Cartoon dolls are popular with teens as avatars in chat programs and as graphic signatures on discussion boards. Most of the dolls you see on websites began as simple building-block avatars on Palace chat servers. Now many doll enthusiasts create original dolls using paint programs, and make them available for adoption by others.
  • Alexandra's Dolls Dolls, bases, blinkies and graphics tutorials.
  • Angel Creator Drag and drop for creating angel dolls. Includes clothes and wings. Site may not be compatible with some browsers.
  • Autumn Pixels Collection of dolls, bases and pixel art.
  • Badkittie Dollmakers Offering doll makers, graphics, quotes.
  • Barananduen's Realm of Dreams Offers a variety of cartoon dolls and bases, specializing in fantasy and male dolls. Made with MSPaint.
  • By Niteblaz Dolls of divas, fairies and angels, and mini's. Bases, contest entries, adoptions, links, blinkies, backgrounds, and OE Stationery.
  • Camilla Nimue's Dollz Cartoonys body bases, hand drawn dolls, Kaos, tutorial on how to shade using Adobe Photoshop, and blinkies.
  • Candy Cane Heaven Categories of preps, silents, celebrities, minis, and thugs.
  • Cartoon Doll Emporium Offers many different cartoon doll makers, as well as an assortment of pre-made adoptable cartoon dolls.
  • Cartoon Dolls Linkware some original other collected from the Internet.
  • CCworks Static and animated girls and guys, in standard and fantasy themes.
  • Chia's Dollz Dolls in a variety of styles, including exclusive Japanese styled "Kokoro".
  • Clarissa's Place Hand drawn dolls and doll bases.
  • Cristal Peach Dolls House Assortment of cartoon dolls, Final Fantasy, Manga characters, fantasy, and zodiac.
  • Cute Imperfections Contains cartoon dolls, dollmakers, blinkiemakers, games, and other graphics.
  • Cuties Dollz Wonderkins, minis, caption dolls, couples, links, and a doll maker.
  • CyberWarlock's Dollz Original dolls and bases by Cyberwarlock with a movie, Asian and fantasy themes.
  • Dance Floor Lies Contains dolls, kiss dolls, bases, contests, and links to other dollers.
  • Dark Earth's Hide Away Cartoon dolls available for adoption.
  • Dawn'z Dollz Preps, fairies, Goth, punk, and formal, with links to other doll sites and dollmakers.
  • Doll Makers Collection of popular characters' doll makers.
  • Dollie Shoppe Dollies in cars, Gothic, boyfriend and girlfriend and star dolls.
  • Dolliesmaker Links to doll makers. (Bilingual site Dutch and English.)
  • Dollipops Hand drawn cartoon dolls and bases by Marie.
  • Dolls by Sara Original dolls, bases, minis and contests.
  • Dollz Haven Free prep cartoon dolls organized by category and background images organized by color.
  • Dollz Mania Featuring preps, minis, silents, wonders, goths, ravers, skaters, and fairies, as well as several drag and drop dollmakers. This site also has a password-protected member's only site, which showcases member's only dolls.
  • Dollz of the Valley Includes blondes, redheads, guys, couples, and groups that have been collected on the web.
  • Dollzmaniacs' Rose Garden A choice of dolls and bases. Includes doll makers.
  • Fahrlight's Dollz United Collection of character dolls for adoption.
  • Freak of Fishnets Contains various categories of dollz and bases, adoptables.
  • Ghetto Fabulous Dollz Dollz of Color. It's like a fashion show.
  • Goldtassel's The Dollhouse Original dolls, some animated, featuring blondes, brunettes, redheads, and mermaids. Paint Shop Pro tubes for the creation of dolls. Also a drop-and-drag doll creation.
  • Graphics Fantasy Doll makers and ready to use dolls, animations and backgrounds.
  • House of Dolls Dolls arranged in categories and projects.
  • Internet Påklædningsdukker Cartoon dolls maker, by a new JavaScript available to nearly all browsers.
  • Jen's Dolls Handmade doll site with bases, dolls of all types, and PSP brushes.
  • Kim's Wonderful World Offers dolls, awards and contests.
  • Kokoro Reflections Male and female character dollmaker and adoptable dolls.
  • Lady S's Dollmaker A goth site, with a maker and adoptables.
  • Lanialle's Dolls Dolls, links, and sister sites.
  • Mariiii's Dolls House Offers hand drawn dolls, bases and pixel art, as well as tutorials to create them.
  • Mermaiden's Cartoon Doll Adoptions Preps including girls, guys, Gothic, and NFL.
  • MinisDotCom Mini cartoon dolls, mini dollmaker with lotsa props. Plus regular cartoon dolls and silents.
  • Mist Palace Original palace style cartoon dolls.
  • Mon's Dolls Offers free cartoon dolls, bases and graphics.
  • Moomoochica's Dollz Free fairies, minis, and preps dolls. Linkware backgrounds, doll adoption, and a doll maker.
  • Mufflonen Offering big and small dolls, and contest entries.
  • Muffy's Dolls Dolls arranged in categories of small, medium, large, and newest, body bases, tutorials for creating jeans and hair.
  • My Cartoon Dolls Hello Kitty collection, uniques, divas, minis, and guys dolls and palace information.
  • My Own Little World Dolls for adoption in several categories, body bases, blinkies, pixel art, and original drawings.
  • My Secret Dolls Offers doll and name makers, adoptables, glitters, and avatars.
  • Mystics Creations Cartoon dolls, dollmakers and other doll-related graphics.
  • Nellz Dollz Original cartoon dolls, base bodies, and layouts.
  • No More Pink Doll makers and bases, avatars, wallpapers, dress-up games and coloring pages.
  • NoName Dollz Cartoon dolls, bases, and pixel art.
  • Paka's Palace Collection of doll makers, dolls for adoption and related links. Includes the author's profile, computer safety tips and a page on gem mining in Franklin, NC.
  • Paragon's Dolls Includes a number of unique dolls and bases for use.
  • Pisces Dolls Dolls make for contests, but some are up for adoption.
  • Pixel by Pixel Productions Free original dolls including casual, miscellaneous and bases. Note: May not support some browsers.
  • Platinum Dollz 77 Categorized dolls arranged in a variety of categories.
  • Rainbow Dollz Features graphic cartoon dolls. Includes dollmaker, and links.
  • SakiMonkey's Splendid Site Offering a doll creator, as well as pre-made cartoon dolls, also e-mail signature tags, calling cards, and animated snowglobes.
  • Sexsi's Dolls and Cars Collection of dolls, premade dolls, and pictures of cars.
  • Shadow Cat's Cartoon Dollz Original dolls including celebrity, male, female, family, and friends.
  • Silly Beans Collection of dolls.
  • Skittlez Dollz Dolls, doll maker, and blinkies.
  • Snowy Day Collection dolls and original bases. Categorized by size.
  • Solace's Meadow Cartoon dolls, bases, and tutorials.
  • Stormy Day Dollz Cartoon dolls, animations, contests, and bases.
  • Strange Little Girls Small site with original cartoon dolls and bases.
  • Sweet Missy Dress up games, cartoon doll makers and dolls.
  • Tay's Dollies Includes silents, preps, flavas, minis, guys, and celebrities. Also free ids, graphics, html help, and donations.
  • The Chocolate Factory Cartoon dolls for adoption, dollmaker, horoscopes, banners, custom tag requests, chatterbox, and chatroom.
  • The Doll Palace Cartoon dolls community host. State of the art dollmaker, huge collection of dolls. Contests, forum and a large amount of information.
  • The Tower by Candice Offers dolls with terms for adoption.
  • Tidbits of Sweetness Base bodies with examples and a gallery of art work not for adoption. Requests accepted for one doll per person.
  • United Blondies Cartoon dolls including preps, Goths, punks, minis, guys, babies, and silents.
  • Veriria's Palace Complete tutorials on how to create cartoon dolls from scratch, using Paint Shop Pro, or Microsoft paint; also includes doll creations, also now featuring paper doll drag and drops, and forums to ask for help and advice.
  • Vertical Descent Dolls, awards, quizzes, links, and poetry.
  • Violablu Dot Com Cartoon dolls and doll makers. Includes forum, adoptions, and help making dolls.
  • Weird Dream Adoptions of fairy tail, mythical, and EverQuest cartoon dolls. The site designed for Internet Explorer.
  • Widdle Dolls Customized dolls based on Everquest characters and bases.
  • Wings of My Spirit Provides free dolls including faeries, unicorns and crystals.

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