What is Forms Processing Anyway ? Automated Forms Processing is a technology that enables the user to process documents from their images or directly from paper and convert them to computer readable data (usually ASCII). Not to be confused with basic OCR, Forms Processing packages do a lot more than just Recognition of data (OCR/ICR/OMR/BarCodes, etc). While Forms Processing packages will give you Recognition capabilities, they also manage the complete life cycle of the document from scanning to extract and sometimes even include Image Archive and Retrieval. Note to site submitters - If your company offers multiple products and services please indicate the URL that refers to the Forms Processing system you offer.
  • ABBYY Software solutions and SDKs based on OCR, ICR, OMR, barcode recognition technologies, used for data capture, document recognition, automated processing of forms and semi-structured documents.
  • Adobe Acrobat Capture OCR software that converts paper documents to PDF files.
  • Axiome Alpha SA Manufacture of automatic identification devices for Optical Mark Readers (OMR), barcode readers and handheld RF/ID terminals.
  • CAD/CAM Integration Offers SuiteDocs, a Document Control Suite of products used to scan, index, search, view and provide third-party access to controlled documents.
  • CereSoft FormAgent captures data from both static and dynamic forms
  • CharacTell Ltd. Offers OCR/ICR development kits and form processing applications.
  • Cognitronics Ltd. Is a British Company who for over 25 years have specialized in Imaging, Automated Data Capture and Data Extraction technologies.
  • Datacap Inc. Forms processing document capture software for medical claims, tax returns, and invoices.
  • DMAC Offers data entry, image entry, and web based data entry software. Includes product specifications and support links.
  • Docucorp Offers: Software solutions for enterprise information range from complex document and forms publishing to real-time information and document management.
  • Elite Document Solutions: Offers iSeries (AS/400) host based electronic document processing, distribution and management software solutions
  • ePartner Consulting Ltd. Provide consultancy, software, hardware, installation, training and support for Forms Data Capture and Document Automation solutions. Electronic and paper based solutions for migrating from paper to eforms. TELEform, ZetaFax, eStore and other best of breed products.
  • Exigen Group workflow management, document and content management, paper scanning, bar-code support, indexing, optical character recognition (OCR), full-text search, and forms processing.
  • ExperVision OCR software with speed and accuracy. TypeReader Professional for end-users, and OpenRTK 6.0 for OEM customers. Recognizes more than 2600 font types.
  • Fairfax Imaging Provides image-based products and solutions for the data capture and forms processing.
  • FDI Technology Ltd. The home of SabreFDI, one of the most advanced data manipulation products on the market. Allowing the passive capture of data from any ASCII host and thru an advanced intuitive interface, allows the user to create multiple "rules based" documents and data delivery scenarios.
  • formGenie Offers online form processing and e-document management systems for small businesses.
  • Formtran Automated forms processing of paper (ICR/OCR/OMR)and electronic forms (HTML/PDF/InfoPath)
  • Future Perfect Solutions Automated forms processing and data capture solutions for organizations focusing on improving business results. Includes sample solutions for better understanding.
  • Global Village Publisher of Formulator 2.5 and FineReader 4.0 sprint electronic form and document management solutions for small and home-base businesses.
  • Gravic, Inc. - Remark Products Group Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) software that automates data capture from scanned in forms (including exam papers). Also offer a web questionnaire creation and administration product. [Windows]
  • i-fax.com Offers Barcode Plug-In available in MS Word, Java, Visual Basic, ASP, ColdFusion, JSP and Perl. Outputs barcode in Word, PDF, HTML, EPS and PostScript. Compatible with Avery Labels.
  • IBM Intelligent Forms Processing High performance solution for document management and capturing data from forms using imaging and optical character recognition technologies.
  • Ideatech Offers OCR software for Windows recognizing Ancient Greek and many modern languages.
  • Impression Technology Designs, integrates, and delivers large-scale, image-assisted data capture solutions that generate measurable value for our customers in the automated forms processing market.
  • Inlite Research Offers Tools for automating image processing operations related to document data capture and form processing. Design sophisticated image manipulation, quality assurance, forms processing and other operations, in a fully automated batch framework.
  • IRIS Develops and distributes multi-platform OCR software (Windows, Macintosh, UNIX) and electronic document management solutions.
  • ManagementDownload.com Download Document Management Software, Download Document Software from hundreds of vendors. Download directories include Document Management and Document Imaging software, Document Archiving and Document Conversion Software.
  • MB-Imaging Provides manual Data Entry Software Systems, automated Forms Processing Software, OCR and OMR Readers. Also Character and Mark Recognition Systems.
  • Metroform Providers of paper based and electronic business forms and printing. Specializing in Teleform OCR data capture, document scanners, variable imaging and bar code solutions.
  • MS Technology Developers of content management, medical, and mobile software applications including database, viewers, and file format support.
  • OBR Optical Braille Recognition Software for reading the Braille with PC and the standard flatbed scanner.
  • OMR Solutions Provides omr software, omr scanners, image and document scanners, online support.
  • Oyster Software, Inc. Offers FormsPro, an automated forms processing and data entry package; includes scanning, OCR, ICR, OMR, bar codes, mark sense, key from image and image archival functions.
  • Panini Supplier of advanced solutions for document processing, financial and non financial, with imaging and archiving capabilities. Panini specializes in paper treatment.
  • Parascript Advanced data capture solutions using ICR, OCR and handwriting recognition. Its total recognition technology recognizes all character types: cursive, handprint and machine print, on all forms.
  • Phoenix Software International - Falcon32 and Entrypoint data entry software for Windows. Entrypoint for Windows is a complete application development and imaging processing package.
  • Prime Recognition High accuracy OCR software. More reliable and increased accuracy over conventional OCR.
  • Print and Scan Allows you to quickly and easily design, print and scan surveys and examinations. It incorporates excellent reporting and data analysis features.
  • Pro_EDI - Complete EDI translation software supporting all X12 and EDIFACT versions and transaction sets for Windows, Unix and Linux. Supports HIPAA EDI standards. Offering Internet EDI Van Services.
  • Professional Data Exchange Offers cutting edge remittance processing hardware and software as well as lockbox services.
  • re Recognition Technology GmbH Offers KADMOS ICR/OCR SDK - C/C++ engine for hand print, machine print, norm fonts and Greek Windows NT/95/98/2000, Linux, and OS/2
  • ReadSoft Offers automated data capture and content software solutions for the enterprise. U.S. organizations reduce costs using FORMS and INVOICES to extract data from paper.
  • Recogniform Technologies Offer SDKs for form processing: ICR, OCR, BarCode, Line Removal, Deskew, Despeckle, Image I/O, Dynamic Thresholding, OCR-A/B for banking and postal applications, Form Removal.
  • Recognition Research, Inc. Providing software and systems solutions in forms processing and automated data capture, using scanning, imaging, OCR/ICR, form identification, data validation, EDI, database, and other technologies
  • RecoScript GmbH Offers ICR/OCR Software Components. We are specialised in the development of innovative ICR/OCR software components for system integrators and software developers and are suppliers of the SmartReco product line.
  • Remit Plus Software Provides remittance and payment processing solutions. Offers a line of check scanners and item transports.
  • Remittance Processing Solutions for Automated document processing, remittance processing. MICR, OCR, ICR and Image Archive.
  • Root3 Systems Capture 2000 is a suite of data capture applications. It is based on OCR/ICR technology.
  • RT Lawrence Corporation Offers integrated remittance processing solutions tailored to meet each of our clients' business needs.
  • Softek Software Provides Bar Code recognition toolkit for windows and Linux.
  • Softelec Sells VPindex a solution for converting and indexing any kind of scanned drawings into EDM (Electronic Document Management) or database systems. Including automatic data extraction (OCR) of the title block.
  • Stephen Scott and Associates, Inc. Value added reseller of data capture, data collection solutions in the Atlanta market.
  • Survey Systems, Inc. Offers OMR form design, printing, scanning, reporting services and software, data collection for testing, survey, assessment and evaluation documents.
  • Tech Vision Form processing add-in for Microsoft Office.
  • tekognition for forms or web based data processing covers a range of applications from OCR, OMR, Barcodes and Document Management. Demos can be downloaded.
  • Tis Innovator of digital information recognition and data capture solutions for forms processing, e-form and internet applications.
  • Trans-Micro Inc Check Factory is a complete MICR check and forms printing software solution, designed to eliminate the need to purchase preprinted checks and forms.
  • Trax UK Supplies OMR (Optical Mark Reading) software to easily capture data from surveys, examinations and any other form you require.
  • VersaIMAGE Software Co. Hybrid document imaging software,combines the ability to scan, store,search and retrieve images from digital media (Tiff images) or microfilm media.
  • Viking Software Solutions Forms processing and data entry software that speeds data entry and reduces errors. ImagEntry is for processing forms, VDE+Images is for documents that are not in standard format or arrive in unpredictable order.
  • Vistar Technologies Provides Credentialing Software - Meeting the challenges facing healthcare management though innovative software solutions.
  • WinOcular Uses the industries latest automated forms capture techniques to accomplish the automation of capturing data off forms scanned using the WinOcular Capture Software.

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