• Abacus Web Usability Consultants to help you improve the user friendliness of your web site, located in Florida, USA.
  • Adaptive Path A User Experience design and consulting firm that unites theory and practice to advance the art of user experience design while helping clients make better business decisions. Located in California, USA.
  • Adducive Software user interface design and rapid production services including prototypes for telephone, handheld, and desktop systems. The website describes services offered and tips for effective user interface development. Located in California, USA.
  • AGConsult Specializes in web usability and information architecture. Includes online articles. Located in Belgium. [English, Dutch, French]
  • Amberlight Partners Ltd. Helps corporations achieve specific business results by providing research, and a user-centred approach to the design and use of digital technologies. Located in the United Kingdom.
  • Aptima, Inc. Providing innovative research and applied design for government, industry, medical, and transportation fields. Locations in Washington DC and Massachusetts, USA.
  • Ariel Performance Centered Systems, Inc. A management consulting and software development company that has expertise with all forms of Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS). Located in Ohio, USA.
  • Beta Research, Inc. Consulting and research in human factors, ergonomics, usability and safety in product and system design from California, USA.
  • Black Box Media A website and CDROM publishing company specializing in human factors for interface design, usability and usage studies, navigation and information architecture - directly for clients or through larger companies. Located in Canada.
  • Bohmann Usability User experience consulting. Including articles and news about Web usability. From Denmark.
  • British HCI Group Consultancy Listing Listing of UK academic and commercial consultants in Human-Computer Interaction, providing initial contact information for prospective clients seeking experts within this field.
  • Busse Design Experts in user interface design for applications and other web-based products. Located in California, USA.
  • Catalyst Group Design Usability and User Interface Designers. Located in New York, USA.
  • Center for Usability Research and Engineering Offers services and research in the field of usability engineering and user interface design in Vienna Austria.
  • Centralis A user experience consultancy offering research, testing and design expertise to develop interactive applications. Located in Illinois, USA.
  • Change Sciences Provides research, workshops, and consulting for improving the user experience of web sites and interactive applications. Located in New York, USA.
  • Classic System Solutions A software development and professional services organization with expertise in graphical user interface (GUI) design and usability. Located in California, USA.
  • Clickdensity Offers a tool to record the position of every click on a web page, creating a virtual heat map of visitor activity. Includes details of benefits and how it works, together with a free demonstration.
  • Cognetics Corporation Offers a Logical User Centered Interaction Design (LUCID) Framework, a methodology for managing the design and testing of the software user interface. Located in New Jersey, USA.
  • Constantine & Lockwood, Ltd. Supports usage-centered design for more usable software-based products through training, design, evaluation, and consulting services. Located in Massachusetts, USA.
  • Cooper Interaction Design Offers a range of goal-directed services that can be used to create and improve interactive solutions from California, USA.
  • Corporate Solutions Consulting Provides usability services including web site evaluations and design. Located in the UK.
  • Cox & Hall Interaction Design Texas design consultancy specializing in user interface and interaction design, visual communication, and usability for products requiring human-computer interaction.
  • Creative Good Offers to improve customer experience. Located in New York, USA.
  • Datapanik Provides user interface design, user centered design, and usability services for software and hardware developers. Located in Canada.
  • December Communication Inc. Web based communications company. Offers publication, presentations and consulting. Includes Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine (CMM) archives and resources.
  • Design Interpretive Integrated delivery of user interface design, industrial design, and usability assessment and testing services. Located in Ottawa, Canada.
  • Direct Perception LLC Specializes in customer-centered product and service innovation. Includes links.
  • Dreamstep Design User Centered approach to interface analysis and design.
  • Effortmark Ltd. Usability Consulting firm based in Leighton Buzzard, UK. Focuses include making web sites and particularly web forms easier to use.
  • Eleven Consulting Helps companies determine product strengths and weaknesses, and gives specific, blueprint-level guidance on how they can be improved. Located in California, USA.
  • Emma Jane Consulting Offers web and interface design plus user studies.
  • Enervision Media Provides analysis and designs interactive systems and interfaces for usability across all technology platforms. Located in New York, USA.
  • Enflexion Australia-based consulting group specialising in eBusiness usability and accessibility.
  • ePerformance Consulting Consulting services covering usability, information architecture, user experience design, search engine optimisation and complete website design. Located in the UK.
  • ESRI: Ergonomics and Safety Research Institute The institute is split into three centres; Human focused design, Transport technology ergonomics and vehicle safety research.
  • Evan Media Creation of user-centered interface designs, websites and custom web applications for small to mid-size businesses. Located in California, USA.
  • Experience by Design Washington, DC based information architecture and user experience consultancy for websites and software.
  • Experience Research - Richard Linington Ethnographic research leading to the creation of useful and desirable user experiences. Located in the United Kingdom.
  • EyeTracking Eye tracking technology to test users' responses to websites and other promotional material. Located in California, USA.
  • fhios Offers user research and services for the complete design and development process including usability testing. Based in London, United Kingdom.
  • Filament Group Designs software and websites, provides market analysis and training, and works with rich media and wireless technologies. Located in Massachusetts, USA.
  • Flash 99% Good Usability for Flash. Promotes mainly a book, and includes tips, tutorial, and links.
  • Flow Interactive Specialises in user-centred design, customer experience strategy, user research and usability testing. Information about work carried out, client list, and staff profiles. UK-based.
  • flyTrap Interactive Offers user interface design services at all phases of application development, including working prototypes for web and interactive multimedia applications. Based in San Diego, California, United States.
  • Foolproof Ltd Experience design agency specialising in user-centred design and customer-driven innovation. Based in the UK
  • Frontend Frontend provides user-centred interface solutions for online developments and software applications. Includes the Usability Infocentre and User News newsletter. Located in Ireland.
  • Genesis Offers usability evaluations, user-centered front-ends, software product design, and training. Located in India.
  • Good Experience Mark Hurst and Creative Good present white papers on customer and user experience.
  • Gothelf, Jeff Representation of the disciplines of information architecture, business analysis and usability, as well as contact information and a resume. Located in Massachusetts, USA.
  • gotomedia, inc. - interaction design and usability consulting Offers customized user experience and branding solutions. Notable clients include Macromedia and WebEx.
  • Gravity7 Award-winning web site development, user interface, user experience consulting and communication design. Includes short articles. Located in California, USA.
  • Gruden Provides website design and development solutions for internet, extranet, intranet, multimedia and new media projects.
  • GUI Designers Usability Consultancy committed to designing and evaluating successful and effective Windows Applications and Web Sites. Offering the full range of Usability Services. Located in the United Kingdom.
  • Hastings Research Internet and interface development. specialise in HCI, usability, architecture, systems integration and e-business. Offer a number of white papers. Located in California, USA.
  • Hibbitts, Paul D. Provides user interface design services, including usability evaluations and education. Located in Canada.
  • Human Factors International, Inc. Ensuring usability and systems consistency through software ergonomics, human factors science and design considerations. Located in Iowa, USA.
  • Human Interface Group User-centered user interface design, user documentation and training services. Belgium
  • Human Interfaces, Inc Usability consulting for web, software and hardware products. Background in Human Factors. Located in Texas, USA.
  • Humansystems Inc. Specializes in Human Factors and Applied Ergonomics. A consultant company involved in web site analysis, HCI, task analysis and modeling. Located in Canada.
  • Hypercerulean Inc. Specializes in applying human factors analysis to usability engineering, testing, and interface design. Located in Washington.
  • Idean Research Offering user experience research services and consultation in usability for the products of the digital world, especially wireless ones. Located in Finland.
  • IdeasMerchant.com Ltd Specializes in site and user interface development, web consulting, and training.
  • Incontext Enterprises Provides design, training, and market information services. Located in Massachusetts, USA.
  • Information & Design Offers usability consulting. Includes resources, articles and courses. Located in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Instrata Offers services to study user behaviour and apply results to create functional and usable user interfaces. Located in the UK.
  • Interacta Design Oy Specializes in goal-based user interface design and field studies to find out the users' goals. Provides usability assessment, e.g. expert reviews and usability testing. Located in Finland.
  • Interaction Architect Sim D'Hertefelt offers services for designing usable interactive systems, includes articles. Located in Belgium.
  • Interaction Design Offers Web design and usability testing services.
  • Interface Consult Offers web design services and features usability testing facilities. Located in Austria.
  • Interface Guru Tests and makes recommendations on how to improve commercial websites. Located in Tucson, Arizona, USA.
  • Interpix Design Inc. Consulting firm with focus on simplicity and usability. Located in Canada.
  • Jeff Brace Design Consulting services include business analysis, information architecture, user interface design, and usability evaluations. Located in British Columbia, Canada.
  • Knabe Design Information architecture, interaction design, technical writing, user centered design, and usability evaluation. Located in Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Kraka Inc. Offering consulting services in most aspects of interaction design. Located in California, USA.
  • Lextant Provides user experience research, user-centered interactive design and usability evaluation. Offices in Ohio and Colorado, USA.
  • Look and Feel Australia Offers user experience design plus usability and product strategy consulting. Also other services concerning interactive products.
  • LukeW Interface Designs Specializes in the visual, interface, and interaction design of web-based applications and identities. Located in Illinois, USA.
  • Macadamian Usability Offers user centred research and design services, specializing in concept design, usability, accessibility product evaluations, and training. Based in Canada.
  • MauroNewMedia Consulting services concerning User Interface Design and Usability Engineering. Located in New York, USA.
  • McGee, Patrick W. User interface designer and illustrator for online and offline media in Texas, USA.
  • Meleniak Offering usability evaluation, accessibility advice, and web design. Located in the United Kingdom.
  • Membex Specializing in interface design, usability testing, site development, database architecture, and ecommerce sites. Located in Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Mental Models Employs a user-centered approach to provide User Interaction consulting, rapid prototyping, presentation and graphic design. Focus on enterprise applications. Located in California, USA.
  • Miramontes Computing Specialized in user-centered design, prototyping, support of the development process, and iterative test and refine of the final product. Includes articles by Jim Miller. Located in California, USA.
  • More, Erik User experience consulting services focused on usability engineering, information architecture, and interface design. Located in California.
  • Namahn Consulting firm specializing in customer-focused information design and interaction design of media, products and tools. Located in Belgium.
  • Nat Bobbitt's Laboratories Research and IT consulting expertise in the assessment of information systems for: ERP, CRM, CMS, DBMS. Located in Colorado, USA.
  • Nelson Usability Associates Provides consulting, research, and training in usability evaluation and interaction design. Located in Ohio, USA.
  • NerveCentral A web usability and solutions consultancy, offering user-centered ergonomic design and web development. Located in the UK.
  • NewOpp.ca Inc. A customer driven, products, process and innovation solutions provider. Based in Ontario, Canada.
  • Nielsen Norman Group Consulting agency offering to enhance the user experience. Includes news, events and publications. Located in California, USA.
  • Nuno Design Offering user-centered interface design, auditing, and prototyping solutions for online and MS Windows applications. Located in Ireland.
  • Ovo Studios Offers fixed and portable usability labs and logging software. Located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, USA.
  • Pamam Solutions for user interface design and human factors engineering. Located in Israel.
  • Performance Research and Design Offers user-centred design services for product development, including usability testing, survey research, user-centered design and focus groups. Located in New York, USA.
  • Preston G Smalley Offers services in interaction design and software engineering. Located in California, USA.
  • Pure Usability Ltd Web usability and accessibility consultancy. Based in the UK.
  • Quakenbush Design Interface Design consultation for browser-based and traditional software as well as interactiveTV.
  • Reuten Offering information architecture, user experience and usability evaluation services. Located in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Reynolds, Louis Information architect and GUI consultant, specializing in information architecture, user testing, user experience, and GUI design. Located in New Jersey, USA.
  • Rocket Communications, Inc. Consultants providing information architecture, visual interface design, icons, and usability testing. Located in California and Hawaii, USA.
  • Sage Consulting Silicon Valley based computer human interaction consultancy focusing on practical usability testing and interface design. Located in California, USA.
  • SalemSystems Usability testing, customer research, and product design services. Located in Washington, USA.
  • Serco Usability Services London, UK based independent usability consultants, covering websites, interactive TV, interactive appliances and mobile Internet devices.
  • Shiro Wilde Interaction Designer
  • Siteworkz Consulting Provides services in Web Design, Information Architecture, specializing in web usability. Located in Canada.
  • Sliced Bread Interaction Design User interface design consultancy creating online, desktop, and handheld products and services. California, United States.
  • Snyder Consulting Usability and prototyping consultant focused on helping customers recognize, prioritize, and solve usability problems. Located in New Hampshire, USA.
  • Sotopia Usability consultant specialized in user centered design, including computer interaction, and usability engineering. Located in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
  • Sprezzatura Systems, Inc. Freelance web marketing writer/consultant specializing in copy writing and content creation.
  • Sterling Creations Technology for persons with special needs and access for everyone.
  • Swim Interaction Design Studio LLC Specialists in designing usable, useful and aesthetic interfaces for interactive products, ranging from software applications to handheld devices and medical equipment. Located in California, USA.
  • Syntagm User-centered design and development services, including object-oriented design and UML, usability evaluation and training. Located in Oxford, UK.
  • Tec-Ed, Inc. Customer research, information architecture and design, and usability evaluation of technology products and websites. Offices in Michigan, California, and New York, USA.
  • Telono Provides details of the user experience consultancy services available, including usability, web accessibility and international user research.
  • The Communication Studio LLC Seasoned interaction designer: documentation, graphics, wireframe models, best practices and information architecture. A unique combination of business understanding, technical acumen, creative talent and strategic insight. Experienced in transactional systems, financial services. Servicing Northern New Jersey and New York City, USA.
  • The Hirsch Group Specializing in the conceptualization, design, development, evaluation, review and assessment of human-computer interfaces, especially web-based applications. Located in California, USA.
  • The Hiser Group Committed to liberating technology from the technologists and letting people play with it instead. Focus on usability and accessibility of interface design. Located in Australia.
  • The TerraNova Group Specializing in user interface design, ethnography, usability evaluations, and user support systems. Located in Georgia, USA.
  • TheUEgroup Experienced consultants specializing in the area of user interface design and usability. Located in California, USA.
  • ThoughtCap Internet consultancy committed to helping Global 2000 clients leverage customer experience as a competitive advantage and driver of profits. Located in New York City.
  • Tmtm Offers services to create meaningful digital product development and user experience. Located in London, UK.
  • True Matter, LLC Interactive application development and design consultancy focused on crafting effective Web experiences. Located in South Carolina, USA.
  • Truth In Design Consultants who design user experience in the shape of graphical user interfaces on the internet and in the wireless world. Located in California, USA.
  • Two Rivers Consulting Corporation A consulting firm in Massachusetts.
  • U-C Webs Internet effectiveness consultancy offers a range of services including web site evaluations and search engine optimization. Located in Ontario, Canada.
  • Usability Architects, Inc. A usability consulting and contracting firm specializing in designing the user experience with user-centered methodologies.
  • Usability Partners Independent usability and user-centred design consultancy, based in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Usability Sciences Corporation Provider of usability testing and research for websites, consumer electronics, software and hardware products. Located in Texas, USA.
  • UsabilityOne Offers a range of services with a focus on user interfaces for web and non-web applications. Services available throughout the Asia Pacific. Located in Australia.
  • Usable Interface The portfolio and resume of Kyle Pero, a usability analyst, interaction designer, and information architect consultant based in Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Usablity Glossary Boston Web firm offering information architecture, interaction design, usability consulting, and copywriting.
  • User Insight Provider of user experience services utilizing usability testing, focus groups, market research, training and documentation. Located in California, Georgia, and Illinois, USA.
  • User Interface Design GmbH Specializes in usability engineering, graphic design and software engineering, Located in Germany (Ludwigsburg, Dortmund, Mannheim, Munich).
  • User Interface Engineering Provides usability consulting, research, training and conferences. Located in Massachusetts, United States.
  • Userface Ltd User interface design and usability evaluation consultancy. Located in London, United Kingdom.
  • Userlab, Inc. Consulting in website usability, training and testing.
  • Vista Point Consulting Provides web site design and evaluation services for small and mid-sized businesses. Focus on usability, customer-focused content and clean design. Based in Renton, Washington, United States.
  • Web Site Optimization, LLC Consulting firm offering Web optimization services and information. Located in Michigan, USA.

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