Individuals or organizations that develop software which they make available free of charge.
  • 1st AutoRun Express Automatically runs any DOC,HTM, or PDF whenever a CD is inserted. [Win32]
  • Adsen Software Various software including a file splitter, computer timer, thumbnailer, and image grabber.
  • Aig@rsoft Offers FileDrag, a file identification tool, and several joke programs.
  • Alecweb Creators of JBFileExplorer that can transfer Files to the Creative D.A.P Nomad Jukebox 1 in a Windows Interface
  • Includes a collection of programs including AMP Font Viewer, AMP WinOFF, AMP Tile Viewer, Cookie Monster and MediaMenu.
  • Apex Software Solutions Provides applications for a screensaver control menu and online reservation booking.
  • AVI Info Tip Windows explorer plugin that shows the most useful properties of AVI files by simply moving the cursor over the filename.
  • Bapuli Online Offers Click MusicalKEYS a MIDI piano, My Messenger and Polytones Wizard.
  • Blacksun Software Authors of tools for Windows including X-Fonter, Texefex, ColorMania and Mousotron.
  • BlueFive Software Author of utilities and unusual tools for Windows 9x/ME/NT/XP. Amiga programs too, and besides the software there are some useful programming and freeware links.
  • Broobles Collection of freeware utilities, scripts and games such as IMAPSize, eml2mbox, SimpleTags, iwap, Tablic.
  • ByteSurge A billing software package for hosting companies, and other software such as Pixels Image Processing.
  • Cafix Developpement Page Program to use a Casio calculator interface under Linux.
  • Cattle Ramp Software Author of software for organizing finances, monitor and log all Internet access, password generator, computer shutdown utility, and a personal diary and journal.
  • Charles Mace software WatchWorks, a desktop alarm, and password generator.
  • Chunky Pig Windows Messenger Remover, some old school video games, and a few screensavers.
  • CKing software Various Windows applications: KeyFinder (a Charmap replacement), LunaRhythm (a lunar calendar) and Mind Your Word (a multilingual word game).
  • CodingFriends Various small games and tools programmed in C++ with source and binaries.
  • Crayzee's Homepage Utilities made in Win32 assembly including source files.
  • Crazy Gecko Freeware Offers Crazy Gecko's BackPack, Crazy Gecko's Job Scheduler, and Crazy Gecko's Job FastExit. Site available in German and English.
  • Daniel Backstr Image Enhance, Soliton II(sound editor), and some encryption tools.
  • DanSoft Australia Includes PostScript Converter, DanProgrammer, DanZip, Catalog, DanDirectory and DanTemplates. Also provides Visual Basic and PHP scripts.
  • DigiCraft Software Developers of "Web Notepad" and "Yak!".
  • Digital Exedra A group that specializes in Java Network Launch Protocol (JNLP) development including a NIST time sync application and a lotto utility. [Windows 98-XP, MacOSX, or UNIX]
  • Dmitry Basko index pages Offers PC/SC driver with ATMEL AT89S8252 DES (56 bits) implementation for PnP serial port based devices.
  • DonationWare Author of small games and programs written in Visual Basic.
  • Excel macros, GetMail application, and a lottery generator.
  • Software Freeware dictionary/thesaurus for Pocket PC, MS Windows, and smartphone.
  • Edgar K. Sanz - Bong's Site Contains freeware utilities programmed in Delphi 5.
  • ESTsoft Offer the ALTools family of utilities for Windows computers, including zip, ftp, password storer and desktop wallpapers.
  • Exodus Development, Inc. FindCompressed, a Command line utility that locates NTFS compressed (or uncompressed) files, IECacheList, PMMon, a power management tool, and WhyReboot which shows files that will be changed on reboot. Also Drupal CMS modules and information.
  • Fabrice De Weerd Free Disk Space, Net Sentinel, Quick Phone list, and other programs.
  • Fallucca, Paolo - Spice+ General-purpose circuit simulation program, based directly on SPICE 3F.5 from the University of California (Berkeley). It works under DOS and Windows.
  • Free Software Design Group Super Clock and Disk Size. [Win32]
  • Distributes and supports freeware applications aimed at film-makers. The software is written by Ian Pegler.
  • FreshWebmaster Fresh FTP and Traffic Explosive, a hits generator.
  • HyperHide, a boss key/hide windows utility, and an eBay calculator that displays eBay auction fees.
  • Gaping Wolf Software Developer of popular Windows titles 'HalfLight', 'Project Yiff-X', and 'G-Fighter'.
  • Giorgio Tani Offers various desktop wallpapers and free open source software for Linux and Windows.
  • Goldman, Mikey Author of software for organization, security, and internet downloading.
  • HazteK Software Home of KeyDemon and TrueIP along with many other software programmed in Visual Basic 6.0. Custom software services. Visual Basic tips and tutorials.
  • Henrik Theiling's Software Projects Open Source projects such as an ASCII progress bar and Parrot Teacher.
  • Howsoft Rubber Dub-Dub will substitute a colored area in a picture without affecting the different hues of the color or the shading. HTML SlideShow is a slideshow and screensaver with optional HTML transitional effects. IconShow a icon viewer.
  • Integrated Sciences Group Free measurement analysis and metrology software.
  • Intellectual Heaven chaOS, a 16 bit x86 OS, ReC (Remote control utility for windows), and a FTP client.
  • InterAction studios Developers of Windows titles such as 'Chicken Invaders' and 'Island Wars'.
  • TrueMail system and GameEngine InputSystem. Site available in Russian, English, and Ukrainian.
  • JMM Code Park SplitBrowser, AutomountMaker, EuroSwap, and Serial Receptor.
  • Creators of Highway Scramble, a simple game.
  • jxProject Project Management Software application is supported by advertising. It supports resource leveling, parent/child task structures and familiar linking relationships. Flexible resource scheduling, multiple calendars, time zones, part-time and shifts.
  • KerauniaWare Offers puzzle screen saver, mp3 explorer, and text converter. Available in Italian and English.
  • KFOO Software Developers of AstroQuest and MeatBox Media Player.
  • Creator of Kiran's Typing Tutor and Kiran's Kids Games.
  • Various tools for AutoCAD.
  • Klaatu Software Developer of stock market, logic, and desktop utilities for Windows.
  • Leeos software Audio Cdrom List Creator, IE URL Changer, and Rename File Extensions. [Win32]
  • LN3GS Software eLibrary, ICanView, popCheck, WallChanger, Kanji Tutor, NUTilities, and Starter.
  • LopeSoft Offers 'FileMenu Tools' a context menu editor for windows, and a notepad replacement for programmers.
  • LW-Works Creator of Clipboard Recorder, a free tool used to record what you have copied/cut to the clipboard.
  • MeeSoft Group offers several freeware programs for Win 32, including file manager, image editors, font viewer, and an MP3 database.
  • Michael Facquet's homepage Features exclusive Winamp 5 plug-ins, audio encoders or even standalone applications such as a drums scores editor.
  • Michael Schmitz Technologies Provides a number of free games and other applications.
  • Mintra Systems Offers software including an icon editor, a chemistry calculator, a process killer, and a screen capture utility.
  • Moon Software Developer's site. 'Bookmark Wizard', 'Copy URL', 'Font Xplorer Lite', 'FileTargets', 'FontLoader', and other desktop utilities for MS Windows 95/98/NT/2000. Includes information on shareware, a newsletter, and links to related resources.
  • MrCeri SalaryTimer, a program that calculates one's salary, and HoboHack, a simple game.
  • Nakencow A chatclient and several remakes of classic games.
  • Designers of Lockit, File encrypted, and eWeb.
  • NirSoft Provides password recovery tools, ActiveX components, web browser accessories, and free source code examples.
  • Palton Games and icon placement tool.
  • Paradise Programming Various data recovery related software for Windows, Linux and Dos
  • Peter's Programs My Reminder, Connect Four, Paddle Juggle, 15 Puzzle, Academic Math 10, CommWizard, Basketball 25, and Game Addict. [Win32]
  • Punk Software PixelFonts and iepngfix.
  • PW Software Developer's Pad, Note Keeper, Sports Betting Calculator, Express Files, and Program Launcher.
  • RealityRipple Software Several simple games and Lime Light, a compact media player.
  • RebluSoft Collection of Windows applications such as txt2palm (text converter), WebDicty (dictionary) and WordBox for Windows (board game).
  • Ricksoft Developer for Windows and Linux with titles such as 'AnonyNews ' news server, 'Port Scanner', and 'Mandelbrot'.
  • RJL Software Developers of Windows software covering entertainment, utilities, internet, desktop, and security.
  • Seireg, Mahmoud Developer of programs such as 'Password Generator', 'SSCalculator', and 'Math for Beginners' for Windows.
  • Sergio Dilonardo Multimedia Productions Audio/image processing, and a few games.
  • Shankar on the Web Kaun Banega Crorepathi, a game show simulation, and Unmask.
  • ShazWare A set of file utility programs for webscraping, renaming files, and turning favorites into a small webpage.
  • Pyramid Solitaire, SC-DiskInfo, SC-KeyLog, SC-QuickStart, SC-Pass Unleash, Messenger MAniA, VC-Clean++, SC-Split Merge, SCR, and SC-Unimail. [Win32]
  • Developers of GBConv, which converts any web site from simplified Chinese to traditional Chinese.
  • SoftHolm Available in English and Russian.
  • Spacejock Software Stock charting software, an ebook reader, a mp3 and ogg player, text to speech, and stock market data.
  • SW Express Developer of utilities for Windows such as a network scanner, telnet client, file splitter, and network echo tool.
  • Tranglos Software Mature and full-featured open-source projects such as KeyNote, Oubliette and Kookiejar.
  • UCSoft Author of programming, multimedia, and Delphi components.
  • Useful programs from ZEN ToolTipZEN, SQUIDmon, Coins Screen Saver, Disk Free, URLFinderInFile, BackupC, TCPClSer, and eToken Lock.
  • Veign's Freeware Tools Cfont Pro, Note-It, Pixeur, and Seeker.
  • Vikasumit Numerical Text Control, HTML Editor, and Browse Me.
  • Voicent Communications Products include Smart autodialer, scheduler and calendar software with automatic phone reminder, and VoiceXML gateway.
  • web Xpace File Renamer, Mini Calculator ToDo Reminder, Date Reminder, Wav Player,   Runner, My Agenda, Pic Viewer, Watch, and Calendar. [Win32]
  • WillyWare Business utilities, vintage games and entertainment software for MS Windows.
  • win32utils Win32 utilities including Alexf's Livejournal Downloader and Alexf's Wallpaper Rotator.
  • Wong, Kerry D. RegExp Bench, Color Picker, Brick Attack, Map Editor, KSearch, and Mandelbrot Set Viewer.
  • Zemitec Creations Calculator 2004 and WebExplore a simple web browser.
  • Zinious Software LockDown and Exxy's DragonRealms Utilities. [Win32]
  • zRenard Simple applications with source code.

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