This category lists companies involved in the preparation, supply and trade in raw, and wetblue (chrome tanned), wetwhite (non-chrome chemical tanned) and crust (semi-finished) animal hides and skins for the leather tanning and finishing industry.
  • A.J. Hollander Enterprises, Inc USA. Processors of brine cured, fleshed and trimmed cow, bison and horse hides, and renderer, deer and pig skins.
  • African Hide Trading Pty., Ltd South Africa. Group of companies, involved in the world wide trading of a variety of wetblue, crust, and dry and wet salted cattle hides and skins for upholstery and garment applications. Also, chrome tanned natural crust and finished ostrich leather, and raw and sorted merino wool.
  • AI Topper & Co Australia. Processors and traders in raw, pickled, brinecured and wetblue tanned sheep and lamb, goat and cattle skins and hides. Also, finished kangaroo leather. Technical information.
  • Alam Group India. Diversified group of companies, active in leather, leather apparel and accessories, and leather furniture. Manufacturers of dry salted, wetble, crust and finished goat and cow leathers for upholstery applications.
  • Andres Molina & Asociados SL Spain. Leather processing company, specialised in the recollection, classification and process of tannery wastes. Also, suppliers of raw materials to the main collagen casings and gelatin industries. Multi-lingual site.
  • Andrital Italy. Sales agency for raw and wetwhite goat, crossbreed and buffalo hides, wetblue, salted and crust calf and cow hides, and pickled kangaroo skins. Multi-linguals site.
  • Barrett Hides, Inc Canada. Manufacturers and suppliers of trimmed, fleshed and conventional pig, horse, cow, sheep, goat, deer and moose hides and skins to the leather tanning industry.
  • Bear Claw Traders UK. Import and distribution of salted reindeer skins for seat cover, decoration and rugs. Also, re-enactor knives and helmets. Links to related sites.
  • Booth & Co USA. Traders in raw, and semi-processed and finished pig, deer and sheep skins and leathers.
  • C.R. Rasmuss & Co GmbH Germany. Commission agents, importers and exporters of wetblue and crust sheep, lamb and cow hides and skins. Also, peccary, deer and sheep leather, raw wool, and mohair, goat and angora hair. English and German.
  • Canmont Canada. International traders and wholesale distributors of ranch and wild raw fur. Also, fur auction services.
  • Cape Product Company Pty., Ltd South Africa. Manufacturers of pickled, wetblue tanned, wet and dry salted cow hides and sheep skins, and sundried goat skins. Also, wetblue drop splits, and sliped wool and mohair. Detailed product catalog, including technical specifications.
  • China Partners Worldwide, Ltd International merchants of raw, dry and wet salted, brinecured, chilled, pickled, wetblue, crust and finished cattle, sheep, lamb and goat hides, skins and leathers, and furs. Also, suppliers of industrial chemicals and adhesives. English and Chinese.
  • Chr. Avraamides & Co., Ltd Cyprus. International traders in raw bovine, lamb and sheep, and kid and goat hides and skins to the leather tanning industry. Also, clips of greasy wool. Links to related sites.
  • Commerciale Santacroce Sas Italy. Import agency for raw and pickled bovine, goat and sheep hides and skins, and chrome tanned crust and split leather. Technical information. English and Italian.
  • D. Werther Vellenhandel BV The Netherlands. International merchants of raw, pickled, wetblue and crust sheep, goat and cow skins and hides, and finished leathers.
  • East Hides Group UK. Multi-national group of hides and skin tanneries. Also, importers and wholesale distribution. Extensive product information with links to daughter companies. Links to related sites.
  • Emag AG Switzerland. International trading house for wet salted and crust bovine, calf, lamb, sheep, deer and goat hides and skins. Technical information.
  • Friedrich Sturm GmbH Germany. Processors of chilled, wet blue, wet and drum sulted, crust and chrome tanned cow and sheep skins and hides. Also, various types of greasy wools. Technical information. Archived market reports.
  • Galart International USA. Traders in zebra, crocodile, cow, springbok and ostrich hides and skins for the textile garment and accessories industries. Also, rugs, kudu horns, pillow covers and ottomans.
  • Groenewold Fur & Wool Co USA. International traders in raw and dressed fur, leather, and raw wool.
  • Harland M. Braun & Co USA. Suppliers, brokers, exporters and importers of raw cattle hides, pigskins, and wetblue and crust leathers. Product information. Weekly market and export reports.
  • Hollander Hyams, Ltd UK. International brokers and traders in raw pickled, air dried, dry and wet salted, and wetblue pig, sheep and lamb, goat and calf skins and cattle hides, and drop splits.
  • Iberstruz SL Spain. Traders in a variety of raw salted and wetblue animal hides and skins. Also, tanned zebra, springbok and impala leathers, and animal products. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information.
  • Juan Alonso e Hijos SA Spain. Merchants of raw, salted and wetblue cattle and horse hides, and dry and wet salted sheep skins. Detailed product catalog, including technical specifications and prices. English and Spanish.
  • Kastro Leather, Ltd Turkey. Agency and brokerage of raw, pickled, wet blue and crust cow hides, and sheep and lamb skins. Quality control services and technical consultants. Part of the Kastro Group. English and Turkish.
  • Lowe Corp New Zealand. Animal by-product processing and exporting company. Manufacturers of wetblue tanned cattle hides, and wet salted, pickled and wetblue sheep, lamb, goat and deer skins. Detailed product catalog, including technical information and specifications.
  • Mawson International Pty., Ltd Australia. Merchants of raw and semi-finished sheep and lamb, goat and deer skins, and bovine hides. Information about cattle farming in Australia. Extensive technical information and skin specifications on PDF files.
  • McConomy & Co., Ltd UK. World wide traders and suppliers of cow, sheep, lamb, goat and camel hides and skins.
  • Newman Leather Corp USA. Wholesale suppliers of stocklots of split, full grain and suede cow sides, kid skin, linings, pig skin and novelty leathers for garments, footwear and leather goods.
  • Nick Winters France. Sourcing of fine grade hides for the tanning industry. Detailed product catalog, including technical specifications. Links to related sites. English and French.
  • Norilia BA Norway. International merchants of machine pulled, trimmed and salted cattle hides, and trimmed and drumsalted sheep, lamb and goat skins. Also, greasy wool. Technical specifications. Part of Nortura BA. English and Norsk.
  • Pacific Trading, Ltd New Zealand. Brokers of double face sheep skins, and brinecured and wet salted, machine pulled and fleshed pig and sow skins. Technical specifications.
  • Pellami Prendin Srl Italy. Wholesale distributors of chrome and vegetable tanned, bovine, pig and goat leathers and sheep skins for footwear and leather goods manufacturers. English and Italian.
  • Perth Hide & Skin Exports Australia. Merchants and processors of unfleshed brinecured cattle hides, and wetsalted sheep and spring and shorn lamb skins. Technical specifications.
  • Pokka Reindeer Hides Finland. Processors of drum salted reindeer skins and hides for decoration, rugs, seat cover, and clothing applications.
  • Prime Hide Spol Sro Poland. Merchants and processors of chilled, lime split, salted, and wetblue and wetwhite cattle hides, and salted pig skins for the leather tanning industry. Also, producers of pet food. Multi-lingual site.
  • Richard Kane & Co., Pty. Ltd South Africa. Fellmongers, processors and exporters of South African raw, pickled and wetblue kid, lamb, sheep and cow hides and skins. Also, greasy, sliped and processed wool.
  • Richmond Hides, Ltd UK. Suppliers of raw and brinecured, machine pulled and trimmed cattle hides, and hand and drum salted lamb and sheep skins. Also, a variety of leather goods and fashion accessories.
  • Rolando Vidmar SP Slovenia. Merchants of raw hides and skins. English, Slovenian and German.
  • Sanimax Group Canada. Diversified group of companies, active in animal by-products, transportation and logistics, and food and agricultural products transloading and warehousing. Fleshed, cured and processed cattle hides, and sow, veal and pig skins for upholstery applications. English and French.
  • Selecta Skins The Netherlands. Import and wholesale distribution of Scandinavian, Argentinian and Dutch reindeer, cow, sheep, lamb and goat hides and skins. Also, leather goods, and woollen garments and plaids. English and Dutch.
  • Silver Fern Farms, Ltd New Zealand. Farmer cooperative, active in processing and marketing of sheep meat, beef, venison and associated products. Drum salted, pickled, wetblue tanned and crust bovine and ovine hides and pelts.
  • Southern Hide Exports Pty., Ltd Australia. Exporters and suppliers of salted, pickled and wet blue calf, deer, kangaroo and goat skins, and cattle and ox hides. Technical information. Leather guide and FAQ.
  • Stockton Hide & Skin Co., Ltd UK. International merchants of fresh and salted cattle hides and sheep skins for the leather tanning industry.
  • Suliman Tannery Sudan. Manufacturers of dry salted, pickled and wetblue tanned cow hides, and goat and sheep skins. Technical information.
  • Tannery AB Sweden. Manufacturers and processors of raw, wetblue tanned and finished wild moose, deer, sheep, badger and pig hides, skins and furs.
  • Tradevcogen SA Switzerland. Multi-national group of companies, involved in raw, salted, pickled and wetblue skins, hides and pelts. Also, wool tops, and acrylic staple fiber, tow and tops.
  • Transhud AB Sweden. International merchants, involved in the import, export and warehousing of fresh, salted, brine cured and wetblue hides and skins for the leather tanning industry.
  • Wasa Frost AB Sweden. Traders and processors of raw, chilled, trimmed, salted and wetblue hides and skins. English, Swedish and Suomi.
  • Zhongyi Industry & Trade Co Ltd China. Processors and merchants of raw, pickled, wetblue and crust sheep, goat, cow and calf, rabbit and exotic hides, skins and pelts.

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