• 20/20 Hindsight Provide high speed digital video capture systems for process automation and packaging lines. Used to adjust printing and packaging equipment alignment on the fly.
  • AC2, Inc. Management, visualization and reporting for loading or unloading at bulk petroleum, asphalt, LPG and chemical distribution terminals.
  • ACP Information Technology AG Providers of professional IT solutions for production planning and control.
  • acp-Information Technology GmbH Developers of InFrame Synapse Process Control System, a comprehensive platform for process and equipment control and monitoring.
  • Activplant Provides Throughput Analyzer, a lean manufacturing software that helps high volume and discrete automated manufacturers increase production and decrease costs and waste.
  • ADAM Forum A free forum to talk about anything and everything related to PC-based Industrial Automation Solutions.
  • Adroit Technologies Automation, MES and reporting software solution providers with applications across multiple industries and sectors. Expert support and training provided. Based in South Africa.
  • Advanced Probe Technologies Provide Cad/Cam on-machine probing software solutions to the manufacturing community. Products include modules for feature measure, part alignment, calibration, and machine health for machine tool probes. SPC probe data collection.
  • Advanced Systems & Designs, Inc. SPC Solutions consisting of gage interfaces, SPC software, portable data collectors, industrial PCs.
  • Advanced Systems Concepts ActiveBatch Enterprise Job Scheduling and Workload Automation simplifies the integration of disparate IT Business and Administrative processes into unified workloads using events and date/time scheduling while managing dependencies across systems and infrastructure.
  • Advanced Technical Software Provide design and implementation of control and monitoring systems and offer support with a range of services, either separately or as part of turnkey packages.
  • Advanced Technologies Statistical software tools for real-time SPC. Manufacturing and service companies use to control, monitor variation, and as an early warning indicator.
  • Advantage Industrial Automation Provide factory automation and information solutions to improve productivity and quality, reduce downtime and waste, and increase efficiency and safety.
  • Advosol Inc. .NET software components for the development OPC DA, HDA, AE, XML-DA server and client applications.
  • AE Systeme Products include terminal hardware for data capture, time attendance, machine control in production and industrial environments and software and systems powered by embedded linux, Windows, Windows CE / Mobile.
  • AFCON Software and Electronics Ltd. Providers of software to the automation industry, specializing in industrial control, fire safety, security and building management systems. Offers technical support services, training, and turnkey projects.
  • AIM Analytical, LLC Supplier of Windows PC-based automation and reporting software for PLC, SCADA, HMI, and MMI applications that work on LAN/WAN and ERP/MRP systems.
  • AIS Automation Dresden GmbH Manufacturing automation and information technology solutions for the semiconductors, plastics, vacuum technology and railway industries.
  • Applied Integration UK Ltd Applied Integration UK provides complete industrial automation and information services from design through to integration and maintenance.
  • Apriso Corporation Provider of plant and warehouse automation solutions for the industrial sector and expertise in integration with electronic commerce and ERP systems.
  • ArchestrA.biz Community website for ArchestrA software users.
  • Areal Developers of Topkapi HMI / SCADA software for process supervision. Offers time stamped data acquisition, communication with PLCs using OPC servers or field protocols and RTUs.
  • ARROW Engineering Oy Develop software and systems for industrial data management. Products include ARROW maintenance information and production machine monitoring systems.
  • ARsoft Automation Free SCADA, Softlogic, Profibus card Solutions for industrial, process and office automation including control, SCADA/HMI, programming languages. Visual IO & Visual PLC
  • Aspect Systems Providers of IMS Aspect which gives users of ABB Process Portal A, seamless access to historical logs and user objects residing in Unix.
  • Asprova APS ASPROVA advanced planning and scheduling software improves precision and performance of manufacturing plants.
  • ASR Technology Limited Systems integrator for process control solutions. Delivering SCADA, DCS, PLC, PIMS, Fire and Gas, ESD and Data acquisition solutions including support, maintenance and training.
  • ATS International B.V. Solutions for industrial, process and office automation including control, SCADA/HMI, programming languages, communication, networks and databases and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems).
  • ATV - Aandrijftechniek Vanneste Provide control systems integration to a range of industries with particular experience in the automation of concrete and slab production plants.
  • Automa Software house specializing in developing SCADA products, including Super-Flash and software solutions for production management industrial information systems integration.
  • Automated Environments, Inc. Egg flow control and environmental monitoring provides increased efficiencies and lower costs while assuring predictable, consistent egg flow in large scale hen laying operations.
  • Automated Solutions Inc Runtime-free ActiveX control development kits for industrial PLC SCADA, HMI, and MMI applications. Controls will support development packages includes Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi.
  • Automation Manager Graphical software configurable package to control machines and inspect/gauge products. Applications can control digital IO, analogue IO, metrology equipment (cameras, lasers or probes) and motion control devices.
  • Automation Project Management Brillig Systems provides certified Project Managers and Automation Engineers to deliver manufacturing projects on time and on budget.
  • Automation-Course.com Online course for automation, mainly with basics of PLC programming.
  • automationX Server based HMI, Soft PLC and SCADA process automation and control system software for Win NT and LINUX. DeviceNet, Profibus, Modbus, Ethernet, Batch Management, Trending, Alarming, SPC Tools.
  • AUTOMGEN Software for PLC programming, SCADA, 3D process, electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic simulation.
  • AXRON Swiss Technology Automation and control, process engineering and manufacturing execution systems for the metallurgical industry
  • Azitech Pty Ltd Providers of customised, turnkey, quality control and on-line inspection systems. Products include check weighers, metal detectors, x-ray scanners and machine vision inspection systems.
  • Bigston Information Technologies Manufacturing software for real time production reporting, tracking and document management utilizing web based and bar code technologies.
  • BroadWin Technology Inc. Browser based HMI and SCADA software for real-time industrial control systems and facilities automation.
  • Bubble Automation Software engineers specializing in PLC and SCADA control systems including Allen Bradley, Siemens and Wonderware.
  • CamSensor Pty Ltd Specialize in Machine Vision, Image Analysis and Industrial Control Software development.
  • Camstar Provider of enterprise quality management and manufacturing execution systems.
  • Casco Development ShopVue software enables real time tracking and management of personnel, machines and orders for manufacturers.
  • CB Automazione Specialize in assembly technology and process control software for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and electro-mechanical components industries.
  • CC Software, Inc. Specialize in software for inventory control, warehouse management, and automated material handling control software and systems. Developers of SEER inventory management software.
  • Celution Software Providers of warehouse control and inventory control, order management and distribution software systems to customers throughout the eastern USA and internationally.
  • Certusoft Inc. Provide integrated customizable software to manage the Engineered-to-Order process including design optimization of critical engineering components, generation of the Bill of Materials and release to suppliers and manufacturing floor.
  • CIMAC Inc. Provides cost effective factory automation software and services for the semiconductor manufacturing, FPD, LCD and IC assembly industry.
  • CimQuest INGEAR Developers of a range of PLC software for industrial automation and control, and manufacturing processes and equipment.
  • Cimulus Software Development Custom software development company specializing in data collection and barcoding solutions, database programming, software migrations, and custom applications for industry.
  • Citius Corporation Developers of KB MAX configurator engineering and business process software to automate generation of 3D CAD models, manufacturing drawings, Bill Of Materials (BOM), quotes and sales proposals.
  • CMH Software Allows design, edit, test, teach, print of electrical ladder diagrams. Includes built-in symbol library (over 100 symbols). Draw complete diagrams, from control circuits to three-phase power sections.
  • CMS 1500 Software Our CMS-1500 software is a great choice for submitting your paper claims. Create unlimited claims. Submit claims electronically to your clearinghouse.
  • CoDeSys CoDeSys is a device-manufacturer independent IEC 61131-3 programming system. It offers optional integrated components for visualization, fieldbus configuration (EtherCAT, ProfiNet etc.) and MotionControl (PLCopen, CAM, DIN 66025).
  • CoDeSys Forum The official online forum around CoDeSys. The IEC 61131-3 tool CoDeSys from 3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH is widely used for the programming of industrial controllers.
  • Colyton Industrial Designs Industrial control systems design consultancy, using PC and PLC solutions, based in the South West of England.
  • Combinum An advanced sales configurator that makes the process of ordering more efficient by letting customers and sellers create orders on the Internet.
  • Common Vision Blox Machine vision operating system and software library for the development of sophisticated image processing applications.
  • CompAS Controls Provide web enabled process control, monitoring, and data acquisition software and advanced furnace simulation techniques primarily to thermal processing industries.
  • Configur8or Sales & web product configurator software. Providing service estimating, improved value added reselling, guided buying & selling and smooths workflow through organisations of all sizes.
  • Configure One Provides parametric product configurators and product configuration systems for manufacturing companies.
  • Contact and Coil PLC programming articles with a touch of humor.
  • Contel ITS Specialize in the delivery of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for production management with expertise in environments, including pharmaceutical, food, and beverage industries.
  • Controlmanuals.com Provides free download manuals and ebooks for automation control engineering.
  • Controlmatics Automation consultants and systems integrators to food processing, batch and continuous chemical process, oil and gas, building materials and utilities industries.
  • COPA-DATA zenOn is an open control software for HMI and SCADA applications, featuring STRATON, an integrated IEC61131-3 programming environment.
  • Copalp Provide software tools and components for embedded systems in the field of industrial control.
  • Coritech Services Provide system integration services specializing in industrial measurement and control systems. Areas of concentration include PLC and PC-Based SCADA systems for monitoring and controlling critical processes.
  • Cougar Automation Ltd MES, SCADA, consultancy and automation software solutions for world class manufacturing clients.
  • CP Sistemi SMS server is companion software for CitectSCADA to send text-message to mobile cell phones.
  • CSWorks Providers of scalable web-based, Silverlight-enabled HMI, SCADA, EMI solutions for a variety of OPC, PLC, database data sources
  • Cyberlogic Software Software provider for connectivity to devices on Modicon and Allen-Bradley networks. Products include network card drivers (MBX and DHX), software-based bridging applications, and OPC servers.
  • D2 Engineering Consultants Provide real-time control and automation software engineering services for commerce and manufacturing industries in Manchester and the North East of the UK.
  • Data Solutions LLC Free java scada solution - multi-platform software.
  • Delogic Engineering Test and measurement specialist offering automated, scientific and industrial solutions. Based in Mexico.
  • Depquest SRL Industrial information source integration. Industrial automation, supervision, control, monitoring and diagnosys.
  • Dhruva Automation And Controls Authorised distributors for control and automation systems and energy saving equipment
  • Digital Applications International (DAI) DAI is a solution delivery and application engineering company to the industrial and manufacturing sectors.
  • DMC Inc. Develops and implements software to automate and control industrial machines, business processes, and test/measurement systems. Offers controls engineering and consulting to the industrial automation market.
  • DrSCADA Automation Providers of network management systems for remote alarm monitoring, mediation and support of mission critical field information within the oil, gas, utility, energy and telecommunications sectors.
  • DuroByte Inc Specialize in industrial sector office and plant automation applications and capable of managing software projects from design, development, installation, and maintenance
  • Eazyworks Manufacturing Execution System Provides of manufacturing execution systems for manufacturing automation, compliance and quality control, including connecting different systems for shop floor control, production tracking and genealogy.
  • Elabtronics Provide electronic control systems based on expertise in microcontroller development and programming.
  • EmsPT UK based providers of Manufacturing Consulting Services, Manufacturing Execution Systems and OEE Solutions.
  • Ernicware Optitask Software Optitask is a business process software package that automates everyday repetitive tasks.
  • EsCollate A real time productivity software suite designed to engage factory employees, directing behavior towards meeting organizational objectives. Based on proven Lean Manufacturing and OEE approaches.
  • ETM professional control Developers of PVSS, process visualization and control system for small remote outstations and large central control rooms. Offers high availability, fast interaction and ease of use.
  • EuroSoft Provides software design consulting and development for automation.
  • FABMation SECS GEM software and expertise for automating semiconductor and FPD manufacturing equipment. Test tools for SEMI protocols.
  • Factivity Inc. Factivity real-time factory floor data collection and Finite Scheduling (APS) system utilizing touch screen capabilities. Provides an intuitive “paperless” MES approach to WIP tracking, integration into PLC’s and machines.
  • Factory Insite Inc. Provide software and services to discrete manufacturers for real-time measurement of goals utilizing factory floor data collection, track key performance indicators and achieve business agility.
  • Factory Systemes Systems integrators for a wide range of industrial automation software and hardware products. Based in France.
  • Factory Systems SPC Manufactures SPC (Statistical Process Control) systems designed for harsh environment factory floors as well as clean room facilities.
  • Famic Technologies Inc. - Automation Studio Circuit design and simulation software for hydraulic, pneumatic, PLC ladder logic, Grafcet and bill of material for engineering, maintenance and training.
  • FAST S.p.a Providers of HMI, SCADA and MES software and systems for industrial automation applications.
  • FasTrak SoftWorks Inc. Provider of software for maintenance management, file change management, PLC programming and simulation, and data acquisition and monitoring.
  • Flatware Company SCADA and HMI application development. Free automation software including OPC data logger and database conversion software.
  • FLK Tech s.r.l. Providers of industrial automation consulting and software including V-Power a new generation of SCADA system.
  • Fluid Air Inc. Batch Process Systems built around FACTROL software.
  • FMA-Systems Suppliers of software and systems to the petrochemical industry for oil terminal and distribution depot automation.
  • Focus Works Batch and lot tracking software and product tracking software vendors with specialization in the food processing industries.
  • Free PLC Software Listing of free/demo PLC software available online. All known restrictions are listed.
  • Free SCADA project An open source SCADA system for MS Windows (2000/XP/Vista)that provides flexible tools for visualization and interactive control of any industrial process. The system uses OPC servers for data collection.
  • Freudenberg IT Adicom Software Suite enables a full range of data collection for planning and management of personnel, production, shop floor and warehousing.
  • Fultek Industrial Developers of WinTr SCADA software package.
  • GUARDUS Solutions AG Germany based developers of GUARDUS Manufacturing Execution System which is used in Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Medical Devices and Plastics industries for increased production and quality.
  • Hexatec Services Supplier of industrial SCADA / HMI automation software and services. Software products include Saturn HMI and SCAN1000 data acquisition systems.
  • HK Systems, Inc. Provides supply chain solutions including supply chain execution software and automated material handling.
  • Hurco Automation Ltd. Manufacturer of Windows based universal programmable controls, Windows man machine interface systems, data acquisition and control boards, and remote data acquisition and control products
  • I/Gear Corporation, Inc. Provide a range of software products for the development of manufacturing execution and performance management solutions.
  • I.T. Manufacturing Systems Supply software packages for capture of real time inventory, downtime and machine data from equipment. Also e-Kanban solutions, voice notification systems, visual management systems and I.T. manufacturing related services.
  • ICONICS OEE Solution Web based OEE solution to measure and monitor the efficiency of a manufacturing process, providing information to allow for an increase in availability, performance and quality.
  • ID Computing Limited Offer custom software development and consultancy for engineering industries. Data monitoring, transmission, analysis, modelling and presentation.
  • INAMTECH Solutions Industrial Automation (PLC, HMI), and custom solutions suppliers including custom embedded / microelectronics design for industrial applications.
  • Includis Manufacturing Software Inc. Providers of Includis Factory MES software for production processes information management. Real-time production data of equipment via Profibus DP or Ethernet TCP/IP helps to monitor, control and reduce production costs
  • Inductive Automation Web based HMI system, SQL database centric OPC based control systems, industrial reporting, and unlimited clients.
  • InduSoft Corporation InduSoft produces software that transforms personal computers, Web browsers, or remote devices such as cell phones and PDAs into industrial automation and test and measurement systems.
  • Industrial Automation Consulting Systems integrators providing automation engineering and information management including systems design and documentation through fabrication, programming, start-up services, and training. Industrial Automation Consulting is a "Turnkey Systems House" providing all aspects of automation engineering and information management.
  • Industrial Automation Solutions Suppliers of Industrial Automation Solutions for real-time manufacturing. Combining Software, Hardware and Consultancy
  • INGEAR Software Products Providers of PLC communications drivers, Active X controls and OPC server software products.
  • Inocam Developers of CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software solutions including Inocontrol - high performance 2D/3D motion controller supporting stepper and brush/brushless servo drives.
  • INOSOFT Developers of VisiWin range of visualization software.
  • Insphere Technology Providers of automation and SECS/GEM (HSMS, SECS-I, SECS-II, GEM) connectivity software/solutions for FAB users and OEM equipment manufacturers in semiconductor and related industries.
  • Integration Objects Provide plant integration services and connectivity solutions between real-time systems, applications and devices primarily for manufacturing industries. Products include OPC clients and servers.
  • IntegraXor HMI/SCADA Web-based SCADA using SVG graphics with Modbus, OPC and major protocols. Offers fast, simple and straightforward development using HTML, JavaScript or VBScript.
  • Intelliquip Web-based automation software for pumps, valves, compressors, blowers and more for the fluid handling equipment industry.
  • ISaGRAF ISaGRAF is a control software environment that enables the creation of local or distributed control systems.
  • ISG Industrielle Steuerungstechnik GmbH Providers of software solutions for industrial control and automation. Products include ISG-kernel for the control of machines and installations for CNC, robotics and motion control applications and ISG-virtuos, an engineer friendly software for real-time simulation of machines and installations.
  • ISIAR - Intelligent Software for Industrial Automation and Robotics. Designs and implements software for industrial robotics, PLC's (Programmable Logic Controllers) and automation systems.
  • ISR - Integrated Scientific Resources David Hary Ph.D provides software development, systems integration and automation services.
  • IT Integration Consulting IT and turn-key project management integrators with expertise in IT, project management, logistics and warehousing, lean six sigma and control systems and automation.
  • Itris Automation Square Tools for improving the quality and productivity of PLC programs.
  • Ittech Automation Development, marketing and supply of software tools and services to test, verify and validate the logic of PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) based Control Systems.
  • IVA Machine Vision Applications Providers of turn-key solutions for machine vision projects with state of the art technology at competitive prices. WIS1000 system performs real time 100% automatic inspection on continuous web products.
  • iVolve Information Technology Software developers providing software solutions to industrial and enterprise clients. iControl product suite provides advanced visualization, integration and control capabilities for a broad range of platforms, including wireless devices.
  • Jobpack Software for paperless shopfloor electronic documentation management including NC program DNC file transfers to and from machines.
  • JZW Control Systems Integrated packaging and process control solutions including packaging machinery and process automation software for food and beverages, pharmaceutical, chemical industries.
  • Kaizen IT Services Providers of outsourcing services including web based ERP systems to large IT Multi National Corporations. Core suppliers of IBM in India.
  • Kassl GmbH Specializes in software development for OPC components and OPC gateways.
  • KBA Systems System integrators and business solution providers including radio frequency (RF), data acquisition, shop floor control and quality software systems.
  • Kilderry Instruments Ltd. Solution providers for quality industrial automation, software and instrumentation. PLC and PC based control and data acquisition solutions.
  • kirchner SOFT Products include logiCAD software the target-system-neutral graphical programming system for automation devices based on IEC 61131-3.
  • KW-Software Supply technologies in the field of industrial control (IEC 61131) and safety technology (IEC 61508)to manufacturers of automation devices (PLCs) for industrial sectors.
  • Lambrequin Blind Software Software programs for jalousie (blinds) manufacturers. A new kind of vertical blinds - lambrequin blinds.
  • Lighthouse Systems Limited Lighthouse offers SPC, data collection, reporting, and bespokes.
  • Longxinzhiye Technology Co.Ltd Developers and manufacturers of weighing controllers, including batching controllers, belt scale controllers, packing scale controllers.
  • Machine Information Systems Production data reporting systems covered in detail with pros and cons of connection, display methods and functions discussed. With focus on passive systems.
  • Machine Vision Consulting Consulting services company focused on developing custom software projects for the machine vision industry. Cognex certified vision integrator.
  • MachineXpert LLC Supply on line condition monitoring systems to increase asset utilization, minimize production downtime and premature maintenance in manufacturing industries
  • Manufacturing Information Solutions Systems integrators providing manufacturers with custom written and off-the-shelf plant floor automation and software solutions.
  • MastersIndustries Inc. Provide automation solutions designed in Pro/E and SolidWorks.
  • MDT Software Providers of disaster recovery and change management solutions for automated manufacturing assets.
  • Measuresoft Development Limited Development services and real-time information systems products. Using Microsoft technologies to make solutions in application domains.
  • MESware Providers of MEScontrol.net, an ISA-95 compliant Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) suite for the process industry.
  • Micro Interface Design Material handling, batching and quality control software and hardware for the plastic, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
  • MICROSYS Developers of PROMOTIC SCADA HMI software since 1991. Full featured software, training and support. Installed in a wide range of industrial applications.
  • Mikon Systems Romanian IT company with expertise in design, implementation and integration of industrial software systems.
  • Minot Enterprises Inc. Specialists in process instrumentation, control systems engineering services and process data management services. Software used includes Wonderware, Incuity, Allen Bradley, Siemens, and Modicon.
  • Mint Components Inc. Component based development of data acquisition and process control software with real-time, alarm and archiving functionality. Specialize in sensor calibration applications.
  • Mynah Technologies Simulation software for process automation systems including DCS and PLC control systems.
  • N.B. Automation Specialize in software design and integration for manufacturing management and hospital linen tracking.
  • NC systems Project intended for users and developers of NC systems; for scientific organizations and high schools teaching students in the area of "Automation and Control in Machine-building Industry"
  • NDA TECH Developers of industrial machinery control software, custom software, digital equipment and firmware. Typical applications include axis motion control, plant automation and supervision.
  • Net Inspect Web based system provides "real-time" solutions to achieve zero defects for component manufacturers.
  • NeuroTech Research Develops networked solution for enterprise management and plant automation.
  • Noverhed, Inc. Specializing in Engineering, Program & Project Management related to Manufacturing Facilities / Processes, Automation, and Equipment.
  • Nubitek Developers of libraries for Siemens automation systems to enable S7-200 PLCs for SMS sending, GPRS communication, web reporting, etc.
  • Obermeier Software Develops individual and standard software for industrial automation.
  • OctaveSoft Special software engineering lifecycle services for the Pharmaceutical Industry: verification and validation support, project management in regulated environments, electronic batch record systems and consulting for automation projects
  • OEE Automation OEE systems and software supplier listing and resources for automating OEE data collection, analysis and reporting.
  • OO-Realtime Automation Consultancy and software development for machine automation, process control and instrumentation using RTAI Linux or QNX, integration of fieldbuses and image processing.
  • OPC Labs Providers of commercial OPC software. Multiple custom OPC servers for complex protocols, custom clients, and combined client-server tools.
  • OPC Training Institute OPCTI is an OPC training company that offers hands-on classes both in-person and online. OPCTI focuses strictly on training and does not sell its own products.
  • OPC-SNMP Gateway The Netlistener OPC-Server is a convenient network monitoring tool. It provides status data on network devices through ICMP, SNMP.
  • Open Automation Software Providers of OPC Alarm.NET and OPC Trend.NET OPC Client Windows Service and .NET component for Visual Studio .NET applications.
  • Open Field Communications Software engineering consultancy specialising in portable solutions HART, Profibus and Foundation Fieldbus configuration. Products include PocketHART, which allows configuration of HART devices from any PocketPC handheld.
  • OpteBiz Providers of Manufacturing Execution Systems for enterprise and operational integration, operational intelligence solutions and business and technology consulting service.
  • Optimal Industrial Automation Ltd Specilising in automating industrial and manufacturing systems and production processes. Manufacturers of the PAT Data Management software package – synTQ® and the Print and Inspect system - synTI®
  • Optimalog Soft PLC on Windows XP,Vista,7 with a real time kernel and free SCADA. Complies to the CEI 61131.
  • Optimum FX Provide production line automation software and continuous improvement consultancy.
  • Opus Software Ltd Developers of telemetry and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)software for industrial automation applications.
  • Orchestra Control Engine Suite of software components (based on Linux/RTAI) for planning, development and deployment of real time control applications for industrial machines and robots.
  • Ovation Engineering Offer custom logic design for Fanuc CNC controls, as well as the EZ-Comp system for statistically based, automatic tool wear offsets for CNC Machinery.
  • Pantek Independent supplier of industrial automation solutions in the UK and Ireland.
  • Parker Projects Limited Providers of automated process and machine control systems from initial consultancy to final commissioning and engineer training.
  • Pathway Technologies Inc Offers low-cost software tools for hardware-in-the-loop and realtime control systems design and prototyping. Also offers consulting services in these areas.
  • PCGum Developers of industrial web server for shop floor data capture and remote machinery and facilities monitoring using Internet based communications.
  • PcVue Solutions PcVue Solutions for HMI, SCADA and Reporting from ARC Informatique.
  • PcVue South Asia Pte Ltd Providers of Pcvue, Plantvue, WebVue and Frontvue HMI and SCADA software, which incorporate 3D with Direct X, VBA, OPC, LONWORKS technologies and communicate with most makes of PLC.
  • PI Admin PI Admin offers planning, development and system administration services based around OSISoft's PI System software.
  • Plantrun OEE, machine downtime, machine utilisation and manufacturing information systems. Supports lean manufacturing and continuous improvement programs.
  • PlantTalk:MES Specialize in the design, development, implementation and support of complete Manufacturing Execution Systems based on their PlantTalk:MES.
  • PLC Compare Site compares the features of major PLC's including Rockwell, Siemens, Schneider, Panasonic, Omron, Keyence and Automation Direct
  • PLC Edge PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) information site. Unbiased information, programming, training and community.
  • PLC How To Comprehensive set of tutorials introducing PLC concepts and terms to those new to the industry.
  • PLC Manual Resource containing basics of programmable logic controllers with programming examples.
  • PLC-Course.com Site featuring open access PLC training tutorials videos and articles for various makes of PLC.
  • Positronics Inc. Software provider for custom industrial automation applications, including robotics, motion control, HMI, machine vision, PLC, and simulation.
  • Precision Development Consulting Inc Developers of custom systems and software for all automation requirements.
  • Process Optimization Process Intellect is an on-line process modeling, prediction, monitoring, alerting and optimization system suited for continuous processes in manufacturing, energy production, oil refining and other commercial/industrial operations.
  • Produ-Tech Monitoring PTY LTD Customised production monitoring and data acquisition software systems. GSM remote data access and control systems.
  • Production Process ProductionACE for real-time factory floor production, OEE data collection software with ERP interface and human/machine interfaces that connect to all types of machinery.
  • Progea Providers of MoviconX SCADA HMI software cross-platform for human machine interfaces or supervision applications. WinCe.Net supported.
  • ProScada Providers of IO drivers and OPC servers for Siemens, ABB, Mitsubishi, IEC 870. Also with custom interfaces for GE iFix, Citect.
  • ProSys, Inc. Providers of process systems consulting service to the refining and chemical industries. Expertise in industrial alarm management.
  • Proventus Technologies Ltd. Software solutions for the Electronic SMT Industry including PCB assembly yield analysis, defect information, failure analysis and tooling time efficiency improvement.
  • Provideam Develop software for automated OEE collection, analysis and reporting. Also facilitates manual OEE and downtime entry.
  • Quirex Software Solutions LOGO!MONITOR software turns a basic SIEMENS LOGO! module into a full-fledged switching, controlling and data acquiring tool for scientists and engineers.
  • Radix Controls Inc. Specialist industrial applications includes machine vision, process control, smart cards, bar coding, robotics, programmable logic controllers for Windows NT.
  • Real Time Automation Inc. Barcode to PLC Gateway provider for fast transfer of barcode data to Allen Bradley PLC's.
  • RealityPV 3D Production Vision Assembly line mistake proofing software offering interactive 3D work instructions, process visualization, and on the job training capabilities.
  • RealVision Inc. Manufacturing software providers for shop floor and factory automation, document and tool management, DNC communication, preventative maintenance, and MES solutions.
  • Reliance A modern SCADA/HMI system designed to visualize and control industrial processes. Reliance is a customizable, reliable and robust system, which can be adapted even for complex applications.
  • REMOCS India based providers of Black Diamond HMI/SCADA software for scalable process monitoring and industrial automation solutions.
  • Repete Corporation Providers of automation software and systems for the process industries, agribusiness and food processing applications.
  • RFQtech Offer automatic RFQ quote processing computer software programs product solutions and services, helping manufacturers and vendors sourcing electronic components parts used in connectors, housing, interconnects, wires, cables assemblies.
  • Rkneal Engineering Offers complete engineering design services related to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Distributed Control Systems (DCS) installations for businesses in the manufacturing and processing industries.
  • Robotics Evolution Complete hardware and specialized software solutions for control, planning, analyzing and simulation of robots and industrial machines.
  • Samelco Automation Systems Northwest England based industrial automation and building energy management company specializing in web technology.
  • Scada ETA Automatizari Industriale Integrators of SCADA/HMI OPC applications, RTU with GPRS communications, and GPS fleet management for public utilities.
  • Scada LAquis SCADA LAquis - Supervisory control and data acquisition software for industrial automation.
  • Scomac Automation System integration company using PLC, SCADA, RFID, barcoding, mobile computing and IT.
  • Scytec Predator shop floor control and manufacturing automation systems.
  • SD System Solutions MES Software and PLC Programmers with Industrial Automation and Control System Experience including Panel Building and SCADA System Integration.
  • Sensys - IntelliMAX Providers of IntelliMAX range of industrial automation products fully scalable enterprise-wide for process and equipment operations and real time data availability.
  • ShopFloorReporting.com Shop floor reporting and data collection systems. HMI, MMI and MES systems.
  • Shoplogix Manufacturing software for the plant floor that automates all manufacturing processes for productivity improvement. Clients in all manufacturing industries and sizes.
  • Sielco Sistemi Developers of Winlog SCADA HMI automation software for industrial and building automation.
  • Sine Software Technology Provide cost effective custom software development, specializing in areas related to motion control and automation.
  • Smart Evolution Produces industrial automation software for engineering wood industry
  • SNMP-OPC Gateway Fully bidirectional gateway to interconnect SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and OPC. Integrate automation systems into the existing IT network infrastructure.
  • Softcon Systems Pvt. Ltd. India based Industrial Automation Solutions provider with technical expertise in Power, F&B, Steel, Cement, Pharmaceutical sectors. System Design, Implementation and Commissioning support from veteran technocrats.
  • Software Horizons Inc. OI-2000 is a human-machine interface available for industrial monitoring and reporting. Software supports Modicon, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, idec, Watlow, Omron.
  • Software Toolbox Industrial and manufacturing component automation software products - ActiveX, OPC, HMI, MMI, SCADA, and drivers.
  • Solacon Incorporated Design and implement industrial automation and programmable control systems for clients across Canada. Providers of automation software and systems.
  • Solversa Providers of ERP, Business Intelligence, and IT services to manufacturing industries in India.
  • Special Effects & Services Electrical & PLC software design specialist for bespoke automated wetcast & pre-cast concrete machinery.
  • Status Vision Designer Real-time data visualization software for designing HMI displays for manufacturing and other process control industries. Services include custom user interface design, training and consulting.
  • Stephen Computer Services DataLyzer automates data collection, charting, analysis of statistical process control. Sophisticated, without lengthy computer / human interaction.
  • SuiteFactory Provide factory automation software for document control, records management, machine tool communications, DNC, machine monitoring and ISO9000 solutions.
  • Survalent Technology US based suppliers of SCADA, Outage Management System (OMS), Distribution Management Systems (DMS), Distribution Automation (DA), and Substation Automation (SA) solutions.
  • SW-For-Hire Semiconductor equipment automation software consulting. SECS/GEM SEMI standard networking, as well as real-time process and equipment control development.
  • Sycon GmbH Providers of modular software for industrial SPC analysis, production efficiency evaluation and analysis and knowledge management.
  • Tascomp Limited Prodigy SCADA HMI industrial automation software for industrial monitoring and control applications. Provides dedicated facilities for machine utilization and OEE, FDA 21 cfr Part 11, Statistical Process Control (SPC).
  • TBR Automation Systems Integrator for Factory Automation, PLC Software, HMI and SCADA Systems, Simatic, Allen Bradley, Wonderware, International Machine Start-Up
  • TCAM Products Providers of wireless telemetry products using SMS via GSM network including PC-based and web-based application.
  • Test Control Industrial test system design, development and supply. Test control, automation and data acquisition
  • The Soma Group, Inc. A established integrator of SEMI SECS GEM 300mm communication standards and systems software for the semiconductor market. Includes knowledge of standards - E-4 (SECS-I); E-5 (SECS-II); E-30 (GEM); E-37 (HSMS.
  • The Vision Depot Automated Solutions Manufacturer of factory automation solutions designed to reduce downtime, reduce overhead, and make all manufacturing operations more efficient and cost effective.
  • Tigusoft BusyFactory software is designed to help organize business projects, calculate deadlines for new works, calculate amount the amount of work performed by any worker. Barcode reader option.
  • TiPS, Incorporated Providers of process alarm management software, consulting, and services to manufacturers in all industries.
  • Toptech Systems, Inc. Bulk terminal automation systems for petroleum, asphalt, propane and chemicals.
  • Trackman Services UK based company providing inventory management, automation systems, management information software, turnkey project management and maintenance support.
  • Trihedral Engineering Visual Tag System software allows an OEM, system integrator or end user to develop HMI and SCADA systems for PC-based industrial monitoring and control.
  • Trineco Oy Tailored software solutions and systems design utilizing machine vision and advanced process control techniques for the needs of process and automation industry as well as for environmental industry.
  • U.C.ME - Unified Control Messaging Developers of U.C.ME-OPC alarm notification and analysis software. Connects via OPC and DDE and uses SMS, WAP, RSS, phone, fax, email and multimedia to notify users on alarm situations.
  • Values First Consulting Sdn Bhd Software company specializing in Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) products and services for the semiconductor manufacturing industry in the ASEAN region.
  • Vieira-Ishikawa Software Software development for home, building and industrial automation. SCADA/HMI interfaces. Software outsourcing services.
  • Vision Automation Sales and service company active in the Italian market for the distribution of software and services for eManufacturing to improve production plant efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Visor Software for continuous high speed data recording, using existing automation system based on PLC and PC. Analysis of variables in graphical and tabular formats and monitoring of variables in real time.
  • Visual Electronics Specialists in CCTV surveillance systems, access control, distributed automation systems, intelligent buildings management and custom solutions for banking and ticketing applications.
  • Visual I/O Suppliers of Visual I/O HMI screen designer compiler.
  • Visual Systems Developers of CygNet automation software for dynamic enterprise management. Windows-based software for real-time monitoring and control used in the oil and gas, manufacturing, transportation, and utility industries.
  • Visual Systems Software & Consulting GmbH Providers of industrial automation software products for Linux and Windows operating systems including ViSpro SCADA package.
  • Webcom Inc. WebSource CPQ software for automatic generation of quotes and proposals that interfaces with CRM, ERP, SFA, and legacy systems.
  • WebLab Software for equipment control and visualization remotely over the web.
  • Winflexum Door & window manufacturing, design and sales software including design & quoting with 3D visualization, factory automation, CNC & inventory management.
  • Winlog SCADA Software forum Forum for users of Winlog software from Sielco Sistemi.
  • Wolf Automation PLC programmers and providers of automation services. Electrical design, HMI, SCADA, and Visual Basic programming. Motion control, panel build, installation, commissioning and breakdown.
  • Wonderware Corp. Supplier of industrial automation software. Includes a range of product and technical data, training and services information, and corporate overview.
  • Xeronics Transforming Operational Data into Business Intelligence. Remote Data Collection, Performance & Reliability Monitoring.
  • XPLAB Research laboratory for industrial automation, real time software, data acquisition and I/O boards.
  • Xybella UK based PLC SCADA system integrators using a wide range of established SCADA packages.
  • Zenpire Corporation Software and systems to automate analysis of semiconductor defects and testing of wafers. Include databases, SECS/GEM, remote administration of hardware, and e-diagnostics supporting most operating systems. Supports equipment from KLA-Tencor, Applied Materials, ADE, Inspex, Electroglas, TEL, TSK, Teradyne, Credence to name a few.
  • Ziemann & Urban GmbH Offers turn-key automation with vision systems, semi to fully-automatic Diebonder and Diesorter, Inline Blistertape and Reel-2-Reel inspection.
  • Zymergi LLC Developers of ZOOMS software allowing PI search and surf for trends, units, and batches with browser and network-access.

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