Scripts and software that directly publish weblogs, usually to the blogger's own site. This is NOT for blog hosting services.

Other languages: Japanese.

  • Addendat Blogging tool for those who don't like Javascript or whose servers are running SCP, which makes using other blogging tools difficult or impossible.
  • Antville Based on an open source project aimed to the development of an "easy to maintain and use" weblog-hosting system. It can host unlimited blogs.
  • ApeJet Blog Simple open source tool for servers running PHP. No database needed. Produces RSS, archives, and categories.
  • b2evolution Open source PHP/ mySQL weblog tool derived from the same code that later became WordPress. Supports multiple categories, sub-categories, multiple weblogs, skins, statistics, comments, anti-spam filters.
  • Blog Script A simple, command-line based utility for maintaining personal weblogs. It runs easiest on Unix-like platforms, such as Linux.
  • Blog.Mac by Largemouth Software Create, manage, and publish a weblog on Mac OS X using the .Mac service.
  • BLOG:CMS Blogware requires PHP and MySQL. Features include weblog, forum, wiki, news aggregator, and photo gallery.
  • Create a bound book out of your live journal, blog or weblog.
  • BlogCFC Open source (Apache License v.2) weblog software written in ColdFusion MX.
  • BlogFace A weblog product for the Zope application server.
  • BlogLite A basic, easy to use weblogging suite built with PHP and MySQL. 2 scripts, 2 HTML templates. Web journaling script.
  • BlogMax Emacs elisp package for maintaining a web log.
  • Blogoommer A standalone java application for editing, organizing and publishing weblogs by FTP. Generate a weblog site with calendar-based navigation, links, and RSS 1.0 and 2.0 news feeds.
  • Blosxom Lightweight blogging application written in Perl.
  • boastMachine PHP/MySQL powered blogging platform.
  • CF Blogger A blog application built with ColdFusion. This is an open source project. Submissions for templates or ideas are welcome.
  • cLoG Open source blog system for people who have access to a provider with php and mySQL capabilities.
  • CocoBlog Open source blogging package based on Apache's Cocoon and Xindice products.
  • Dotclear Open source weblog and content management system written in PHP, featuring built-in antispam protection, automated installation and a multilingual interface.
  • Easy Blogs Desktop-based journal publisher stores all information on the local computer and uploads content via FTP. Multiple templates and RSS feed available.
  • EasyMoblog An open-source platform for personal weblogs and moblogs. It allows the creation of customizable and easy-to-use weblogs. Update just by sending e-mail messages.
  • Blog Maintain a weblog on any site which supports FTP while keeping all your entries on your own hard disk for safety. WYSIWYG HTML editor.
  • Geeklog Free open-source blog tool. Runs on many different operating systems and uses PHP4 and MySQL.
  • GoBlogGo Post pictures from a camera phone. Moblogging photoblog home.
  • Greymatter Weblogging software requires Perl 5 and knowledge of HTML.
  • Lifetype Open source, PHP/MySQL powered blogging platform. Website includes news, a wiki, an online demo and support forums.
  • MarsEdit A multifeatured weblog editor for Mac OS X (10.3 or higher) by Red Sweater Software. Site includes screenshots, features list, and trial download.
  • MKDoc Web site building, serving and content management tool that has been designed to encourage the use of good information architecture and the production of accessible web sites.
  • Monaural Jerk Free, open-source PHP/MySQL weblog system. Includes calendar navigation, "edit this page", searching, channels, RSS, XML, tell-a-friend, and spider-friendly URLs.
  • Easy-to-use blogging tool with mapping system designed specifically for travelers. Post text and photos. Includes a notification system to let your friends know when an update is posted.
  • Nanoblogger Small weblog engine written in Bash.
  • NewsBruiser Free, open source weblog program that focuses on ease of use.
  • Nucleus CMS A PHP/SQL blogging tool which resides on your webserver. Includes multiple weblog capabilities, and RSS syndication.
  • Particle Blogger Server-side blogging tool written in PHP with integrated RSS feed and static URLs option.
  • Pebble A light weight, open source, blogger that is written as a web application to run inside J2EE web containers.
  • Personal Weblog A PHP/MySQL include file for adding a weblog to a home page.
  • PersonalBlog Light-weight personal blogging application that is suitable for installing on a host provider. It's written in JAVA and uses a variety of J2EE technologies.
  • PHPosxom PHP rewrite of Rael Dornfest's Blosxom.
  • Pivot A customizable weblog tool written in PHP and using flat files as the data storage.
  • PivotX The next generation Pivot, a customizable weblog tool written in PHP and using flat files or a SQL database as data storage.
  • Pocket Blog Pocket PC application for managing weblogs that support the Blogger API. Works offline, posting entries when internet connectivity is available.
  • Radio UserLand Weblog software for individuals, educational institutions, and corporations. Free trial available.
  • Roller Weblogger Open source weblogger written in Java and based on Struts, Velocity and Castor. Not recommended for beginners.
  • Scoop Free collaborative media software for running community web logs . Requires Perl, mod_perl, and MySQL.
  • Serendipity An open-source project for creating a simple CMS for blog authors.
  • Serendipity: Creating a website using S9Y Collection of tutorials, articles and links about the weblog software.
  • Articles and information for weblog development with the eZ Publish CMS.
  • SimplyBlog Software Tool designed to create weblogs on corporate Windows based Intranets.
  • Slashcode Open Source software for creating Slashdot-style discussion weblogs. Provides links to the software, and help for setting up and running the software.
  • SnapLog Photo Blogger A one click photo weblog publishing application that sends updates to a site via FTP.
  • Somery PHP-based 'blog software.
  • Open source microblogging application, aiming to be an alternative to Twitter. Provides hosting services, a list of existing servers using this software, documentation and information for developers.
  • tBLOG Integrate fully customizable weblog templates, with any website. Add calendar, search, link management, voting, and comment modules.
  • telnet7 Bloggy For websites that use free webhosting services.
  • Thingamablog A cross-platform, standalone application for authoring and publishing weblogs. It will work on any platform on which Java can run. Thingamablog does not require a third-party blogging host, a CGI/PHP enabled web server, or a MySQL database. The only requirement to setup and manage a blog is FTP access to a web server.
  • Traction Software Enterprise weblog software. System for capturing and managing knowledge in the course of a communication or business process.
  • Trellix Client-side windows based blogging software. No HTML experience required.
  • Vine Type A website management system that requires no database nor scripting language installation. Free for non-commercial use.
  • Wheatblog A lightweight, open source, customizable blogging and content management solution powered by PHP and MySQL or SQLite.
  • Zomplog An easy to use weblog application which uses php and MySQL.
  • ZuZuSoft CGI/Perl-based script for publishing a journal through text files rather than a browser interface.

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