• 20/20 Research Inc. Market research services for professional marketing researchers including online focus groups, hosted focus groups, online surveys and online qualitative research software.
  • AceBIT Provides WinSurvey, a software package for creating, publishing and analyzing custom web surveys.
  • Alertus Single page surveys for web site visitors. Reports provide an overall picture of site performance and usability.
  • Apian Survey software for designing, distributing, and reporting on Web, paper and electronic surveys. Web survey design and hosting services available.
  • Atypica, Inc. A self-service web site for creating online surveys or more general web forms.
  • Ballotbin Web-based interface for creating and managing custom online surveys or ballots for elections.
  • Beeliner Web-based interface for creating and managing online surveys. Real-time results available for online review or download.
  • BestCite Corporation Windows-based software for creating and administering online surveys.
  • Bus Design Co. Web survey consulting, programming and hosting services. Delivers custom web survey solutions.
  • C3 Statistical Solutions Full-service survey provider specializing in online 360-degree feedback, customer satisfaction, and employee surveys. Services include survey design, administration, and analysis.
  • Cambridge Software Publishing Survey software for web, paper and email based questionnaire design and analysis. Windows survey software application.
  • Campus-Vote.com Online election software and services, specializing in school and University elections for faculty and students. Organizations can administer their own elections using a web-based interface.
  • Certus Knowledge A web-based user interface for creating, administering and analyzing online surveys to post on your web site.
  • CheckMarket Web site for creating, distributing and analyzing custom online surveys. View and download results in real time.
  • Chumpsoft Web-based interface for creating, administering and analyzing custom online surveys on a web server. View or export the results in CSV or XML format.
  • CIS Ltd Web site for constructing questionnaires, conducting interviews and analyzing the results.
  • Classapps Survey software for creating and administering custom web surveys written in ASP.
  • CleverForm A web-based application for creating, publishing and analyzing custom online surveys. Provides a host service or you can host your own surveys.
  • Client Surveys Web surveys and homepage polls. Serving the Canadian and International markets.
  • CodeSegment Software for creating custom Short Message Service (SMS) opinion polls, surveys, voting, quizzes, chats, feedbacks on GSM mobile phones.
  • CourseShare Web site for designing and conducting online surveys. Create and manage mailing lists and view results in real-time.
  • Creative Research Systems Survey software for Web, intranet, e-mail and paper surveys and CAPI and telephone interviewing (CATI). Produces professional reports on paper or online. Also Web survey hosting service.
  • Dash GNU/Linux-based software for creating and administering custom telephone, web and paper surveys.
  • Data Illusion Web-based survey and polling software, for purchase or hosted, written in ASP.NET.
  • Diatouch, Inc. Survey software, survey systems and related services for use with touch screen tablet PCs, notebooks, all-in-one desktop PCs, and interactive kiosk survey stations.
  • Digipop A custom web survey service. Offers fully customizable web surveys (including multi-language support), email invitations and hosting, and data delivery once the survey is complete.
  • Dipolar Survey design, distribution and analysis software featuring a visual designer, questionnaire flow control, multiple question libraries, multiple distribution methods and statistical analysis tools including graphs.
  • E-Research-Global Online survey research services providing data collection and data analysis for marketing, business, government, and nonprofit organizations.
  • Eastisoft - ApplyNet Survey Software for creating custom web surveys such as customer satisfaction, website feedback and other research topics. Collect unlimited responses. Analyze with your own statistical package.
  • Easyresearch A web-based application for creating, administering and analyzing custom online surveys. Reports available online and for downloading.
  • Elliance - Ennect Survey Web site for building, administering and analyzing custom online surveys. Results tabulated and displayed graphically in real time.
  • Enalyzer A suite of products and services to support an integrated web-based survey application for creating and analyzing custom web surveys.
  • ExploreCommerce Design custom web-based and e-mail surveys for market research and e-marketing. Generates HTML for web-based survey for you to place on your Web site.
  • FIRM Online market research, survey software, and survey tools. Provides real-time analysis, question libraries, input validation.
  • Forall Systems - ForSurveys Website for designing surveys and forms for PDAs for use in face-to-face interviews.
  • ForeSee Results Market research consulting and surveys for measuring website satisfaction.
  • Generation 5 Customer relationship and market-analysis software and technologies with numerous innovations in database and statistical technologies.
  • Global Market Insite Provides a suite of software for market research management, comprised of modules for project management, panel management, questionnaire design, data collection, analysis and reporting.
  • Globalpark Consulting and software development company offering a range of survey and feedback products.
  • Golden Hills Software - SurveyGold Software for creating and administering surveys, and analyzing the results. Supports printed and telephone surveys, as well as web surveys on the Internet.
  • Gravic, Inc. - Remark Web Survey Software application for creating and implementing online forms for purposes such as surveys, evaluations, registrations, guest books and information request forms on web sites.
  • Halogen Software Software for creating and deploying custom web surveys, analyses and reports. Supports multi-lingual surveys. Licensed or hosted solutions available.
  • Handheld Systems Software for designing survey forms for handheld pocket PCs or Windows desktops.
  • Hoerup.com - dubidu.dk Web-based subscription service for creating and managing custom surveys. Hosts surveys for you. Also supports Palm Pilot and PocketPC.
  • Hosted Survey Web-based survey software. Create and manage surveys, opinion polls, market research, customer profile and feedback questionnaires. Affordable, user-friendly survey software alternative.
  • HR-Survey.com A service for developing, hosting and analyzing custom online human resource surveys. Data and analysis available for downloading.
  • i-GRasp Web-based tools for designing and distributing online questionnaires and surveys, and collating and analysing the results.
  • ImageCare, Inc. - Advisor Web site for creating, administering and analyzing custom online surveys.
  • iMagic Software - iMagic Survey Pro Software package for creating, publishing and analyzing custom web surveys.
  • In-Touch Survey Systems Provides research with the goal of performance improvement. Programs are designed help clients realize company-wide improvements based on timely and accurate research.
  • iNetSurvey, Inc. Web-based service for creating, conducting and analyzing online surveys. Results updated in real-time.
  • Infopoll, Inc. Software for conducting online or regular surveys and polls with links about survey tips and tricks on questionnaire design and survey data analysis. Sample questionnaire forms and tools are available for free download.
  • Inquisite Survey Software Survey software tools for creating online surveys for customer satisfaction, employee feedback, and market research. Survey software can be installed or hosting is available.
  • InSite Survey Systems A web-based application for creating custom web surveys and for analyzing the responses in real-time. Hosts Web surveys for you or you can choose to host the Web surveys yourself.
  • Interview Technology Software solutions for data collection (CAI, CAPI, CATI, CAWI, CASI and WebCati)
  • InViewsion Survey and reporting application for custom online and mail surveys.
  • JetMan Productions Web-based service for creating and administering online surveys. Custom formatting and layout options available as well as online analysis of results.
  • Keysurvey Web site for creating, administering and analyzing custom web surveys. Also supports paper surveys.
  • Majon International Offers free tools for generating HTML for online surveys on your web site.
  • Map Business Solutions Inc. Web-based interface for creating and administering custom web surveys. Results downloaded in text delimited file.
  • Marketing Masters Software specializing in Internet HTML and Java based questionnaires, making online market research polling easy. Produces tables, graphs, text reports, questionnaire forms and statistics.
  • Narragansett Technologies - SensorPro Web-based survey tool for deploying and analyzing custom online surveys.
  • Nebu Software for CATI, online research and project management. Also hosts Web surveys.
  • NetReflector Tools and solutions for enterprise feedback, including customer feedback and satisfaction, employee feedback and business partner feedback.
  • ObjectPlanet, Inc. - Opinio Web-based survey software for creating and publishing surveys and questionnaires on the Internet or your intranet.
  • OfficeSeries Surveys and Questionnaires Web-based tools for creating and administering custom online surveys. Services include data capture, data exchanges and custom reporting.
  • Outcome A subscription-based service for conducting professional web surveys and market research.
  • Perceptus Solutions - Papaya Polls A hosted service for creating surveys, deploying surveys, sending email invitations, and administering and analyzing results.
  • Poll Pro Server software for adding web polls to web sites.
  • Poll Stream Web-based tool for setting up multi-question, branching online polls for web sites.
  • Prezza Technologies - Ultimate Survey Software for web-based surveys and forms.
  • ProblemFree.co.uk - Free Online Surveys Offers online tools for free for creating and deploying web and email surveys.
  • Pulse Train Software and services for survey research applications including questionnaire design, data collection, reporting, and analysis.
  • Quask Survey software and services for creating custom online surveys.
  • QuestionPro.com - Survey Software Survey Software for designing surveys, collecting data, and analyzing results.
  • Raosoft , Inc. Web and email survey software that also supports LAN, diskette, mobile and SMS surveys. Internet survey hosting services, and reporting and statistical analysis software are also available.
  • Real Magnet - MagnetSurvey Web-based tool for creating and administering custom online surveys and forms. Surveys can be delivered inside the body of an email.
  • Rformation 21st Free tools on web site for creating custom online questionnaires, sending e-mail notifications and viewing and downloading the results. Web site in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
  • Ridgecrest Surveys Website for creating, publishing and analyzing hosted online surveys. Includes company profile, product description, samples and pricing.
  • RMPLUS Web-based software applications for telephone and personal interviewing as well as processing open-end questions.
  • Sigmer Technologies Software that allows the sending of questionnaires by email and analyzes returned results.
  • SKIM Software Division Software tools for the Market Research industries. These tools range from basic interviewing systems to specialist systems for conjoint research and analysis (ACA, CBC, CVA) and other highly sophisticated systems.
  • Snap Surveys Ltd Survey software for questionnaire design, data collection and analysis. Publishes, interviews, collects and analyzes web, internet, email, scanning, paper and PDA surveys.
  • Soft Concept Survey software for conducting polls and online surveys. Use to create custom questionnaires, collect data, analyze and deliver real time results.
  • Soft Corner Survey generation and analysis tool.
  • Software Ventures - SyncSurvey Survey software for Palm Pilots and other PDA collection devices. Results immediately available on Web site.
  • Sometrix Provides a web-based survey application to create surveys, take surveys and view real-time results.
  • SPSS Provides a suite of software tools for creating surveys, administering and analyzing results. Also provides tools for translating questionnaires into other languages.
  • StateSurvey Survey services include: site design and planning, sampling and general computer support services.
  • StatPac Inc. Survey software for web surveys, written questionnaires and telephone interviewing. Full survey design and analysis capabilities for marketing research with crosstab and banner statistics tables.
  • SuperSurvey Web-based system to design, distribute and tabulate web surveys.
  • Survey Crafter, Inc. Provides a library of questions and wizards that lead users through questionnaire design and analysis for web, paper and telephone-based surveys.
  • SurveyConnect Inc. Software and services for designing, administering and analyzing surveys.
  • SurveyMaster Survey software for creating custom electronic questionnaires for market research. Publishes paper, telephone, Web or email surveys.
  • Surveypro.com Provides a web-based interface for creating, administering and analyzing online surveys. No knowledge of HTML is required. Also provides ability to download results.
  • SurveyWriter.com Create, edit and field professional marketing research web surveys over the internet. Handle multiple projects, quota control, filtering, question and response rotations, and response piping.
  • SurveyZ.Com Web based service for building and administering online surveys. Real-time Data Analysis and Reports. Free registration and trial survey.
  • Techneos Systems Mobile computer-assisted personal interviewing software designed for the marketing research professional.
  • The Uncle Group, Inc. Windows-based software that imports questionnaire data from files exported by other software including survey software. Imported data can be cleaned and used for sophisticated analysis.
  • Training Technologies, Inc. Survey software for internet surveys, e-mail surveys, paper surveys, diskette surveys, assessments, and questionnaires.
  • Trax UK Windows-based data capture software using OMR/ICR, Web and email technologies for education, government and commerce. Software creates survey forms that can be scanned.
  • Vanguard Software Corporation Software and hosting services for building custom online surveys. Performs automatic survey analysis using artificial intelligence techniques.
  • Videlicet Macintosh and Windows-based web survey software for creating custom online questionnaires. Provides survey creation and consulting as well as web hosting.
  • Vovici Corporation Providing comprehensive survey software, panel management and online community solutions.
  • Voxco Survey software for market research, contact centers : online surveys, virtual call center, telephone surveys (CATI), CAPI, cross tabulation software. CTI solution : predictive dialer, ACD, IVR.
  • Web-Online-Surveys.com Web site for building online surveys using a web browser. Respondent results available for download.
  • Wisco Computing Survey software with demographic, correlation, and complete statistical analyses. Professional version includes web survey creation, charting and email survey data entry. Twelve question types are supported.
  • Xorbix Technologies: Ioxphere Web-based, asp/xml, data-gathering software, enabling organizations to create, warehouse and data-mine surveys, polls and reviews.
  • Zarca Interactive Online surveys, research technology and solutions. Also provides web surveys, online reports and real-time analysis.
  • ZipSurvey.com Web-based survey tools available by subscription for creating, administering and analyzing internet surveys. Includes survey templates and survey consulting services.
  • ZonderaCom Web-based service for creating and administering online surveys. Also provides consulting services. [Swedish and English].
  • Zoomerang Provides various templates for quickly creating online surveys. Allows distribution and presents data summary.

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