static library.
  • Erez Business Softwares Ltd. Producer of Erez Print Preview ActiveX controls for VB6. The controls were designed to give developers an easy tool to make print and preview of software.
  • ExceleTel Inc. TeleTools works through Microsoft's Telephony API (TAPI) to provide hardware independence the freedom to work with telephony devices from many manufacturers. TeleTools includes both ActiveX and VCL controls.
  • FTP Client Engine for C/C++ Is a library of functions providing direct and simple control of the FTP protocol.
  • GPS ActiveX Get GPS information into your Visual Basic application or web page. Garmin, Magellan, Navman or any NMEA 0183 enabled GPS supported. UTM, SPCS, British National Grid, and most other national coordinate systems supported. [Windows and Pocket PC]
  • Help and Manual A WYSIWYG Windows help-authoring tool that can also be used to print professional-looking manuals and create HTML pages. The program includes a help decompiler for turning compiled HLP files into source code. A unique built-in syntax highlighter enables you to format source code examples.
  • IntelliGen This Powerbuilder utility builds multiple applications, libraries, and objects, generating EXEs, and PBDs/DLLs. Safe for using multiple Powerbuilder versions. [Win95/98/Me/NT/2000]
  • Javelin A graphical, object-oriented programming tool for Java.
  • LTProf CPU profiling tool for C++ and Visual Basic applications, by Lightweight Technologies.
  • Material Dreams Several tools for the Oracle developers.
  • Miracle C Compiler Runs under Windows XP/Vista and compiles for console. Provides a multi-window development environment with integrated compiler and linker.
  • MJ Freelancing MJFSecurity Professional includes two non visual components to turn C++ Builder projects into shareware programs or other secure applications designed for commercial usage.
  • MultiMedia Soft Main activity is the development of multimedia oriented software components (mainly ActiveX controls) for Windows 95/98/2000/NT 4.0.
  • Object Explorer 2 Search and replace libraries for any piece of code. Powerful utility displays applications, libraries, and objects by file directory, hierarchy, or application library.
  • ObjGen The fastest way available to build database applications and data access objects for Visual Basic.
  • PE Corrector Tool for correcting Windows Portable Executable files (exe, dll, sys, bpl, dpl, cpl, ocx, acm, ax, scr). This program is very useful when you need to clear trash from PE files and protect your private information from crackers.
  • Pikauba Software Development tools to assist software professionals in developing maintainable applications for the Windows platform. The tools promote object oriented design techniques and debugging methodologies for SQL database and Internet applications.
  • Process Tree Displays active processes and modules in a tree view, organized by ownership.
  • Resource Builder A tool for visually building RC scripts and resource files.
  • Robocx RoboPrint is the only Control that provides fully automatic Preview and Print, for Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0 Applications, code is not needed. Ideal for, Reports, Office Forms and FormPrints.
  • Scribbler Program designed for creating DHTML scripts in JavaScript and VBScript, which are used on WWW pages.
  • Serial Tools .NET Add serial port support to your C# and VB.NET application. For Windows and Pocket PC.
  • Source2Flowchart Tool that is capable to rapidly analyze source code and to display in the Flow Chart window the graphical presentation of currently edited code. Provide downloads , FAQs, and screen shots
  • SQLAPI++ C++ library for accessing multiple SQL databases. It uses native APIs of target RDBMS so applications developed with SQLAPI++ library run swiftly, and efficiently.
  • SST Incorporated Winsock, Win32, and ODBC debugging tools for 32-bit Windows operating system.
  • Stonehaven Software Provides free and shareware ActiveX controls including: PC speaker (system speaker) control, Morse code control, progress pie and others.
  • TAPIEx ActiveX DLL Telephone programming component (ActiveX DLL), extension of Microsoft TAPI2.0, support multi-lines, multi-calls per line, help build multi channel IVR system.
  • UCalc Fast Math Parser Allows programs to evaluate expressions defined at runtime.
  • UCanCode Soft DocVizor allows developers to quickly visualize and document the class structure of C++ code by generating a color-keyed diagram of a project's class hierarchy.
  • UltimaSerial ActiveX control ActiveX control for Window programming for DATAQ Instrument's DI-1xx serial data acquisition device, or WinDaq Starter kit. VB, VC, Delphi, Excel and LabView programming for DI-194, DI-150RS and DI-151RS.
  • VCX Library Audio streaming ActiveX library for voice chat, conference, VoIP applications.
  • Visual Basic and Databases A tutorial introduction to using Visual Basic for database access and maintenance. Requirements, VB5 Runtime Files, a viewer for Microsoft Word documents.
  • Visual Sidekick An add-in for Visual C++ 5 and 6, featuring fast searchable symbol database browser, source code navigator, source code generator, code metrics, header-flip, method-flip, and clipboard history.
  • Volto.com Publishes a range of low-cost, high-quality ActiveX components for Visual Basic and web developers.
  • VxDWriter A Windows 95/98 virtual device driver development tool. It enables you to develop Windows 95/98 virtual device driver (VxD) in C/C++. No assembly language programming skill is required with this tool.
  • WINDEV Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Windows. Product description, screenshot, FAQs, news group, training courses, and downloads.
  • WinDriver Professional tools for writing device drivers in Windows 95/98 and Windows NT, 2000, CE, Linux, Solaris and VxWorks. Supported buses include PCI/ISA/USB/EISA. No DDK knowledge needed.
  • WinTranslator Reengineering tool that scans C, Pascal, Basic or Fortran code to produce structure charts or C++, Java or Delphi code to produce class diagrams.
  • Xceed Zip Compression Library Software component that provides developers with a host of useful, carefully designed functions for compressing and uncompressing files and data. Its most popular functionality is the ability to create, read and write Zip files.
  • Z-Up Maker Enables you to create compact, and fast setup packages. Additionally, you can create different setup types. It supports English, German, and French.
  • Zeal SoftStudio Develops programming components, such as ActiveX, DLL, add-on and tools. Best viewed with Microsoft IE.

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