This category contains links to articles, scientific papers, studies and lectures related to the history of the textile and allied industries.
  • 350 Years of Chinese Textiles Research paper about the history of Chinese textile production in ancient times, and the dramatic changes which were introduced to the textile industry with the arrival of European war ships during the 16th Century and Western influences in the following 350 years. Word document. Author: Robert Cliver.
  • A Global History of Ottoman Cotton Textiles, 1600-1850 European University Institute 2007 working paper, revisiting and situating the historiography of Ottoman cotton textiles within ongoing debates concerning the emergence of a world economy through the lens of the cotton industry as the first global industry. Author: Athanasios Gekas.
  • A History of Cotton Mills and Cotton Mill Vilages Extensive excerpt of a book on the development of the textile industry in Mississippi, USA. Author: Narvell Strickland.
  • Australian Innovation in Textile Technology A review of the history, development and current state of the art in textile technologies and processes. From the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering's Technology in Australia 1788-1988.
  • British Textile Workers in the Lancashire Cotton and Yorkshire Wool Industries Research paper describing the differences between cotton workers in Lancashire and wool workers in Yorkshire during the rise of trade unionism in 19th Century Britain. Word document. Author: Alan Fowler.
  • Child Labor and the Division of Labor in the Early English Cotton Mills Pre-publication draft paper from 1994 about child labor in the English cotton textile industry, the move away from it prior to child labor legislation in the early 1830's, and the development of a labor market for productive adult factory workers during the Industrial Revolution. Author: Douglas A. Galbi.
  • Comparing Identities within the Global Textile Workforce, 1650-2000 Study of the identity of textile workers, analysed into two overlapping spheres of class, gender, and race and of social, cultural, and political experience, as it developed between 1650 and 2000. Word document. Author: Prof. Mary H. Blewett.
  • Cotton Promotes Slavery Short article from 'An Outline of American History', showing how the combination of the introduction of new types of cotton, Eli Whitney's invention of the cotton gin and the Industrial Revolution which vastly increased demand for cotton, contributed to the continuation of slavery in the United States.
  • Cotton Textile Exports from the Indian Subcontinent, 1680-1780 Paper presented at the XIV International Economic History Congress in 2006, discussing the historical importance for regional and global trade of cotton textile exports from India from the late 17th Century to the end of the 18th Century. Author: Prasannan Parthasarathi.
  • Cotton Textiles and the Industrial Revolution Competing Models and Evidence of Prices and Profits Working paper examining the history of the explosive growth of the British cotton textile industry, between the 1760's and the early nineteenth century. Author: C. Knick Harley.
  • De-Industrialisation and Colonial Rule: The Cotton Textile Industry in Indonesia: 1820-1942 Paper presented at the 2006 Helsinki XIV International Economic History Congress, assessing the thesis that the de-industrialising impact of colonial rule explains the near-absence of a cotton textile industry in colonial Indonesia. Author: Pierre van der Eng.
  • Economic Change and Sex Discrimination in the Early English Cotton Factories Research paper discussing the wage discrimination between men and women working in the early English cotton textile industry, using a labor sorting model as an alternative explanation of how discrimination could be transmitted from established labor markets to the new factory labor market. Author: Douglas A. Galbi.
  • Finance in History: Labor Days Article about the early history of the American Industrial Revolution and the need to develop new management techniques, using the Lowell textile mills as a lesson in the perils of focusing on labor costs at the expense of technology. From the CFO Publishin Corporation's web site. Author: R.G. Voorhees.
  • Flemish Woollens and German Commerce during the Later Middle Ages Article on the major changes in textile products, production costs, prices, and market orientations during the era. Author: John Munro.
  • Gold, Guilds and Government Extensive paper about the impact of monetary and labor policies on the Flemish cloth industry, dealing with the period between 1390 and 1435. Author: Prof. John H. Munro.
  • History of Technology and Work An article on the causes, effects, cultural origins and consequences of the Industrial Revolution, as it began in the English textile industry. Author: Patricia R. Backer.
  • India Research paper about the origin, development and organization of the Indian cotton and textile industry and its work force, from the 18th Century to the present. Word document. Author: Tirthankar Roy.
  • Industrial Change in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century Low Countries Review of the circumstances which resulted in Merino wools to become the chief woollen cloth in the southern Low Countries during the later fifteenth and early sixteenth Century. Author: John H. Munro. Text abstract. Full article on PDF document.
  • Industry Structure and the Marketing of Synthetic Fibers Paper published in 1990 by the Business History Conference about the explosive growth of organic chemicals and synthetic polymers since World War II, resulting in a move away from using natural fibers in favor of man-made fibers. Author: Amy L. Hardin.
  • Japan and the Crisis in Cotton Mills in Interwar Bombay: The Role of Labor Institutions Draft paper prepared for the International Economic History Congress of 2006, suggesting that the cotton textile industry in India lost the competition with Japan in the period between the two World Wars as the leading center of supply because of its inferior labor organization. Author: Tirthankar Roy.
  • Linen - From Field to Fabric Short narrative about flax cultivation, fiber processing and linen textile manufacturing. From Scholehouse for the Needle, a resource and forum for sharing educational information about embroidery from the 17th to 19th centuries. Author: Alison Smith.
  • Mexican Textile Workers: From Conquest to Globalization Research paper describing the history, development and organization of the Mexican textile industry and its labor force, from the Spanish conquest until the present. Word document. Author: Jeffrey Bortz.
  • Mill Life in Lowell: 1820-1880 Collection of essays, photographs, images, letters and songs related to the daily life of cotton textile workers on Lowell, Massachusetts, during a period that lasted nearly a century. From the Center for Lowell History.
  • Selling English Cotton into the World market Paper about the importance of the English cotton textile industry, highlighting the dimension of the merchanting sector using trade directories to show that the number of export companies continued to increase from early 1900 until 1913, and did not decline until the depression in the 1930's. Authors: Andrew Marrison, Stephen Broadberry and Tim Leunig.
  • Spanish Textile Workers: 1650-2000 Research paper about the Spanish textile industry, its production capacity, and the development of the textile workers' organizations after the Industrial Revolution. Word document. Authors: Angel Smith, Carles Enrech, Carme Molinero and Pere Ysàs.
  • Subcontracting and Vertical Integration in the Spanish Cotton Industry Working paper on economic history examining the changes in the organization of the Spanish cotton textile industry from 1720 to 1860 in its core region of Catalonia. Author: Joan R. Rosés.
  • Textile Workers in Japan, 1650-2000 Research paper presenting an overview of the development and organization of the Japanese textile industry and its workers, from 1650 to the present day. Word document. Authors: Janet Hunter and Helen Macnaughtan.
  • Textile Workers in the American Northeast and South: Shifting Landscapes of Class, Culture, Gender, Race and Protest Research paper about the development and organization of the American textile industry and an analysis of its labor force and their unions, from 1620 to the present. Word document. Author: Mary H. Blewett.
  • Textile Workers in the Netherlands. Part II Research paper about the economics and technology of industrialised textile production in the Netherlands between 1810 and 1950, and an analysis of Dutch textile workers and their organizations. Word document. Author: Lex Heerma van Voss.
  • Textile Workers in the Netherlands. Part III Research paper presenting an analysis of the dramatic decline of the Dutch textile industry after World War II due to a lack of demand and a shortage of labor. Word document. Author: Els Hiemstra-Kuperus.
  • Textile Workers in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey. Part I Research paper about the origins, development and organization of the textile industry and its work force in the Ottoman Empire, from 1650 to 1922. Word document. Author: Donald Quataert.
  • Textile Workers in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey. Part II Research paper about the reconstruction of the Turkish textile industry after the first World War, and its subsequent development since 1922 until the present day. Author: Lisa A. Seidman.
  • Textiles as Articles of Consumption in Flemish Towns Reconstruction of a Flemish basket of consumables price index for the period 1350-1500, aimed to determine the value of luxury broad woven woollen cloth related to income. Text abstract. Full article on PDF document. Author: John H. Munro.
  • The "Industrial Crisis" of the English Textile Towns Working paper arguing that the industrial crisis of the traditional English textile towns during the period 1290-1340 was caused by a far reaching economic crisis afflicting their major cloth markets in the Mediterranean basin, rather then the emergence of supposedly superior, lower-cost rural competition. Author: John H. Munro. Text abstract. Full text on PDF document.
  • The Cotton Textile Industry in Russia and the Soviet Union Research paper providing an overview of the history of the Russian textile industry form the Kievan and Muscovite periods up till the Soviet era, and the importance of the textile industry and textile workers as the driving force during Russia's industrialization. Word document. Author: Dave Pretty.
  • The Dwight Textile Mill: A Case Study of Welfare Capitalism History research project, describing the development of the understanding amongst textile employers after the American Civil War that the provision of services and amenities in the form of housing, educational and religious opportunities, medical care and recreation which primarily aided life within the workers' community, would create better manageable labor relations. Author: Christopher Davis.
  • The Evolution of the Uruguayan Textile Industry Research paper describing the development of the Uruguayan textile industry since its beginnings in early twentieth century up to the present time. Word document. Authors: María Magdalena Camou and Silvana Maubrigades.
  • The Fulton Bag and Cotton Strike: 1914-1915 Pedagogical narrative exploring the themes and issues played out during the Atlanta wide bag and cotton mill strike of 1914. Part of Lessons in the History of American Labor for middle and secondary students. Developed by Dr. Virginia E. Causey.
  • The German Wool and Cotton Industry: 16th - 20th Century Research paper about the history of the German textile industry, its organization and labor force, from the 16th Century to the present. Partial translation from the original German document. Word document. Authors: Dietrich Ebeling and others.
  • The Impact of Monetary and Labour Policies on the Flemish Cloth Industry Study focusing on the consequences of monetary policy in aggravating ongoing conflict in the English and Dutch cloth industry's labor relations during the late 14th Century. Author: John Munro. Text abstract. Full article on PDF document.
  • The Lancashire Cotton 'Famine', 1861-1865 Polemic article about the depression in the Lancashire cotton textile industry, caused by the blockade of Confederate ports by the Union during the Civil War In the United States. Published by the Historians Group of the UK Communist Party in 1961.
  • The Limits of Wool and the Potential of Cotton in the 18th and 19th Centuries Conference paper reviewing the success of cotton in relation to wool, arguing that cotton's global reach was achieved with high levels of support from Britain's government. Author: Pat Hudson.
  • The Loss of Woollen Spinning, 1794 Part of the Internet Modern History Sourcebook collection of public domain and copy-permitted texts for introductory level classes in modern European and World history, containing excerpts from historic articles and texts highlighting the opposition to the introduction of mechanised spinning and weaving. Edited BY Paul Halsall.
  • The Low Countries' Export Trade in Textiles with the Mediterranean Basin Cost-benefit analysis, challenging the conventional wisdom in European economic history that long-distance maritime transport in 1200-1600 as always more cost effective than overland trade routes. Author: John H. Munro. Text abstract. Full article on PDF document.
  • The Nature of Intra-Industry Trade: Textile International Markets Before World War I Paper analysing the existence of intra-industry trade before the first World War and its increased importance after 1945, focused on the textile industry because its importance in economic history and its mature position in international trade markets. Author: Anna Carreras-Marín.
  • The Origin of Brazil's Textile Industry: An Overview Research paper presenting an overview of the history and development of the Brazilian textile industry, its organization and local labor force, from the colonial period up till the present day. Word document. Author: Roberta Marx Delson.
  • The Philosophy of the Manufacturers Article written by Prof. Andrew Ure in 1835, enthusiastically promoting the development of mechanised textile manufacturing in the factory system invented during the Industrial Revolution. From the Modern History Sourcebook.
  • The Relocation of the Market for Australian Wool, 1880-1939 Working paper analysing the historical developments which caused the international wool auction market to shift decisively from Britain to Australia during the period between 1880 and the start of the Second World War. Author: Simon Ville.
  • The Skills of the Unskilled in the American Industrial Revolution Research paper showing that the successful introduction of new technologies in textile factories in ante-bellum Lowell depended on the development of a labor force with substantial human capital by ever increasing investments in skill. Author: James Bessen.
  • The Symbiosis of Towns and Textiles Discussion paper examining the relative advantages of urban and rural locations for cloth manufacturing in later Medieval England and the Low Countries in the period between 1270 and 1570. Author: Prof. John H. Munro.
  • The Symbiosis of Towns and Textiles Extensive working paper on the effects of urbanization of the textile industry on cloth manufacturing in the Low Countries and England between 1280 and 1570 CE. Author: John H. Munro. Text abstract, and full text on PDF document.
  • The Textile Industry and the Forming of Modern Industrial Relations in Denmark Research paper presenting an overview of textile production on Denmark since the eighteenth century, and a discussion and a critical assessment of the way industrial labor was organised and modern industrial relation were created. Word document. Author: Lars K. Christensen.
  • The West European Woollen Industries and their Struggles for International Markets Working paper presenting a macro- and micro-economic historical study of competition in the West European woollen textile industries, from ca 1000 to 1500. Author: John Munro.
  • The Wool Trade in English Medieval History Series of Ford Lectures about sheep and wool production, the development and organization of the wool trade, the taxation of wool, the staple system, and the wool trade and the middle classes. First published in 1941. Author: Eileen Power.
  • The Wool Trade in Wolverhampton Short article on the history, organization and importance of the wool trade in Wolverhampton, UK, since medieval times. Author: Frank Sharman.
  • Weaving Tutorial The history of weaving in the Middle East, the America's and Asia, and the development of weaving as a mechanised industry in the Western world. From VKR Tex.

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