Forensics and Incident Response


Address directorium Computers Security Consultants

  • Abberline Investigations Provides forensics, electronic evidence recovery and general security consulting. Located in Houston, Texas, USA.
  • AckEvidence Cell Site Analysis experts, mobile telephone evidence, SIM card examinations, and billing schedule assessment by certified and experienced court expert witnesses.
  • Advanced Forensic Recovery of Electronic Data Simple data recovery and forensic data recovery, expert testimony, and media wiping.
  • Afentis Provides mobile device forensics, cell-site analysis, and computer evidence analysis.
  • Agile Risk Management LLC A provider of computer forensics, electronic discovery, and information security consulting services.
  • American Data Services Offers electronic discovery, data culling, computer forensics, and litigation support.
  • Arsenal Consulting Provides computer forensics, information security, and electronic discovery services in Boston and throughout New England.
  • ASR Data Develops specialized software and training designed to facilitate the preservation, collection and analysis of electronic data for use in the legal arena.
  • Athena Forensics Provides digital forensic investigation services. Focusing on computer crime and misuse on behalf of legal practitioners, companies, local governments and law enforcement agencies.
  • Avansic Specializes in electronic discovery and technological litigation support
  • Binary Intelligence, LLC Provides expert services in the areas of computer forensics, cell phone forensics, chip-off forensics, high-tech investigations, electronic discovery and data recovery. Based in Ohio, USA.
  • bit-x-bit A computer forensics and electronic discovery consulting firm.
  • BlackBag Technologies Inc. Provides Mac-based data forensic and eDiscovery solutions.
  • Blue Line Forensics, LLC Computer Forensics in the California area.
  • Burgess Computer Forensics A provider of computer forensics, data recovery and electronic discovery services.
  • Business Intelligence Associates Provides advanced computer forensic training, services and hardware.
  • CCL Forensics Provides computer security and forensic services for companies and the police services.
  • Cellular Forensics Canada Provides mobile phone analysis to detect spyware retreive lost data. Located in Canada.
  • CFI: New England, Inc. Provides computer forensic investigations and electronic discovery services to clients throughout the United States.
  • CompuSleuth Computer forensics and security. Investigation and retrieval of deleted documents, spreadsheets, electronic mail and internet activity.
  • Computer Evidence Recovery Computer forensics and computer investigations including email tracing and internet profiling.
  • Computer Forensic Labs Inc. Offers services in computer forensics, forensic data recovery, and electronic evidence discovery. Also available for expert witness services.
  • Computer Forensic Services, Inc Provides evidence discovery, analysis, reporting and testimony to small and large businesses, attorneys, law enforcement, accountants, private investigators and to the general public.
  • Computer Forensic Services, Inc. Provides electronic discovery, forensic analysis, litigation and law enforcement support, CLE training, crashed drive and deleted files recovery. Located in Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA.
  • Computer Forensic Services, LLC Provider for acquisition, conversion, management, analysis, and production of electronic data.
  • Computer Forensics Lab (UK) Provides computer forensic services, e-discovery and secure data erasure for UK businesses and private customers.
  • Computer Forensics Online, LTD Offers forensic services in the UK and Worldwide for both criminal and civil matters.
  • Computer Security and Forensic Solutions Provides a range of security and digital forensic solutions. [Requires Macromedia Flash plugin][May not work in all browsers]
  • ComputerInvestigation Offers computer forensic services to clients in the fields of audit, investigations and oversight.
  • Continuum Worldwide Provides digital forensic services to help collect, preserve, analyze and produce information about digital evidence.
  • Cyber Forensics Ltd Investigates computer crime, and supplies forensic investigation equipment and software.
  • Cyber Law Consulting Provides legal consulting, cyber forensics, cyber crime investigation, audit and training services. Based in Mumbai, India.
  • Cyber Recovery Solutions, LLC Provides digital computer and cell phone forensic examination services. Based in Connecticut, USA.
  • CyberEvidence, Inc. Provider of computer and digital forensics investigations and training.
  • Cyfe-X Provides computer investigation and forensics services. Located in Devon, United Kingdom.
  • Data Forté Provides electronic evidence preservation services, electronic discovery consulting, and civil litigation support.
  • DataClues Offers electronic discovery, digital evidence, MCLE Training, and network security for attorneys and corporations.
  • DataTriangle Provides educational articles on data recovery, computer technology and forensics, and law enforcement. Includes details of services offered.
  • DFLabs Provides incident prevention and response services and products. Based in Italy.
  • Digerati Data Provides electronic data discovery, computer forensics, data recovery and electronic risk management.
  • DigiFor Provider of computer and mobile phone forensic services for legal, corporate and private customers.
  • Digital Data Forensics Offers forensic examinations of digital and computer media to attorneys, private investigators, business, government agencies, law enforcement, and individuals in need of technical and forensic expertise.
  • Digital Evidence International Inc. Provider of computer forensics, electronic discovery, and internet investigation services. Located in London, Ontario, Canada.
  • Digital Forensic Solutions Provides personalized case specific analysis and explanation for use in civil litigation for law firms, corporations or individual clients.
  • Digital Intelligence Computer forensic solutions including software, hardware, training and casework.
  • Digital Mountain Provides electronic discovery, computer forensics, electronic evidence collection and expert witness services to law firms and corporations nationwide.
  • Discovery Computers and Forensics Computer examiners specializing in e-discovery and computer forensics.
  • eBastille Provides data discovery and forensics for civil litigation.
  • Elluma Discovery Provides investigations and analysis for law enforcement, criminal and civil law firms, and insurance companies.
  • Evidence Talks Services include mobile phones as well as computers, training on evidence handling and computer forensics.
  • Expert Data Forensics Provides data forensic investigation and data recovery services for civil litigation, domestic disputes and criminal investigations.
  • Expert Insights, Computer Forensics Professional computer forensics, incident response, and litigation support services.
  • Fields Associates Specializes in capturing, processing, preserving and investigating data from computers using methodologies that ensure the admissibility of discovered digital evidence in a court of law.
  • Focus54 Provides online electronic discovery review services for criminal cases.
  • Forensic Computer Service, Inc. Provides data acquisition, analysis and recovery for civil, criminal, corporate/internal investigations and data recovery. Located in St Louis, Missouri, USA.
  • Forensic Concepts LLC Offers computer forensic examinations and electronic discovery services.
  • Forensic Control A provider of computer forensics and penetration testing services located in the UK.
  • Forensic Data Services Data recovery, electronic discovery and forensic analysis services.
  • Forensic Pursuit Provides computer forensic and e-discovery services to attorneys and businesses.
  • Forensicon, Inc. Specializes in computer forensics and electronic discovery especially internal investigations and litigation pertaining to the misappropriation of intellectual property.
  • FoxData Limited Provides forensic computer investigations and IT security services to clients worldwide.
  • G-C Partners Computer forensics company providing expert testimony, limited litigation support and training.
  • Global Digital Forensics Provides analysis of all types of digital assets for corporate clients and electronic document discovery for law firms.
  • Griffin Forensics Providing solutions relating to computer forensics and mobile phone analysis.
  • Helios Data Forensics Provides computer forensic services to businesses and the civil legal environment.
  • High Technology Investigations Inc Offers computer forensic imaging and analysis services to law firms, corporate entities, small businesses and individuals.
  • Ibas Provider of data recovery, data erasure and computer forensics, with headquarters in Norway, offices in a number of other European countries and in the United States. Subsidiary of Kroll Ontrack.
  • ICG, Inc. Conducts Internet-based investigations to identify individuals and groups engaging in improper or illegal activities.
  • InformationDefense Provides services to reduce the risk of cyber crimes for organizations by identifying electronic assets and the potential risks imposed by outside and inside sources.
  • IntaForensics Provides computer forensics, mobile phone forensics, forensic data recovery and expert witness services. Located in the United Kingdom.
  • Ispirian Provides computer, mobile phone, PDA and GPS forensic investigative and litigation consulting services to attorneys, private investigators and corporate clientele.
  • JurInnov Ltd. Provides computer forensics services to the business and legal communities.
  • Kazeon Systems, Inc A provider of electronic discovery and risk management solutions.
  • Kessler International A consulting firm specializing in forensic accounting, computer forensics, corporate investigations, brand protection, and risk management.
  • Kroll Ontrack Provider of computer forensics, electronic disclosure & courtroom services for the collection, processing, investigation, production and presentation of electronic and paper-based evidence for law firms, government & corporations.
  • Latent Data, LLC Offers computer forensic analysis, data recovery, Internet investigation, and secure deletion services. Located in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • LGC Forensics Provides forensic services, covering computers, mobile phones, cell site analysis, traditional document forensics and Imagery and audio forensics.
  • MacForensicsLab Inc. Provides cross-platform computer forensics tools for digital forensics and e-discovery.
  • MD5 Limited Computer forensics investigations and digital evidence recovery. Located in the United Kingdom.
  • MelBek Technology Provides computer forensic services for legal firms and corporate clients.
  • Minerva Forensics Ltd Provider of computer, mobile phone and sat-nav forensics services to the legal, commercial, and private sectors.
  • Mobile Forensics Inc. Provides mobile phone forensics consulting, training, processing and research.
  • NetSecurity Full-service computer forensics lab that also provides vendor-neutral Hands-On How-To(r) training in forensics and incident response. Use real-world forensics cases and latest commercial and freeware tools.
  • PassProtect LLC Provides of security consulting services, forensics and data collection for small and medium size organizations.
  • Precision Computer Investigations, LLC Offers computer forensic, E-Discovery, and related services for civil and criminal litigation.
  • Protegga LLC Provider of computer forensics, technical litigation support, forensic data recovery, e-discovery, and expert witness testimony.
  • Rehman Technology Services, Inc. Provides computer examination and expert testimony in civil litigation, employment related investigations, and criminal prosecutions.
  • Renew Data Corp. Offers data recovery, computer forensics, and media or data conversions.
  • Risk Diversion Provides computer forensic services and products. Based in South Africa.
  • Risk3 Consulting Ltd Based in Hong Kong providing technology consulting and forensics services through out Asia region with multilanguage capabilities including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, English.
  • Schatz A forensic technology firm specialising in computer forensics, electronic disclosure and discovery.
  • Setec Investigations Offers expertise in computer forensics and electronic discovery, including highly personalized, case-specific forensic analysis and litigation support services.
  • SGC Computer Forensics, LLC Provides computer forensic and data recovery services for law firms and law enforcement agencies in Florida and Nationally.
  • Sherlock Forensics An eDiscovery, computer forensics and information security company. Based in Burnaby, BC, Canada.
  • SIGNAL 11 Consultancy company specializing in computer forensics and incident handling. Based in Poland.
  • Signum Intelligence LLC Investigative agency serving the New York City area. Specializes in computer forensics, e-mail tracing, password recovery, e-discovery, system monitoring and online investigations
  • Stroz Friedberg, LLC A computer forensics, computer investigations, expert witness and electronic discovery technical services firm.
  • Synergy Forensics Ltd Offers forensic IT services using forensic software and hardware tools to produce computer evidence in criminal cases.
  • TAC Forensics Provides forensic examinations of computers, mobile phones and PDAs to attorneys, private investigators,business, government, law enforcement.
  • Talon Forensics Provides computer forensics, data recovery, litigation support, and E-Discovery services in the Atlanta, GA area.
  • Technical Resource Center Provides investigations, products, and training. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
  • The American Society of Digital Forensics & eDiscovery (ASDFED) Dedicated to the advocacy, education, research, and distribution of information related to digital forensics and electronic discovery best practices.
  • The Internation Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS) Dedicated to the training and information sharing aspects of computer forensics for law enforcement & government employees.
  • The International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners - ISFCE Dedicated to the advancement of the science of forensic computer examinations.
  • Turiss A full service firm specializing in computer forensic analysis, data recovery, litigations support, and training.
  • Turner Business Services Offers computer/network services including computer forensics, network security, data recovery and IT services.
  • Veridicus Inc Offers personal and corporate forensics to provide evidence in fraud, human resource issues, policy violations, and socially unacceptable behavior.
  • Vestige Ltd Retrieval of relevant data from computer systems for use in case law and litigation.
  • viaForensics Provides computer forensic and electronic discovery services. Based in Chicago, IL.
  • Vincents Forensic Technology Provides computer forensic technology services, including the analysis and presentation of digital evidence. Based in Australia.
  • WestNet, LLC A provider of computer forensics, data recovery and security audits for clients located in Los Angeles.
  • White Oak Labs Provides forensic analysis and digital investigation services.
  • Will Docken Investigations Offers computer forensics, consulting, expert testimony, dedicated hands-on case work, and educational forensic presentations.

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