This category lists companies involved in the manufacture and trade in inks and pigments for textile and garment printing applications.
  • Aron Universal, Ltd India. Manufacturers of daylight fluorescent pigments for textile printing, paper coatings, litho inks, crayons and plastic coloring applications. Also, ink bases, toners and crayon matrixes.
  • Bajaj Group India. Diversified group of companies, involved in textiles and chemicals. Manufacturers of pigment powders, pastes and preparations for yarn and textile dyeing, paints, coating, plastics, inks, rubber and allied products. Also, textile dyeing, printing and finishing, and collections of bed linens.
  • Bersa Tekstil ve Kimya, Ltd Turkey. Manufacturers of pigment pastes and additives for the textile printing industry. Also, tinting colors for the paint industry. Detailed product catalog. Part of the Ersa Group. English and Turkish.
  • Colormaker Industries Australia. Manufacturers of surface coatings, printing inks and waterproofing membranes. Water based, toxic free regular, metallic and fluorescent screen printing colors for textile fabrics and garments. Color cards and FAQ. Technical brochures and data sheets on PDF files.
  • Dainippon Ink and Chemicals, Inc Japan. Diversified group of manufacturing companies, active in chemicals, polymers, plastics, food products and electronics. Inks and pigments for printing and dyeing applications. Also, resins and coatings for the textile and nonwovens industries. English and Japanese.
  • Dhan Laxmi Group India. Group of companies, involved in the development and manufacture of a range of chemicals and pigments for industrial applications. Technical information and product specifications.
  • Follmann & Co. German manufacturer of a range of printing inks and related products for the textile and nonwovens, paper converting, and wallpaper industries.
  • Grafco Srl Italy. Manufacturers of inks for textile and garment screen printing processes. Also, jet and transfer printing inks, specialty chemicals, and printing machinery and parts. Detailed product catalog, with technical information and color charts. English, Italian and Romanian.
  • Guomax Sdn Bhd Malaysia. Manufacturers of water and solvent based printing inks and varnishes for paper, polymer film and textile applications. Also, suppliers of adhesives, plastic strips, polymer films and doctor blades.
  • Hagedorn AG Germany. Diversified group of companies, active in chemicals, additives and plastics. Nitro-cellulose based pigment preparations for leather, film, nail and wood lacquers, and printing inks. English and German.
  • Hongsam Digital Color Technology Co., Ltd China. Manufacturers of a range of inkjet inks for digital printing and imaging in the textile and graphic industries. Also, cartridges, cleaners and accessories. English and Chinese.
  • J-Teck USA, Inc Manufacturers of sublimation inks, pigmented inks, and disperse dyes for large format direct and sublimation transfer paper and textile printing applications using piezo printheads. Also, polyurethane transfer films and ink feeding systems. Technical information, FAQ and plotter maintenance guide.
  • Kiian SpA Italy. Multi-national group of companies, involved in the development and manufacture of inks and varnishes for screen, sublimatic and digital printing in the textile and graphic industries. Also, release papers and ink feeders. Technical information, specifications and color cards on PDF files. English and Italian.
  • Leayoo Chemicals Co., Ltd China. Manufacturers of organic and inorganic pigments for applications in textile and paper printing inks, coatings, plastics and construction. Also, mica powder, and pearl and chrystal luster pigments. Technical specifications.
  • Lechler SpA Italy. Manufacturers of coatings and inks for a wide range of industrial applications. Water based emulsions, lacquers, plastisols and auxiliaries for textile printing processes. Extensive technical information on PDF files. Links to related sites. Multi-lingual site.
  • Luminous Technologies, Ltd UK. Zinc sulphide and strontium aluminate based paints, pastes and dyes for a variety of industrial and consumer products safety and decorational applications. Custom made pastes for the textile fabric and garment printing.
  • Magna Colours, Ltd UK. Manufacturers of printing inks and ink bases, discharge chemicals, pigments and auxiliary chemicals for textile printing applications. Technical information and specifications on PDF files. List of world wide distributors.
  • Marabuwerke GmbH Germany. Multi-national manufacturing company, specialised in inks for the screen, pad, and digital printing markets. Searchable product catalog. Extensive FAQ, and technical information and data sheets on PDF files. List of world wide agents. Links to related sites. English and German.
  • Meghmani Organics, Ltd India. Chemicals manufacturing company, involved in pigments and pesticides. Extensive range of organic pigments for printing and coloring in textile, paints and coatings, leather, paper, plastics and rubber applications. Part of the Meghmani Group.
  • Padmavati Group India. Group of companies, active in plastics, dyestuffs and pigments, and chemicals. Manufacturers of a range of pigments for textile screen printing applications. Also, suppliers of pigments for industrial applications, and natural dyestuffs. Technical information and specifications.
  • Paragon Inks UK. Manufacturers of ultra-violet inks and coatings for the narrow web printing industry.
  • PixoJet Denmark. Wholesale suppliers of inks for digital inkjet printing applications on textiles and paper. Also, bulk ink systems, color calibrators, winding equipment and software.
  • QCM Textile Inks USA. Manufacturers of plastisol and water based inks for textile screen printing applications. Detailed product catalogs. Technical information, color cards and safety sheets on PDF files. Directory of national and world wide distributors.
  • Quimóvil Spain. Manufacturers of inks for screen, pad, flexographic and sublimation printing applications. Also, adhesives, solvents and additives. Technical information on PDF files. English, Spanish and French.
  • Renk Yolu Chem Co., Ltd Turkey. Manufacturers of standard and fluorescent plastisol inks for screen printing applications. Also, water based inks, plastisol colorants, and flocking materials. Technical information.
  • Rockwood Pigments, Inc USA. Multi-national manufacturers and processors of liquid, powder and granulated forms of iron oxide color pigments, and natural and synthetic inorganic pigments for coatings, paints, plastics and concrete. Also, automated pigment handling systems. Extensive technical information on PDF files. Part of the Rockwood Group.
  • Rubia Pigmenta Naturalia The Netherlands. Manufacturers of natural red dye powder extracted from the madder plant. History and description of manufacturing process. Links to related sites.
  • Rupa Colour India. Manufacturers of printing inks in liquid and paste form and speciality coatings for textile and plastic applications.
  • Rutland, Inc USA. High-performance plastisol inks for screenprinting, and PVC plastisol products for industrial applications. Also, software for textile screenprinting, ink systems, color matching services and technical guides. List of distributors.
  • Sachtleben Chemie GmbH Germany. Manufacturers of pigments, extenders and functional additives based on titanium dioxide, zinc sulfide and syntetic barium sulfate for paints, plastics, papermaking, man-made fibers and a variety of industrial applications. English and German.
  • Sawgrass Technologies, Inc USA. Developers of patented digital ink formulations and advanced color management software for mass customization of plastic, metal, film, ceramic and textile products. Extensive technical information. Calendar of events. List of world wide distributors.
  • Silberline Manufacturing Co., Inc USA. Multi-national manufacturers of special effect and performance pigments for the visual enhancement of coatings, paints, inks, plastics and textiles. Extensive technical information. Product data sheets.
  • SIOF SpA Italy. Manufacturers of inorganic and organic pigments and additives for paints and varnishes, concrete, plastic, paper, ceramics and printing inks. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information and specifications. English, Italian and French.
  • Sun Chemical SA USA. Manufacturers of inks, pigments and coating for a wide range of industrial applications. Aqueous and specialty dispersions and dry colors for textile printing processes. Extensive technical information.
  • Suyog Industries India. Manufacturers of water based and plastisol inks, binders and special inks for textile printing processes. Also, suppliers of plastic and glass beads, glitter and flock powders, stamping foils and print transfers.
  • Turan Kimya, Ltd Turkey. Manufacturers of plastisol inks, pigment pastes, inorganic pigments, and a range of chemical auxiliaries for textile screen printing applications. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information on Word documents. Links to partner sites. English and Turkish.
  • Ultramarines India Pvt., Ltd Manufacturers of chemicals, pigments and detergents. Processors of inorganic ultramarine blue pigments for indigo dyeing and cotton whitening applications.
  • Union Pigment Corp China. Manufacturers of organic pigments in powder, cake and liquid form for textile dyeing and printing, ink, paint, plastics and rubber. Also, solvent dyestuffs and inorganic pigments. Technical information and color cards.

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