This category contains links to software supporting any formats of the MPEG-4 Audio standard. This may also include MPEG-4 players with video and audio playback.
  • 1by1 Small and fast directory player using Winamp input plugins with cue sheet and playlist support, from the same author as the editor mp3DirectCut.
  • 3ivx DirectShow filter suite with MPEG-4 video and multichannel AAC audio encoder based on FAAC as well as decoder, MP4 file format muxer and parser.
  • AACplayer DirectShow filter suite with encoder based on FAAC, parser for AAC files, Shoutcast DS filter and Windows GUI, playback uses the external CoreAAC DS filter.
  • Apollo The new version of this freeware player uses the Winamp input plugin from to decode AAC/MP4.
  • Audacious The GTK+2 port of XMMS with modern GUI features.
  • BeSplit Command line tool to cut and paste AAC and other files.
  • BonkEnc Open source CD ripper and encoder based on the CDex ripping engine with support for many different languages, uses a FAAC output plugin.
  • BSplayer Multimedia application with AAC/MP4 support through DirectShow filters like 3ivx, CoreAAC or ffdshow.
  • CoolPlayer Relies on the external Winamp input plugin based on FAAD2 for AAC/MP4 support.
  • CPS Real-time graphical programming environment for core opcodes and extended objects based on the Structured Audio Orchestra Language (SAOL) with a manual.
  • dBpowerAMP Codec central for this converter, player and iPod file transfer manager with several AAC/MP4 encoders and decoders.
  • Dream Open source receiver and transmitter for Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) using analog AM bands with HE AAC compressed sound at very low bitrates.
  • DRM Software Radio Commercial receiver for HE AAC streams via Digital Radio Mondiale with user forum, FAQs and manuals.
  • Easy CD-DA Extractor Commercial CD ripper, encoder and converter with aacPlus capabilities.
  • Ecasound Multitrack processing for playback, recording, format conversions, effects and mixing.
  • EnvivioTV An MPEG-4 plugin for Windows Media Player, RealPlayer and older QuickTime versions enabling playback of RTP streams.
  • FAAC Summary of this open source project with AAC encoder and decoder FAAD2 listing release notes, FAQs, download packages, ports and other Freshmeat applications using these codecs.
  • FAAC project news This SourceForge feed offers the full text of related announces.
  • FAAC project packages Publishing file releases on
  • FAAC project summary SourceForge provides daily statistics about downloads and page hits.
  • FAAD Fink package Mac OS X binary of the AAC/MP4 decoder FAAD2 from the Fink project.
  • FFmpeg Tools to record, convert, stream and play multimedia content including libavcodec and libavformat, two libraries used by many other open source projects.
  • Foo_pod External plugin for foobar2000 (not included in the Special Installer) to handle iPod file transfers and converting to AAC/MP4 from any input format.
  • GetID3() The PHP media file parser extracts play time, bitrate and resolution from AAC and reads/writes ID3v1/v2 tags, supports other formats as well.
  • Gmerlin A transcoding application for Linux with a modular structure supporting many input and output formats.
  • GnuPod Command line tool for Linux to handle file transfers to the iPod and converting to AAC/MP4 from many input formats.
  • GPAC This open source project provides Osmo4, an MPEG-4 Systems multimedia player using FAAD2 as the AAC decoder, as well as a 2D/3D BIFS encoder and an MP4 file muxer.
  • Grip CD ripper and encoder for Linux that works with FAAC for AAC/MP4 output files.
  • GSpot Windows tool identifying codecs in container formats like AVI, MPEG and MP4.
  • Gst-player The multimedia player of the Gstreamer project that offers many formats through plugins, also FAAC for encoding and FAAD2 for decoding.
  • GX Transcoder Freeware CD ripper, converter and player using external Winamp plugins and command line encoders for many formats, also video.
  • Helix DNA Producer Open source version of RealProducer with free HE AAC encoder SDK from Coding Technologies.
  • IBM M4Play Java based multimedia player from the platform independent IBM Toolkit for MPEG-4 including authoring tools for MP4 files with Systems content.
  • ImTOO Audio Encoder Commercial converter using FAAC and FAAD2 for AAC/MP4 support.
  • iTunes All-in-one application from Apple with free AAC/MP4 encoder and decoder from QuickTime, rips CDs, organizes music files and connects to its Music Store.
  • Ivan & Menno Speek's frontend for AAC/MP4 batch encoding, decoding and file muxing with command line versions of FAAC, FAAD2 and mp4creator.
  • JetAudio All-in-one application for playback, encoding and streaming of multimedia content either with QuickTime or DirectShow filters.
  • Lamip Linux player with foobar2000 GUI and AAC/MP4 support through FAAD2 from the developer of the XMMS MP4 plugin.
  • Madman Linux music file manager similar to iTunes with tag editor, media library, dynamic playlists and a CD burning frontend, extensible through plugin scripts.
  • Media Player Classic This multimedia DirectShow player looks like the old Windows Media Player 6.4, but has a lot more features like switching audio streams in an MP4 file.
  • Media Player Classic Home Cinema Based on the original Media Player Classic and created after the original author stopped working on it. Includes new features and video decoders.
  • Mkvtoolnix Tool set for Matroska multimedia media files, AAC/MP4 decoding with FAAD2.
  • MoreAmp Open source player, transcoder and CD ripper for several platforms preloading many songs into RAM while the harddisk drive spins down, uses FAAC and FAAD2 for AAC/MP4.
  • MP4player Multimedia player of the open source MPEG4IP project that also decodes RTSP live internet streams, AAC support through FAAD2.
  • MPD Music Player Daemon for Linux allows remote access to music files and managing playlists, using FAAD2 for decoding AAC/MP4.
  • Mpegable DirectShow filter suite from Dicas to decode MP4 and 3GP files or RTP streams of MPEG-4 content, also available as a standalone player application.
  • Mplayer Multimedia player for Linux also available in a Mac OS X and Windows version with AAC/MP4 decoding through FAAD2.
  • Oddcast Plugin for Winamp and foobar2000 using libfaac.dll to enable AAC internet radio streams with a Shoutcast or Icecast server, other formats also supported.
  • Orban Opticodec Enables aacPlus (HE AAC) streaming for internet radio stations via HTTP/Shoutcast or RTSP.
  • QuickTime Since version 6 this Apple multimedia software decodes MP4 files. The basic player is free, the commercial Pro version also encodes MPEG-4 video and AAC as well as 3GP content.
  • RareWares Hosts several AAC/MP4 encoders and decoders as well as other related tools, see also the section for the Debian Linux distribution.
  • Reganam Offers video/audio converters and players for 3GP/3GP2 and MP4 formats.
  • Rhythmbox Integrated music management application inspired by Apple's iTunes and based on the GStreamer and/or the Xine framework, plays AAC/MP4 through gst-plugin for FAAD2.
  • Sfx Audio Compiler System Integrated development system to generate real-time audio effects and synthesizer instruments using SAOL with SoundFont 2 for Structured Audio Score Language (SASL) and MIDI compositions.
  • VLC Multimedia player of the VideoLAN project for several platforms, streams live MPEG-4 content via RTP and aacPlus via Shoutcast, transcodes to AAC with FAAC.
  • Winamp Plays and encodes AAC/MP4 with internal plugins since version 5.0, also decodes aacPlus Shoutcast streams and other formats.
  • Windows Media Player WMP needs external DirectShow filters for AAC/MP4 support like 3ivx, mpegable, CoreAAC or LSX.
  • winLAME The new version by DeXT reads many input formats and transcodes them to several others, uses libfaad2.dll and libfaac.dll for AAC.
  • Xine Multimedia library and player with AAC/MP4 support based on FAAD2.
  • XMCD CD player, ripper and encoder for Unix and other platforms, AAC/MP4 output files with FAAC.
  • XMMS Linux player with Winamp 2.x looks supporting as many input formats, source code of AAC/MP4 plugin available in the FAAD2 CVS and download package.
  • XMPlay Fast player supporting XM and other tracker formats, usual inputs through external Winamp plugins and output formats with command line encoders, i.e. FAAD2 and FAAC for AAC/MP4.
  • Zoom Player This multimedia player from Inmatrix uses external DirectShow filters for MP4 files, e.g. 3ivx, mpegable or CoreAAC.

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