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This category focuses on software copy protection mechanisms rather than license management.

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  • 1Way An ActiveX control which provides an easy and secure way to create a time-limited trial version of the application.
  • AClib Offers a Delphi code library for protecting programs against debugging.
  • Alconost Software Software for distribution protection and preparing key floppy disks.
  • Armjisoft OwnerGuard is a technology in DRM and data protection systems which is designed specially for file distribution and licensing over internet and local networks.
  • ArtistScope Digital rights management and copy protection software to protect digital content including PDFs, web images and web pages.
  • Arxan Technologies Inc. Anti-tamper software protection tools.
  • Byssus Hydra Secure software trial, copy protection, license management and payment processing for shareware developers. Available for Windows and Linux; C/C++, VB, C# and Delphi.
  • ByteShield, Inc. Protection against illegal copying, tampering and reverse engineering that makes the crackers’ work difficult and time consuming. Consumer registers product online, receiving a unique piece of code to activate it.
  • ContentGuard Provides technology and products for rights management of digital content.
  • CrypKey Offers copy protection and software licensing control.
  • CryptoLicensing Licensing and copy protection solution for .NET compatible applications.
  • Data Encryption Systems Limited Solutions for software copy protection, data encryption and software licensing. Hardware based (dongles) for multiple platforms. Free developers kit available.
  • Digital Content Protection LLC Licenses technologies for protecting commercial entertainment content.
  • diProtector Software copy protection and license key system for PDA developers.
  • ESDnow Electronic software distribution system uses on-line authentication as part of the software licensing process. Provides trial, perpetual and time-limited (subscription) licenses.
  • ExeShield Turn applications into "try-before-you-buy" software easily with minimal effort to provide protection against piracy.
  • Feitian Technologies Software protection dongles for parallel and USB ports. Also offer USB authentication tokens and USB smart card readers. Based in Beijing, China.
  • GameShield Licensing and protection system for game developers.
  • GDA Technologies Co.,Ltd. Manufacture for software protection dongle keys.
  • Guardant Software protection hardware dongles available as USB and parallel port.
  • HexaLock Ltd. Develops and markets digital copy protection solutions that help prevent unauthorized copying of digital content, when stored on optical or other digital media.
  • IntelliProtector Service protects x86 and x64 Windows software, executables and libraries. Web-based software activations and registrations, online orders, software tracking system, resellers management.
  • IonWorx Technology Supplier of copy protection utilities using triple-DES encryption.
  • Irdeto: Cloakware Security Digital rights management products to protect intellectual property (application programs and data content) from reverse engineering and piracy.
  • JSC Seculab Software protection systems based on hardware keys and virtual machine technology.
  • Key-Lok USB, parallel and serial dongles for copy protection, software security, and piracy prevention.
  • Microcosm Copy protection and licence management systems software distributed by CDROM, DVD, the Internet, floppy disk or any other media.
  • Mirage Systems Supplier of software licensing and copy protection system.
  • Morpher Compiler-driven obfuscation solution for C/C++/ObjC/ObjC++. Protection against reverse engineering, cracking and tampering.
  • Nalpeiron Products for software copyprotection and digital rights management.
  • NTCore Phoenix Protector provides obfuscation features like name, string and control flow obfuscation to help prevent .NET assembly from being decompiled into an understandable language.
  • Obsidium Application protection and licensing solution which prevents against unauthorized modifications.
  • PELock Software Protection Software copy protection and license key system for Windows applications.
  • PHPLicengine Software licensing and protection for PHP applications. Software can be licensed to domain name, IP, MAC address and expiry date.
  • Pikewerks Provides computer security solutions that prevents reverse engineering.
  • PreEmptive Solutions to secure intellectual property, defend applications against tampering, and measure the impact of application investments using an integrated approach.
  • SafeNet Software protection devices, license management and encryption technology.
  • Sciensoft (ElecKey) Software Copy Protection, Software Licensing and Activation Server System
  • SDProtector Offers protection against unauthorized use and distribution by using RSA1024.
  • SecureMetric Technology Software protection devices, license management, encryption and authentication system.
  • SecureWrap Online licensing system for Windows applications. Works in client, server and Citrix environments.
  • SecuROM Sony DADC CD-Rom copy protection solution by Sony DADC. SecuROM offers online encryption and in-house testing.
  • SecuTech Solution Inc. SecuTech Solution Inc. provides cost-effective software protection solution based on UniKey, which is a driverless dongle.
  • SeriousBit Ellipter Software protection for .NET and Linux/Mono based applications.
  • Sheriff Provides software developers with secure copy protection, solving the problems of software piracy without the need for royalty payments or dongles. Offers static library and free evaluation copy.
  • SmartLock Manufacturer of USB dongles for copy protection, software security, and piracy prevention.
  • Sofpro Software copy protection products for DOS and Windows systems. No source code modification or hardware needed.
  • SoftLock Software copy protection, usage control products and services.
  • Softlok Softlok specialise in software security, anti piracy solutions and protecting web-based information.
  • Software Activation Service Provides software developers access to a centralized license server preventing software piracy by means of software activation. The service also offers Product Key generation, executable protection, and software activation.
  • SoftwareKey Suppliers of Protection Plus software licensing and Solo e-commerce technology.
  • SoftwareShield Licensing and copy-protection system for Windows application developers.
  • Solidshield Protection system that provides a professional and reliable solution for product activation and distribution against software piracy.
  • Star-Force Advanced encryption and activation technology for CD/CD-R/DVD and electronic software distribution.
  • Taurus Copy protection and license management utilities for applications written in MATLAB.
  • TechnoData Interware Matrix hardware based system using dongles for the protection of software from unauthorised reproduction.
  • The Enigma Protector Software protection tool allows to protect Win32 PE and .NET executables
  • TrusCont Copy protection and digital rights management solutions for secure delivery and distribution of digital contents on DVD/USB Flash disk media.
  • Ultra Softlock Pvt Ltd. Supplier of DiscKeeper products to protect data content and software on CDs or online.
  • V.i. Labs CodeArmor is a software protection solution that embeds anti-piracy, tamper and code theft prevention countermeasures into software applications.
  • Validy Offer an anti-piracy system that protects software by relocating variables crucial to the program into a secure token (smart card or USB key), in which they are securely modified during the program's execution.
  • Verance Digital audio watermarking technologies that protect and manage film, Blu-ray DVDs and music.
  • Virtual Vault Offers protection of PDF and EXE files from illegal file sharing.
  • VMProtect Virtual machine transcoder for applications and drivers.
  • Wizzkey The WizzKey family offers a complete range of software protection products for PCs and networks.
  • Zafesoft Provides solutions in the information rights management space, to secure content in digital files, as well as access control and tracking.

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