This category lists technical papers, articles and scientific studies related to textile history.
  • A Brief Social History of Navajo Weaving Detailed description of Navajo weaving techniques, probably dating back to the 17th century, and a review of their social and economic history. Links to related sites. From the Collectors' Guide.
  • A Functional Analysis of Northwest Coast Spindle Works Master of Arts thesis presenting a descriptive, functional analysis of one hundred historic spindle whorls from the Gulf of Georgia region. Author: Isa Loughran-Delahun
  • A Short History of Japanese Textiles Short historical narrative focused on Japanese vintage indigo textiles for daily use and peasant clothing made from cotton and hemp, dating from the mid 1800s to the mid 1900s. From Japanese Folk Textiles.
  • An Economic Aspect of the Collapse of the Anglo-Burgundian Alliance; 1428-1442 Paper published in the April 1970 edition of the English Historical Review, about the collapse of the alliance between England, the Low Countries and France due to their competition in the textile trade. Author: Prof. John H. Munro.
  • An Introduction to Wool-Working for Readers of Greek and Latin Teacher's guide with basic information about cloth and looms, a timeline of textile history relevant to Greek and Roman antiquity, gender issues in textile production, and an archeological context. From the Text and Textile web site.
  • Ancient Textiles Announcement of the March 19-23, 2003 conference on the crafting and production of textiles and clothing in historic times. Library of text abstracts about the importance of textiles, and textile production, dyeing and finishing in ancient societies
  • Anglo-Saxon and Viking Braid Weaving Short article on the Viking and Anglo-Saxon narrow fabric tablet weaving equipment and technology.
  • Anglo-Saxon and Viking Crafts - Textiles Concise history of the Anglo-Saxon and Viking crafts of hand yarn spinning, dyeing and cloth weaving. From Regia Anglorum.
  • Anglo-Saxon and Viking Crafts - Wool and Stuff Short article about the excavation of woollen cloth and textiles from Viking Periods in Britain and Scandinavia. From Regia Anglorum.
  • Antique Textile History Collection of short articles and abstracts about the history of textile technologies and imaging in Asia and the Middle East. From Textiles as Art.
  • Archeological Textiles - A Need for New Methods of Analysis and Reconstruction Technical paper describing the problems scientists face when dealing with textiles from archeological sites. Authors: Maria Cybulska and Jerzy Maik.
  • Aztec Garments: From Birth to Fulfillment Lecture about the art and applications of Aztec textiles and clothing, from the harvesting of fibers for weaving and decoration, to its fulfillment of purpose, distinguishing differences between men and women, social status and position, and the ranks of warriors. Author: Andrea Ludden. [PDF]
  • Batik, Traditional Fabric of Indonesia Article about the history of batik fabrics, and descriptions of the process of selecting and preparing cloth, batik decoration tools and techniques, and batik designs. From Living in Indonesia.
  • Carpets and History Extensive article about the history of the textile and carpet trade between the Middle East and Europe since the Renaissance period until recent times. From the Saudi Aramco World magazine. Author: Carol Bier.
  • Coptic Weaving Technology Short article about the low-warp and high-warp weaving technology in use in ancient Egypt.
  • Discrepancies in the Radiocarbon Dating Area of the Turin Shroud Overview of research and studies of and about the Turin Shroud, indicating that the linen cloth originated in the Middle Ages. Authors: M. Sue Benford and Joseph G. Marino.
  • History of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander textiles Article from the Powerhouse Museum web site, providing a description of historic basket weaving and knotting techniques still in use with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples of Australia.
  • History of Linen Full text of a lecture on the history of the flax plant, and the development of the linen industry and organization. From the Ulster Linen Co., Inc. web site. Author: W.H. Webb.
  • Identification of the Textiles from Khirbet Qumran Technical paper describing the process of identification of textiles discovered at the Khirbet Qumran site, using microscopy and synchrotron radiation X-ray fiber diffraction. Authors: M. Mueller and others.
  • Indian Trade Blankets Short history of the woollen blanket, which was an important trading commodity between settlers, trappers and explorers and Native Americans in the 19th century. From the Collectors' Guide.
  • Love and Care of the Great Kilt Short history of the British kilt, worn by highlanders and soldiers from 1500 to late 1700. Information about the fabric, and wearing, usage and storing of the kilt.
  • Men in the Fiber Arts Article about the history of embroidery and tapestry weaving, which from the Renaissance to the Industrial Revolution was primarily the domain of men. Author: Rita Vainius.
  • Mud Cloth From Mali: Its Making and Use Paper about the history, manufacture and applications of traditional Mali mud cloth. Author: Elsje S. Toerien.
  • Notes Concerning Oriental Rugs and Textiles in the Middle East Compilation of research notes concerning oriental rugs and textiles in the Middle East. Author: Richard E. Wright.
  • Notes Gathered from the History of Textiles Collection of notes about the history of yarn spinning and fabric weaving from early human civilization through the Industrial Revolution to present times.
  • Stretched Supports Short article about the history and properties of linen, cotton and canvas support fabrics for painters. Instructions for the stretching of canvas. From True Art. Author: Steven Saitzyk.
  • Stripes and Patterns Article about the significance of locality and social relationship in textile designs in Eastern Indonesia. Author: Krista Knirck-Bumke.
  • The Bogolan Kasobane Group Short essay about a group of African textile fabric painting artists which specialises in clay and vegetal pigment dye based Bogolan technique. Authors: Janet Goldner and Kletigui Dembele.
  • The Goddess from Anatolia:  An Updated View of the Catal Huyuk Controversy Polemic article in defense of the theory that the designs of Anatolian kilims are original art of the weavers, and not reproductions from Neolithic wall paintings. From the Oriental Rug Review. Author: Marla Mallett.
  • The History of Brocaded Silk Weaving in Iran Short article about the art and technique of brocaded silk weaving in Iran, from before the Sasanid Dynasty to the present times. From the Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies (CAIS).
  • The Mills of Cark The history of the water and steam powered cotton textile mills in the industrial mill village of Cark in Cumbria, UK, from 1785 to the 1960's. Based on a paper submitted for a Local History course at Cardiff University. Author: L.R. Gilpin.
  • Viking Embroidery Stitches and Motifs Short article about Viking embroidery art, techniques, designs and motifs. Author: Carolyn Priest-Dorman.
  • Women at the Loom Master of Arts in History thesis, exploring the evidence for handweaving in ante-bellum Washington County, Tennessee by examining probate inventories, wills, store ledgers, and census and tax materials to determine the identities of the weavers, the equipment and raw materials available to them, and the kinds of textiles that women wove. Author: Ann Cameron MacRae.
  • Wool, Cloth and Gold: Bullionism in Anglo-Burgundian Commercial Relation 1384-1478 Doctor of Philosophy dissertation about Anglo-Burgundian power politics during the Hundred Years' War and the Wars of the Roses, involving the international wool trade as a means for extracting ready cash to finance the battles. Author: John H.A. Munro.
  • Wool, Worsted and Woollen manufactures Extensive article from the 1911 publication of the Encyclopaedia Britannica covering sheep raising, wool harvesting and processing, and yarn spinning technologies. From LoveToKnow 1911.

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