Sites focussed on a variety of trucking software types useful in the trucking industry.

Other languages: Japanese.

  • Aldata Software TAGASIS - computer hardware GPS system and software for project time and cost tracking, equipment utilization, maintenance, safety monitoring and personnel management.
  • American Fuel Tax Services LLC Provides free IFTA fuel tax software for trucking called Fuel Tax Manager to manage fuel tax needs.
  • Apexvalue Distributor and developer of vehicle monitoring and management systems, computer accessories, MP3 players, educational software and hardware, electronic test equipment, and weather instruments.
  • Arcline 2000, Inc. Development company specializing in software systems for freight brokers, freight forwarders, companies with small to medium sized fleets, and trucking companies.
  • Arclogix, Inc. Developer of TradeRouter transportation management software.
  • Arsenault Associates Developer of online and PDA fleet management software. Includes product descriptions.
  • Artronix Computer Solutions, Inc. Transportation management software solutions for fleet, trucking and logistics operations.
  • Ascar Business Systems Software assists with order-entry, dispatching, rating, billing and other trucking related services.
  • Assk Technologies Internet and stand alone software tools provider supporting third party carrier and shipment management.
  • AutoAlert GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems allows companies to monitor, protect and better utilise their vehicles.
  • Axon Development Corporation Trucking, dispatch and accounting software for long distance trucking companies.
  • BTC Traffic Systems GmbH Provides integrated solutions for Mobile Assets including Asset Costing, Tracking and Tracing via GPS/GSM with specific applications for most vertical markets, where mobile assets need to be monitored.
  • C.C.S. International Offers supply, support, installation and training for vehicle safety, fleet management and scan tool systems. Includes company information, products and services, instruction manuals and ordering information.
  • Carrier Depot Provides carriers, brokers, and shippers with software tools to determine optimum truckload rates and equipment availability.
  • Carrier Logistics, Inc. Provides complete LTL trucking software package including Routronic 2000 dispatch system automating all functions from call pickup to GL.
  • Carrier Network Software helps auto transport brokers manage leads, orders and provides management reporting.
  • Carrier411 Validate and monitor motor carrier credentials, insurance and authority changes.
  • CCG Systems, Inc. Aims to provide fleet personnel with real-time access to computerized fleet information systems, along with the support, education and training needed.
  • Chevin Fleet Solutions, LLC Flexible fleet management software, that provides solutions to organizations such as public, utility, telecom, corporate, ambulance and humanitarian, throughout the world; suitable for any size fleet and maintenance operations.
  • CIE-Tech, Inc. Load Xpert is a family of trucking software for axle load calculation, load planning and weight distribution of straight trucks, truck trailers, tractor semitrailers, B-trains, flatbed, lowbed, tankers and others
  • Coastal Computer Corporation Electronic Service Control software for service call and technician scheduling, service contract management, inventory and equipment tracking.
  • Comp-Easy Software LLC Specializing in field trip/charter management, dispatching, lineups and routing software, and fleet maintenance software.
  • Computac Incorporated Offers a Windows-based transportation management system for LTL and truckload carriers, as well as retail management and distribution software.
  • Computerized Fleet Analysis, Inc. Maintenance software for mid to large-size fleets which tracks P.M.s, R.O.s, tires, warranty, cost analysis, and inventory for equipment and vehicles.
  • Computerized Management Systems, Inc. Provides dispatch and accounting software for the transportation industry.
  • Computrans Services Fleet 2000, fuel tax reporting software complete with driver logs and equipment expenses.
  • Crown Data Systems Buffalo, New York based supplier of computer software for truck transport and air freight companies.
  • Current Software Inc. Supplies vehicle fleet maintenance management software.
  • Datatrac Provides automatic, real-time shipment tracking from time of order to time of delivery. Includes cast studies.
  • Datow Software Towing software including dispatching, lot control, storage and lien letters, and billing with links to California Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • DeFNiC Software An Abilene, Texas based firm offering dispatch software for scheduling and mapping fleets of service vehicles. With software guide, FAQ, and news.
  • Degama Systems Inc. Provides application software for trucking companies, third-party logistics companies, for both the truckload and LTL market. Recent modules include integrated inbound and outbound logistic planning and execution.
  • Descartes Systems Group A transportation and supply chain management company which provides solutions for the logistics industry.
  • DPS: Software Systems, Inc. Provides software for the transportation industry including solutions for operations, dispatch, freight billing, wireless, e-business, document management, handheld technology, back office accounting, and document delivery.
  • Dr Dispatch Trucking management and brokerage software.
  • DriveRight Vehicle monitors for fleet management and vehicle management software for trip reports and driver behaviour.
  • DrSoft Pty Ltd Log Checker is a simple program to audit and plan driving hours (standard, TFMS and WA).
  • E.R.T. Software Systems An integrated Dispatch and Accounting system for Trucking companies, and Freight Brokers. Interfaces to QuickBooks, Peachtree, ProMiles and PcMiler.
  • EBE Inc. Image and document processing systems, developed specifically for the trucking industry. Located in East Moline, Illinois.
  • Efusion Corp Provides and implements development software for trucking, truck and trailer dealership management, truck maintenance, and rental and lease management.
  • Express Technologies Integrated software for the transportation industry.
  • First Degree Solutions LLC Entarus fleet management software service bureau allows users to securely manage their fleets over the internet.
  • Fleetilla, Inc. Company provides commercial fleet tracking solutions. Using GPS, wireless communications and the Internet, live updates with detailed street level mapping can be accessed over the Web.
  • FleetMate Provides software to track fleet maintenance, inspections, fuel consumption, and total expenses.
  • FleetSoft LLC Offers fleet maintenance software and GPS asset tracking solutions.
  • FleetWise VB Provides fleet maintenance software which tracks repairs, preventive maintenance, inventory, tires, and warranties for any size fleet of vehicles and equipment.
  • Forrest-Leigh, Inc. Software and Services for trucking companies and transportation brokers
  • Freeway Fleet Systems Designs maintenance software for transportation and fleet management. Provides Fleet systems that allow the user to control vehicle costs, manage service and administrative schedules and aid operational performance.
  • FreightDATA Software Provides software solutions for Trucking and Transportation companies serving the TL, LTL, Drayage, Intermodal, Warehousing and Logistics segments.
  • Frontline Software Technology, Inc. Software for trucking companies, freight brokers, shippers, and transportation companies including dispatch software, transportation software, accounting software, and EDI software.
  • Gaelic Fleet Systems, Inc. Offers efleetbase system, an information management tool that helps fleet managers manage policies and costs more effectively.
  • Grizella Corporation Provides affordable, easy-to-use software for the freight transportation industry that focuses on simplified information sharing and relationship building.
  • Hamilton Global Management Provides TracWise I, a GPS system for use in commercial vehicles.
  • IEG Software Inc. Truck driver recruiting, risk management, and driver safety software.
  • Imaging Solutions Imaging solutions for trucking companies to put all documents on the Web for retrieval.
  • Incisive Computing Solutions, LLC Provider of OMNI~View software system for trailer rental, sales and leasing companies. Manages marketing elements including inventory, sales, dispatch, maintenance and billing.
  • Infinite Quanta Inc. Provides fleet maintenance programs for all types of equipment.
  • Infinity Software Solutions Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP software for freight brokers. Feature list, screen shots.
  • Infosite Technologies Inc. Software developers for the transportation industry. Complete suite of user-friendly trucking software for fleet management including dispatching, fleet maintenance and warehousing operations.
  • Innovative Computing Corporation Enterprise software for truckload carriers that covers dispatch, administration, maintenance and a wide variety of other needs.
  • Innovative Maintenance Systems Windows software for fleet and vehicle maintenance.
  • Integrated Decision Support Corporation Provides information on logistics optimization and decision support trucking and transportation software and services.
  • InterGis LLC Technology Systems for businesses moving people and products to remote work sites or customer locations.
  • KVS Systems Integrated software solution for fleet operators that covers various aspects of transport industry such as fleet maintenance, accounting, payroll, inventory, and invoicing.
  • Logan Solutions Software that creates a 3D image of a compact loading pattern of your cargo in a truck or container. Used to save space and determine the container size needed.
  • ManagerPlus Designs maintenance software for transportation and fleet management. Allows you to link your asset management, maintenance management, inventory and purchasing functions.
  • Manifold Data Systems Interactive, internet-based fleet management software for government and private fleet managers and their service providers.
  • Marr Software ProTow Software, Tow-NET, and other packages for the towing industry, including software to track, monitor, distribute and control customer service calls.
  • McKinney Consulting Inc. The developer of the ADVANTAGE: line of business information systems. These systems are designed for two closely related segments of the freight transportation industry: Intermodal Marketing Companies and Intermodal Drayage Carriers.
  • McLeod Software Corp. Specializes in trucking, and fleet management software and systems.
  • Melton Technologies Inc. Fleet management solution for trucking operation needs including dispatch, billing, shipment tracking and vehicle maintenance as well as online shipment tracking software.
  • Merlin Interactive Limited Provides QuarryMaster, a configurable aggregates and haulage software for single and multi site quarry and concrete companies.
  • MileCharter Software tool batch calculates mileage tables using Microsoft MapPoint to compute route distances, travel times, and estimated travel costs between different groups of locations.
  • MPC Solutions Inc. Tire tracking software system to control fleet expenses.
  • Nahar Systems Develops trucking software to customize dispatch systems including customer service, operations, rating, billing, mileage systems and mobile communications software.
  • Nexent Innovations Produces a Microsoft Windows-based service management software application for small service companies.
  • Noregon Systems, Inc. Providing software products and services to the transportation industry.
  • OnScene Solutions, LLC InTow software suite is a true Microsoft Windows-based service-cycle management and dispatching solution designed to reduce the manual processes involved in running towing and recovery operations.
  • Opscon, Inc. Developing and marketing software systems primarily for Canadian transportation companies.
  • Paradigm Business Systems Provides fleet and facilities maintenance management software with inventory control.
  • Parcel Perfect Provides shipping, parcel and freight management and tracking software for the courier and freight industry.
  • Pc-Dispatch, Inc. Offers programs for dispatch and transportation needs, including automated dispatching, records systems, maintenance, mapping, paging, and fuel management.
  • PCHelp, LTD Provider of TATEMS, a truck and trailer equipment maintenance software product.
  • PCS Software Inc. The Express Line of trucking management has full featured integrated accounting, compliance management systems, document imaging, internet data publication, fuel management, equipment maintenance.
  • Peterbilt TruckCare Connect Provides comprehensive fleet maintenance and management software.
  • Pluss Corporation Heavy Duty Truck Industry Management Software - PTM (Part-Time Manager): increase profits,track all parts and labor efficiently through POS, Inventory Control and Touchscreen Time Clock.
  • Profit Tools, Inc. Develops flexible applications for fleet dispatch, billing, routing, logistics, distribution, settlements, fuel tax, document imaging, driver compliance, log auditing and EDI.
  • ProMiles Software Provides mileage, fuel tax automation and permit software.
  • Prophesy Transportation Solutions Provider of software solution for truckload carriers, brokers and private fleets. An Accellos Company.
  • RAIR Technologies, Inc Provides a completely paperless, DOT compliant driver qualification and driver log auditing management program.
  • RGZ Data Systems TransPort for Windows offers trucking and broker management software systems. Windows/Internet based.
  • Robertson Group LLC Web based fleet management software that integrates IFTA fueltax, routing, mileage, dispatch, and employee settlements. Bolt System can be customized to suit your trucking company's needs and export to your accounting package.
  • Ron Turley & Associates, Inc. RTA Fleet provides fleet management, equipment scheduling and preventative vehicle maintenance software solutions for small to large industrial, automotive, school bus and trucking companies.
  • RouteView Technologies RouteView is map-based routing software that automatically locates addresses, assigns orders to routes, sequences stops and prints detailed stop maps and manifests.
  • S&A Systems, Inc Developer of automated fleet transportation management software.
  • Simple Computing Vehicle and plant maintenance software. Tracks services required, fault listing, plant operators, costing of plant
  • Softmodal Produces software for the intermodal, 3PL, and trucking industry.
  • Softtruck Software that creates a 3D image of a compact loading pattern of your cargo in a truck or container. Used to save space and determine the container size needed.
  • Solutions Construction Inc Provides a Windows based maintenance management software for fleets of any size.
  • SourceWare Inc. Software used in trucking operations. Includes the source code written in Visual Basic. Dispatch, invoicing and accounting functions.
  • Squarerigger Software Makers of fleet maintenance software
  • Strategy Systems, Inc. Provides trucking and freight brokerage software including: dispatch, accounting, freight billing, settlements, DOT compliance, and satellite tracking.
  • Support Technologies Inc. Provider of Alexus 3-Tier Fleet Maintenance Management Software which includes fleet asset management, repair history, warranty recovery, inventory management and purchasing.
  • Tailwind Management Systems Inc. Trucking operations and administration software that manages tractor dispatch, driver pay, customer and equipment management and related financial accounting.
  • TDS Inc. Provides trucking software. Offers online demonstrations and trial downloads.
  • Tenstreet LLC Trucking management software for truck driver evaluations, employment applications and data collection for new hire truck drivers.
  • The Great Information Factory, Inc. Provides enterprise management software solutions to LTL Trucking companies including an interactive web package with rating, tracing, pickup requests, and accounts receivable.
  • TMS Dispatching and trucking software for a variety of transportation and logistics needs including real time dispatch, billing, settlements, fuel tax reporting, and driver logs.
  • TMT Software Company Fleet and equipment maintenance software for the AS/400, SQL or ASP environment to reduce inventory, claim warranty, spec equipment and perform repairs.
  • TMW Systems Incorporated Develops dispatch, transportation, logistics and operations software for the transportation industry.
  • Towxchange, Inc. Networked systems enabling transactions between customers and suppliers in the towing and roadside industry through XpressWay digital dispatch tool and other towing management software products.
  • Trace Systems Commercial vehicle and plant fleet management, workshop, body shop and vehicle hire software system.
  • Tracker Management Inc. Provides software, computer and wireless communication systems technology to fleet industry business owners, primarily engaged in towing and recovery.
  • Trans+Plus Systems Corp. Developer of Fleet Manager Professional: powerful, one-source, integrated trucking dispatch and freight brokerage software for optimized fleet and logistics management.
  • TransCore Provide full suite of transportation logistics software and services from load matching to transportation management software and satellite truck tracking.
  • Transit Computer Systems Routing and scheduling optimisation software based in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Translineindia Software solution for the transport industry inclusive of networking, online booking and reports, web enabled operations, finance, hr, crm, erp and audit
  • Transnet LTL Rating System Rates, routes and prepares your bill of lading.
  • Transportation Technologies, Inc. Provides windows-based information management software for different aspects of the industry.
  • Tremb Services Ltd. Designers of TAS, trucking management software for the LTL, TL, and Bulk trucking industries, featuring compartment loading for bulk carriers. Also available Virtual Tank Management for bulk tank management.
  • Truck Dispatching Innovations Provider of vehicle routing and scheduling software, GPS tracking, wireless communication and mobile data terminals for paperless transactions.
  • Truckers Helper Truckers Helper business software for Trucking Professionals. Drivers, Owner Operators and Fleets - accounting, Invoicing,IFTA, Dispatch, Loads, Payroll, and LogMaster.
  • TruckMaster Logistics Systems, Inc Provides software for the trucking, freight brokerage, and logistics industries. Located in Jerome, Idaho, USA.
  • UPS Logistics Technologies A business unit of UPS, provider of vehicle routing, scheduling, and dispatching software designed to increase the overall efficiency of distribution companies.
  • VerTechs Associates Software for trucking companies. Company information, products and services offered, FAQs, news, and contact page.
  • VeTrack Ltd Provides software for vehicle safety and fleet management.
  • Vigo Software Limited Offers software solutions to the transport, distribution, and stockholding industries.
  • XATA Corporation Develops, manufactures, sells and services fully integrated information systems which utilize proprietary software, touch-screen computers and related hardware for the fleet trucking segment of the transportation industry. (Nasdaq: XATA).
  • Xerious Solutions Offers Xe Freight, an LTL freight rating software that reduces costs and increases efficiency in your business. Checks all carrier's rates.
  • Zak Software Software for fleet management. Includes work orders, preventative maintenance, inventory, and mechanics.
  • Zodex Inc. Software Solutions for Transportation Business Management.

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