Many IRC servers are linked in networks, these range from small two or three server networks to the huge multi-continent globe spanning networks. Here we gather web sites related to these networks. These may be the networks official web site, or those run by fans.

Other languages: French, Lithuanian, Turkish.

  • 0v1 Site features a WebChat and IP identifier, along with about us content, a help section, contact us and a large forum.
  • Abjects Offers network help and information, policies, help documents and a forum.
  • AccessIRC Includes a listing of servers, chanserv commands help, policies, and member profiles.
  • Action IRC Worldwide user base; includes list of staff and mission statement. Also has a java chat and information about the network.
  • AfterNET Founded in 1996, a medium sized network with servers located around the globe.
  • AfterX Features network news, channels, committees, server information, staff, FAQ, a forum and a Wiki.
  • Anthrochat Website contains news, servers data, administrative information, forums, network status, and connection instructions.
  • AustChat Offers a forum, network and IRC information, profiles, chat connection help, and contact details.
  • AustIRC Small Australian based network. Site contains help pages, news, server statuses, and network statistics.
  • B2IRC Targeted towards fans of Japanese popular culture. B2IRC is also the home of ircu+Lain development.
  • Bangladesh Chat Website features network information, a web chat connection applet, and information about Bangladesh.
  • BBSnet Network specializing in support to Bulletin Board Systems operators. Website features a web chat, help guide, news column, servers data, and information pertaining to services.
  • Blabber An international network with servers based in South Africa, USA and New Zealand. Offers java web-based chat to large websites such as Big Brother and 5fm.
  • Blitzed Website providing live chat, user profiles and help to new users.
  • Bohemians Includes brief description of network and details of how to connect.
  • Chat Solutions Inc The company provides live interactive chat functionality to websites.
  • Chat4All Offers full services, a java client and basic network information on their website.
  • ChatIsUs Supports Java, WebTv/msnTV, and all standard IRC clients. Contains Java chat. Also offers documents for help with the network and statistics.
  • Chatowner Free Network Features many different networks shared by topic and nationality.
  • ChatSensations Site contains server, IRCop, vhost applications, network information, WebTV chat and channel statistics.
  • ChatSpike General community oriented chat. Site contains news, network history, server list, staff list, statistics and a user image gallery. Also includes basic IRC tutorials.
  • Chatworx A global network with servers from many different countries.
  • Chikahan A Filipino community that serves to bring people together across the world.
  • DALnet Offers full services. Administration, e-zine, help documentation, and users section.
  • DarkChat Lists of channels and servers, and rules for use.
  • DarkMyst Offers themed discussion on multi-player and roleplaying games. Full channel services available. Site offers staff and user profiles, network rules and Java chat client.
  • Dynastynet Dynastynet IRC Network is a Family Oriented IRC Chat. A Very Unique Chatting Experience, like no other
  • eCS eCS Net is an international IRC network with servers based all over the world, open to everyone. Dedicated primarily to the eComStation operating system.
  • EFnet The oldest and one of the largest IRC networks in the world. Site contains news, server list, webchat, forum, software, documentation, and links.
  • EQUNet Information on servers, policies, background and services for this general chat network.
  • EsperNET Provides server status and information, channel information, a staff contact form and help documentation.
  • euIRC Contains news, server and admin documentation, support guides, a community section, FAQs, and network statistics. [Site also available in German]
  • ExileNET Worldwide network which was launched in 2001. Site contains a web chat applet, servers list, statistics, and a radio.
  • Exodus Website includes channel information, policies, servers, services help, and webcams. Site also includes a download page for scripts and clients.
  • EYErc Site contains network news and information, statistics and CGI-IRC online chat.
  • FoxChat Network homepage that has information pertaining to server linking, servers, rules, popular channels, and updates.
  • Freenode Provide a friendly interaction environment for project coordination and for the support of community projects. Includes a server list, philosophy, rules, how to help, and internal projects. Formerly
  • FreeQuest Site contains news and information.
  • GalaxyNet Formed with the sole purpose to bring a reliable, comfortable, and stable chatting environment to the Internet community. Includes a java chat applet and full services.
  • GameSurge Gaming network. Contains online chat, Utilities such as helper application forms, Forums, online shop and network support and information.
  • Global Gamers Gaming oriented community with network services allowing clans to organize competitive games. Site features server and staff lists, statistics and a clan database.
  • GoodChatting A place to chat, through IRC or the Java applets, along with a lot of chat-related information.
  • imperium Offers a wide variety of services including forums, FAQ, clients, and projects.
  • Induced Australian themed general chat network. Site content includes staff listing, policies, FAQ and server listings.
  • Inside-IRC Provides channel registration, private vhosts and free bouncers. Servers mainly located in western Europe.
  • IRC and WebTV Chat Network Focuses on free speech. Java client, network details, forum, information for WebTV owners. Offers Web space and e-mail accounts to users.
  • IRC Networks and Server List This page provides IRC Server/Network related URLs, for network listings.
  • IRC2 IRC2 IRC Network Homepage with information on contacting staff, services, servers and staff.
  • IRCHighWay Features forums, help, staff, network rules, and forum and network statistics.
  • JEt NEt Jet net irc network, statistics, staff, services information, rules and an explanation of IRC.
  • KickChat This is the site for the kickchat , java chat, message boards, server lists, staff.
  • KreyNet Contains server, channel and services information. Accessible by a java chat applet and contains full services.
  • LinkNet Features rules, staff, FAQ, SSL Guide, and a server list. Website also available in French and Spanish.
  • MagicStar A small family oriented network. Site contains details of staff, network bots and services, news, rules and web based Java chat.
  • Moofspeak Network primarily focusing on Macintosh products. Website contains a channels list, IRC guides, quotes, rules, and statistics.
  • IRC networks Keeps statistics on users, channels, and servers on hundreds of IRC networks.
  • NeverNet IRC Network Provides a safe haven for chatters of all sorts. Site contains news, server information, relative links, and a java chat applet.
  • NewNet Offers a wide range of discussion channels on a variety of topics.
  • NewNet Contains support, services, policies, network information, a servers list, and applications for clones and server linking.
  • Nightstar IRC Network A new and growing network that is dedicated to making chatting fun for its users.
  • NoverNet IRC Network A community where everyone can come to chat if they follow the rules. Lists information on rules, server list and IRCops.
  • Onlineguardians Online safety organization with its own IRC network of three servers based in the UK and US.
  • OtherNet Includes network, channel, taught classes, and policy information. Site also includes a java chat applet.
  • PaganPaths An entire network dedicated to Paganism, with access available through the web as well as traditional IRC clients.
  • Phishy Their aim is simple, to provide a place where people can chat. Go ahead and chat about anything and everything. They're also home to a #Trivia channel as well as other fun channels.
  • PinkFuzzy Small network focusing on chat appropriate for all ages.
  • PSIGenix Network focusing on gaming, science fiction and general chat. Site contains rules, servers and staff list, services and modes help, a chat applet, and server linking guidelines.
  • Psionics The Psionics.Net IRC Network has a comfortable, friendly and well-run atmosphere to make any chatting experience an enjoyable one.
  • QuakeNet Has a very large user base of mainly computer games players. Site contains news, services information, server and staff list and FAQ.
  • Serenia A fairly small network with stable servers and services. Home page includes server, services, channel, staff and traffic information.
  • Serenity Site offers a guide to services available, as well as instructions on how to connect and a Java chat applet. No warez or adult content.
  • ShadowWorld Services help files in multiple languages, policies, user feedback survey, community links, and staff member information.
  • SlashNET Originally sponsored by Slashdot, now independent. Offers channels ranging from technical discussion to general chat.
  • SolarStone Offers general discussion channels with X based network services.
  • SorceryNet General chat suitable for all ages. Site offers network news, statistics and channel summaries.
  • SpaceTronix A stable Network which is using Auspice Services and Unreal IRCd (Version 3.2). This network has been up since May 2001 and has a friendly Network-Team. The Network is supporting SSL connections and IPv4/IPv6.
  • StarChat Medium sized network averaging around 1000 users. Monitored to prevent activity inappropriate for minors. Registered bots allowed. Includes a Java Chat applet.
  • StarLink-IRC Friendly, safe and helpful chat environment for the whole family.
  • Striked Server listings and news, along with network information.
  • TechGear007 Chat A site for IRC script users, Java chat. Includes Forum for help with scripting, VB, C/C++, graphics.
  • Thugempire A Simple IRC Network that provides Services to WebTV/ MSNTV Users.
  • TVEps Offers network information, help, forums, and links.
  • Undeniable IRC Network Information about uIRC chat network, live statistics, channel list and rules.
  • Undernet Site contains Forum, server list, network news, newsletter, online webchat, polls, links and help section.
  • URchat Small network offering full channel and nickname services.
  • Village Founded with the belief that people could have fun chatting without the need for fearing foul language and other bothersome sides of live Internet chat.
  • WhatNET Site provides mIRC help, Services help, Forum, committee information, general network information, integrated member system and Java chat.
  • WikkedWire Site supports Java online chat, network information and policies, and staff pictures. Also supports webtv and msntv.
  • WyldRyde Website features network and technical news, chat commands, quotes, servers and channels information, a web chat applet, FAQ section, and a store.
  • Xtris Offers multi-lingual support to chat and web site users.
  • Zoite Features a guide to getting started on IRC, staff and servers information, channels statistics, a FAQ section and contact information.
  • ZUH Informational site including network policies, server and staff information, and user web page links. The network is compatible with PC, Mac and WebTV. Zuh is considered a family network being that it has little adult and no illegal content.

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