• 360 Innovaction Offers 360 degree multirater feedback assessments and provides a default competency library.
  • 3D Group Offers human resource assessment tools including 360-degree feedback, organizational surveys, program evaluation, and training needs analysis.
  • Accord Management System Offers employee assessment tools, including job analysis surveys, employee personality profiling, and unlimited consulting services.
  • Achievement Tec, Inc. Site offers entry level and executive assessments, background verification, drug screening, professional interviewing and personalized self improvement agendas.
  • AIMM Consulting Develops performance-based assessment systems to help organizations hire, select, coach, manage, certify, and develop top performers.
  • AlignMark Provides products and services to assist organizations in optimizing investment in their most valuable asset, namely human capital.
  • American Tescor Providing behavioral psychological assessments, integrity testing, preemployment screening and background checks.
  • Anagram People Provides a range of recruiting support services including psychometric testing, online psychometric testing, diversity monitoring, recruitment administration and CRB checks.
  • Appraisal Smart Pty Ltd Offers web-based software in performance management, employee performance reviews and 360 degree feedback.
  • APR Testing Services Provides testing solutions for employers, including both online and paper-based products. Tests are also available for basic math, business English and personal work style surveys.
  • Aptitude Tests Online Provides numerical, verbal aptitude and reasoning practice tests for individuals to help them prepare for the psychometric tests being used by employers.
  • Assess Systems A consulting company that provides products, services and general consulting for hiring or promoting employees, employee training and development.
  • Assess Systems Australia Includes standard and customised assessments for personality and intellectual abilities.
  • Assessment Strategies Provides hiring, employee, and team development assessments plus workflow analysis to increase the productivity of employees, leaders, managers and teams.
  • Atlas Business Solutions, Inc. Provides performance management software, performance evaluation samples, tips for implementing an employee evaluation and employee review resources.
  • Axiom Software Ltd. Internet and Windows based recruitment and HR software incorporating skills, aptitude and personality tests, assessments and screening tools.
  • B.R. Garrison Software Group Provides software with 18 different employment tests which are combined into one testing system that can be downloaded to a personal computer.
  • Bauschke & Associates Ltd. Provides online employee performance evaluation software systems including for customizable criteria for the CEO and board of directors.
  • Behavioral Sciences Research Press, Inc. BSRP offers psychological assessments and pre employment sales testing to help manage sales call reluctance.
  • Bettertests.com Site offers certified testing for job seekers and employers. Tests include typing, keypad, data entry and office skills tests. Free practice tests are available.
  • Biddle Consulting Group, Inc. Provides software tests for skills & abilities in the MS Office word processing, spreadsheet, and database applications.
  • Board Evals. Provides an automated board evaluation process.
  • Bowland Solutions Ltd Online performance reviews, 360 degree appraisals, and surveys. Includes surveys, case studies and client list.
  • Brainbench Web-based technical skills testing and certification service that emails the results immediately to the recruiter. Large list of tests includes c++, cobol, visual basic, oracle and web skills.
  • Brainsbuilder An online assessment tool that is used create and manage tests, quizzes, surveys and exams. Take assessments over the Web.
  • BTL Group, Ltd Offers learning development and computer based testing from content authoring and item banking, to assessment development and delivery tools.
  • Bullseye Evaluation Provides performance evaluation software and customizable appraisal services. An Online demo and a trial version are available.
  • Calibrand Provides Internet or Intranet-based systems that enables organisations to objectively test the capabilities, skills and knowledge of their workforce.
  • Censeo Corporation A human resource consulting firm offering online knowledge testing solutions, internet 360 degree surveys, employee skill evaluation, and job-fit assessments.
  • Central Test Provides a range of personality, intelligence and aptitude specific tests to help facilitate recruiting, career planning and training efforts.
  • CertGear Systems Test prep software, free study materials and exam guides for SHRM/HRCI's human resources certifications, including PHR, SPHR, and GPHR certifications.
  • Chart Your Course International Provides online behavior assessments and pre-hire screening tools for employees and managers.
  • Checkster Offers management tools with anonymous feedback on personal characteristics.
  • Chrisa Malaysia Provides behavioral assessments and technical skills tests to assist in the selection, recruitment, and development of employees.
  • Chrysalis Corporation Provides a variety of off the shelf and fully customizable pre-employment assessments and an applicant processing system.
  • ClearLearning Offers software that provides personal computers the ability to create and deliver assessments and surveys online.
  • CMyPeople Online competency based ability and personality tests that create and match candidate profiles against unlimited custom job profiles or thousands of industry standard profiles, using the same competency set.
  • Cognology Performance management information and products including 360 degree feedback, training needs analysis and performance appraisal.
  • Consulting Tools A provider and developer of human resource tools and techniques covering 360-degree feedback; personality, career and occupational health assessments and surveys.
  • Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc. Provides competency assessments to identify skill gaps within the organization using 180 and 360 degree feedback, self-assessments and custom-built competency models.
  • CR369.com Provides internet based online tools for 360 degree feedback surveys. Standard templates are available for customization or new ones can be created.
  • Creative Organizational Design Helping clients find the best tests to accurately assess the skills, training needs and suitability of their applicants and employees.
  • Criteria Corp Provides pre-employment tests that help a company's employee selection process. Features aptitude, personality and skills tests. Free Trial.
  • CustomInsight 360 degree feedback software. Participants receive feedback on a list of leadership and management competencies.
  • Dan Joy, Inc. Offering assessments that can help reduce subjectivity and guesswork to help companies make more objective hiring, promotion or retention decisions.
  • Data Dome Inc. Evaluates assessment tools, in terms of their construct, application and pricing, in order to provide tailored solutions to recruit, retain and motivate a company's work force.
  • DecisionWise, Inc. Customizable online 360 degree feedback surveys for leadership development and performance appraisal. Site also offers employee engagement surveys and successions planning.
  • Dojuknow, LLC. Providers of performance review software. MyEZReview is designed to help managers create a performence review in a very short time. A video demonstration is available.
  • e-Selex Offers both consulting services and products for performance measurement and prediction.
  • E-validator A provider of on-line hard skills assessment tools and automated screening services.
  • Edge Training Systems, Inc. Provider of skill and 360-degree feedback assessments, e-learning, and HR training videos for leadership training and employee development.
  • EffortlessHR Provides validated online employee assessments and surveys.
  • Employee Selection and Development Inc. Assessment products include: integrity and work attitude surveys, sales skills, math aptitude, spelling and vocabulary aptitude, and personality profiles.
  • Employment Technologies Offers online simulations for pre-employment testing and assessment, virtual interviewing and surveys, skill tests and certification, and employee training and development.
  • EmployTest Provides pre-employment tests to help managers make better hiring decisions. Microsoft Excel tests, computer and clerical skills tests and call center tests are offered, as well as many others.
  • Engauge Employee engagement specialists offering online 360 degree feedback, team 360 feedback and HR support services,which are tailored to the client's needs.
  • Enquire Within An interactive interviewing tool which can also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of knowledge-based training, skills training, and major developmental interventions.
  • Entegrys, Inc. Provides products for identifying critical role competencies and performance development.
  • Epsilon Technologies Provides objective assessment tools to help companies hire the right people plus develop their existing workforce.
  • Epstar, Inc. A variety of Internet ready employment assessments for job fit, performance, selection, and prediction.
  • Ergometrics Offers video human resource tests for personnel assessment of police, corrections officers, dispatch operators, transit operators, bank tellers, and government customer service.
  • eSkill Corporation Tool creates job-based tests by combining multiple subjects and skill levels.
  • Essentials LLC Offers behavioral profiling for market research, organizational development, benchmarking and hiring. A free online assessment is available.
  • eTest Offers online personality testing which measures traits linked to job behavior like reasoning skills, vocabulary, social style and work factors.
  • Execuserve Corp Provides job candidate assessments, including behavioral, skills, and literacy tests.
  • Executive Talent Assessments Provides job benchmarking services including assessments of skills, motivators, culture and behaviors and onboarding.
  • Expert Advocates in Selection International, LLC Providing tests and assessments, employee selection and consulting services.
  • Expert Training Systems Specialising in performance management, 360 degree feedback, employee engagement surveys and talent acquisition.
  • ExpertRating Solutions Offers online skills certification in over 50 skill areas ranging from first aid to sigma six and total quality management certification.
  • FeedbackOnline LTD Provides 360 degree feedback questionnaire and assessment services in areas related to personal, team and organizational effectiveness.
  • FindingPotential Provides free assessment products to individuals and corporate accounts.
  • First Advantage Assessment Solutions Offers behavioral and skills assessments tests for employers as well as applicant tracking systems, background screening and substance abuse testing.
  • Focus: Forward, Inc Offers pre and post-hire employee assessments to add objectivity to the selection process.
  • FocusFit HRD Technologies Designs, delivers, and supports virtual, web-based competency assessment and coaching technologies to corporate learning centers throughout North America.
  • Garuda Research Institute Provides human resource assessments designed to facilitate decision-making processes in areas such as recruitment, team building and coaching.
  • GibsonFisher Provides management resources, employee assessment, leadership development and advisory services to executives, boards and other decision-makers.
  • Grapevine Evaluations Provides an online 360 degree feedback software tool plus question writing and custom evaluation design services.
  • GroteApproach Offers web-based employee performance appraisal software and services.
  • Growth Dynamics Offers management solutions for employee selection, retention and talent management, focusing on maximizing your human resources.
  • Halogen Software Web-based e-survey and feedback software plus design, support, analysis and training services. Product, news, support, profile and contact information.
  • Harmony Explorer An online assessment center for measuring workplace-related personality traits. The tests are based on Jung, Myers Briggs typology and are also used for team building and leadership development..
  • Harrison Assessments Provides online testing programs that allow customized definition of requirement profiles to predict success. Reporting includes paradoxical behaviors and behaviors under pressure.
  • Hemingway Software Products Produces accounting and office skill testing programs for data entry, typing, math, spelling and grammar. Behavioral assessments are also available.
  • Hire Success Offers fully customizable aptitude assessments and surveys based on any single subject category or multiple subject-categories. Development can include multiple-choice, true-false or "yes-no" style questions.
  • Hiring-Development Systems Offers employee psychometric assessment tools, pre-employment screening tools for the sales, customer service, retail, and hospitality industries with one on one professional consulting available.
  • Hogan Assessment Systems Online personality tests and consulting services to help organizations hire high potential employees and develop current and future business leaders.
  • HR Certification Essentials Site dedicated to helping HR Professionals study for and pass the PHR / SPHR / GPHR certification exams.
  • HR Chally Group Providing client-specific, employment selection products for the testing of critical skills that predict on-the-job success.
  • HR Profile, Inc. Employment screening company that provides background checks, drug testing, employee and skills assessment, business due diligence, security solutions and more for the US and internationally.
  • HR-Tests.com Provides a career assessment tool that aids in personal career planning and in recruitment and development of personnel
  • HRA Solutions Services include: customized consulting on hiring, retention, employee performance and developmental issues.
  • HRN Management Group Performance Pro is a comprehensive online performance management system that administers, tracks, manages, and measures employee performance.
  • iCaptus Performance Management Provides a performance management system that assists with the planning, organizing and controlling of employee performance.
  • iK Developments Ltd Offering online employee performance and talent management appraisal software solutions.
  • Industrial Edge Skills testing software for industrial workers.
  • Insala Provider of customizable web based succession planning tools, 360 feedback, performance management software and career development software.
  • Insight Initiatives Pty Ltd A human resources consultancy specialising in occupational psychology, psychometric testing services and executive coaching.
  • Insight Systems Consulting Consultants for talent selection, job benchmarking, and TriMetrix, DiSC, and PIAV assessments.
  • Insight Worldwide Provides pre interview assessment tools designed to elicit direct admittance responses from applicants in the areas of workers' comp fraud, illegal drug use, job dependability, theft, and violence.
  • Insights Vancouver A Learning Center for Insights Discovery products - personal, team and organizational effectiveness tools based Insights psychometric assessments.
  • Interactive Consulting Offers various assessments for hourly, management and sales positions as well as performance appraisals and exit interviews.
  • International Knowledge Measurement Provides online skills assessments for basic computer skills, accounting, IT professionals, health care and call centers as well as sales and secretarial positions.
  • Intesi! Resources, LLC. Provides online DISC behavioral profiles and other materials for organizational development, training, counseling, career planning, and hiring.
  • Iridium HRD Consulting Limited Provides executive coaching, leadership development, interpersonal skills workshops, team coaching, plus assessment and development centres.
  • IsaiX Technologies, Inc. Provides consulting and software for employee performance appraisals, multi-rater assessments, recruitment and sales tools to help align employees with organizational goals.
  • Ivedha Offers a suite of services for companies to manage their people, processes and technology. Performetrix offers effective employee and performance management.
  • Jakoba Software Offers automated performance appraisal software which proactively notifies employees and managers when work items are due and provides quick links to all necessary information. increasing employee/company goal alignment; staff review compliance, quality and efficiency; and talent recognition and development.
  • jobEQ Offers the iWAM questionnaire, which is often used for pre-employment testing and which allows to model excellent employees. The testing Suite also includes COMET, a 360° feedback system and the Value Systems Questionnaire.
  • John Lehman, Ph.D. and Associates Offers public safety personnel services and pre-employment psychological evaluations and provides critical incident stress debriefing and nurse evaluations for the Texas Board of Nurse Examiners.
  • Jopie van Rooyen & Partners SA (Pty) Ltd Providers of psychological tests for a wide range of organisational, educational, clinical and neuropsychological applications in Africa.
  • Kaleidoscope Management Training Ltd. A 360 degree review software that is used to measure employee performance. The appraisal can be used to highlight areas of potential growth for the individual or the group as a whole. Geared mostly towards small to medium size businesses.
  • Keith Geddes & Associates Inc. Provides computer skills testing systems both online and desktop. Used by the staffing industry, corporate human resources departments and trainers to determine skill competencies.
  • Klein Consultants, Inc. A management consulting firm specializing in human resources solutions including pre-employment selection and assessment testing.
  • LIMRA International Provides online pre-employment testing for call center sales and service positions. ExSel handles everything from test administration and scoring to candidate tracking and inventory control.
  • LOMA Provides a range of employee assessments and performance management tools specifically validated for positions at financial services companies.
  • LuGo An online recruitment service that balances candidate management and technical skill testing to help to optimize the recruitment and selection process.
  • MaintTest Provides maintenance screening tests for evaluating the skills of multi-craft maintenance technicians.
  • Management and Personnel Systems California based company offering simulation tests and full-scale assessment centers for selection or career development.
  • Management Development Systems Offering organizational and individual assessment tools that can be used to improve productivity and assess training and development needs in your organization.
  • Management Psychology Group A professional consulting firm of licensed psychologists, providing assessment and development services for the selection of candidates and for the growth and retention of good employees.
  • Mariner7 Online tools for business hr performance management systems and measurement review software for employee evaluation and appraisals.
  • Matlock Business Solutions Ltd Providers of a fully customizable 360 degree feedback service and other software for personal and professional development.
  • McLaren Solutions Provider of employee appraisals and performance reviews. Tracks employee performance progress to gain feedback on staff using integrated HR best practices.
  • McQuaig Institute Provides software-based employment, personality testing, and behavioral assessment tools.
  • MeasureNow.net Develops web-based employee appraisal and performance management software ranging from 360-degree feedback to skills assessment and employee surveys.
  • Mercer Systems, Inc. Offers customized pre-employment tests to help companies assess job applicants in order to predict future performance.
  • Midot System An instrument used for selecting applicants with integrity and solid work ethics. Can be used for any position in the organization to assist in the recruitment of honest and trustworthy employees.
  • MindData Offering web-based purchase, set-up, account admin, data retrieval, product application, instant evaluation of attitude, aptitude, competency and motivational tools.
  • MSA Interactive Provides online 360-degree feedback, performance appraisals, team performance tools and tailored surveys.
  • MyEmployee A European vendor of personality test tools that also provides IT and data integration for talent management and succession planning.
  • MyWebExam.com Web-based solution for creating and delivering online tests to screen job applicants and to evaluate current employees.
  • NagelMiller Associates, Inc Nagelmiller provides Human Resource professionals and Hiring Managers to ensure you have the right people in the right position.
  • Navient Corporation An online hiring management system including configurable application forms, applicant tracking, behavioral and skills testing, structured interviews, and online training for managers.
  • New Futures Group Evaluates employee performance by getting feedback from co-workers, managers, direct reports and internal and external customers. A 'toolkit' is provided for all those who are currently using, or would like to use 360 feedback in their organization.
  • Nobscot Offers an online exit interview system.
  • Omni HR Solutions (UK) Provides job profiling psychometric instruments by Harrison Assessments to assist in making the correct job fit.
  • Online Talent Optimization Provides on-demand HR solutions such organizational climate reviews, employee surveys, balanced scorecards, and 360-degree employee evaluations.
  • Optima360 Offering organizations a fast, flexible and affordable web-based 360 degree feedback service.
  • OWL Testing Software Provides an online test management system designed to expedite test authoring, administration, and scoring. No technical or programming skills are required.
  • PAQ Services, Inc. PAQ job analysis training teaches human resources analysts how to conduct job analysis and write job descriptions using the position analysis questionnaire.
  • Pario Innovations Ltd. Provides online resources including questionnaires to assess leadership style, support executive coaching and self review, plus improve 360 degree feedback.
  • Pearson Education, Inc Providers of skill assessments used for employee selection, development, retention, and succession planning. Tests are available for verbal reasoning, mechanical aptitude and numerical ability.
  • PeopleAnswers Provides employee assessment and retention solutions designed to help businesses reduce turnover and improve employee retention.
  • Performance Assessment Network One-stop-shop of hundreds of commercial tests from over 4 dozen reputable publishers including PsychCorp, ReidLondonHouse, Sigma, G.Neil and others. Free online testing office, manuals, and sample reports.
  • Performance Dimensions Intl. A firm offering organizations surveys and performance assessments and further improvement action plans.
  • Performance Sciences International Offers browser based single and multi-source performance appraisal systems that allows job-specific tailoring of content and generates guides to performance improvement.
  • Performance-Based Selection, Ltd. Specializes in the development and use of assessment tools for employee selection, development, and retention. PBS offers consulting services and online applications that are structured and customized to meet the needs of each client.
  • Performia Hong Kong Providing proprietary online executive assessment tests in over 20 languages for recruitment and internal staff evaluation, intensive training seminars and executive search services.
  • Perryman Software A performance appraisal management system that helps to streamline the employee evaluation process.
  • Personnel Systems Corp. Human resource assessment tools that assist in selecting and developing quality employees. Testing products are available via CD-ROM, Internet, or pencil and paper.
  • Perspectives 360 Provides an online 360 degree assessment system with secure acess to a password protected on-line assessment center.
  • PI Consulting Group, Inc. Provides personality profile and assessment tools to increase productivity and improve employee performance.
  • PI Midlantic Provides management consulting programs to help improve employee selection, staff development and retention. A free predictive assessment is available online.
  • Pilat HR Solutions, Inc. Performance management web-based solutions such as succession planning, performance management, and multi-rater feedback.
  • PMI, Inc. Provides a fitness for duty screener that will scan an employee's eyes and evaluate if they are fit for duty, whether it is because of prescription drugs, illegal drugs, alcohol, sleep deprivation and/or fatigue.
  • Practice Aptitude Tests Free numerical, verbal and diagrammatic tests are available online to help applicants prepare for employer assessments.
  • Predictive Results Company offers the Predictive Index plus sales and leadership testing and training programs.
  • Predictive Success Providers of the Predictive Index assessment program for Canada.
  • PREP Profile Systems, Inc. Offers an online business-focused, cross-culturally reliable 5-minute personality assessment which generates professional coaching, leadership development, team building and job matching reports.
  • PreVisor UK LTD Offers business psychology and assessment solutions for organisations seeking to employ, develop and retain the best possible staff.
  • Prevue Assessments Offers employee aptitude tests including HR solutions for employee retention, coaching & development, succession planning and employee promotion.
  • Prime Resource Group DISC personality assessment tests and profiles for employees, managers, salespeople and executives, and for improving customer service, employee communications and the employee selection process.
  • Profile Strategies Employment screening and employee evaluation tools used for employee selection, job fit, managing, coaching, training and performance feedback.
  • Profiles International Employment testing service offering 360 degree feedback, employee performance appraisal, and pre-employment assessments.
  • Profiles International Middle East An assessment company that provides labour market-related assessment tools that are based on recognized research such as 360 degree feedback, job analysis, eSurveys and more.
  • Promantek, Inc. Providers of automated performance appraisal system and software.
  • PsyAsia Offers online personality, ability, and aptitude testing for employee and executive assessment. Also provides human resource management training and consultancy.
  • PsyAsia International Pte. Ltd. Provides personality and aptitude testing and assessment products. Company also offers online training in psychometric evaluation.
  • Psychological Services, Inc. Offers employment and individual assessments for business, industry and government.
  • Psychometric Advantage Provides information regarding psychometric testing and theory plus how the assessments work and linitations.
  • Psychometrik Provides professionals and organizations involved in selecting and developing people with training in, and online delivery of tests of ability, aptitude, personality, and career development.
  • PsyMax Solutions Provides an online suite of integrated human capital management tools to help employers hire the right people and develop key talent.
  • PsySelection Inc. Provides personnel selection, staffing, and candidate evaluation services using online psychometric testing.
  • Q-OPD International An organisational development psychology consultancy which provides 360 degree appraisal and feedback, and psychometric testing for development and recruitment.
  • QBtests.com Quickbooks skills assessment exams are industry specific and provide the employer with the skill level of the applicant, such as beginner, intermediate or advanced user.
  • Quantum Performance Group Performance management and assessments.
  • Ramsay Corporation Providing HR consulting services in the areas of selection, compensation, and assessment services. Primary focus is test publishing and validation for use with maintenance, mechanic, electrician, and plant personnel.
  • Reactive360 Appraisals Provides an online appraisal system with customisable feedback questionnaire and PDF output.
  • Readinus Provides on demand tools for employee assessments, HR process automation and competency based human capital management
  • RealTime Performance A total online solution for 360 feedback that enables businesses to customize and drive multi-rater assessments based on targeted core competencies.
  • Rembisz and Associates Provides leadership training and coaching to help with managing resistance to change. Offers team building exercises and executive assessment tools.
  • Resource Associates Offers information regarding aptitude, personality and, employment testing, as well as consultation on organizational development and leadership development programs.
  • Resource Technologies, Inc. Providing the resources to help organizations hire, train, and retain highly effective people. The assessments address skills, attitudes and behaviors.
  • ReviewNet Provides web based services for hiring IT professionals including employer focused skills assessments and interviewing services.
  • ReviewSNAP A web-based performance management software system offering performance review, 360 degree feedback and compensation tracking.
  • ROI Assessments Provides tests for pre-employment, professional development, career exploration, and team-building.
  • Saigun Technologies Offers is a web based human resources software that contains tools for employee performance management, applicant tracking and recruitment as well as payroll software.
  • Salesforce Assessments Ltd Provides an online assessment instrument designed to help sales managers and business owners make better decisions when hiring salespeople.
  • Saterfiel & Associates Providing online personality testing, sales aptitude testing and articles concerning pre employment assessment issues.
  • Saville Consulting A global firm offering HR assessment tools for selection and development. Saville Consulting Wave™ questionnaires and ability tests link people and workplace culture based on substantive validation.
  • Select International, Inc. A global provider of assessment systems for employee selection and development offering web-based, computer-based and traditional evaluation tools.
  • Select Strategy, Inc. Provides Internet / Intranet based employee performance management systems and safety training systems together with consulting services for proper implementation.
  • Selection Resources A professional personality testing organization providing online assessment services for individuals and organizations.
  • Shaker Consulting Group Provides an interactive pre-employment test that delivers a customized employment brand message while allowing candidates to test drive a variety of realistic job demands through multi-method, simulated work samples.
  • Shift iQ Offers an integrated suite of applications to assist in developing and delivering online learning, compensation, and performance management programs.
  • SigmaTesting Provides human resource professionals, counselors and psychologists with quality screening and development assessments in a convenient online format.
  • SilkRoad Technology, Inc. Provides employee performance management software to help automate and streamline the appraisal and review process.
  • Silver Lining Solutions Discover is a portfolio of web based assessment tools developed in a modular format to help you improve staff skills and reduce training costs.
  • Skilllabs Provides subscription based online testing service, designed to help hiring managers find the right employee by identifying the candidate's skill set, for recruitment or training needs.
  • Skillometer Provides web-based skills testing services to assist in determining proficiency in numerous current information technologies from client/server programming languages to systems administration.
  • Skillsarena Company offers over 350 skills tests for employers which help managers to objectively evaluate potential employees' abilities, strengths, weaknesses and training needs.
  • SkillsNET Online job profiling, precision learning target identification, and skills community portal.
  • SkillsTrak, Inc Objectively assess staff and target training.
  • SkillSurvey, Inc. Provides and automated tool for gathering 360° assessments from job candidates’ managers, peers, subordinates, clients, and business partners. The software then tabulates and charts the results so their suitability can be compared using empirical data.
  • Sonar6 A graphics-based online performance and talent management software system that lets you easily review individuals and teams, generating a ‘helicopter view’ of all the talent in your organization.
  • SRS Group Ltd Provides psychometric testing, attitude surveys, change management, coaching and individual development programs and services.
  • Staff Development Services Provides staff development services such as employment assessments, executive coaching, and training to improve hiring and promoting practices.
  • Staff Testing, Inc. Provides employment screening to employers, specializing in pre employment testing, skills assessment and online skills tests.
  • StaffMatcher Provides an online psychometric test and recruitment system designed to evaluate job applicants and remove the guesswork from hiring.
  • STAR 360-degree Feedback Multi-rater feedback administration for consultants and human resource executives. STAR automates survey process (software, hardware, customer service, reporting) to help save time and money.
  • Success Performance Solutions Tests for selection, promotion, succession and development. Includes information on assessment, training and development, publications and the company.
  • SuccessFactors, Inc. Offering solutions for goal alignment, performance management, 360 evaluations, succession planning and pay-for-performance compensation.
  • Super Candidate, Inc. Provides software that allows companies the ability to incorporate questions with various media like video, sound, and pictures in order to create their own tests.
  • SWCaliber Online web-based technical screening tool for IT recruiters, which is used to assess the skills and proficiency of software professionals.
  • Switzer Resource Group, Inc. A Distributor for the Inscape Publishing has DISC training and certification programs,assessment tools, course curricula and facilitator kits in various formats.
  • Synergy Safety Solutions A psychometric test for use in pre-employment phases to examine factors which may hinder safety performance in the workplace.
  • TalentQuest A provider of integrated software and consulting solutions for talent and performance management
  • TalentSIM An online job simulation designed to measure core leadership competencies. The leadership assessment may be used for both the selection and/or development of managers.
  • TDL Group, LLC. Internet-based software that assesses applicant/employee skill levels in three key areas which includes basic business skills, keyboarding, and Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007 versions.
  • Team Builders Plus A 360 feedback software system with optional web-based feedback collection.
  • TechTestNow Allows recruiters to setup online practical coding tests to identify skilled coders. Provides an estimation of each candidate's level of experience, speed and proficiency.
  • TeleSoft Systems Offers call center pre-employment testing software which helps to determine an individual's suitability for employment in that capacity.
  • Test Central Provides extranet privacy to clients making a range of tests and surveys available to their human resources departments. Companies can test prospective and current employees. Information on surveys, certification, examination, testing and contact details.
  • TestFrog.com Offers a web-based interface for creating and managing online tests. Provides a way to create online tests, pre-employment testing, and assessment tests.
  • The Assessment Team Employee assessments and evaluations, and management development tools.
  • The Performance Management Group UK based company providing processes and tools to manage employee performance and development.
  • Thomas International Psychometric assessment testing tools revealing the intelligence, aptitude, and personality traits facilitating to recruit, develop and motivate employees.
  • TNS Employee Insights A global provider of flexible, online employee engagement surveys, 360 leadership assessments, exit and customer surveys.
  • Total Testing Provides skills testing to companies through online or CD based assessments. Tests are available for MS Office, accounting, clerical, bookkeeping, secretarial and call center testing.
  • TTI Performance Systems Offers personal and professional assessment tools to provide solutions for today’s business challenges with selection, satisfaction and development of a company’s biggest asset – people.
  • Ullix, Inc. Web solutions for employee performance management and 360 feedback surveys.
  • Umanosoft Online HR performance evaluation solutions priced for small to mid-sized hospitals.
  • Vaado Software Limited A specialist provider of online HR self service and performance management software.
  • Valtera Selection Systems Specializes in custom test design, development, and validation and provides a secure web-based test administration platform used for hiring, promotion and certiification.
  • viaPeople, Inc. A human resources technology and consulting services company which specializes in leadership assessments, performance management and succession planning.
  • VIPfind An Internet-accessible system of questions that reveal a prospective employee's values, intelligence and personality, and then compare that candidate with a "best" profile as determined by the employer.
  • Vision Metrics Develops full service web based survey software products for human resources and marketing professionals such as 360 degree appraisal and employee satisfaction surveys.
  • Walden Personnel Testing & Consulting, Inc. Offers job specific skills, aptitude and knowledge tests for information technology, sales, management and clerical positions.
  • Westwind Feedback Management Provides consultation and online tools for employee performance evaluations, 360 feedback and surveys
  • Winrow and Associates Consultants Offers the International Programming Aptitude Test, which is suitable for testing the aptitude of programmer trainees and experienced applicants registering for computer-related courses.
  • Wonderlic, Inc. Employment recruiting, assessment and selection technologies.
  • Work Skills First, Inc. A provider of Internet-based applicant screening to employers.
  • WrightOne Consulting, LLC Provides assessment based coaching for career guidance and development.
  • Xcelle Services include board assessments, leadership development, business unit assessments, and individual performance evaluations.
  • Zero Risk HR Provides web-based hiring and retention solutions, behavioral based interview guides, and instruction on the importance of emotional intelligence.

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Bolje te vidim kad sklopim oči - Milan Višnjić
Uto 16.12.2014 8:31, micha@Umetnost
Jedan od cudnijih snova
Pon 15.12.2014 15:58, jeka1983@Sanovnik forum
Iz moje svaštare
Pon 15.12.2014 12:48, micha@Umetnost
Sanjam stalno bivseg momka. Da li to ista znaci?
Sre 10.12.2014 7:59, danielarmd@Sanovnik forum
Muzicki kutak - pjesme za prijatelje
Sre 10.12.2014 0:11, apprivoiser@Umetnost
Poezija - najlepsi stihovi
Sub 06.12.2014 10:32, Wind@Umetnost
Filigranska kapija od stihova - Dejan Milenković
Sub 06.12.2014 1:28, tragalac@Umetnost
Recepti, jela od mesa - rostiljijada
Sub 06.12.2014 0:45, niko650@Životni stil

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