Commercial view of Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention Systems. Focus on industrial-strength hardware appliances and software solutions related to IDS/IPS.
  • Activeworx Security Center A security information management program for security event viewing, correlation and reporting.
  • Blue Lance LT Auditor+ LT Auditor+ enables administrators to track network activity and alerts users about intrusions through email or paging.
  • BotHunter Network monitoring tool recognizes the activity patterns of infected computers. Available for Unix (including Linux and OS X) and Windows XP, and as a standalone LiveCD.
  • Cisco: Intrusion Prevention System Network and host based IPS systems designed to detect, classify and stop threats. Includes technical information on solution components and support pages.
  • Countersnipe Provisioner of IT security products with a focus on active protection of corporate infrastructures. Products include 1U, 2U and 4U rack-mountable intrusion detection/prevention systems.
  • CyberSafe Software publisher specializing in the development and implementation of network security solutions, including the Centrax Intrusion Detection System.
  • CyberTrace Intrusion Detection CyberTrace is an active network monitoring tool that identifies suspecious network traffic. Features include the ability to flags connections by priority and review/replay traffic sessions.
  • Cymtec Systems Manufacturer of Cymtec Scout, a Snort-based intrusion detection and prevention appliance.
  • Deepnines Technologies Network security products for deployment immediately outside the perimeter. Product suite integrates firewall, intrusion prevention, secure content management, and forensics reporting.
  • DigiStamp: e-TimeStamp Secure Time Stamps Commercial time-stamping service that provides intellectual property witnessing and document authentication for any file on a system. Service intends to provide digital evidence that data has not been altered or backdated. Recognizes IETF Standard RFC-3161 (Time Stamp Authority).
  • ForeScout Technologies Providing "Counteract" a network access control (NAC) and intrusion prevention appliance that verifies whether devices on the network have up to date security patches and are free from malware/unauthorised software.
  • Guardian Digital Internet Defense and Detection System All-in-one intrusion detection and prevention system. Combines data correlation and regularly updated intrusion signatures.
  • Industrial Defender A multi-layered security system designed to protect mission-critical control systems and assist compliance with industry regulations. Incorporates NIDS, HIDS, perimeter security, virus protection, performance monitoring, and secure remote access.
  • Internet Security Systems A host based security assessment and intrusion detection tool, S2 identifies and reports exploitable system weaknesses.
  • Intruder Alert Comprehensive enterprise security monitoring that will detect and respond to attacks in real-time.
  • Intrusion, Inc. The maker of SecureNet Pro, a commercial Network Intrusion Detection (NIDS) product suite.
  • Ionx Provides Verisys file integrity monitoring software for increased security and compliance.
  • ipANGEL Adaptive IDS/IPS ipANGEL integrates vulnerability assessment and intrusion detection/prevention technologies, creating a new type of solution that is aware of its environment, and modifies the security posture accordingly.
  • Joret Software Vendor of "Security Detective" suite, an application that helps auditors and system administrators protect critical information assets by quickly identifying potential security exposures. Investigate Windows NT, UNIX, OS/400 and VMS security from one central PC.
  • KeyFocus - KF Sensor - Honey pot IDS KFSensor is a host based Intrusion Detection System (IDS). It acts as a honey pot to attract and detect hackers by simulating vulnerable system services and trojans.
  • Lan-Secure Network Security Vendor of "Security Center" a scan monitor software for real-time intrusion detection and prevention for Microsoft Windows XP and Server 2003.
  • Lancope Features a dynamic threat management system that monitors security breaches and internal misuse without relying on attack signatures.
  • LANguard Intrusion detection, content filtering, security scanner, Internet access control, network security, Internet monitoring.
  • MacAnalysis Macintosh security Auditing suite.
  • Mazu Profiler - Internal Network Security and Network Security Systems Ensures internal network security and prevents denial of service (DOS) attacks with anomaly based intrusion detection network security systems.
  • Melior Incorporated Vendor of iSecure, an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) offering protection against distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS) and infrastructure cloaking capabilities.
  • Mirage Networks - Network Access Control Complete control over the endpoint devices on your network, combining agentless Network Access Control (NAC) with day-zero threat prevention and automated policy enforcement.
  • Neogenesys Offers multiplatform security secure, detect, and audit. (AS/400, Unix, Linux and Windows NT/2000)
  • NetWitness Network monitoring tool that helps identify inappropriate use of network resources using live traffic analysis or output from other IDS systems.
  • Network Chemistry Developer of wireless-centric enterprise class monitoring and analysis tools intended to improve the security and performance of their wireless LANs.
  • NIKSUN Inc. NIKSUN is the recognized worldwide leader in developing and deploying a complete range of network performance monitoring, security surveillance and forensic analysis tools serving a wide range of protocols and interfaces, ranging from Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet to OC-3. Our products are the only network appliances that continuously capture and analyze LAN, MAN and WAN traffic at Gigabit rates in a single platform.
  • PacketAlarm Real-time network sensor-based Intrusion Detection System (IDS). Based on snort, features include live signature updates and custom signature creation.
  • Paldion Networks Information security specialists providing penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, application security audit and intrusion detection implementation services
  • Privacyware Extends the capabilities of conventional security systems to help manage threats more efficiently and effectively. Includes a wide array of intrusion detection and analysis tools for Windows servers.
  • Safety-Lab Provider of security scanners, and web analyzers for network maintenance, also consulting and vulnerability testing.
  • SECUREDwire Manufacturer of Network Scout, a behavior-based perimeter intrusion prevention system.
  • SecurityMetrics Manufacturer of Intrusion Detection/Prevention appliances. Features include Layer 2 network bridge operation, an integrated hardware/software solution, and automatic attack signature updating.
  • Sentinel IPS Intrusion Prevention Appliance Appliance and service that inspects, detects and drops malicious packets so a user's gateway IPs appear unused to intruders.
  • SPECTER Intrusion Detection System Official site of the SPECTER intrusion detection system.
  • Support Intelligence REACT is a network abuse monitoring and tracking service which provides real time data to track and control abusive hosts on your network.
  • Third Brigade Host Intrusion Prevention Systems Host Intrusion Prevention Systems (HIPS) that stop mass attacks and targeted attacks before they impact hosts, applications and data.
  • TippingPoint Technologies Develops intrusion prevention systems that protect against internal/external attacks and network access control appliances that enforce endpoint compliance policies.
  • Top Layer Networks Manufacturer of network IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems) hardware. ASIC-designed devices help prevent attacks such as distributed denial of service, flood, HTTP URI and SYN attacks for high-traffic networks.
  • TriGeo Network Security, Inc. TriGeo Network Security, Inc., is a software development and services firm providing network security services and an overlay software solution that centralizes and enhances existing third party network security tools to protect against internal and external attacks.
  • Tripwire, Inc Offers change management and auditing solutions which provide regulatory compliance, network security, and system availability.
  • Unatek Intrusion Detection and Prevention Providing information on the corporate intrusion and detection products, services and consulting.
  • Wireless LAN Monitoring & Intrusion Protection Software WiMetrics' solutions provide a real-time view of all 802.11 wireless device activity on the wireless LAN. Locate rogue wireless access points without using a wireless sniffer device. Authorize 802.11 devices for trusted network access and automatically block intruders from gaining access to the wired LAN.
  • Wireless LAN Security Intrusion Detection and Monitoring for Enterprise 802.11 WLANS Industry-First Wireless LAN Intrusion Detection and Protection 24x7 real-time monitoring of 802.11 WLANs. Integrates multi-dimensional intrusion detection with stateful monitoring to effectively secure WLANs from intruders, hackers, interference and network abuses
  • xDefenders, Inc. Provider of managed security services, including the netDefender Intrusion Detection System.

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