• Biodegradable Polymers and Biocomposites Collection of presentations, articles and article abstracts about scientific researches on biodegradable polymers, bioplastics and biomaterials, the development of compostable packaging based on starch, and biocomposites created from ligno-cellulose fibers. Homepage of Prof. Luc Averous. English and French.
  • Biodegradable Polymers and Plastics in Japan A report on current research, development and application activities with biodegradable polymers and plastics in Japan. Author: Robert W. Lenz. [PDF]
  • Biological Treatment of a Synthetic Dye Water and an Industrial Textile Wastewater Containing Azo Dye Compounds Master of Science thesis presenting research determining the ability of anaerobic and aerobic biological sludges to reduce and stabilize azo dye compounds. Author: Trevor Haig Wallace.
  • Biomedical Application of Functional Polymers In-depth review of developments and current uses of polymeric materials for medical purposes, such as drug delivery vehicles, implantations, bone repair aids and matrixes for growth and immunication of cells, amongst various other applications. Author: Joseph Jagur-Grodzinsky.
  • Caprolactam Hazard Summary Article about the hazardous effects on human health by short and long term exposure to caprolactam during fiber manufacturing processes. From the US Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Chain Linked Lactic Acid Polymers Doctor of Science thesis about the two-step polymerization method, including polycondensation and chain linking reactions, to obtain high molecular weight lactic acid polymers for biodegradable fibers, films, coatings and packaging. Author: Jukka Tuominen.
  • Colloidal Antimony Pentoxide in Flame Retardant ABS Scientific article about the synergistic action between halogenated flame retardants and antimony trioxide in the thermoplastics industry. From Nyacol Nano Technologies, Inc. Author: Jeffrey Bartlett.
  • Durable and Reusable Anti-Microbial Textiles Master of Science thesis about the effects of biopolymer anti-microbial solutions on the tensile, bending and shearing properties on plain weave cotton fabrics. Author: Leila Elizabeth Bonin.
  • Eco-Efficiency Analysis of Textile Coating Materials Technical paper, analysing the ecological effectiveness of polyacrylate and polyurethane textile coating and laminating agents in organic solution and aqueous dispersion forms. Authors: S.M. Bidoki and others.
  • Effect Additives for Polypropylene Fibers Technical paper, presenting an overview of the latest developments in functionalizing polypropylene fibers through the use of appropriate effect additives. From Ciba Specialty Chemicals. Authors: J.R. Pauquet and N. Berthelon.
  • Effect of Moisture and Ageing on Adhesive Strength Course paper providing an introduction to adhesives, their properties and applications, and describing investigations into the longevity of adhesive bonds under extreme conditions. Authors: Ron Amaral, Maria P. Gutiérrez and James Situ.
  • Flame Retardant Developments for Polypropylene Scientific study of the advantages offered by colloidal-sized particles for flame-retarding and UV stabilizing of polypropylene polymers and fibers. From the Nyacol Nano Technology, Inc's web site. Authors: Edward A. Myszak and Michael T. Sobus.
  • Guide to Polyolefins Comprehensive explanation of the manufacture of polyolefin (polypropylene and polyethylene) materials, their applications in industry and impact on the environment, and possible future developments. From Basell Polyolefins.
  • History of Adhesives Paper published in 1991 by the BSA Educational Services Committee, providing a history of adhesives from 4000 BC to the present, and describing the types and properties of natural and synthetic adhesives in use today.
  • History of Enzymes Article about the history of industrial enzymes, from the late 1900's to the present times. From Maps, Ltd.
  • Improving the Thermal Stability of Textile Processing Aids Report of a National Textile Center (NTC) research project aimed at reaching a better understanding of the mechanisms of thermal decomposition of chemical aids in textile wet processing, to further the development of thermally stable textile processing aids. Research team: Dr. Christine S. Grant and others.
  • Introduction to Polymers An introduction to polymer science. Chemistry basics. Polymer synthesis, structure and morphology, thermal properties and applications. From the Case Western Reserve University.
  • Investigation of Metal-Organic Polymers and Nanofibers Report on an investigation of metal-organic polymers, and their potential as a source for manufacture of nanofibers for liquid and air filtration media. Author: Prof. Jack Y. Lu.
  • Microbial Cellulose Overview of the development, applications and current status of cellulose as a resource of material for the papermaking, man-made fiber, polymer film and construction industries. Author: R. Malcolm Brown Jr.
  • Mullite Synthesis with Aluminosiloxanes Study of aluminosiloxane compounds as polymer precursors for fiber spinning, thin film and monoliths casting, and impregnants to powder compacts. Authors: D.R. Treadwell and others.
  • New Life in an Old Dye Short article about the renewed interest in natural indigo dyes for textile applications. Published in the New Agriculturist On-Line.
  • Plastic Enpsychlopedia Extensive information about the history, development, chemical structures, products and applications of natural, semi-synthetic and synthetic polymers.
  • Plastics Instruction Module Classroom material dealing with polymer and plastic resin science as it relates to the medical and biomedical industry. Extensive information about fibers, films, adhesives and coatings.
  • Polymers Introduction to polymer science. Part of the Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemstry lecture program by William Reusch.
  • Polymers Review of natural and synthetic polymers currently in use in the plastics, composite and man-made fiber industries. Descriptions, chemical structures, characteristics and applications. Author: David A. Katz.
  • Precursors for Rigid Rod Polyimids Report on the development of a modification process for polyimide for the spinning of high-performance fibers. Authors: H.-W. Schmidt and others.
  • Shape-Memory Polymers Extensive technical paper reviewing the development of a new class of shape-memory polymers as a cheap and efficient alternative to shape-memory alloys. Authors: Andreas Lendlein and Steffen Kelch.
  • Superabsorbent Polymers Article about the history, properties, applications and commercial uses of superabsorbent polymers for diapers, adult incontinence and feminine hygiene products. Authors: E. Pytlik, D. Molino and J. Moritz.
  • The Art of Making Vegetable Dyes Study of the origin and development of the vegetable dye manufacturing industry in India, and a summary of measures to be taken for upgrading the industry. From the Indian Ministry of Science and Technology.
  • The Potential Use of Organically Grown Dye Plants in the Organic Textile Industry Technical paper about field trials done with various dye plants for the extraction of natural dyes for the certified natural textiles industry. Authors: Anna Hartl and Christian R. Vogl.
  • The Synthetic Dye Collection Short article about the history and development of synthetic fast and fugitive duestuffs for textiles, paper and food processing. Author: Rose Madder.
  • The Woad Page Vince Rowan's homepage about the history, cultivation, processing and practical applications of the woad plant and the indigo dyestuff extracted from it.
  • Triarylphosphine Oxide Containing Nylon 6.6 Copolymers Report on a laboratory experiment with triarylphosphine oxide comonomer, incorporated as a fire retardant into polyamide 6.6 for fiber extrusion. Chemical structures and tables. Authors: J-Yuan Wan, J.E. McGrath and Takashi Kashiwagi.
  • White Biotechnology: Gateaway to a More Sustainable Future Electronic booklet providing a brief summary of a study, conducted under the auspices of the European Association for Bioindustries, documenting current achievements with industrial biotechnology and its potential for a sustainable society through creating better products at a lower environmental impact.

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