These are sites and companies that offer simply to host your web site, in other words to provide space on a computer server for it, but not to design or market it. Companies that will do more than just hosting, for example, design, market, and host web sites are listed under Designers/I.

Other languages: Dutch, Turkish.

  • I Love The Net Web hosting services, Apache web server, MySQL, POP3, SSI, PHP 4, support for WAP pages, and website statistics.
  • i2k2 Offers shared web hosting, dedicated servers, VPS, cloud services, SEO and web design. Based in India.
  • i2K2 Systems Realtime server setup modules which enable instant web hosting setup on Windows 2000 platforms. FTP, SSI, ASP, live statistics and FrontPage extensions.
  • I3 Network Systems Providing Business Network Infrastructure - including hardware, software and services in IT and Telecomm section.
  • i360 Web hosting with reseller plans, e-commerce and dedicated server solutions. Win2000 Servers. Houston, Texas.
  • i-NetSolutions Offers general and e-commerce virtual hosting solutions with ASP and FrontPage support, on Linux or Windows platforms.
  • IBHosting Offers web hosting, reseller hosting, domain registrations, VPS and dedicated servers. Based in US.
  • Ibiscus Internet Services Offers web hosting, reseller hosting, domain registrations, VPS and dedicated servers. Based in Athens, Greece.
  •, Browser based website editor allows the design of a web site with shopping cart, credit card acceptance, inventory management and shipping calculations.
  • Icelab Networks Offer professional Unix and Windows hosting, Unix Shell Accounts, Dedicated Servers, and Consulting.
  • Providing cPanel, reseller services, e-commerce, and Microsoft FrontPage web hosting services.
  • ICUK Net Offers both Unix and Windows 2000 Web Hosting packages, including an e-mail only package.
  • Ideal Host Cobalt servers using Apache web server, FTP, POP3, DNS, front page extensions, CGI, shopping cart and SSI.
  • Identity Website Hosting, Inc. Offers web design, shared hosting, email services and domain registration. Based in Lancaster, California, United States.
  • IDesigns UNIX web hosting, Miva tools, MySQL, POP3 e-mail, and a reseller package.
  • Idigital Internet Inc. Offers Real Audio / Video, SSL, shopping carts, e-commerce, database support, CGI-Bin, and FrontPage extensions.
  • IdleServ Linux shared web hosting, reseller hosting, private ftp hosting and domain registrations.Based in Essex, UK.
  • IE Internet Linux and Windows NT web hosting packages which include e-commerce, CGI, FTP, POP3 accounts, SQL and ASP.
  • IFDNRG Offers shared, dedicated and clustered web hosting. Specialized in media streaming. Based in UK
  • iHost Provides web hosting, e-commerce hosting, domain name registrations and web design services. Based in US.
  • iHost Networks E-mail, order forms, search engine submission, shopping cart and SSL.
  • IHostASP Offers DotNetNuke oriented web hosting, reseller hosting and VPS. Based in Ohio, US.
  • iHostXtremes Offers managed dedicated server hosting and shared web site hosting in Columbus Ohio.
  • iHubNet Offers web hosting, reseller hosting and domain names. Based in Carlsbad, CA.
  • Ilisys Web Hosting Linux and NT hosting, with shared and dedicated servers. Shared hosting features include shopping carts, ColdFusion, MYSQL, MSSQL, Access, PHP and ASP.
  • iLogic Offering linux web hosting packages with PHP and MySQL, dedicated servers, colocation, and domain name services.
  • Im1 Web presence provider supporting FrontPage 2000 and FrontPage 98 components, FTP, Telnet, cgi-bin, SSI, SSL, POP3, and Webalizer site statistics.
  • ImageLink USA Offers Linux servers and T3 lines with domain registration, e-mail, and statistics.
  • Imagenook Unix web hosting, one package plan, FTP, control panel, POP3 accounts, SQL, CGI, web statistics and 24/7 e-mail tech support.
  • iMagine Internet Services Unix based web hosting, FTP, Telnet, MySQL CGI, Perl, PHP4, SSI, custom error pages, POP3, web mail, Servlets, JSP, and daily backups.
  • Imagiware Linux based web hosting packages include web control panel, Doctor HTML, Telnet, Form2mail, PHP, POP3, SSI and SSL.
  • Webhosting services via multiple OC-3 connections. Cpanel with Hostman, SSL, unlimited e-mail, FTP, MySQL, CGI, PHP, and domain name registration.
  • Impact Hosting Offers web and email hosting services, domain registration, website design tools, backup email services, and site promotion tools.
  • Incipio Web Services Specializing in services for small businesses.
  • Indiaaccess Services include web hosting and domain registrations, FrontPage 98 support, CGI, ASP, POP3, Drumbeat 2000, MS Access, MS-SQL, web statistics, and reseller options, on Unix and NT servers.
  • Indian Network Information Center Web hosting on Windows and Linux, control panel, e-commerce, shopping art, ASP, PHP, Perl, SSI, JAVA, POP3, and reseller or affiliate program.
  • iNet Web Hosting Service Web hosting packages on Windows 2000 and Linux servers. Domain name registration and parking available. Each hosting package includes Hsphere control panel, POP3, web mail, CGI, PHP, SSI, SSL and FrontPage extensions.
  • Inet-Host Offers web hosting and domain name registrations. Windows 2003 servers with ASP Support. Based in Canada
  • InetServices Offers managed and unmanaged dedicated servers, cloud services and CDN hosting. Based in Massachusetts, US.
  • InetSmart Offer several web hosting packages including e-commerce and reseller packages, POP3, domain registration, FrontPage 2000 extensions, FTP, web base e-mail, and ASP.
  • INetU Inc. Managed hosting provider on Windows and Linux dedicated server clusters. Also offer data recovery services.
  • InetWebHost Provide Linux web hosting that support PHP, Perl and MySQL database.
  • Infinite Technologies Offers managed web hosting, cloud computing, VPS and managed dedicated servers. Based in Netherlands.
  • Infinities Web Hosting Premium e-commerce and web hosting with support for Microsoft .NET, ColdFusion, Perl, PHP, ASP, FrontPage, MySql,Webmail and a State of-the-art ecommerce package.
  • Infinology Services include web hosting and domain registrations, FrontPage support, CGI, ASP, POP3, IMAP, Webalizer MS Access, MS-SQL, web statistics, and reseller options, on Unix and Windows servers.
  • Infoconex Online Services Offers .NET hosting on IIS, and also Linux, Cobalt RaQ, and NT4 environments.
  • Infocrossing Provides outsourcing services including mainframe, midrange, open systems, data center, managed hosting and disaster recovery.
  • InfoDial E-commerce web hosting solutions, shopping carts, HTML custom carts, credit card gateway, SSL, site statistics, web mail, chat, ASP, and ADO database.
  • InfoQuest Internet Business Solutions Provides businesses with web hosting, e-mail, electronic commerce, domain registration and application development services.
  • Infosaic Technologies Offers Windows 2000 based web hosting with ASP and ASP.NET support included in all packages.
  • Infotech Hosting Australian web hosting company, which uses Unix servers to provide POP3 accounts, e-commerce solutions, CGI-bin, customized 404 options and weekly backups.
  • InfraHost Internet Managed services and dedicated hosting offering for the small and medium-sized market.
  • Infuseweb Offers windows and linux web hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, and domain registrations. Based in Texas, US.
  • Inglepine Software Ltd All-inclusive Internet hosting package for UK and Irish Churches and Christian ministries including domain name registration, web hosting, email forwarding and POP3 accounts.
  • Inlope Offering shared and reseller plans with support for Front Page extensions and MySQL databases.
  • InMotion Hosting, Inc. Offers web hosting and design for businesses and personal web sites.
  • Innovative Web Creations Offers hosting, web design, and promotion.
  • Inovicahosting Offers scalable Linux-based hosting with control panel management tools; supports PHP MySQL, Telnet, FTP, web-based e-mail, cgi-bin, Real Audio/Video, and daily backups.
  • Unix web hosting solutions offering, multiple domain packages, application management, PHP, MySQL, pre-installed CGI scripts, POP3, FTP, mailing lists, and 24/7 customer service.
  • InspiroHost Provides web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS and dedicated servers. Based in New York, US.
  • Instaburst Hosting Dedicated bandwidth for every site, emphasis on customer support, application and database, shared, dedicated and co-located web hosting; Windows, UNIX, e-commerce, and corporate email solutions.
  • Instantfame Hosting Goal is to create a suite of services that makes it easy for small businesses to transition onto the Internet. POP3, email forwarding, mailing list, backups, CGI, PHP, and mySQL.
  • IntaServe Windows NT servers provide POP3, web based e-mail, ASP, SSI, MS Access, ODBC, CGI, live web statistics, and unlimited support.
  • Integral Hosting Offers Windows ASP.NET hosting, domain registrations and dedicated servers. Based in NC, US.
  • Web hosting for all levels, virtual, managed and reseller packages.
  • Inter UNIX (with shell) or NT (with ASP). All accounts include CGI, POP3 and Web E-mail. Support: Toll free, live ICQ/AIM.
  • Interferenza Domain registration, Web Mail, unlimited aliasing, POP3 accounts, Frontpage Extensions, your own and pre-installed CGI scripts, daily access statistics, SQL server, Perl, PHP, Real Audio, Real Video.
  • Intermedia.NET Featuring shared web, Cold fusion hosting and hosted applications. Virtual Windows 2000, NT hosting offered control panel.
  • Intermip Offers shared hosting and dedicated servers. Located in Midlands, United Kingdom.
  • Internap Network Services Corporation Provide CDN and managed hosting services to customers around the world. Includes services provided and testimonials.
  • Internet Communications Offers Unix and Windows 2000 web hosting platforms, along with Internet access.
  • Internet Computing Solutions Internet Solutions for small to medium sized businesses and credit unions. Web Hosting and Design, Managed Web Sites, Domain Name registration and Internet Access.
  • Internet Connection Offers hosting solutions that include e-commerce software, reseller program, web-based control panel and email reader.
  • Internet Egypt Provide a complete range of networking solutions and Internet services to corporations, private businesses and individuals.
  • Internet Express Provides hosting, promotion, co-location, and access services.
  • Internet Host Services for web hosting and web space providers. Firebox firewalls and Windows servers, high speed shared and dedicated lines with redundant connections. Portland, Oregon, USA.
  • Internet Planners Hosting services, reseller accounts, and merchant accounts.
  • Internet Worldwide Pty Ltd Offers shared hosting with PHP, ASP, MySQL and reseller program, for New Zealand, Australia and the UK.
  • Internexus Advanced web hosting facilities and network infrastructure that can provide a total Internet solution for business.
  • Interservers Hosting, dedicated servers, and reseller services. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.
  • Intersessions Inc. Professional and business web site hosting and e-commerce services including shopping cart systems, merchant credit card accounts, free secure servers and digital certificates.
  • InterSurge Internet Web hosting solutions for small and large businesses and personal sites.
  • InterVelocity Internet Services Microsoft NT hosting, POP3 accounts, FrontPage 2000 support, online traffic reports, and database support.
  • Intrada Technologies, LLC Offers streaming audio/video services, e-commerce solutions, web development, and hosting.
  • Inweb Networks UK web site hosting on Unix and NT platforms, FP extensions, CGIs, SSIs, ASP, ODBC.
  • iPage Web hosting, e-mail hosting and domain name registrations. Based in US.
  • Ipera Communications Offers web hosting, domain registrations, VPS hosting and co-location services. Based in Australia.
  • IPMountain Customer-focused, e-business management service provider for both commercial and research organizations.
  • Offers one solution web hosting package, includes POP3, FTP, SSL, CGI, PHP, FrontPage extensions, and web site statistics.
  • Iris Internet Technologies India Web hosting, Windows hosting, linux hosting, Hosting control panel, e-commerce, shopping cart, Payment Gateway, Cold fusion hosting, Java hosting, ASP hosting.
  • Isocentric Networks NT hosting solutions and co-location services. Packages include; ASP, MySQL, POP3, and Cyber Cash.
  • ISP Productions Providing internet solutions to associations and non-profit organizations. Specialize in the development of web-based products such as content management, and event registration.
  • ISPserver European web hosting company. Domain registration, WAP ready, PHP, MySQL, FrontPage 2000 extensions, CGI, and PERL.
  • ISQsolutions Offers high-speed web hosting, e-commerce integration, web statistics, personalized email services which also include web-mail.
  • it.canada A Canadian network consulting and Internet solution provider. Virtual site hosting, colocation services, dedicated connectivity in Toronto, Canada, as well as custom programming and expert network and Unix system administration.
  • Offers web hosting, domain name registration and website templates. Based in Manchester, UK.
  • ITC Internet UK based ISP offering complete and competitively priced web and email hosting services to an international client base, together with Domain Name Registration, web design and scripting services, and a reseller program.
  • Macintosh powered web hosting for and by Macintosh users. Features include e-commerce, cgi-bin, traffic reports, database integration as well as nationwide Internet access.
  • iWebFusion Offers shared and reseller hosting, VPS, dedicated servers and shoutcast hosting. Based in US.
  • IX Webhosting Offers linux and windows web hosting with coldfusion support, VPS and domain names. Based in US.

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Potrebni preprodavci božićnih ježića od žita. Ručni rad, mali su, simpatični, cena je povoljna i postoji mogućnost pristojne zarade pred Novu godinu.

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