Wallpapers in this category must be free of charge. Small collections are welcome here, but if you have a site with many categories and wallpapers, it should be submitted to http://www.dmoz.org/Computers/Software/Desktop_Customization/Wallpaper/Directories/
  • 100 Free Wallpapers Image topics include movies, sports and cartoons.
  • 3Data Design Offers galleries of wallpaper and other digital art, mostly 800X600 and 1024X768, with some 1280X960 and 1600X1200, and some dual screen images.
  • Abstract Limits Wallpaper gallery for common desktop resolutions, and including abstracts, country and nature scenes.
  • Aceninja`s Pictures of anime, nature scenes, cars and female celebrities.
  • Antique Collector Antique, art and architecture related images. Includes a section on how to install wallpaper.
  • Auto Wallpapers A collection of popular makes and models, including Chevrolet and Alfa Romeo.
  • Bad Ass Band Backgrounds Several images, including lyrics, for bands. Custom wallpapers created upon request.
  • Balkanfolk Bulgarian folk wallpaper in sizes 800x600 and 1024x768.
  • Beautiful Wallpapers A weblog containing the blogger's favorite wallpapers. Features scenes and objects.
  • Better Homes and Gardens Images include holidays such as Kwanzaa, wedding and summer themes.
  • Blirk.net Wallpaper themes include holidays, cars, nature, animals and architecture.
  • BlueTiger Galleries Collection of JPEG images of city views, animals, and vehicles that can be used as desktop wallpaper.
  • Calipso Wallpaper Contains landscapes and abstract images created with various graphic programs.
  • Car On Desktop A collection of wallpaper that includes Maserati, Connaught and Lotus automobiles.
  • CARxy Features cars images, organized by manufacturer.
  • Classroom16 Photographic images include people, marine life and coastlines.
  • Cloudeight Wonderscreens Active desktop wallpaper. These images may scroll, there may be falling snow, or some other movement effect.
  • colordesktop A blog featuring themes such as nature, people, oddities and fantasy.
  • Computer Free Wallpapers Contains a collection of images including abstract, cartoons, flowers, games, and wild life.
  • cool-RR's Photoshop Creations Computer generated abstract and Star Wars images made by Ram Rachum.
  • Cube Mine A collection of original hi-res computer generated wallpapers.
  • Desktop Pictures Original high-quality images, including scenic, Florida beaches, abstract, Haiku letters and flowers.
  • Desktop Wallpaper Contains several categories, including cars, anime and religion.
  • DesktopCar.net A small collection of car wallpapers, organized by manufacturer.
  • Dieselstation Media Exotic car wallpapers and a weblog about them.
  • DREAMScope Offers numerous 3D kaleidoscope effect images.
  • EZTerry Wallpapers and Pictures Contains images of Heidelberg, Germany, the sea, animals, fishing and humor.
  • Finest Quotes A collection of images featuring inspirational quotes.
  • Football Wallpapers Images of soccer stars and teams.
  • Forkbending Photographic wallpapers of various stages of a bent fork, in 1024 x 768 resolution.
  • Free 4U Wallpapers Includes aviation, fantasy, girls and oceanlife.
  • Free Desktop Wallpapers Categories include movies, celebrities, cars, and animals.
  • Free Movie-TV Wallpaper Free desktop images from movies and TV shows, past and present. Official studio release wallpaper.
  • Free Wallpaper by Rusty Original images, featuring beautiful women. 1024x768 or 800x600 screen resolutions.
  • Free Wallpapers Includes nature, animals, fantasy and movies images.
  • Free-wallpaperbase.com Offers images including animals, cars and planes.
  • FreewallPaper Images for Mac, including Star Wars, old cars, and fractals.
  • Gaia Wallpapers This collection offers a variety of high quality images, in categories like 3D, hand-drawn and photography.
  • Graffiti Wallpaper Features several sizes including wide screen, with topics such as flowers, landscapes, food and wildlife.
  • GT Wallpaper Images include tractor trailer trucks, antique cars, celebrities, unicorns, and dragons.
  • Harley Davidson Wallpapers A collection of Harley Davidson wallpapers.
  • Haryo's Homepage A wallpaper collection that includes Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and Hello Kitty.
  • HD Desktop Wallpapers Contents includes games, celebrities, animals and computer generated images.
  • HD Wallpapers.eu Wallpapers such as sci-fi, games, abstract, landscape, and 3D, in numerous sizes including widescreen.
  • Headph0ne Phet1sh Images of women in headphones, mostly celebrities.
  • HeroicWallpapers Movie, TV, game and comic book images, as well as some sports.
  • High Quality Stock Wallpapers Images in categories including celebrities, cars and Windows Vista.
  • HQ Wallpapers A weblog with some original, high resolution wallpapers.
  • I Image World Indian themed images include art, Bollywood actresses and humour.
  • id wallpapers Images include the themes of horror, games and cars. Also offers avatars.
  • Illusions wallpapers Desktop wallpapers in categories including nature and sports.
  • Image Rockers HD and widescreen wallpapers, models, motorcycles and nature.
  • Image This! Design Provides wallpapers for Mac and PC. Photos from nature and abstract art.
  • Japan Airlines Images of JAL aircraft in several resolutions.
  • Jason Doucette's Wallpapers Images created using Adobe Photoshop. Offers exotic sports cars and the Mandelbrot Set.
  • Jimpix Collection of tiling images includes toy ducks, presidents and abstract art.
  • JpegWallpapers.com Categories include nature, cars, motorcycles, movies and celebrities.
  • Just Desktop Wallpapers A small collection that includes animal, aircraft, films and TV wallpapers.
  • Kewl Wallpapers Images include the themes of fantasy, cars, space and military.
  • LeenWallpapers A small collection that includes nature, 3D, and sports themes.
  • LifeMaze Wallpaper Gallery Contains images that include nature, landscape and sailing.
  • Lollie Images of animals and scenery, with a motivational or humorous theme.
  • Lora`s Wallpapers Band images including Nirvana, Blink182, Kurt Cobain, and Foo Fighters, made using PhotoShop 7.
  • Love Wallpapers Offers a collection of love themed images including flowers, hearts and Valentine's Day.
  • Magic's Photographic Backgrounds Photos in categories of animals, buildings, nature, and transport.
  • Mi9 Includes sailing ships, Chinese landscapes, cartoons and fantasy. Search by color feature.
  • MotionWalls Provides picture changing wallpapers that do not require software.
  • Motor Trend Wallpaper Gallery Car wallpapers at Motor Trend magazine, including sports cars, concepts and exotics.
  • Movie Asia Large collection of Asian movie wallpapers, including from Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Thailand.
  • my best desktops Features high-resolution wallpapers for Macintosh and PC, by Patrick Bennett. Includes sunsets, rain and cityscapes.
  • MyCarPictures.org Includes many manufacturers, with images at 1024x768 resolution.
  • NDR Project Wallpapers The featured monthly wallpaper is available in many resolutions, including widescreen.
  • Nidhin Images available include wrestlers, Indian celebrities, and New York landscapes and events.
  • Other Worlds A collection of rendered images, including fantasy, science fiction and natural landscapes. Mac OS.
  • PhotoPicture.org Widescreen wallpaper photographs include subjects like bread, cars, anime, and models.
  • PickWallpaper Offers a wide selection of wallpapers, including animals, aircraft and movies.
  • PixWallpapers Wallpapers is several resolutions, with a variety of themes.
  • RepublicDomain Offers free public domain photos and desktop wallpapers. Images may be used for any purpose, including commercial. Includes nature, cities and landscapes.
  • RK Wallpapers Wallpapers in categories like Bollywood and Hollywood, cars, and bikes, and Indian spiritual themes.
  • Ruchir's Wallpaper World Collection includes cartoons, space, movies, transportation, and nature.
  • Sexy Wallpapers Includes celebrities, 3D, and cartoon bears.
  • Shineout Graphics Free desktop images and seamless textures. Includes animated backgrounds, fractals, flowers and landscapes in Alberta, Canada.
  • Snooky's Place Contents includes teddy bears, animals and holidays.
  • SoDesk Free wallpapers include Japanese, Korean and Chinese celebrities, military, fashion and widescreen.
  • Splendid Wallpapers A collection of wallpapers images, including butterflies, Angelina Jolie, couples and children.
  • Star Formation Pillars in M16 Features wallpaper of Eagle Nebula photograph taken by the Hubble telescope.
  • Stephen's Wallpaper Original patterns and a ship image, for Windows and Macintosh.
  • StyleXP.ro A collection that includes 3D, games, sports, movies, TV, and humor.
  • Success Wallpapers Offers wallpapers with an inspirational theme and success quote. Includes the topics of vision, diversity and integrity.
  • Supex 3D Offers free 3D wallpapers.
  • symbol.cx Features original wallpapers.
  • T.C. Design Fractal and digital designs as well as some celebrities.
  • Ten Eighty Wallpapers Images of cars, movies, snowboarding, surfing, and wake boarding. 800x600 and 1024x768 resolutions.
  • The Cedpage Screensavers and wallpapers of models, movies, cars, and landscapes.
  • The Duck Tape Club Manco's Duck Brand duct tape site offers seasonal wallpapers for Windows and Mac.
  • The Gallery B Photographic wallpaper in 1024x768 and 800x600, with different motifs, sorted by category.
  • The Wallpaper Gallery Original images created using Adobe Photoshop. Genres include movies, nature, places, and transportation.
  • The Wallpaper King Images are organized into the categories of women, men, music, movies, television and other.
  • The Wallpaper Studio Nature photographs include scenes in Alaska, Utah, Washington and Vermont.
  • The Wallpapers Wallpaper categories include cars, guns, animals and Bollywood.
  • The28 Photographic images by Adhitya R. Putra, featuring animals and objects.
  • Tomatocow Photographs for wallpaper include house cats, and cityscapes.
  • Treasury of Wallpapers Content includes girls, art, space and music.
  • Tuningmag Original images of automobiles, available in 800x600, 1024x768 and 1600x1200 resolutions.
  • Ubermole Wallpaper of posable plastic dolls, from 640x480 to 1024x768.
  • Uberscreens A weblog offering artistic desktop photography, with scenes that include the Alps and musicians.
  • Valentinos Wallpapers This wallpaper source includes animals, cartoon characters and digital art.
  • Virtual Chocolate Chocolate images for all seasons.
  • Vista Wallpaper Features wallpapers in several categories, including anime, landscapes and military.
  • VW wallpapers Various Volkswagen models. Accepts submissions.
  • Wallpaper Download A large collection that includes wide screen, cartoon, Chinese, Japanese and South Korean stars, animals and hand painted images.
  • Wallpaper Dude Original cartoon images, in 800x600 and 1024x768 pixels.
  • Wallpaper HD High definition wallpapers in categories including cars, places and animals.
  • Wallpaper Land Small collection that includes New York City scenes, movies and actresses.
  • WallpaperDisk.Com A collection of Islamic wallpapers.
  • Wallpaperez Celebrity, children's, movie, and car wallpapers for various screen resolutions.
  • Wallpaperfree Abstract and photo wallpapers in several resolutions.
  • Wallpapers Images in 1024x768 resolution. Includes women, sports and animals.
  • Wallpapers 247 1024x768 wallpapers include jungle scenes, the Swiss Alps, and Panama.
  • Wallpapers Box Wallpapers in include hockey, elephants and motorcycles.
  • Wallpapers4u Includes waterfalls, animals and famous landmarks.
  • Wallpapers.net Contains categories including aircraft, nature and animals.
  • Wallpapers-DJ Includes dogs and cats, computer, countries, military, girls and games.
  • Wallpapers-TLC Original artwork by Toni Lea Combs. Topics include nature, art, car and animated images.
  • Wallpapersland Featured 800x600 images are available in music, superstars, cities, landscapes, aircraft and underwater scenes categories.
  • WallpaperStock A collection of wallpapers. Includes 3D, celebrities and motorcycles.
  • WallzWorld.com A collection that includes flowers, girls, motorcycles and games. Resolutions up to 2000X1333.
  • Web420.com Free psychedelic and nature wallpaper.
  • WebCars Features high quality wallpapers, including classics, Italian and muscle cars.
  • Wide Walls Offers wallpaper images of cars, models, abstracts and animals.
  • Widescreen Wallpapers A weblog that offers wallpapers for large screens, arranged in albums, including cartoon and anime, nature and black and white themes.
  • Widescreen Wallpapers Images include wolves, a ferris wheel and 3d fantasy worlds.
  • Xtremewalls Computer and mobile wallpapers in several categories, including celebrities, movies, and cartoon.

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