• A Global History of Textile Workers, 1650-2000 Project of the International Institute of Social History, dedicated to the creation of a global and comparative history of textile workers 1650-2000. Links to national overviews and comparative papers on Word files.
  • Between a Rock and a Hard Place Description, historic development and current situation of sweatshops, of which those related to the textile industry are the most notorious. Links to related sites. Authors: Peter Liebhold and Harry Rubenstein.
  • Blackburn, Cotton and the Industrial Revolution The history of Blackburn, UK, as it developed from a small market town in the 16th century, to one of the most important textile weaving centers in Great Britain during the Industrial Revolution. Author: S. Lassey.
  • Celia Fiennes on Exeter Journal entries of Celia Fiennes, a non-conformist Scottish woman from an aristocratic family written during her journey on horseback across England in 1698, describing the town of Exeter and its thriving woollen textile industry.
  • Cotton Belt Railroad Symposium Homepage of the annual symposium about the Cotton Belt Railroad Company, which was originally created for the transport of cotton in 1877, and is currently owned by the Southern Pacific Company.
  • Cotton Famine Road Web site of a Lancashire action group dedicated to the preservation of a moorland route which was constructed in 1863 in the framework of The Public Works Act passed by the British Parliament to provide work to textile mill workers, unemployed due to the Union's blockade of Confederate ports during the American Civil War, causing a critical shortage of cotton to Lancashire cotton textile mills.
  • Cotton Mill and Textile History Guide Extensive historical information on past and present cotton yarn spinning and fabric weaving mills of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, USA. Photo galleries, and survey and research reports. From the Historic Landmarks Commission site.
  • Cotton Times A comprehensive overview of the Industrial Revolution focused on the textile industry, profiling workers and reformers of 18th century Britain, the practices of child labor, biographies of inventors, related events in labor history and describing modes of transportation and living.
  • Cotton Town The story of the rapid social and economic changes that occurred as Blackburn and Darwen began to expand in line with the United Kingdom textile industry, providing collection of material, based on the influence of the cotton trade.
  • Cotton. Part I First part of a personal narrative about the history of the American cotton industry, focused on Eli Whitney and the invention of the cotton gin which revolutionised the cotton textile industry. Author: Brian Trumbore.
  • Cotton. Part II Second part of a personal narrative about the history of the American cotton industry, focusing on the development of the industry since 1812 and the events leading up to the Civil War. Author: Brian Trumbore.
  • Cotton: The Perennial Patriot Fact sheet about the importance of cotton and the cotton industry in the history of the United States. From the Georgia Cotton Commission's web site.
  • Dillon's Cotton and the Cotton Mills History of Dillon County's cotton and cotton textile industry, including a list of old occupations, a report about child labor, and oral histories.
  • European Textiles Routes Thematic travel routes organised by the European Textile Network, connecting historical European textile mills, including monuments and recurrent events, textile heritage and production, and education and research.
  • Exposition Cotton Mills Web site about the international cotton expositions held in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1881, 1887 and 1895 with the aim of attracting capital and business enterprises, illustrated with original photographs and maps.
  • From Weaver to Web Project undertaken by the UK Calderdale Council aimed at raising the historic profile of the Calderdale area, one of its key elements being the development of a searchable visual archive featuring material relating to the textile industry that grew, rose to fame and eventually declined in and around the Halifax area.
  • Ghost in the Old Irish Linen Mill Ireland's Eye web site with web cam and recordings of Helena Blunden who fell and died in a Belfast linen mill in 1912, and is wandering about as a ghost ever since. Includes a history of the Irish linen industry.
  • Greenville Textile Heritage Society USA. Organization of professionals and enthusiasts, dedicated to the preservation of the history of the textile industry in Greenville, South Carolina, and the education of the general public as to the importance of textiles in the growth and development of Greenville over the past 120 years.
  • History of Hand Loom Weaving in Ribchester The history of the hand loom weaving industry in the English village of Ribchester, Lancashire, from the early 18th Century until the rise of the factory system caused its decline at the closure of the century. From the Ribchester Local History Society's web site.
  • History of Knitting The history of knitting, from the early nålebinding technique involving the creation of fabric from thread by making multiple knots or loops, to the current high-speed circular and flat bed knitting technologies. Author: Julie Theaker.
  • History of Silk Production in Mansfield The history of silk production in Mansfield, Connecticut, which was initiated as a home industry by Nathaniel Aspinwall in 1760 and developed into a waterpowered mechanised industry from 1810, until a blight devastated mulberry orchards throughout the country and caused the demise of the silk industry in 1844. Includes a link to the silk mills in Mansfield. From the Mansfield Historical Society's web site.
  • History of Textile Business in North Carolina History of North Carolina's web site about the development of the cotton textile industry of the state, from 1810 to the present day with links to historical mills and laureates.
  • History of Textile Companies Timeline of inventions in the textile industry, textile related US legislature, and textile industry data, from 1733 until 1938, including an extensive list of links to historical publications. From Kipnotes.com.
  • Irish Linen - The Fabric of Ireland The Living Linen Project presents a detailed history, and narratives about the production processes and products of the Irish linen industry from the 17th century to the present. Includes a list of historic linen mills, and links to related sites.
  • Knitting Together Joint Internet project of the Leicester City Museum Service and its partners, dedicated to the history of the East-Midlands knitting industry. Timeline. Oral and photographic history. Virtual museum. Resources and links.
  • Lowell National Historical Park The history of Lowell's planned textile mill city, founded during the second quarter of the 1800's, which in scale, technological innovation, and development of an urban working class, marked the beginning of the industrial transformation of America.
  • Medieval Cloth Trade in Flanders & Artois Short overview of the trade in woollen cloth between England, and Northern France and Flanders in Medieval times until the end of the Golden Age in the 18th century. From The Other Side web site.
  • No Idle Hands, The Social History of American Knitting Review of a textbook about the history of home and industrial machine knitting in the United States from Independence until the present time. Author: Anne L. Macdonald.
  • Norwich Textiles Project UK. Collaboration of Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service and Norwich School of Art and Design, aimed at promoting study and research of the history, present and future of the Norwich textile industry, encouraging new initiatives from local business, and provide access to local textile collections. Extensive historical information, textile collections and links to educational resources.
  • Our Textile History Web site of the Gaston Gazette, containing the oral history and videos telling the stories of the people who worked in the Gaston County cotton textile industry.
  • Photographs of Milltowns in England, Great Britain and India. On-line exhibition of large format photographs of textile mills in New England, USA, Britain and India, from Randolph Langenbach's collection.
  • River Powers Textile Industry Short history of the development of the cotton textile industry in Lowell, Massachusetts, from 1826 to its peak as a major textile center in 1924. From the Cities of the United States web site.
  • River Wey & Navigations Extensive information about the leather and wool processing, yarn spinning, weaving and textile manufacturing industry in the Wey Valley in the United Kingdom since the 13th Century.
  • Silk Mills Of Congleton The history of the silk weaving industry of Congleton, United Kingdom, which developed from the founding of the water powered Dane Bridge Mill and mill village in 1800 by Huguenots escaping religious persecution in France. Author: Karen Briddock.
  • South Carolina Textile History Portal Portal to the history of the South Carolina textile industry, providing links to on-line archives, libraries, museum and institutions arranged alphabetically by location.
  • Southern Cotton Mills Collection of links to the history of a large number of cotton textile mills and mill villages in Southern USA.
  • Strike at Loray Mill The history of a major strike at the Loray Mill in 1929, sparked by the refusal of the mill owners to recognise the right of textile workers to join the newly formed National Textile Workers Union.
  • Textile Heritage Initiative Internet project dedicated to the preservation of the history and heritage of Southern US cotton mill people through recording the stories, and saving the places and the historical records of the region’s textile industry, and educational activities. Links to related sites.
  • Textile industries in Nord/Pas-de-Calais Short overview of the history of the textile industry in Northern France, from the Industrial Revolution to the massive closing of textile mills in the 1950's. From The Other Side web site.
  • Textile Industry History The history and development of the textile industry in the United States with detailed descriptions of historic mills, profiles of captains of industry, and manufacturing processes of the past.
  • Textile Production in Europe, 1600–1800 Introduction to silk weaving, lace making, tapestry, embroidery and printing as the principal European textile industries between 1600 and 1800. Compiled by Melinda Watt. From the web site of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  • The Chronology of Textiles and Fiber Arts in New Mexico Timeline of the history and development of weaving techniques and the textile industry in New Mexico, from 700 BC until the present. From The Collector's Guide web site.
  • The History of Burano Lace Short history of the origin and development of the lace trade and industry in the Venetian Republic during the 16th century.
  • The History of Flax in Salem, Oregon The history of flax cultivation and fiber processing in the state of Oregon, and the linen textile industry in Salem, from 1902 until the last linen mill closed in the late 1950's.
  • The Life of a Weaver in the Early 19th Century Extract from an article in the Stroud Journal, published in 1868, telling the story of textile workers and working conditions around the time of the Stroudwater Riots of 1825. Includes the poem 'A Weaving Factory' by Thomas Delaney.
  • The Linen Story Brief history of the linen textile industry of the Colin Glen area in Ireland, including European and English influences on Irish linen. From the Colin Glen Trust web site.
  • The Linen Trail Research project on the history of linen in Ireland and Northern Ireland, involving children and teachers collaborating with professional historians and artists using creative technologies the investigate the local linen industry. Background information on the history of linen cultivation and the linen textile industry in Ireland. Links to related sites.
  • The New Zealand Flax Milling Industry History of the flax cultivation and fiber processing industry in New Zealand, from the 1860's until the last flax mill ceased operation in 1985. From A history of Technological Innovation in New Zealand. Author: Ian Matheson.
  • The Textile Heritage Museum Ongoing restoration project as well as a museum highlighting the textile history of Alamance County and the Piedmont, USA, featuring the history and machinery of the textile industry from the cottage industry to the present, the family labor system, life in the mill villages, and a company store exhibit.
  • The Textile Industry A collection of articles on inventions, inventors and entrepreneurs in the British textile industry of the 18th and 19th centuries. Also, descriptions of the conditions in textile mills, factory workers and child labor. From Spartacus Schoolnet.
  • The Textile Industry Concise description of the textile industry as a family enterprise before the Industrial Revolution. Links to textile inventors, brief history of the cotton industry, and chronology of textile manufacture during the Industrial Revolution. From The Open Door web site.
  • The Textile Industry in Georgia Detailed overview of the rise of the textile industry in Georgia, USA, from the earliest attempts at silk production in 1734 to its current position in the tufted carpets industry. From the New Georgia Encyclopedia web site.
  • The Weaving Guild of Vyšší Brod The history of the weavers guild of the Czech town of Vyšší Brod, founded by Vilém of Rožmberk in 1568 and organized linen weavers under the auspices of the local abbot.
  • The Witney Blanket Story History of blanket manufacturing in the UK town of Witney, Oxfordshire, from the 17th Century until the closure of the last remaining blanket factory in 2002. Includes oral histories, a list of historic mills, searchable collection catalogs, a glossary of industry terms and an extensive bibliography.
  • The Wool Trade of Guildford The history of the woollen cloth manufacture and trade in Guilford, Surrey, Great Britain, which developed during Mediaeval and Tudor times as a cottage industry and disappeared at the beginning of the 18th century with the emergence of the mechanised cotton industry.
  • The Woollen Industry Extract of a book written in 1935 for the London Carmarthenshire Society, providing a brief history of the woollen industry in Carmarthenshire, Wales, Great Britain, which' first records date back to the Norman occupation and virtually disappeared at the start of the 20th century.
  • The Woollen Industry In Huddersfield The history of the wool processing and woollen textile industry in Huddersfield, Great Britain, from the 13th century until the Act of Parliament from 1834 which outlawed employment of children under 9 years of age.
  • The Woollen Industry in Medieval Clare The history of the woollen cloth and quilt making industry in Clare, Sufflok County, Great Britain, which probably dates back to the 11th century and saw its peak in the 16th century. From 'A Short History of Clare, Suffolk' by Gladys A. Thornton.
  • The Woollen Industry of Exeter A history of the woollen industry of Exeter, Great Britain, probably dating back to the 14th century, reaching its peak after the Civil War and declined near the end of the 18th century.
  • The Woollen Industry of Modbury The history of the woollen industry of Modbury, Devon, Great Britain, which' recorded history dates back to around the 10th century and disappeared at the beginning of the 19th century. From the Modbury Historical Society's web site.
  • The Woollen Industry of Moreton History of the woollen industry and its organization in Moreton, Devon, Great Britain, which' existence was first recorded in 1297.
  • Through a Cotton Mill; 1887 Article printed in a Fall River, Massachusetts newspaper 23 November 1887, explaining the occupations that were unique to working in the cotton textile mills of the time. Includes a link to a collection of cotton mill postcards.
  • Uses of Liberty Rhetoric Among Lowell Mill Girls Information resource containing links to poems and songs written by the women that worked in the Lowell cotton mills in the 19th Century, and used to express their resistance to the hard labor they viewed as undignified.
  • Verdant Works The history of the jute industry in Dundee, Scotland, from 1833 when the first jute textile mill was built by merchant and flax spinner David Lindsay, until the industry's decline in the 1960's.
  • Weaving and the Textile Industry Article originally published in The Imperial Gazetteer of Scotland in 1865, describing the cotton, flax, linen and wool industry in Scotland. Includes a history of some of the most important mills, and child labor figures.
  • Weaving in Yorkshire Illustrated history of the cloth weaving industry in the Yorkshire area of the United Kingdom in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

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