Sites for companies that provide data recovery products and services.
  • 33 Data Recovery Inc With many years of data recovery experience to help companies back in business as quickly as possible.
  • ABC 24/7 Data Recovery Offers free evaluation and nationwide data recovery services for business and personal desktops, laptops, hard drives, CDs and diskettes.
  • ABC Data Recovery Ltd Offers RAID recovery, hard drive recovery and USB memory stick repair for clients nationwide.
  • ACE Laboratory Hard drive firmware repair tools, tips, and software.
  • Aceon Data Recovery Recovers hard drives, smart phones, cameras and flash memory. No data no charge.
  • ACS Data Recovery Provides hard drive data recovery services to clients worldwide. Specializing in complex RAID arrays. No evaluation fees.
  • Adaptive Research and Design Data recovery from crashes, viruses, electrical surges, and sabotage, on hard and floppy drives under any operating system.
  • Adroit Data Recovery Centre Recovers data from failed RAID server and hard disk drives with data recovery centre in Singapore, Malaysia and Japan. Also services customers from Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei and Hong Kong.
  • Advanced Data Solutions Offers data recovery from damaged hard drives, fire, water, dropped, lightning, virus infected for all systems.
  • Aigon Sarl Provide solution in hard disk recovery
  • Altirium Limited Specialize in tape recovery, disk, data conversion and large scale data processing for compliance and Governance.
  • Amnet Data Solutions Provides Data Recovery Services on hard drives, RAID, Servers and other media storage in New York. Supporting MAC, Windows, Linux, UNIX. Free Evaluation No Data, No Fee.
  • Assured Data Recovery Providers of ISO certified data recovery from all media and device types to local and international customers.
  • AST Data Recovery Labs Provides data recovery services for all RAID configurations, NAS and SAN.
  • Aurora IT Systems Offer services within data recovery from hard disk drives including locked or encrypted volumes, Flash memories and large RAID arrays. Located in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Bitlevel Indore Data Recovery Provider of logical, physical and online data recovery services. Offers remote data recovery solutions for international customers to retrieve lost data over internet.
  • Bytes Back Data Recovery Services Inc. Offers data recovery services for hard drives, RAID and other media. Located near Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Capital Data Recovery Inc. Certified and fully equipped data recovery Lab providing computer data recovery, data destruction services. Headquarters is in Ottawa with labs in different parts of Canada.
  • CBL Data Recovery Technologies Offering data recovery services for any media and any operating system.
  • CD Data Guys Recover data from PC hard drives, 3.5" floppy diskettes, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, pictures and MP3 files.
  • Cheadle Data Recovery Manchester Offers data recovery for all types of hard disks, memory cards and mp3 players. No recovery, no fee.
  • Cherry Systems Data recovery services.
  • Cleardata UK Limited Provides data centric services, catering to the local and international market which include data recovery, digital forensics and data destruction.
  • CnW Recovery Recovery service for hard disks, CD, DVD, memory chips, Jaz and Zip. No fix, no fee.
  • Common Computers Recover from drive failure, crashes, fdisk, or lost data. Data Recovery and PC upgrading in Oklahoma.
  • Core Data Recovery Inc. Provides data recovery service to Government, aerospace, engineering, mining and financial institutions as well as families and small businesses across North America.
  • Critical Data Recovery Services Extracts data from failed, corrupted, or physically damaged media devices such as hard drives, RAID arrays, tapes, and other computer removable media.
  • Crucial Data Recovery Offers free evaluation and flat rate pricing and "No Data - No Charge" guarantee.
  • Cyber Electronics Offer flat price data recovery services for desktops, laptops, notebooks and RAID servers running all operating systems. Free evaluation and fast turnaround.
  • Data A&E Data recovery solution and services for hard drives, RAID arrays, digital camera cards and all types of removable media.
  • Data Analyzers A data recovery and computer forensic investigative firm.
  • Data Clinic Ltd. Data recovery services and solutions.
  • DATA DETECT Pty Ltd Recovers data from hard disk drives, digital media and RAID systems in Australia.
  • Data Doctors Offers data recovery services for hard drives, floppy disks, and removable drives.
  • Data Extractor Labs Offers data recovery services with customized data recovery techniques and utilities in association with hardware tools. No recovery, no charge with free evaluation.
  • Data Insight Data recovery, hard drive and data forensics, and data destruction services. Ottawa, Canada.
  • Data Mechanix Specializes in data recovery of all kinds on virtually all platforms, operating systems and media types.
  • Data Recon, LLC offers data recovery and computer forensic analysis services.
  • Data Recovery 911 Specializes in hard drive recovery, data loss, and all forms of removable media. Does not charge for failed recovery.
  • Data Recovery and Reconstruction Data recovery services.
  • Data Recovery Canada Specializing in data recovery 24/7 and computer forensics.
  • Data Recovery Corporation Offer data recovery services on all hard drives and operating systems.
  • Data Recovery CT Recovers data on all major hard drive manufacturers in Connecticut.
  • Data Recovery Direct Ltd Offers server and hard disk drive data recovery and computer forensics service since 1994. Equips with clean air Lab for recovering data from physically damaged media.
  • Data Recovery Experts Specializes in data recovery from a variety of storage media including hard drives, raid arrays, digital cameras, and mp3 players.
  • Data Recovery Hospital Provides data recovery services to help clients recover data from desktop and laptop hard disk drives, multi-disk RAID devices and any type of removable media.
  • Data Recovery Kotar Restore data from hard drives, raid arrays, all kinds of memory cards and others.
  • Data Recovery Lab UK Offers free evaluation and recovery services of IDE, SATA, RAID, SCSI and USB hard drives for business and private customers.
  • Data Recovery Link Operates from a level 10 clean room. Recovers data from hard drives and other damaged media.
  • Data Recovery Man Inc. Renders server and raid data recovery service in Orange Country and California at fixed rate.
  • Data Recovery Masters Restores and recovers information from all types of magnetic media.
  • Data Recovery Mumbai Offer emergency data recovery services and for lost files and file repair.
  • Data Recovery Service Inc. Offers data recovery from damaged or corrupted hard drives. Provides a full estimate on repair and recovery within 24 hours.
  • Data Recovery USA Specialists for RAID recovery and hard drive repair. Also provides repair of SQL Server, Exchange and database.
  • Data Savers, LLC. Offers free evaluation and nationwide data recovery services on all personal and business computer storage devices: RAID, hard drives, and flash drives.
  • Data Services 24/7 Ltd Offer data recovery and password recovery services. No fix, no fee.
  • DataBank Recovery services on all types of computer hard drives, disks, tapes and media. Assists in forensic and electronic investigations.
  • DataBe Provides flat-rate data recovery services for all hard disk drive models and operation systems.
  • DataCent Ontario Canada Offers data recovery on all levels from deleted files to bad heads and destroyed media. Has partnership program for PC shops and other data recovery companies.
  • DataDudes Performs data recovery in Calgary with free evaluation and no data, no charge policy.
  • Datalab NZ Operates a dedicated clean room and electronic laboratory catering for data recovery ranging from restoring large scale commercial servers to retrieving lost photos from personal hard drive.
  • Dataquest International Ltd Specialist data recovery company in the South of England recovering data from corrupt, defective and faulty hard disk drives.
  • DataRecovery BC West Canada data recovery services for most storage mediums.
  • DataRescue Provides secure physical data recovery of hard drives, RAID Systems, removable media in a Class 100 clean room in Ireland.
  • DataTech Labs Perform recoveries for servers, desktops, laptops, USB flash drives, CD, DVD, Zip, floppies, PDA, cell phones, all digital camera Cards and RAID arrays.
  • DataWreck Offers professional data recovery service to home and business users alike with no recovery, no fee policy.
  • Digital Recovery Specializes in recovering lost data for individuals, corporations, and educational institutions. Located in New Zealand.
  • Digitalmedix Data recovery services for hard drives, RAID arrays, digital camera cards and all types of removable media.
  • Disk Drive Doctor Ltd Offers a full range of data recovery services and storage solution for hard disk drives, USB flash drives, NAS and multi-media devices.
  • Disk-O-Tech Company in Israel specializing in data recovery and computer crime investigations.
  • DiskEng Advanced Data Recovery Services Perform disk, raid and tape recovery for any media and OS.
  • Disklabs Data Recovery Provides data recovery services for RAID systems and servers, desktops, Macs, laptops, tapes, iPods and external hard drives. Located in Tamworth, Staffordshire, United Kingdom.
  • Doctor Byte Recover data from defective HD, RAID, CD, Zip, floppy. Also recover deleted or corrupted files.
  • Doctor Disk Perform data recovery for all storage media including HDD, RAIDS, Tapes, CDs, DVDs and legacy storage devices.
  • Drive Service Company Provider of data recovery and services. Resolving disk problems, major hard drive crashes, drive failures and disk failures.
  • DriveFish Recovers lost pictures, music and files from hard drive, mp3 player or camera card at flat fee.
  • DriveSavers Data Recovery Worldwide data recovery services for all operating systems and storage media. Authorized by all drive manufacturers.
  • DTI Data Physical and logical hard drive recovery services and software products. Also drive recovery training.
  • Eboxlab Data Recovery Services Offers data recovery services to Colorado customers.
  • ECO Data Recovery Provide data recovery service for hard drive, server, RAID, SAN, and NAS.
  • eProvided Specializing in image recovery and memory stick recovery services. Located in Parker, Colorado, United States.
  • ESS Data Recovery, Inc Provides RAID, hard drive, and laptop data recovery solutions plus information on data loss prevention.
  • Essential Data Recovery, Inc. Offers cleanroom data recovery services from hard disk drives, RAID, and flash medium for Canadian clients.
  • Excalibur Data Recovery Inc. New England based and specialize in recovering lost data from RAID Arrays, SNAP Servers, hard drives, DLT and 4mm DAT tapes.
  • FDR Specializing in recovering data from hard drives with lost partitions or bad sectors. All recovery operations are performed remotely over the Internet using Open Source software tools via a boot-able CD.
  • First Advantage Data Recovery Services Offers fast response to data recovery needs in any location. Operates on most media.
  • Flash Drive Pros Provides data recovery from USB flash drives and other NAND Flash storage devices.
  • Flashback Data Offer specialized data recovery services for any media types including hard drives, backup tapes, CD and removable media.
  • Geeksnerds Offers data recovery services in London for hard drives, raid servers, tapes and all removable media
  • GigaRecovery Recovers data from flash disk and USB media. Also provides backup solutions and hard drive repairs.
  • Gillware Inc Offers data recovery for troubled hard drives and remote storage solutions for individuals and corporations. Located in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.
  • Hard Drive 911 Offers data recovery services for clients nationwide.
  • Hard Drive Recovery Group Offers nationwide RAID, disk, data, and hard drive recovery services.
  • HDRC Hard disc data recovery and repairing services in India.
  • HelpDisc Data Recovery Offers all types of data recovery services for hard disk, raid, memory card etc., serving Benelux, Serbia, Croatia, France & the UK.
  • i365 Provides data recovery, data migration, forensics and electronic discovery solutions.
  • Imexgro Specialise in data recovery and data retrieval fromcomputer, hard disk, desktop, PC, laptop, notebook, netbook, raid, server, removable media and portable media.
  • Indeed Data Recovery Specialize in data recovery, hard drive repair and file recovery. Michigan, USA.
  • Independent Technology Services Flat rate data recovery with information on viruses and disk drives.
  • IntelliRecovery Global data recovery services company specializing in hard disk and hard drive recovery from lost data, and drive crashes. Free evaluations.
  • Internet Desk, Inc. Specialists in data recovery from damaged or virus infected hard drives or retrieval of lost files after accidental formatting.
  • Intratec Data Solutions Provides diagnosis of media to assess the state of the media and strives to provide a 24 hour turn-around time for data recovery quote.
  • IT Data Recovery Hard disk data recovery services based in Austin Texas.
  • Kenedacom Inc. Provides hard drive recovery and data file recovery from hard disks, laptops, raid arrays, and servers. Equipped with clean laboratories to perform data retrieval.
  • Kepler Data Recovery Provide free evaluation, no data no fee, fast, confidential, affordable and reliable services.
  • Kingdom Data recovery Provider of data recovery services to businesses and consumers in the UK.
  • Linwei Technology Provide hard disk drive data recovery service for PC, MAC, Server, Laptop and RAID.
  • Live Recovery File retrieval and data recovery for the hard disk drives.
  • LWG Data Recovery Offers data recovery services for businesses and professional Firms.
  • MDS Disk Service Data recovery for crashed hard disk drives and other magnetic media.
  • Mecca Computer Consulting Based in Melbourne. Offers confidential data recovery services at affordable rates.
  • Memofix Hitech Services Inc Located in the Toronto, offers data recovery services for hard drives, servers, RAID arrays, NAS, SAN, USB flash devices, SSD, disk drives, tape cartridges and camera cards.
  • Micro Com LLC Delivers emergency data recovery service from inaccessible computer storage device. Also provides forensic data recovery investigations and expert witness consulting.
  • Micro-Surgeon Data recovery service and forensic discovery services. Located in Northern New Jersey.
  • Midwest Data Recovery Provides services for RAID systems and servers, desktops, laptops, tape cartridges, flash cards, and removable media devices. Includes a listing of services, shipping instructions, and policies. Located in Niles, Illinois, United States.
  • MjM Data Recovery Ltd Offer recovery from hard drives, tapes and other media. Various operating systems covered. Based in Somerset, UK.
  • MVI Data Recovery Specializes in Raid data recovery, laptop recovery, hard drive recovery, Exchange recovery and restore, on a No Data, No Fee policy.
  • My Data Is Back Trained data recovery engineers to rescue data from hard drives due to software and hardware issues.
  • Nationwide Data Recovery Provides professional data recovery services for hard drives, RAID, servers and I-pods.
  • Netcontrol Laboratories Performs data recovery on failed hard drives due to accidental format, invalid disk drive specifications, accidental data deletion, data loss due to viruses, corrupted partitions and other mechanical problems
  • Features data recovery software for corrupted files and media including utilities to fix damaged Microsoft Office documents, e-mails, databases, and files from crashed hard disks and bad diskettes.
  • Ondata International Data recovery from hard drives and files, located in the UK.
  • Optimum Data Recovery, Inc. Offers data recovery service for hard drives, RAID, tape and removable media. Locations in Houston, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.
  • Palmer Data Technologies Ltd Dedicates to retrieving data that one is unable to access, whatever the cause of the data loss. Without incurring any cost, the assessment report will allow one to understand easily which files you will get back.
  • PAYAM Data Recovery Pty Ltd Data recovery services for faulty hard disk drives in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.
  • PC Recovery LLC Provides physical data recovery of hard drives and flash media in a Class 100 Clean room environment.
  • Photorecall Photorecall is a dedicated image and photo recovery mail order service offering a cheap, viable alternative to data recovery software.
  • R&R Data Managed Services Ltd. Data recovery from all forms of media are available.
  • Re-Source Hardware Perform data recovery on obsolete or hard-to-find hard drives.
  • Recovery Force Inc. Friendly and affordable data recovery service. Family owned and operated.
  • RestoreMyData Offers on site physical and logical data recovery services for hard drive, corrupted RAID and other types of media.
  • ReStoring Data Inc. Specializes in affordable data recovery services from hard drives, laptop, RAID array, memory cards and removable media.
  • Retrodata Offers data recovery for all media and operating systems, as well as data conversion for all platforms, including legacy and proprietary formats.
  • ReWave Data Recovery, LLC Offers 24 hour hard drive data recovery services for laptop, desktop, server and RAID 0, 1, and 5.
  • SalvageData Recovery Lab Inc. ISO-certified recovery services for hard disk drives, RAID servers, tapes and other removable storage media.
  • Saving Grace Data Recovery Offers low cost data recovery services, in most cases, for a flat rate.
  • Sector Logics Inc Provides data recovery services for hard drives, camera cards, RAID arrays, CDs and DVDs, USB drives, cell phones and PDAs.
  • Secure Data Recovery Service to recover data from damaged drives for businesses and individuals.
  • SOS HD Data Recovery Recovers lost files from defective hard drives, RAID systems, DVDs, Pen Drive, Memory Card, Zip Drive and others.
  • Southwest Stars Data recovery for RAID and multi-disk arrays, deleted or corrupt MS SQL server and corrupt Norton ghost files.
  • SpectrumData Recovery Offer data recovery services for hard drives laptops, tape media and other specialist network storage with Class 100 clean room facility.
  • Tampa Bay Data Recovery Restores deleted or corrupted data from hard drives and external storage devices.
  • Technetics Data Recovery The data recovery labs in Australia with many years of experience in the industry.
  • TecLeo Specializing in recapturing lost data from hard drives, backup tapes, floppy diskettes, DAT tapes and all other types of digital media.
  • Tic Tac Data Recovery Professional data recovery services in Greece and Athens.
  • Tierra Data Recovery Provides data recovery services for companies and individuals across UK.
  • TLC Technology Data recovery services for all types of data loss. Located in Omaha, Nebraska
  • TNT Data Recovery Labs Professional data recovery staff provides 24 hr data recovery solutions nationwide.
  • Toba Data Recovery Data recovery specialists in Australia and handle most media including IDE, SATA, SCSI and RAID systems.
  • UniRecovery Provide emergency forensic and data recovery services for IDE HDD, Laptop, SCSI, RAID server, Mac and Linux systems.
  • Universe Infosoft Provider of data recovery services in India.
  • VA Data Recovery Specializes in recovering data from all types of data storage device and media.
  • Vantage Technologies Specialist in data recovery and restoration services for all types of disk, diskette, tape and optical storage media.
  • VenSys Ltd Professional data recovery service for failed hard drives, RAID and flash devices on a no-recovery no-fee basis.
  • Vital Data Recovery Offers data recovery solutions for all data storage media such as hard drive, laptop, flash memory card, CD/DVD and RAID.
  • Provides data recovery service and support for every operating system and storage media in New York.
  • WG Fulton & Associates Inc Data Recovery and Office Network Systems in San Diego
  • Offer data recovery solution for computer storage devices
  • X Datenrettung Specializes in data recovery of hard disks and flash drives with lab in Berlin, Germany. Offers no data, no fee policy.
  • Xytron Offers data recovery solution for all media and formats. Free diagnostic fee.

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