• Accurate Surveys Online surveys for services and products. Includes templates and benchmarks.
  • Amplitude Research Full-service provider of online surveys offering design, hosting, and reporting services.
  • Australian Survey Research Provides survey software, survey research services, market research, human resource consulting and custom software development.
  • Brandsberg Make your own test, poll, form, or questionnaire. Free and easy, without any knowledge about html or programming.
  • BulletSurvey.com, LLC Browser-based and email survey tools and host.
  • Confirmit Express Survey software tool with real-time results and sign-up for a free 30 day trial.
  • Create Free Polls Create animated flash polls for your websites or blogs without requiring registration
  • Create Survey Provides a commercial service to create online questionnaires, manage and organize them, and analyze the results.
  • Data Collection Portal Data collection system to collect data using surveys/electronic forms from online audience
  • Demographix Tools to design, publish and analyze online surveys and polls.
  • E-Questionnaire Creation, management, administering tools for on-line questionnaires and surveys.
  • Earthvotes An opinion poll site to answer user's questions, create your own, or add polls to your own website.
  • Easy Survey Create and publish 30-day online surveys for free. Unlimited respondents, ajax-enabled design capabilities and analysis tools. Tour on site.
  • Electoral Reform Services Provides ballot and election services, help with running elections, market research services, telephone surveys and internet voting systems. Services are provided in-house on a not-for-profit basis.
  • Eris Service to create, customize and collect form replies, from Erbix. Includes list of features and possible use cases.
  • eSurveys.com Build, deploy and track results for your own surveys and polls using piplelining and skip logic
  • ESurveysPro Online tool that allows users to create and deploy free surveys
  • ExpressWebTools Free polls are also configurable, and you can upgrade them to power polls at any time.
  • EZpolls Completely customizable poll. No promotional advertising or banners. Monthly or yearly pricing.
  • Flash Web Poll Interacive online poll service that allows you to create a multiple-choice polling question for your website.
  • FreeOnlineSurveys Offers limited basic survey services with fee required on exceed. Tour, Demo Survey and FAQ available.
  • Freepolls.com Hosted polls, including a setup wizard, and other features.
  • GlobalGuest Web Poll Service Offers web polls and survey scripts.
  • Go 2 Poll Get free web poll or voting for your site or web page. No need to install software on the server. Just add html code.
  • Grapevine Solutions, Inc. Online survey software to produce online surveys in order to gather and analyze feedback.
  • Haveyoursay Simple polling site where you can create your own poll and cast votes as well
  • i-replies Online survey software including survey design and analysis.
  • InstantSurvey Create, distribute, manage, and analyze online surveys
  • Intres Tool Online instrument to make experiences and opinions of people available through surveys, reviews and feedback forms.
  • Just ask Online service to design and create surveys and tools to build, deploy, manage and analyze complex surveys
  • Kwik Surveys Free service for creating and analyzing web-based surveys.
  • LimeService Create, edit, analyze online surveys with this online service based on the open source software LimeSurvey. Basic free long-term usage, bandwidth based fees, available in 49 languages.
  • Mind Meter Offers web designers polling services.
  • Modpoll Poll Widgets Free service that lets you create and share polls especially for social networking sites
  • My Home Poll Create customizable, free website polls (with ads) for blog or homepage
  • MySpaceSurveyFun Surveys, quizzes & other bulletin material for use with MySpace, Facebook, blogs & social networks.
  • MySurveyLab Online system allowing the creation of web-based forms, with results presented via graphical reports. Includes the list of features, available pricing plans and the product's blog.
  • Neomyz Web Poll Features dynamic, skinnable, multilingual flash interface. No need to download or install anything.
  • Netbrawl Get or give input on any subject you want through the means of a tournament with winners and losers while including pictures and/or video.
  • OpinionPower.com Includes polls and surveys to collect the opinions of website visitors.
  • OurSurvey.biz Survey service to create free online surveys - demo available on site
  • Outdoor Surveys Development and hosting of online surveys for the hunting, fishing and camping industries and other outdoor recreation activities.
  • Pliner.Net Create polls using an interface which is geared towards users of all skill levels.
  • PollDaddy Free flash poll widget for blogs and websites
  • Pollhost.com Offers customizable website polls.
  • PollPub Create free polls using text, images, music or video. Polls can be hosted on PollPub.com or added to websites, profiles and blogs.
  • Polls4all.com Poll tool for webmaster and internet users to make your own poll in 1 min.
  • PollSetup Manage free remotely hosted polls online and embed in any webpage
  • PollToolkit Remotely hosted free web polls are fully customizable with autorotate, tracking, expiry dates and more features.
  • Pollwizard Pollwizard.com allows visitors to create free web polls for their websites.
  • PulsePoll.com Single-question opinion polling for web pages.
  • Quantisoft Customized online customer, employee, risk assessment,IT customer, Sarbanes-Oxley, going green and other surveys.
  • QuestionPro Online service provider offering online surveys, survey panel management, idea panel management and micro polls. Case studies, demo and pricing available.
  • QuestManager All-in-one management software for quantitative surveys
  • Rated by Me Suite of hosted survey tools and wizards.
  • Real Time Delphi Web based service for collecting judgments from experts and synthesizing their inputs. Useful in forecasting, decision making, planning.
  • Sentido South African company providing web based and cell phone survey solutions.
  • Simple Survey Bilingual (French and English) hosted web survey solution.
  • SimpleSample Create free surveys - edit, distribute, and compile results automatically.
  • Snap Poll Create polls for your site - easy and free.
  • Sparklit Quickly and easily set up a poll for a web site based on any subject.
  • StellarSurvey Create fully-customized, dynamic web surveys with real-time tracking and analysis of your results.
  • Survelum Control, ease, and flexibility in designing and managing your online survey quickly and effectively.
  • Survey Choice Online Australia Company specialized in designing and running online surveys such as 360 degree feedback surveys entry/exit surveys and customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Survey Console Hosted survey software for creating, deploying and analyzing online surveys.
  • Survey Creator Create free customized web surveys, polls and quizzes.
  • Survey Galaxy Survey builder with templates.
  • Survey-Hosting.com Automated web service for publishing surveys and collecting data.
  • Surveylab Builds and hosts online surveys for any form of questionnaire based research.
  • SurveyMonkey Offers a web-based interface for creating and publishing custom web surveys, and then viewing the results graphically in real time.
  • SurveyPirate.com A free survey tool used for creating user- and client based research.
  • Surveys Engine Create free complex online surveys with several question types and different designs. Surveys are shown with ads.
  • SurveyShack Web-based survey management, allowing non-technical people to manage the whole process: creation, distribution, collection of responses, analysis tools and reporting.
  • Survs Collaborative tool that allows to create, distribute and analyze online surveys.
  • Trendnova Online survey design, hosting and analysis including customer and employee satisfaction surveys, and event evaluation.
  • Vizu Free embeddable poll widgets for personal or business use
  • Votations Polls Offers customizable and free website polls for your website or blog.
  • Vote! Create your own free polls using the Range Voting method.
  • Vovici EFM Feedback Online survey software with multi-user capabilities, community builder and market research functions. Detailed Product description and demo available on request.
  • Webropol Solution for conducting surveys, gathering data, managing feedback, and reporting data in close integration with MS office tools
  • WebsiteGear Web Poll Tool Web polls are fully customizable with color, font choices, and layouts.
  • Wufoo Form builder which creates surveys and event registrations without writing code. Presents list of features and pricing plans.
  • ZapSurvey An online service to quickly create, deploy and analyze online surveys using just a web browser.

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