• 1st SPOT Perl Information about Perl, a link collection to tutorials and manuals and to Perl programming and script libraries.
  • A Complete Guide for Perl Learn Perl in simple steps and use this tutorial as a reference manual.
  • Allexperts CGI & Perl Q&A Volunteer experts answer your Perl questions.
  • Beginning Perl An online version of the book by Simon Cozens that provides a complete introduction to Perl, aimed even for people without any programming knowledge.
  • Brainbell.com Online Perl Book An online book about Perl that focuses on HTML and CGI programming.
  • Dale Bewley's Perl Scripts and Links A page that contains CGI scripts and other scripts, and a link collection to other Perl sites.
  • Eric's Perl Tutorial Free online tutorial covering basic and advanced aspects of Perl for webmasters.
  • Examples in Perl That the author found useful and has learned from. Includes an introduction chapter and a reference chapter with links to Perl resources.
  • Experts-Exchange: Perl Quickly find Perl Programming help, information, and assistance from other expert members.
  • Find Tutorials Database of Perl tutorials, text taken from books published by Wrox.
  • FMTEYEWTK Far More Than Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Perl.
  • FreeSkills - Perl Tutorials Index of tutorials covering attributes, prototypes, regular expressions, subroutines and advanced topics.
  • FreeTechBooks: Perl Scripting Language Annotated list of free online programming books. Topics range from beginner to advanced. Descriptions, publishing information, links.
  • Getting Perl Instructions on downloading a Perl interpreter for your computer platform.
  • Haifa University Perl Course Slides in English. Covers the basics, regular expressions, data structures, modules, closures and files and processes.
  • How Stuff Works: Perl Marshall Brain shows in 6 pages how to read and write simple Perl scripts.
  • ITworld - Perl Articles about Perl from beginner level to all kinds of advanced topics.
  • John Bokma - Perl Short examples of Perl scripts with some explanation.
  • learn.perl.org Books, mailinglists, and news for people learning or interested in learning Perl.
  • misc-perl-info.com Topics about Perl basics, database management, net programming, modules, editors, debugging, tutorials.
  • Mother of Perl Monthly series of hands-on Perl tutorials focusing on Perl for the Web.
  • Nik Silver's Perl Tutorial A tutorial from his one-day hands-on workshop. Covers the basics, subroutines, arrays, files and regular expressions.
  • Object Oriented Perl A series of extracts from the book by Dr. Damian Conway.
  • Official Perl FAQ The official frequently asked questions about Perl, as taken from the perldoc manpages.
  • Periodic Table of the Perl 6 Operators Graphic of Perl 6 operators in the format of the periodic table of elements.
  • Perl & Y2K "Perl is every bit as Y2K compliant as is your pencil; no more, and no less".
  • PERL, SQL, and Web Publishing Security Class notes cover everything from the UNIX shell to Perl and regular expressions to CGI scripting to SQL injection attacks.
  • Perl 5 Tutorial Features a coverage of Perl fundamentals targeted at beginners. Available in PDF format.
  • Perl 6 FAQ Features over 100 answers to common questions, including changes since Perl 5 and new features such as junctions and multi subs.
  • Perl - Wikipedia Provides language history, function information and code examples.
  • Perl Archive's Learning Center Perl related articles and tutorials.
  • Perl Beginners' Site A beginners site for Perl with links, a mailing list and a Wiki.
  • Perl Course Contains materials from a 14 week course in Perl suited for self-study.
  • Perl Debugged Official site for the how-to / reference guide on debugging Perl programs, by Peter Scott and Ed Wright.
  • Perl Design Patterns Wiki Free online book and forum.
  • Perl/Tk Tutorial - Create GUI with Perl's Tk Module A tutorial for Perl/Tk language. Teaches how to create and code GUI (Graphical User Interface) programs using Perl and using the Tk module.
  • Perl for Perl Newbies A series of lectures with slides. Covers the basics, data structures, I/O, regular expressions, modules and objects, and some advanced topics.
  • Perl HowTo Perl collection of tips, howto's, FAQs and tutorials.
  • Perl in 20 Pages A guide to Perl 5 for C/C++, awk, and shell programmers.
  • Perl Module Mechanics How to build a perl module, how to document a perl module, how to document a perl program. Also PerlMonth articles, Perl modules. By Steven McDougall.
  • Perl Modules by Eric Foster-Johnson An explanation on how to create modules in Perl and the home page of the book with the same title.
  • Perl Regular Expresions A dynamic tutorial by Nic Miloslav.
  • Perl Training Australia's training manuals Freely available copies of the training manuals used in Perl Training Australia's commercial courses.
  • Perl Tutorial A comprehensive Perl Tutorial, providing step by step examples for beginners. Includes information on setting up a Perl development environment, basic data types, conditional branching, common algorithms and Perl resources.
  • Perl6 Object Oriented Cookbook A 'living' document that provides recipes to explain many OO features of the language.
  • Perl.com's Beginners' Introduction to Perl Covers the basics, regular expressions, objects, code safety, CGI scripting and files.
  • perl.com: Beginner's Introduction to Perl A series of articles that introduces perl to beginners, and explain some of the basic constructs and syntax used in the language.
  • perlmeme.org A collection of Frequently Asked Questions, How To documents, and tutorials.
  • Picking Up Perl A freely redistributable tutorial book on Perl in text, HTML, pdf and postscript format.
  • Picking Up Perl, 2nd Edition An update to the online book with three new chapters on Perl Input/Output and file handling.
  • PTI - Fundamentals of Perl A course with online slides. Covers the basics including syntax, files, regular expressions, data structures and process mangament.
  • Robert's Perl Tutorial A Win32-friendly tutorial to Perl. Covers the basics, regular expressions, I/O, bulk functions, subroutines, modules and debugging.
  • SAGE - Perl Practicum Index page for several articles that Hal Pomeranz wrote for the USENIX Association's newsletter ";login:"
  • Suite101 - Perl Articles on Perl and on Perl modules.
  • Teaching Perl to Middle School Students Quick program, complete with handouts, for fairly advanced students to learn Perl by creating a tic-tac-toe game.
  • Tizag Perl Tutorial An introduction to Perl with lessons including: operators, arrays, and file manipulation.
  • Useful Perl Scripts With Regular Expressions This tutorial covers how to parse multiple files of specified types in a specific directory and sub directories so that all files can have the same change made to them.
  • Using the Perl Debugger Article by brian d foy about using the Perl debugger.
  • When Perl is not Quite Fast Enough Explains how to write fast and efficient code.

Media publications

  • perl.com: Perl Design Patterns, Part 1 The Gang-of-Four Design Patterns book had a huge impact on programming methodologies in the Java and C++ communities, but what do Design Patterns have to say to Perl programmers? Phil Crow examines how some popular patterns fit in to Perl programming. (Published 2003-06-13 00:00:00)
  • perl.com: Perl Design Patterns, Part 2 Phil Crow continues his series on how some popular patterns fit into Perl programming. (Published 2003-08-07 00:00:00)
  • Strictly On-Line: Network Programming with Perl Using Perl to perform networking tasks is easy. An article by James Lee. (Published 1999-04-01 00:00:00)

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