This area examines commercial software solutions to measure web sites via log files.
  • 123LogAnalyzer Web statistics and log analysis software that helps understand how visitors flow through your website. Wizard steps you through filter creation.
  • Absolute Log Analyzer Client-based log processing solution designed for web traffic analysis, including realtime browsing of web site statistics.
  • Active LogView Log analysis program which runs directly on the server. It includes total requests, unique visits, advanced referrers list, and hourly summary. Report requires Pan-European text download for IE5.
  • Advance Logger - Web Stats Among other features, includes the ability to do a walk through analysis of pages visited by a user. Generates its own logs instead of using server logs.
  • Advanced Log Analyzer Powerful web activity analysis tool. It generates some non-traditional reports like most common visitors paths and profiles (based on pages visited), web flow report, indirect and direct references analysis reports. Shareware on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me
  • AlterWind LogAnalyzer Quickly generates traditional and some additional reports for your web site log files. An easy-to-use interface and supports many different log files formats, including a customizable format.
  • Analyse Spider A log file analyzer software. Uses an internal IP mapping technology that identifies a visitor's geographical region by their IP address.
  • Analyse Webflux Generate a visual and total site map picture with traffic path and hit from logs. A different way to graphically view site traffic.
  • AskLog - web log analyzer Web log analyzer to track visit information.
  • AXS Visitor Tracking System This set of CGI scripts is used to log accesses to a web page, and to process those logs into meaningful graphs. Basically an all in one beacon and reporting system for a site.
  • bt-LogAnalyzer Proxy and MS Exchange log analyzer identifies possible issues with Internet access or bandwidth consumption by generating detailed reports, summaries and graphs
  • Clickstream Analysis Web content management product measures every page display. Log file and website analysis available with their internet tracking software.
  • ClickTracks Analyzer A visual approach to understanding how visitors interact with a site by displaying live page overlaid with data that visually shows how many people navigate any link. Also displays time spent and other data, along with a site map of how people navigate. Written by the author of the popular Analog analysis package.
  • ConversionTrack Web log analysis focused on conversion behaviors. Runs on Windows 9x/NT/2000/Me/XP but reads all major logfile formats.
  • Deep Log Analyzer Log analysis tool which runs on various Microsoft platforms but can read both IIS and Apache logs. Uses an MS Access back end and an MS Office style look and feel. Available in Pro and Standard editions.
  • eIQnetworks A Web/FTP site reporting and log analysis tool.
  • eWebLog Analyzer Log file analyzer providing information about website usage.
  • FlashStats Runs on Unix/Linux, Win, Mac. Similar to Webtrends and Marketwave entry products. A free 30-day fully functional trial is available. By Maximized Software
  • Http-analyze Log analyzer for web servers. It creates a statistics report in two-dimensional (tabular) and three-dimensional (VRML) format. Free for Non-Commercial use.
  • LogJam Web traffic analysis application which allows complete customization of all its reports. Designed for Windows shared or managed hosting account.
  • Mach5 FastStats Analyzer Inexpensive full-featured web-traffic log file analysis. Fast import.
  • MetriServe Web Analytics Real-time visitor tracking, sourcing, and behaviors.
  • Microsoft Commerce Server Home Microsoft Commerce Server 2000 is the latest version of MS Site Server. If your site is MS based, this is a powerful set of linked components for marketing and e-commerce optimization.
  • Netlogger Box Performs a set of measurements and calculations of the HTTP traffic (tcp sniffing) on the network, and supplies real-time traffic reporting. No log files are needed nor aggregated. Hardware solution with optional modular software extensions.
  • Nihuo Web Log Analyzer A Windows log reader and analyzer.
  • RTmetrics Real-timee tools emphasizing web analytics with OLAP drill downs, bandwidth metering, performance and error management solutions, eCRM, capacity planning and resource monitoring.
  • SageMetrics SageAnalyst provides geographic analysis of visitors, visual sales funnel dropoff, and affinity analysis of visitor behaviors
  • Sawmill A powerful, hierarchical log analysis tool for UNIX, Windows, and MacOS. Sawmill features hierarchical, cross-linked pages of statistics with powerful zooming and slicing capabilities. Excellent "path analysis" drill down section, for those with the patience to really dig down.
  • Seacloak Software Makers of Traffic Report - a web log analysis application for the Macintosh. User's guide, sample reports.
  • SenSage Inc. Large-scale security log and web log management system. Includes distributed full SQL query interface and embedded-Perl-in-query support.
  • ShopStat A log analysis program focused on analyzing strengths and weaknesses of online shops. By Snakelab, Germany.
  • Site*Sleuth Analyses servers log files and presents the information in a useful and easy to understand format.
  • Site*Tracker Monitor the visits from search engines and other third party sites via referrer data in the logs.
  • Statomatic This real-time web site traffic analysis tool will track and analyze your web site hits and generate detailed, on-demand reports with interactive graphs. Works with or without server log files of any format, on any web server.
  • StatsMachine Web Statistics Offers real time visitors tracking, referring URLs, keywords, and browsers. Visual Traceroute to IP report is a unique feature.
  • Stuffed Tracker Provides, in addition to general statistics, conversion rates, ROI calculation and click-paths, performs split-tests, and tracks visitor actions.
  • Summary log analysis and website traffic monitoring. Well over one hundred reports, many of them unique. Demo available. For Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Sun.
  • SurfStats Log file analyzer that automates the website activity analysis process. Analyzes most popular log file formats (MS IIS, Apache, NCSA, MS Proxy, and Netscape Proxy). Reports generated in HTML.
  • Tacoda Systems Audience Management System is an end-to-end marketing application used for analyzing customer interactions and segmenting and monetizing audience members, while providing a directly actionable, closed-loop solution.
  • Tealeaf Inc. Produces software to capture and monitor what the user does and sees in real time.
  • Telemate.Net Software A provider of Internet usage management and telephone call accounting solutions. Their product suite provides an integrated solution that enables you to monitor, analyze and manage how people use your Internet and voice networks.
  • TopDrop Website Tools Windows Desktop drag and drop tool to allow you to analyze web logs, send standard replies to user queries, and other useful utilities.
  • Visendo Analyzer Based on the .NET platform, this program is designed to analyze almost any logfile, independently of the source data format, including webserver logfiles, databases, eventlogs or other text-sources.
  • WatchWise It is a real-time monitoring and statistical reporting system. Offers a free 10-day trial.
  • Web Log Analyzer By Search Term. Analyzes log data for Search Engine referred users with separate data for each search term. Plots changes over time.
  • Web Log Explorer interactive web server log analyzer.
  • Web Site Tools - Superstats Remotely hosted tool offers a wide range of real-time statistical traffic reports and graphs concerning your web site visitors.
  • WebAnalyst Web expert system and open analytical server. It can be trained on past log files to provide statistics with users. Includes technology by the writers of Polyanalyst by Megaputer. A very high end solution.
  • WebHound State-of-the-art clickstream analysis and reporting tool that empowers businesses to better understand their e-customers. By SAS.
  • Weblog Analysis Expert Provides you with easy-to-understand reports and statistics about visitors to your Web site. [Windows 9x/NT/ME/XP]
  • WebLog Expert Web server log analyzer. Includes usual site visitor info reports including paths through the site. Flexible filtering system. There is a freeware Lite version.
  • WebLogStorming Interactive windows desktop tool for analyzing web log files. Optimized memory model allows fast browsing through reports up to individual user activity from every visitor of web site.
  • WebSpy Analyzer Fast and easy to use log analysis tool with support for mail server and proxy logs
  • WhosOn Tool for monitoring and analyzing web site visitor activity in real time. Monitors active visitors and the page they are currently viewing along with browser and referrer information.
  • Wusage Web server log analysis package that runs on virtually every operating system with logs from nearly every server. Beyond standard reports (unique visitors, and referring sites). Also includes reports such as the site navigation graph.
  • x-stat Records visits to web pages and processes those records into meaningful database listings. Written in PHP.

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