This category is for firewall appliances only.
  • 3Com Firewall Security Products Offers a line of firewall appliances ranging from enterprise perimiter protection to SOHO level equipment as well as embedded products. Contains product details and specifications as well as support links.
  • .vantronix Provides OpenBSD based firewall appliances as well as consulting, support, development and training in information security.
  • Amaranten Range of appliance and application based firewalls featuring central management, graphic real-time monitoring and log analysis. Overview, product information and support details.
  • ArrayNetworks Provides SSL and VPN appliances for secure access for enterprises. Appliances offer SSL VPNs, secure remote access to applications such as e-mail, web services, file shares and client server application, and extends to deliver a universal access solution.
  • Asce Networks A firewall and VPN solution offering high security, high performance and availability, featuring an embedded OS for increased security, multiple ISP and VPN load balancing to ensure continuous network connectivity and advanced centralized administration tools for enterprise -wide management of the firewall infrastructure.
  • BlackBox Offers product information, frequently asked questions and testimonials on dedicated router and firewall appliance.
  • BorderWare Offers a full line of security solutions including firewall, e-mail filtering, messaging and web content filtering.
  • Celestix Networks Inc. Developer and marketer of security appliances such: network protection , secure remote access, two-factor authentication and safeguarding sensitive data. Products, support, resources and contacts.
  • Cisco PIX 500 Series Overview and pricing of the ICSA certified hardware based filtering firewall, supporting configurations from SOHO to 250,000 connections.
  • Eland Systems Produces an integrated solution including firewall, VPN, antispam , antivirus, content filtering and proxy.
  • ENEO Tecnologia Manufacturer of Linux based Unified Threat Management security appliances with hardware acceleration capabilities.
  • Enigma Firewall Firewall Servers is a manufacturer of high-density internet appliances and products, including: network security software and appliances, firewall software and appliances, content filtering software and virtual private network (VPN) software and applications.
  • eSoft InstaGate Combines a stateful firewall with anti-virus protection, vulnerability scanning, Web site and content filtering, as well as a host of optional extensions.
  • Exinda Networks Appliance gateway featuring VPN, network usage accounting, bandwidth shaping, content filtering and virus protection.
  • FilterWall The FilterWall is a multi-function solution for security, content filtering, monitoring, and network administration for computer networks.
  • Fortinet Inc. Manufacturers of the FortiGate series of ASIC-accelerated firewalls including VPN, anti-virus, content filtering, intrusion detection and traffic shaping.
  • Future Systems Inc. Offers vpn, firewell, wireless security and PC firewell as security solutions and security consulting.
  • GajShield Infotech Makers of the Gajshield range of firewall appliances which include firewall, intrusion detection, gateway anti-virus, content filtering and bandwidth management.
  • Gatecraft Ruggedized appliances for industrial settings. Includes VPN capability as well as dial-up and wireless interfaces. Information on features, specifications, manuals and contact details
  • gateProtect Inc - Firewall Server with VPN High end firewall with VPn and graphical user interface. Available both as hardware appliances and as software.
  • Global Technology Associates, Inc. ICSA certified appliance-based or software-based firewall. Supports most applications and IPSec-based VPN's.
  • HALON Security Manufacturer of scalable firewall and VPN appliances for both wired and wireless networks.
  • i-Security Networking and Security Provides networking and security solutions for small, medium and large enterprises.
  • iForce VPN/Firewall Appliance A hardened version of Linux and Check Point VPN-1/Firewall-1 in an appliance. Site include benefits analysis, whitepapers, and system specifications.
  • Ingate Offers data firewall plus complete support for the NAT/firewall traversal issues of SIP.
  • Innominate Security Technologies AG Produces embedded ethernet security devices for industrial applications and secure remote maintenance offering hardware firewall and VPN services.
  • Internet Canadian provider of high-end Internet firewalls and proxy servers. Also offers internet security consultation services.
  • The PDS series of firewall security appliances are hardened Linux platforms with open Intel® architecture that enable a variety of security software such as intrusion detection and VPN/firewall applications including Checkpoint. Site offers details and specifications on appliances, and supplemental offerings.
  • Juniper Network Firewall Netscreen line of ICSA certified internet security appliances and systems providing firewall, VPN and traffic shaping functionality.
  • LogLogic Provides secure appliances for real-time log analysis and report generation in real-time from NetScreen®, Cisco PIX®, Checkpoint-1® and other firewall technologies. The purpose-built appliance is more secure than server or software solutions, and delivers a low cost of ownership.
  • Lucidata Manufacturer of the LuciGate packet-filtering firewall appliance. Includes a product overview, support, and pricing.
  • NetASQ European manufacturer of firewall and VPN devices integrating its proprietary Active Security Qualification technology to provide intrusion prevention.
  • NetBox Blue Gateway appliance providing firewall, e-mail and application filtering, monitoring, authentication and related network management.
  • Netmind Fortresswall Technology Stateful packet inspection "fortresswall". Unlimited users / VPN ( 512-bit encryption ) . SNAT allowing DCC, H.323, gaming. PPPoE, DHCP Client/Server , static IP all-in-one. Web-based administration. Four year guarantee.
  • NetSentron Internet Security Server Integrates various security solutions to protect networks and employees from the pervasive aspects of the Internet by provides high-level firewall protection, monitoring of all Internet activity and virtually unlimited VPN capabilities.
  • NetSoft. Inc AstroFlowGuard appliances incorporating bandwidth management stateful firewall, intrusion detection system and vpn server. Also available as a Linux software version.
  • Network Box A range of managed internet security services for SMEs. Includes firewall, anti virus, anti spam, VPN, content filtering and intrusion detection.
  • Network Security Solution Provider Provides a variety of firewall and VPN appliance solutions
  • Nusoft System Inc. Products include firewall, server, broadband router, data collection and related network appliances.
  • Protectix Inc. Firewalls, virtual private networking and remote security management using ProWall, a firewall appliance featuring a secure, embedded Linux operating system.
  • Resilience Corporation Fast, affordable, high availability firewall and VPN appliances. Offers a family of appliances designed to accommodate a full range of network security requirements.
  • Secure Computing Provides a ICSA security appliance which includes application firewall with embedded anti-virus, anti-spam, traffic anomaly detection, IDS/IPS, and VPN capability.
  • SecurityMetrics Appliance stops intruders immediately with Intrusion Prevention, Intrusion Detection, Vulnerability Assessment and Firewall technology. Attacks are compared to the vulnerability assessment database to confirm it is a real threat.
  • Sepehr S. T. Co. Ltd. GateMAN firewalls are TCP stateful inspectors, full application layer and content monitoring system with traffic shaping capabilities. Information available on variours models, frequently asked questions and contact details.
  • Soekris Engineering A small company specializing in the design of embedded computer and communication devices especially useful as firewall/routers.
  • SofaWare Technologies Appliances aimed primarily at the small business, SOHO and personal broadband user. All embedded appliances incorporate Check Point's Stateful Inspection technology. Uses a web-based for ease and speed of installation. Upgradeable, VPN capability.
  • SonicWALL ICSA certified firewall. Stateful packet inspection, denial of service (DoS) attack prevention, NAT, IPSec virtual private networking, and content filtering.
  • TeleWall Telecommunications Firewall Helps secure telephone networks against abusive or unauthorized access and usage. Detects, logs, and controls all inbound and outbound telecom network activity based on user defined, automated security policies, protecting enterprise data networks from back-door modem access and other external attacks through the Public Switched Telephone Network working in conjunction with conventional data firewalls to secure the electronic perimeter.
  • TelmatWeb Security Solution Offers an integrated firewall appliance providing additional security and communications functionality.
  • The Barrier Group Provides an integrated appliance solution that includes a firewall, anti-spam, anti-virus, intrusion detection, content filtering and related technologies with a managed monitoring service option.
  • Top Layer Network security hardware optimizes network intrusion detection and prevents DDoS, SYN Flood, and cyber attacks with Intrusion Prevention System firewall.
  • WatchGuard Technologies Unified threat management appliances providing anti-spam, malware and intrusion prevention, and URL filtering services.
  • Xnet Solutions Manufactures rack mount firewall appliances and related network equipment.
  • Yoggie Security Systems Manufacturer of the Gatekeeper portable USB firewall appliance.
  • ZyXEL Security products include gateway and firewall appliances.

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