Software tools used to simplify the task of developing or maintaining Oracle systems.
  • .Com Solutions inc Products for installing and maintaining Oracle. Migration of FileMaker Pro databases to Oracle.
  • ActiveBase Ltd Real time performance tuning, particularly geared towards business intelligence and ad-hoc queries.
  • AlderPump Windows graphical user interface for Oracle Data Pump. Fully featured and free 'Lite' versions available.
  • AlligatorSQL Integrated Development Environment for Oracle, MySql, Interbase and others.
  • Allround Automations Query Reporter, simple SQL/HTML reporting (freeware) also PL/SQL Developer tools.
  • Appitat Remote Oracle application hosting. Oracle certified on-demand ASP (application service provider).
  • AppWorx Batch-processing and job-scheduling applications for Oracle and Oracle Applications.
  • Artinsoft ArtinSoft technology migrates PL/SQL code, objects, forms, menus, libraries, as well as triggers to a Java (J2EE) architecture, maintainable with Oracle JDeveloper.
  • Aspeda Systems FusionCode: Monitor, diagnose and alert potential database problems.
  • BGS Software Oracle database monitoring tool and space-tuner tool.
  • BMC Software Management and administration software covering Oracle, Firewalls, Server management - monitoring and data manipulation.
  • Bradmark Technologies Monitoring and management for Oracle databases, operating systems and applications.
  • CipherSoft Inc. Upgrade and migration tools that provide a conversion path from Oracle Forms and PL/SQL to the Java architecture (JDeveloper).
  • Confio Performance tuning, database monitoring and diagnostic tools.
  • Core Lab OraDeveloper Studio Tool for Oracle developers and administrators. Design SQL scripts and PL/SQL programs.
  • Datasparc Free Oracle Tool for Developers and DBAs. Runs under a Java Virtual Machine on IE, Netscape, Firefox or Opera.
  • DB Prism An open source framework for generating dynamic XML from a database.
  • DBA Easy Control for Oracle Provides database monitoring, automation of routine operations, change log (e.g. history of privilege grants) and a store for database documentation.
  • DBATool Create DDL/SQL/HTML documentation about the structure of an Oracle database. Generate/modify re-creation DDL scripts from an Oracle database.
  • DbMotive Tools for Oracle DBA's and developers. Database management, monitoring, Home Selector and Password Changer.
  • DBTuna Application performance monitor for Oracle. Time based resource consumption analysis.
  • dbXpert for Oracle SQL Development Tool for Oracle Database developers and administrators.
  • DDL Wizard Read Oracle export files and display the Data Definition Language (DDL) commands within. Generate SQL rebuild scripts and HTML documentation.(freeware)
  • Dynamic PSP Server-side scripting solutions for Oracle. Extend Oracle with a number of PL/SQL packages.
  • Easymatica: FlexTracer A DLL and SQL tracer for Oracle, SQL Server, InterBase/Firebird, MySQL, SQLite, Sybase and Borland Database Engine (BDE).
  • Easysoft ODBC Driver Third party supplier of Linux/Unix Oracle ODBC drivers.
  • Embarcadero Technologies Inc Cross-platform database administration, development, design, data management, application development, extraction, and data loading.
  • Evergreen Database Technologies, Inc. Downloadable Library of scripts and other tools. SQL and Shell scripts.
  • Gudu Software Shareware database administration tools.
  • IC Soft IC Studio is a Shareware utility that provides GUI tools for ODBC/SQL query and database object management.
  • Impact Solutions Guggi for Oracle - Affordable GUI Tool for editing tables, Code, and Server parameters. Free trial.
  • Inventric LLC TinyDBA is a database control center for a Java enabled PDA (Pocket PC, Linux) that allows wireless administration of any JDBC compliant database.
  • KBACE Technologies Reporting and Business Intelligence tools designed for the Oracle® E-Business Suite
  • KeepTool Hora has been designed for database administrators, application programmers, and end-users and contains intuitive user prompting.
  • Kumaran Systems Oracle Forms and Reports migration to 6i/9i. Free demo available.
  • Lab128 Oracle advanced tuning and monitoring - for DBAs and senior developers.
  • Laser-Scan Merge Oracle data with desktop Geographical Information Systems. 'Radius Topology' for geospatial (mapping) data.
  • Latticesoft A template-based stored procedure generator (Shareware).
  • LazyDog Utilities DbEqualizer is a utility for comparing two database schemas. (Shareware)
  • Legato Online backup and archiving for Oracle databases hosted on UNIX, Linux and Windows platforms.
  • Lime Software License inventory software.
  • Linker IT Consulting SQL*XL a bridge between MS Excel and Oracle databases.
  • Mentat Graphical User Interface programming tools for both the Oracle Database and MySQL.
  • Mimer SQL Embedded SQL solutions, plus an online SQL Validator (for SQL 92, SQL 99 and SQL 2003)
  • Mobile DBA DBA tools for wireless database administration (PocketPC or Palm.)
  • OCILIB OCILIB provides a simple, reusable and high performance method of accessing an Oracle database. OCILIB is an open source library, encapsulating OCI (Oracle Call Interface.)
  • OnDataFine Web based analysis of statspack (or AWR) reports. Generate a performance analysis report.
  • Open ArsDigita Community System A toolkit for building scalable, community-oriented web applications.
  • Ora SRP A tool to analyze Oracle trace files (an open source alternative to tkprof) build resource profile, top statements, statistics per statement.
  • OraAlertCheck An Oracle alert.log watchdog, simple korn script that checks the Oracle alert log and sends mail when it detects an error.
  • Oracle 10G Developer Suite An integrated set of transactional application development and business intelligence tools. Support for multiple programming languages and operating systems.
  • Oracle Forms Migration Oracle forms application migration; Forms NOVA can be customized to facilitate direct migration or progressive migration. Downloadable White Papers available.
  • Oracle load/unload tool A simple tool for exporting or loading flat data files into Oracle.
  • Oracletool A free, web based Oracle DBA tool written in Perl.
  • OraSentry A small utility (charityware) which automates the monitoring of multiple database Alert Log files.
  • ORCL Toolbox Add-on tools for the Oracle Forms Developer Suite, scripting interface and email tools.
  • PL/PDF Generate dynamic PDF documents from data stored in Oracle databases using the PL/PDF program package.
  • Primos - Database analysis software Database analysis software for Oracle. Monitor multiple machines, alert changes across multiple database instances.
  • Quickload An open-source command line utility to upload Excel files to a Database(MySQL/Oracle) with automatic creation of tables and columns.
  • Quintessence Systems Automated software migration tools for converting PL/SQL into Java.
  • Redwood Software Job scheduling tools and web-based reporting tools. Support for SAP, PeopleSoft and Siebel.
  • Rep2excel Utility to convert Oracle 6i reports (CSS or HTML) to Microsoft Excel (XLS).
  • RingMaster Software Corporation Software products that help maintain the Oracle E-Business Suite, such as patch management, change management, cloning, etc.
  • SchemaToDoc Document Oracle databases. Export Oracle queries to a Word or HTML document. Compare Oracle database schemas Side-By-Side.
  • Sequel Solutions SQLWord, export Microsoft Word documents from Oracle.
  • Soft Tree An integrated set of graphical tools for Oracle DBAs and developers.
  • SoftTree Technologies Tools for Oracle database SQL coding, reverse-engineering, management, monitoring, benchmarking, and tuning. SQL editor, SQL Navigator, Analyzers and Optimizers.
  • SQL Developer A free graphical tool for database development. Fully supported by Oracle.
  • SQL Tuning Service An email/online service for improving slow Oracle SQL statements. Payment only if the tuning meets an agreed target.
  • Statspack Viewer Software Generate charts and alerts from performance data gathered by the Oracle STATSPACK Utility.
  • SwisSQL Automatically convert SQL from one Database to another. SQL, T-SQL, PL/SQL and Java code from Oracle, SQL Server and DB2. Migration Tool for DBAs and Developers.
  • TOAD (Tool For Application Developers) A tool for SQL and PL/SQL Developers - also covers most DBA functions. Freeware and fully licensed versions available for download.
  • Tool for Organizing Your Schemas The Tool for Organizing Your Schemas (TOYS) is a Microsoft Windows application that automates the comparison and synchronization of Oracle database schemas.
  • ubTools Web based Tuning utilities including analysis of SQL_TRACE, SQL Analyzer, iOraBugFinder, iOraHangAnalyzer and iOraDumpReader.
  • UForms Unicode Report writer for any ODBC compliant database.
  • utPLSQL Project An open source, unit-testing framework for Oracle PL/SQL developers. Created by Steven Feuerstein.
  • Withdata Oracle import and export tools. Load or unload Excel, LOB or flat file data.

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