Poser is a midlevel CGI modeling application from e-frontier, for creating still images/animations of organic forms such as people and animals (but not limited to organic forms). It comes with a set of basic yet customizable humanoid/animal figures, clothing, and simple props, but a wide range of free/commercial substitutes and accessories are available elsewhere.

  • DAZ3D - Digital Art Zone 3D Creators and vendors of Victoria, Michael, Stephanie and other commercial high-res Poser models. Clothing, textures, props, accessories, animals, environments. Home of Mimic lip-synching software and the DAZ|Studio beta. Forums, freestuff section and tutorials.
  • 3D Commune Community for Poser and other 3D programs: tutorials, discussion forums, galleries, free stuff and online store.
  • 3D Menagerie Medieval fantasy-themed Poser resources. Modular dragon system for sale. Wide variety of animal morphs, animal poses and accessories, and tutorials for Poser character creators (joint parameters explained) as well as tutorials for Ray Dream, Painter3D, Vue, Rhino and Lightwave.
  • 3DX Studios Comic book professional George Deep's new home for his comic book/fantasy themed art. Freebies include slasher film-style Hockey mask for Michael, and spider web prop with tree and ground.
  • Alexander Nesterenko's Pages Home of original hi-res Poser figures Nadya and Oxana. Freebies include body morphs, hair, and lingerie textures.
  • Anat's Creative Dreams Two male body textures for V3, semi-realistic head morphs for P4 male, female and girl, morphs for V3 and Stephanie Petite, hand poses, and pose pack for Posette. Tutorials on postwork and camera focal lengths.
  • Animotions Resource for favorite comic heroes in Poser formats, featuring downloadable models and galleries of submitted art. [free membership]
  • Anita Creations Poser Tubes Free and membership tubes in many categories.
  • Anthony Appleyard's 3D Stuff Scuba diver characters with props, underwater props, construction vehicles, workman characters and props, Gerry Anderson 'UFO' props. Original .obj mesh manipulation utilities for Windows.
  • Atomic Knights P4 t-shirt and leotard textures, electric guitar and keyboard props (and stands), chord hand poses, cell phone prop, license plate prop, Istanbul Tomb Gate prop.
  • BBay.com Content storefront for 30+ well-known Poser artists/developers. Props, characters, textures, poses.
  • Bernie's Virtual World Conforming loincloth and grass skirt ("dJungle Kilt") for Michael (and textures). Textures for Michael T-shirt, komodo dragon figure, fanciful monsters, beach furniture, gallery.
  • Billy-Factory Leather outfits for Vicky, Voluptuous Vicky, Michael and V3. Armed forces Ranger outfit for Michael. Detailed motorcycles and Corvette for purchase. Freebies include clothing accessories and texture templates.
  • Blade Studio English and French site featuring medieval weapons, armor, Easter eggs, and some Japanese weaponry as well. Gallery of 2-D, Poser 4, POV and Vue renders. Archive of Poser 3D utilities for Windows.
  • Brit Babes Cheesecake Euro-flag T-shirt textures for P4 female.
  • Cake One Bilingual site offering jewelry props and poses for Victoria. Tutorial on putting a face on a Poser model. Replacement eyes for the Millennium figures for sale at Renderosity.
  • Canary3D Freebies include textures for DAZ Michael, DAZ Kalypso, Jim Burton's San Francisco Hair, a remarkable dreadlocks texture for DAZ Flip Hair, night sky backdrops, and a pennywhistle prop. Portfolio of pen, ink, watercolor and photographic art as well as Poser renders.
  • Cellar Studio Detailed "Shawn Carla" project tutorial on building character texture maps from live model photo sessions.
  • Combat Bunny Poseable cartoon animal characters include rabbits, fish, and cats. Tutorial on building bipedal characters in freeware modeler Wings3D.
  • Computerman Mostly medieval/sword and sorcery-themed gallery, architectural element and dinnerware props. Marble textures.
  • Confusius Morphable characters, hair, textures. Home of the Ultramorph Woman (Posette remapped with over a hundred morphs).
  • Cresswell Graphics Chimera Ware characters, clothes, and textures for Poser 4.
  • Darcy Richtsmeier Original artwork and free Poser textures of eyes, Angelyna wings, Thorne's hair and female hair. Poetry and short stories by Darcy Richtsmeier.
  • Digital Renderings Characters and textures for Victoria and Millennium Girls, and their clothing. Prop textures with a distinctly Americana-themed feel. Tutorials on using morphs with Morph Manager and using Poser's Grouping tool to ungroup meshes from other sources.
  • DiGiTaL TwIsT Futuristic, fantasy, and slice-of-life renders, along with miscellaneous household props and Poser-to-Bryce tips.
  • Dork Eradication Incorporated [D E I] Six male textures for Poser figures.
  • Dragon Factory Information regarding 3DMenagerie's commercial dragon-building application for Poser, Dragon Factory. Galleries and supplemental downloads.
  • Dragool's Lair Ivy's Poser stuff Poser 4 bikini textures, MG Dress textures, and Poser 4 IvyRose's site features P4F/V1 clothing textures, Iger texture, Land Dragon and wings, doublet, Gothic armor, Titan pose/texture, Infinite Dimension original outfit and party dress for V1/2. Caleb68's MAT Builder application and Visual Basic source code.
  • Ebonshire (Formerly known as Fallencity.) Galleries, original fiction, RenFaire photos, and Poser resources. Hair and boot morphs, Gort-style sci-fi helmets, hair and clothing textures, and 12 Poser tutorials aimed at texturing and posing. Other tutorials for Vue, Bryce, Photoshop and Rhino.
  • Enmeshed Lush 3D fantasy/goth art created with Bryce, Poser, Vue d'Esprit, MojoWorld, Photoshop, and Painter. Digital arts weblog discussing theory, tools and practice. Freebies include clothing textures and a MOR pose for converting V2 into a male in crucifixion pose.
  • euQfiz Cheesecake morphs for Koshini, clothing and body textures.
  • Evanara's Home English and French fantasy comic book themed gallery and download, with emphasis on Xenaverse and strong female character. Also a detailed medieval Tudor inn prop, Conan-style necklace, Xena characters and tavern.
  • Excalibur Productions Star Trek:the Original Series prop and clothing downloads; most if not all of the set props necessary to rebuild the Bridge. Gallery, forum, guestbook and suggested reading list for modelers.
  • Fantasy 3D Several characters, poses, objects, textures, and tips for Poser. Free online utility for generating lipsynch animation files from text.
  • fourre-tout Freebies for Poser 4 and 5. Poser 4 items include household items, jewelry, bottles and furniture, smart architecture and clothing, and smoking/swimming animated poses. Poser 5 freebies include room sets, apple with bite, and an inflatable bed. Commercial items for Poser 4/5 include elevator, swing set, "Tomb Raider" type props and a detailed bathroom set.
  • Free the Models Greek hoplite (soldier) and Indian girl characters and clothing/props/weapons. Unusual red felt-lined display box props for P4 Nude Male/Female.
  • Gnark's Lair Textures for P4 Female's clothing and the dacort Merman tail, Morphs for Eve3. Breast morphs, dreadlock hair textures and skimpy clothing textures.
  • Graphic Visions Textures for clothing available for P4 female, textures and morphs for P4 infant, teeth braces texmap for P4 female, P4 female characters including a Susan Dey lookalike, props. PSP resources including tubes and tutorials.
  • Greenbriar Studio 3D Tools Specializing in tools for creating and transporting hi-res fully rigged models, morphing systems, game export systems and animation. Tools for importing Poser files directly into Cinema 4D, Maya, Carrara and Lightwave (and DAZ|Studio, soon).
  • GreyLight Internet Archives aimed at P3/P4 figures are grouped into the following categories: Poses, headgear, original hair objects, clothing fantasy/medieval as well as modern, personal effects, weapons, props, Poser3 characters and morph targets.
  • Handspan Studios Characters for Poser, Daz 3d Victoria and P4, textures, clothing, models, and lighting presets.
  • Harmonic Cycle Design Bicycle wheel truing stand, kayak/paddle set and fantasy dirigible props. QuickTime movies elsewhere on site.
  • Hogsoft3D Home of many Windows-only Poser utilities including library cleaner CR Pro, library manager Pbooost, Poser-centric text editor ZPad, and some powerful Win/Mac Python scripts. Forums and technical support.
  • HolyForest.com Presents both male and female heroes, some of them in the nude, created in Poser. Global illumination sets and household props.
  • HT3D Plus Characters, morphs, props, tutorials and textures. Formerly known as Hawktoey.com.
  • Intergaltica Sci-Fi textures for Victoria's Leather Cap, DAZ sea dragon, DAZ Stormguards costumes, and creature eye textures.
  • Jan, The Village Weaver Downloads section includes fully poseable lamb character.
  • Jim Burton's Home Page Free accessories for Burton's glam commercial "SuperModel Vicky" product sold elsewhere, plus updates on upcoming SMV products and add-ons. Freebie props include cannon and treadmill.
  • Joe's Poser BVH Files Walking, flapping and hovering animated pose files for the DAZ Dragon.
  • Jynae Growing site with galleries and texture downloads for Anton's Adventurers outfits, Victoria's Changing Fantasy Suit, Anton's EveryBed, Victoria and P4 Female (this last one has a corset and skirt painted on).
  • Kalon's Annex Software reviews, free contemporary furniture props and Posette character head morphs.
  • Kfox Forest Downloadable wallpapers, Windows themes, and Poser goodies including ethnic/exotic Victoria/Michael character head morphs, body glove textures and clothing textures.
  • Kimmarcus' Creations Gallery and index of for-sale items available elsewhere, as well as freebies for the default Poser 4 figures: baby bonnet, toy wooden horse, P4 Nude Male gloves, Mardi Gras-style feather mask for P4 Female, shelf with laundry basket, desk fan, and poseable padlocked wooden trunk.
  • Moonlight Silhouette Studio Faces for DAZ's Aiko character, Stephanie texture, textures for DAZ Adventurer outfit and P5 hair for Aiko.
  • Nerd 3D Free Poser 4 characters, unique conforming clothes and props. Poser picture gallery and tutorials. Home of the Nerd's Impractical Poser costumes.
  • Pierian Piaffe Daio's textures, morphs and poses for the Poser 4 horse. Greyhound morph for the Poser 4 dog. Gallery and links to online store.
  • PlanIt3D.com A 3D graphics site covering Poser, Bryce, 3D Max, Maya, Terragen and others. Free downloads, new models. Interviews of 3D community members, active forums, and a gallery. Amazon-based 3D bookstore.
  • Poser Forum Web Ring Participants in the Poser Forum may be allowed in the web ring.
  • Poser++ The home of P.A.E. Poser After Effects. A motion reality tool for poser. A Free version is available.
  • PoseRay Home of PoseRay, a Windows-only utility for converting Poser scenes/animations to .POV/.INI/.INC files for open-source ray-tracer renderers POV-Ray and Moray. Includes preview options. Also imports LightWave, 3DStudio, and AutoCAD.
  • Pro MAT Builder 3.0 Free Windows-based utility (VB source code also available) for creating MAT pose files.
  • Rabbit Hole Home of Martin Christgau's MacConverter, the freeware utility that made converting between Mac and PC Poser files possible (for versions below Poser 5). MacConverter also features Mac support for .PCF encoding/decoding. Other tools for Poser include a Mac Poser file installer, Poser bumpmap filters and optional icons for Poser 4 files.
  • RealitysPoison Characters, fetish clothing and textures for V1/2, M1/2 and Koshini.
  • Right Side of the Brain Tutorials for Poser 4, 2D and 3D galleries, textures and poses.
  • RunTime DNA Community for 3d Models, Poser, and Poser related Products, moderated by artist Syyd Raven. Forums, tutorials, store and freebies. Home of anime-style original figure LaRoo.
  • SagersWeb Design Random menagerie of free props include paint can, parts bin, cannon, sewing machine, scroll, combination padlock, mailbox, spring hair clip, swimming pool, diving board, pool exit, scepter, Grecian column, vase, baby bottle, gilded cupola dome, Christmas ball ornament, coathanger, forest mushrooms, plate/bowl/goblet set, Chinese paper lantern, barbells, teardrop, pear, orange, peach, apple and medieval mace weapon.
  • Shar3d - A Poser Resource Sharing Site Poser models, props, clothes, textures and tutorials donated by their authors, for sharing with the Poser community.
  • Spanki's Prop Shop High fashion footwear, jewelry and "Scantily Clad Armor." Galleries and improved C4D .obj import/export plugin Riptide.
  • Spatz Free poseable cabinets, cupboards, table, compass, caterpillar, wind turbine, door knocker, hillside halfling hole, sci-fi stasis chamber, working abacus, chair, river/bridge, checkers set, tree stump, bar/stool set, rough-hewn log compound set. Galleries, original music downloads and guestbook.
  • Studio Maya Home of original Asian female Poser figure MayaDoll free for noncommercial use, and clothing for her. Over 15 free hair props. Older freebies moved offsite but linked to.
  • studio-fabian Free Poser-oriented morph development plugins for Cinema4D users. Symmetry, compression, and others.
  • The Eclectic Guild Characters, props, clothing textures and rooms. Contests and challenge sections for artists. P4 boy and girl characters, P3 characters.
  • Tony Lynch Designs Wooden furniture in Poser and other formats including cabinets, tables, chairs, crib, kitchen hutch, bookcases, functional case boxes and wooden toys.
  • ToxiCAngeL | Digital Gallery Janne Pitkänen's gallery of fantasy/goth/sci-fi images inspired by Royo, Vallejo, Olivia and Elmore. Some images are licensable. Downloads include postwork and lighting tutorials, jewelry, fantasy weaponry, racing helmet, wire-rim sunglasses, electric vee guitar, and office furniture.
  • TrekkieGrrrl Fat Bertha for V3 and extremely butch Victor for V3 are among a variety of freebies including possibly the largest collection of urban trash props, many of which morph to crumple (her street scene prop is sold commercially elsewhere). Non-trash morphing props include pillows, linens, bedsheets and blankets with multiple "people on top/underneath" morphs. Character, clothing and prop textures.
  • Twosword Casual Western and traditional Japanese clothing and props for P4 male/female.
  • Tygerskins Megastore Fashionable fashions for the discriminating posette hip duds for the Poser dude, everything from formal gowns to tee shirt.
  • Universe of Dreams v.2.0 Textures for Victoria Bikini Bottom, futuristic tv props, pill prop.
  • UVMapper Steve Cox's Windows/MacOS utility for mapping/remapping 3D models in .OBJ format (such as Poser's). Freeware and commercial versions available.
  • Valentin Galleries of romantic, fantasy and character study-themed renders (some nudity). Downloadable romantic textures for SergeMarck's 19th century dresses and fantasy textures for As Shanim's (Awful Soul's) fantasy clothing. Looma character for V2 and V3.
  • Vanishing Point Classic and new science fiction models/products: spacecraft, aircraft, robots, mechas, sets, weapons, characters, costumes. Panel texturing tutorial. Home of MAT Pose Creator.
  • Varian's Dreamview Long list of links to wings available for Poser characters, free and commercial. Downloadable objects: office/studio, houseware, outdoor, candles/accessories, wide variety of plants, and geometrics. Galleries of angel portraits.
  • Wadus UFO, pot/pan and skateboarders' Half Pipe in .3DS format, famous sponge shaped poseable cartoon character in .CR2 format.
  • WG's Poser Props Sizeable inventory of Poser-ready household/vehicle/furniture props (poseable) free and for sale, with a nod to rural Americana.
  • Winscape 2001 Home of Pozers Little Helper, a PC tool for creating injection morphs for V3 and other figures. Skin and clothing textures for P4, P4 figures with many extra morphs, P4 compatible and SL Legacy morphs for Poser, and short tutorials on textures and lights. (P3 downloads have been moved offsite)
  • Yohuland Resources for anime devotees of Mayadoll; clothing textures, character head morphs, clothing items, anime-style render tutorials.
  • Zenwareonline Home of several commercial Windows-only Poser file edit/extractor/export applications aimed at product developers: CR2Edit (sophisticated character file editor), OBJ Extractor2 (for extracting .OBJ geometries from props, characters, hair, etc.), OBJ Relocator (rewrites prop/character/hair files to point to different .OBJ locations without disturbing file modification date), AlphaZen (batch extracts TIF alpha channels to independent TGA files), and BumpZen (imports images and splits them into RGB channels for easy exporting of your choice to a bump map).
  • Zoffbred 3D Freebies include motorcycle, chest freezer, equipment switchbox, transformer box, 60s-era ragtop shirt for V3, and dungeon props: stone staircase/alcove, prison gate, heavy wood prison door and key, and dungeon scene architectural piece.

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